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Descendants of Prince Duplex

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George Duplex farm in Danby, NY, 1853
Duplex farm, Danby, NY211

2. George DUPLEX17,18,19,20,21 was born about 1782 in Connecticut and died on 13 Sep 1860 in Danby, NY22 about age 78.

• He was a farmer. . .more

• He left a will. . .more

George married Rosanna P BRUM on 20 Oct 1824 in Berkshire, NY.23 Rosanna was born about 1803 in New York and died after 1860.

• Marriage announcement: 20 Oct 1824, Berkshire, NY.23

Married - In Berkshire, on the 10th inst. by the Rev. Mr. Burt, Mr. George Duplex to Miss Rosanna P. Brum, of the former place.

• Marriage note: Rosanna and George separated about 1825.22

3. Sylvia DUPLEX was born in 1788 in Wolcott, CT,24 died on 10 Jan 1827 in New Haven, CT25,26,27,28 at age 39, and was buried in Jan 1827 in Grove Street Cemetery, New Haven, CT.28

• Her obituary was published in the Religious Intelligencer.27

Died - In this city, Sylvia Duplex, a colored person, aged 39. Miss D. was a native of Southington in this state. Her parents, with a numerous family of children, succeeded in their efforts to give their children a good common education. Sylvia was favored with the early instruction of a pious mother, and she afterwards lived in families where she had many opportunities of improvement. Thus favored of God above multitudes of the people of color, she formed regular, economical, and domestic habits. But she remained unreconciled to God until the revival in 1815. At this period she was living in this city; when it pleased the Holy Spirit to convince her of her lost and ruined state, and when nearly sinking in despair, it is believed she was enabled to lay hold of Christ, and submit to the righteousness of God. From that moment peace flowed into her soul, and in a few months though with trembling, she ventured to acknowledge Christ by uniting with the First Church.

It is believed, that when the African Society, of which she was a member, was formed in this city, two years since, she joined it from a sense of duty, and a desire to further the efforts which are now making to improve and save her brethren according to the flesh, as it was a great trial to her to leave the sanctuary which she had so long attended. Anxious to know the will of God, she studied the Bible daily with prayer, and attended the Bible daily with prayer, and attended the Bible Class of Africans. She was prepared to instruct her Class at the Sabbath School, in which she took a deep interest. Not discouraged at the degraded state of a large part of the adult colored population, she saw their hope in the rising generation, and although by her conversation, example, and efforts, she sought the good of all, she labored most with the children.

. . . A few days afterwards a violent fever laid her prostrate, and she soon became unable to converse. Among the last words which she was heard to speak, were the following in prayer: "Thy will be done." She fell asleep in Jesus on the morning of the 13th of January last.

4. Arsena DUPLEX20,21,29 was born about 1792 in Wolcott, CT and died before 1870 in Danby, NY.

5. Craty DUPLEX30,31,32,33,34 was born about 1794 in Wolcott, CT and died after 1860.

Craty married Marcus PATTERSON.45,46 Marcus was born about 1800 and died before 1840.

Children from this marriage were:

  9 M i.
Leonard PATTERSON31,47,48,49,50,51 was born in Dec 1824 in New York.

10 F ii.
Susan D PATTERSON31 was born about 1826 in New York.

11 F iii.
Laura Jane PATTERSON22,52,53 was born about 1827 in Cayuga County, New York.

12 F iv.
Sylvia PATTERSON22,54,55 was born about 1832 in New York.

13 F v.
Rebecca PATTERSON22,56 was born about 1835 in New York.

6. Prince DUPLEX Jr.8,35 was born about 1796 in Wolcott, CT,8 died on 18 Sep 1832 in New Haven, CT8,28,36,37 about age 36, and was buried in Sep 1832 in Grove Street Cemetery, New Haven, CT.8,28 The cause of his death was febris.36

Temple St. Church, New Haven CT
Temple St. Church
New Haven CT


Prince Duplex, Jr., the middle son of Prince and Lement Duplex, was born in 1796 in Wolcott, CT. He claimed to be a descendant of an African prince. As a young man he was employed by a Meriden businessman whose daughter later wrote, "Of his record any man might be proud. It was said of him in the four years of his stay he never told or even acted a falsehood. He was diligent, thoughtful and always respectful. 'He was rightly named Prince; his character was noble' . . . If any of his descendants are living they may well be proud of their ancestor."

Prince Jr. and his sisters were deeply involved in efforts to elevate the status of blacks in New Haven through religious and educational instruction. He was among the small group of Yale and New Haven community leaders, including the young abolitionist, Simeon S. Jocelyn, who established the African United Ecclesiastical Society in the 1820's. The Society's work lead to the organization of New Haven's "African Church," also known as the Temple Street Church and later, the Dixwell Avenue Congregational Church. Prince Jr. was the deacon and clerk of this first black Congregational Church in the United States.

Prince Jr. married Adaline L. Francis in 1825 and purchased a home on Academy Stret facing New Haven's Wooster Square. Prince worked as a steward on the New Haven Steamship Line which provided water access across Long Island Sound to New York City. Adaline bore two sons, Edward Parker and Elisha, and a daughter, Adeline Frances. The sons received their formal education under the tutelage of George Beckwith, publisher of the widely distributed Beckwith's Almanac. They apprenticed to local barbers and established their own shop, first in the State Building across from the New Haven Green and later in Fair Haven on Exchange Street.

Prince Jr. died in 1832. In the 1850's, his wife and children traveled west following the path of the Gold Rush to northern California. The Duplex family established a hair dressing and shaving salon business in Marysville, Yuba County, California. Edward became a successful politician, serving as Mayor of Wheatland, California. He is believed to be the first elected African American mayor west of the Mississippi.8,57

• Prince Duplex, Jr. was a cofounder of the African United Ecclesiastical Society. . .more

• Death notice: Connecticut Herald.60

Died. On the 18th inst. Prince Duplex, a colored man, aged 36. Prince has been for many years known to travelers as a steward on board of one of the steamboats running between this city and New York. He was one of the most faithful, accommodating men that can any where be found in that employment. It is interfering with the rights of no white person to say that Prince was an accomplished gentleman. An old citizen states that Prince was a natural grandson of Prince Duplex Ferdinand, of Brunswick, a German Prince. The Prince spent some time in this city during the old French War, as it was called, and the African grandmother to the subject of this notice, then lived in a family in this town.

Gravesite of Adaline Francis Duplex, Marysville, CA
Adaline F. Duplex
Marysville, CA

Prince married Adaline L FRANCIS61,62,63,64 on 24 May 1825 in New Haven, CT.38 Adaline was born in 1801 in Connecticut, died on 1 Jul 1866 in Marysville, Yuba County, CA65,66 at age 65, and was buried in Jul 1866 in Marysville City Cemetery, CA.65

• Marriage certification:38

This certifies that Prince Duplex and Adaline F. Francis were regularly married by me this day. Benjamin Hill, New Haven, May 24, 1825.

• She was a seamstress and dressmaker.

Children from this marriage were:

14 F i.
Adeline Frances DUPLEX67,68,69,219,220 was born about 1826 in New Haven, CT and died in California after 1900.

15 M ii.
Elisha C DUPLEX67 was born in 1827 in New Haven, CT,70 died on 8 Jul 1858 in Yuba County, CA70 at age 31, and was buried in Jul 1858 in Marysville City Cemetery, CA.65
16 M iii.
Edward Parker DUPLEX67,71,72,73,74 was born on 13 May 1831 in New Haven, CT and died on 5 Jan 1900 in Sacramento County, CA75 at age 68.

• After Prince's death Adaline next married Ralph WHITING on 8 Jan 1834 in New Haven, CT.231 Ralph apparently died before 1850 and Adaline reclaimed her original married name.

7. Vashti Elizabeth DUPLEX39,40,41 was born in Jul 1800 in Wolcott, CT,42 died on 15 Jan 1879 in New Haven, CT42 at age 78, and was buried on 19 Jan 1879 in Grove Street Cemetery, New Haven, CT.43

• She was the first African American school teacher in New Haven.76

Gravestone of John W. Creed and Family, New Haven, CT
John W. Creed
Grove Street Cemetery
New Haven, CT

Vashti married John William CREED8,39,40,77 on 14 Nov 1830 in New Haven, CT.44 John was born in 1801 in St. Croix, Virgin Islands,78 died on 18 May 1864 in New Haven, CT78 at age 63, and was buried in 1864 in Grove Street Cemetery, New Haven, CT.43 The cause of his death was inflammation of the bladder.

• Marriage certification:44

John W. Creed and Vashti E. Duplex both of New Haven were married Nov 14th 1830 by me, Leonard Bacon, Pastor of the first Church in New Haven.

• He was a steward, caterer and ice cream maker.8,79


John William Creed arrived in New Haven about 1820. Some records suggest that he was born in St. Croix, Virgin Islands, but there are no sure facts concerning his early life. Within a year of coming to New Haven, he was accepted to membership in the First Congregational Church of New Haven (generally known as the Center Church on the Green). He gained employment as a Yale college janitor, served as steward for the Yale Calliopean Literary Society, and established a successful catering business that served meals for Yale graduation and alumni events.

On July 5, 1827, Creed joined a group in a march from the African Temple Street Church to celebrate the emancipation of slaves in neighboring New York. Reportedly, Creed, "a man of colour," gave a well received speech as had Cortlandt Van Rensselaer (Yale 1827) a day earlier at an Independence Day celebration. The two men were believed to share some bond. John Creed named his first son after the wealthy Van Rensselaer, who later served for several years as a preacher and missionary teacher among slaves in Virginia.

During the 1830's, Creed attended the anti-slavery meetings and conventions of Free People of Color in New York and Philadelphia as a representative from Connecticut. He was a New Haven agent of William Lloyd Garrison's paper, the Liberator.

On 14 Nov 1830, John Creed and Vashti Duplex were married by Reverend Leonard Bacon, a Yale College graduate, abolitionist, and pastor of the Center Church on the Green. Creed purchased a home on West Chapel Street in New Haven. He and Vashti had two sons, Cortlandt Van Rensselaer and John William Jr. Supported by prominent friends in the Yale community, Creed carefully nurtured Cortlandt's educational advancement. In 1857, Cortlandt graduated from the Medical Department of Yale College, the first of his race to receive any degree from Yale University. John Jr. continued the family catering and ice cream manufacturing business. John Creed's well-appointed home became the office for Cortlandt's medical practice.

John Creed died in 1864 and was buried in a family plot in the Grove Street Cemetery. He was survived by both sons and his wife. An eight-foot granite obelisk marks his gravesite near the entrance to the historic cemetery grounds.

• Death notice:80

The funeral services of the late John W. Creed will take place from his residence, 559 Chapel Street, at 5 o'clock this (Friday) afternoon. Relatives and friends are invited to attend.

Children from this marriage were:

17 M i.
Cortlandt Van Rensselaer CREED39,40,41,81,82 was born in Jan 1833 in New Haven, CT, died on 8 Aug 1900 in New Haven, CT83,84 at age 67, and was buried on 9 Aug 1900 in Grove Street Cemetery, New Haven, CT.43

18 M ii.
John William CREED Jr.39,40,41,85 was born about 1840 in New Haven, CT and died about 1882 in New Haven, CT about age 42.

8. Mark DUPLEX was born about 1802 in Connecticut and died before 1850.

Mark Duplex was named as the deceased son of Prince Duplex (Sr.) in the will of George Duplex written in 1855 in Danby, NY. Mark's daughter, Laura Ann (Duplex) Young, and her husband inherited a portion of the Danby Duplex farm after the death of George Duplex in 1860. The same Mark Duplex may be the individual issued a Seaman's Protection Certificate in 1820, on which his birth date is given as 1802 and his place of birth Southbury, CT. Southbury may have been a mistaken transcription for Southington, CT where the Duplex family resided into the early 1800's.86,87

His child was:

19 F i.
Laura Ann DUPLEX21,88,89,90 was born about 1825 in Danby, NY.