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Bellis Family

From the Estate of Ruby (Bellis) Dahmen
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Bellisfelt/Bellisfeldt/Bellis Surname

This Bellis Family Record may not be exacty correct, but nearly so. My greatgrandfather, Peter Bellisfeldt or "felt" came from Holland, but was of German descent, and settled in New Jersey, between 1730 and 1735.

The New Jersey record shows that in 1735 he purchased 150 acres of land. After Peter Bellisfelt came to New Jersey, the "felt" was cut from the name, leaving it just plain Bullis. I never knew how many children greatgrandfather Peter Bellisfelt had. Some ssettled in Pennsylvania, but grandfather Philip Bellis came to New York State.

A Peter Bellis, whom I believe to be a grandson of Peter Bellisfelt, came from the State of Pennsylvania, and located near Crosby, NY, a small place on Lake Keuka.

Peter Bellis, who came from Pennsylvania and located near Crosby, NY, is grandfather of Mrs. Asenath Bellis Plaisted, Homestead Farm, Penn Yan., NY. At the present time, there is a number of Bellis people, who originated in New Jersey, and settled in Pennsylvania, New York and Western States. Mrs Effie Bellis Mosher of Penn Yan, NY. Mr Isaac Bellis, Hornell, NY. Berton Bellis, a poet and writer, also a composer of music, whose home is at 4543 Newberry Terrace, St. Louis, Mo.

My grandfather, Philip Bellis was born in Hunterdon County, N. J. in 1768, died in the town of Ithaca, Tompkins County, NY in 1831.

The New Jersey records show Adam Bellis was, presumably, a brother of grandfather Bellis.

Grandfather purchased 700 acres of land 3 1/2 miles south of Ithaca. There were other people who came from the State of New Jersey, and settled in the southern part of the town of Ithaca, and the northern part of the town of Danby, and that settlement was named Jersey Hill, and still retains that name.

Twelve children were born to grandfather Philip Bellis, five boys and seven girls.

Henry, the oldest, born 1792 died 1855.
The names of grandfather's other children were, Johnathon, Elijah, Charles, Hiram, Katie, Rachel, Margaret, Nancy, Susan and Sally.

My father, Charles Bellis, was born in 1812, died 1906.

In my father's family there were eight children, six boys and two girls. Harriet, born 1844 died 1922; Morgan A., born 1848, died 1926; Helen C. born 1849; William D. born 1852; Charles Avery born 1854 died 1929; Court born 1859; Edgar born 1861 died 1926; Henry born 1865.

I Court Bellis had two sons, Burton L., born 1882 died 1827; Leslie C., born 1890. Served two years over seas in the World's War. Burton L. Bellis has one child, Idelle, born 1905.

A little experience of Grandfather Bellis, when he was young and started out for himself, leaving New Jersey for New York State. He rode a 3-year old colt, and was alone. He had considerable money, $1,400 in silver, and other money. The $1,400 were in a leather bag, which laid across the horse in front of him. Coming from New Jersey, he had to travel through the great beech woods of Pennsylvania. There were a number of hills in these woods. All of a sudden, the horse gave a wild snort, and ran for life. When going up a hill, he managed to look back, and saw wolves after him, but finally the wolves gave up the chase.

There was a good reason for Grandfather Bellis coming to New York State to live. There was in New Jersey, a family by the name of Deshong, who had a fine looking daughter named Elizabeth. The Deshong family left New Jersey, and came to New York State to live, and purchsed land in Cayuga County, between Aurora and Levanna. Later Grandfather came and married Elizabeth Deshong. They were both very young. About this time, settlers were clearing the land, cutting and burning logs. Grandfather attended one of the burning bees. He wore a stovepipe hat. There was a smart-aleck at the bee, who grabbed Grandfather's hat, and threw it into the fire. Grandfather, being a husky chap, and had lots of spunk, threw the smart-aleck into the fire. Others who were standing by this burning log heap, had to pull the smart-aleck out. He did not put any more stovepipe hats in the fire.

Grandfather and Grandmother Bellis, and a number of the Bellis family are buried in the King's Cemetery, three miles south of Ithaca, New York.

Court Bellis, Ithaca, N. Y.
[Date unknown]

Philip Bellis son of Peter Bellisfelt, b. 1768 d. 1831 Buried in Kings Cemetery, Tompkins Co., NY.
married Elizabeth Deshong d. June 30, 1846 aged 72 yrs., buried in Kings Cemetery, Ithaca, NY.
Their children:

1. Henry Bellis d. Dec. 4, 1855 aged 63 yrs., 3 mo. 2 days, he married Sally (_____) d. August 25, 1872 aged 68 yrs., 4 mo., they had at least one son Jerome B. d. Sept. 9, 1834 aged 8yrs 10days, also found is daughters, Almira D., d. March 4, 1850 aged 25 yrs., 9 mo.; Euphias M., d. April 27, 1860 aged 20 yrs., 10 mo., buried in Kings Cemetery, Ithaca, NY. Eliza A. d. Aug. 13, 1832 aged 29 yrs., 10. Eliza married James W. Hamilton. Eliza is also buried in Kings Cemetery, Ithaca, NY.

2. Jonathan Bellis

3. Elijah Bellis

4. Charles Bellis

5. Hiram Bellis d. August 20, 1844 aged 35 yrs., 5 mo., 20 dys.
Buried in Kings Cemetery, Ithaca, NY.

6. Katie Bellis

7. Rachel Bellis

8. Margaret Bellis

9. Nancy Bellis

10. Susan Bellis

11. Sally Bellis d. Oct. 26, 1837 aged 23yrs., 18 dys.
Buried in Kings Cemetery, Ithaca, NY.

4. Charles Bellis, son of Philip & Elizabeth Deshong Bellis
born February 12, 1812 in Ithaca, NY died March 23, 1906 Newfield, NY. He was living in Newfield in 1892. Buried in Kings Cemetery, Ithaca, NY. Married in Ithaca, Tompkins Co. about 1843 to Sally C. GEORGIA b: 10 AUG 1826 in Newfield, Tompkins, NY. She died 23 AUG 1894 in Newfield, Tompkins, NY. She was buried in King's Cemetery, Ithaca, Tompkins, NY. She was the daughter of Miles & Sally (North) Georgia. She also is buried in Kings Cemetery, Ithaca, NY.

Children of Charles & Sally are as follows:

i. Harriet BELLIS was born 25 SEP 1844 in Ithaca, Tompkins, NY, and died 25 MAR 1922. She married Daniel BROOKS. He was born 1825 in Van Etten, Chemung, NY, and died 22 APR 1897. She married 2nd James GRIFFIN.

ii. Morgan A. BELLIS was born 18 JAN 1848 in Ithaca, Tompkins, NY. Died 1926. He married Della LEONARD. She was born in Ithaca, Tompkins, NY., the had at least one daughter, Lena May BELLIS b: 15 APR 1881 in Ithaca, Tompkins, NY

iii. Helen C. BELLIS was born 12 SEP 1849 in Ithaca, Tompkins, NY. Found listed in Seneca Co. is the following: SENECA COUNTY, NY CORONER' S INQUESTS - Name: Thompson, Helen Bellis - date filed, 1/19/1939.

Helen married John C. THOMPSON. He was born 10 AUG 1848 in Ithaca, Tompkins, NY. They had at least on son Perry Thompson, born 10 OCT 1877 died 18 AUG 1879.

iv. William D. BELLIS was born 18 JAN 1852 in Ithaca, Tompkins, NY. He married Mary LAMPKIN. She was born 1871 in Newfield, Tompkins, NY, and died 1 JAN 1911. They had at least one child: Glenn L. BELLIS who was born 11 AUG 1898 in Ithaca, Tompkins, NY.

v. Charles Avery BELLIS was born 20 APR 1854 in Ithaca, Tompkins, NY. Died in February 14, 1929. He married HARRIET A. DAVIS. She was born May 25, 1856 in Ithaca., and died October 3, 1943. They are both buried in the Davis Cemetery, Ithaca, NY. Charles headstone has Avery Bellis, not Charles. They had at least one daughter: Ruby E. BELLIS who was born 8 FEB 1886, died 1968. She married Ernest A. DAHMEN. He was born 1883 and died 1940. Ernest and Ruby are buried in the Davis Cemetery, Ithaca, NY. Ernest and Ruby Dahmen had at least two sons: Ernest Jr. and Henry B. Dahmen. (Ernest Jr. Dahmen married Marjorie Stanton, their children: Diane Joyce; Craig Ernest; Geofffrey Stanton; Douglas Peter; Licinda Gail.) [Updates for the Ernest Dahmen Jr. family was sent in by Geoffrey S. Dahmen. Thank you Geoffrey for your family updates].

vi. George Dewitt BELLIS was born 2 SEP 1856 in Ithaca, Tompkins, NY, and died 15 OCT 1858 in Ithaca, Tompkins, NY. Buried in Kings Cemetery, Ithaca, NY.

vii. Court BELLIS was born 18 OCT 1859 died 11 AUG 1949. He married Emma D. HYRES. She was born 11 DEC 1863 in Spencer, Tioga, NY. They had two sons: 1. Leslie C. BELLIS who was born 16 JUN 1890 in Ithaca, NY; 2. Burton L. BELLIS born 6 JAN 1882 in Newfield, Tompkins, NY. He married Effie C. MOSHER b: 25 MAY 1881 in Spencer, Tioga, NY, and they had a dau. Idelle H. BELLIS b: 17 JUL 1905

viii. Edgar S. BELLIS was born 2 FEB 1861 in Ithaca, Tompkins, NY. He died 1926. Buried in Kings Cemetery, Ithaca, NY. He was still living with his parents in Newfield in 1892.

ix. Henry B. BELLIS was born 27 FEB 1865 in Ithaca, Tompkins, NY. He married Helen F. ROOTER. She was born 18 FEB 1866. They had at least two children that have been found. Grace BELLIS was born 25 SEP 1885. She married John DAUNCEY; Daniel D. BELLIS was born 18 APR 1891. He married Clara HAGEDORN. She was born 10 NOV 1891.

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