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Descendants of Prince Duplex

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9. Leonard PATTERSON31,47,48,49,50,51 was born in Dec 1824 in New York.

• He was an A.M.E. minister in New York, New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania.

10. Susan D PATTERSON31 was born about 1826.

11. Laura Jane PATTERSON22,52,53 was born about 1827 in Cayuga County, New York.

12. Sylvia PATTERSON22,54,55 was born about 1832 in New York.

13. Rebecca PATTERSON22,56 was born about 1835 in New York.

14. Adeline Frances DUPLEX67,68,69,219,220 was born about 1826 in New Haven, CT and died in California after 1900.

• She was a dressmaker.

Adeline married Henry H LEE91,92 on 20 March 1853.223 Henry was born about 1810 in Ohio and died after 1860 in San Francisco, California.

• He was a carpenter.

Children from this marriage were:

20 M i.
Edward C LEE92,93 was born in 1854 in Marysville, Yuba County.
21 F ii.
Minnie Dora LEE92,93,221 was born on 31 Mar 1856 in Marysville, Yuba County, CA and died on 30 Sep 1947 in San Francisco, CA.217
22 F iii.
Anna S LEE92,93 was born on 21 Apr 1859 in Marysville, Yuba County, CA and died on 1 Jan 1949 in Alameda County, CA.218
23 M iv.
Arthur LEE93 was born in 1863 in California.
24 M v.
Harmon LEE93 was born in 1864 in California.

15. Elisha C DUPLEX67 was born in 1827 in New Haven, CT,70 died on 8 Jul 1858 in Yuba County, CA70 at age 31, and was buried in Jul 1858 in Marysville City Cemetery, CA.65 The cause of his death was consumption.66

• He was a barber.

• His obituary was published in Beckwith's Almanac in 1860 in New Haven, CT.94

Elisha C. Duplex, formerly of New Haven, died at Marysville, Cal., aged 31. He went to school to me in 1842, he and his brother Edward being the first colored boys I ever taught. They were good and capable boys.

E. P. Duplex Hairdressing and Shaving Salon, Wheatland, CA ~1990
Duplex Hairdressing Salon
Wheatland, CA

16. Edward Parker DUPLEX67,71,72,73,74 was born on 13 May 1831 in New Haven, CT, died on 5 Jan 1900 in Sacramento County, CA75 at age 68, and was buried in Marysville City Cemetery, CA.65

• He was a businessman and mayor of Wheatland, CA.


Edward Duplex was the oldest son of Prince Jr. and Adaline Duplex. His father died in 1832 leaving Adaline, a dress maker, to support the three Duplex children. Edward and his brother learned the barbering trade in New Haven before setting out with their mother to join the California gold rush in the early 1850's. The family developed a successful business enterprise of hair care service and products. Edward's establishment in Wheatland, Yuba County, California became a center of political and civic discourse. Edward played a prominent political role in northern California, serving as mayor of Wheatland, gateway of California's gold rush country. He married Sophia Elizabeth and had five children, two of whom survived beyond infancy. His life and accomplishments are described in several articles and books about African American pioneers of California. . .more

Edward married Sophia Elizabeth Sparks.72,73,96 Sophia was born about 1835 in New York and died after 1900 in California.

• She was a seller of hair products.74

Children from this marriage were:

25 M i.
Edward Parker DUPLEX Jr.72,73,96,97 was born in Feb 1865 in Marysville, Yuba County, CA and died after 1910.
26 F ii.
Louisa G DUPLEX73,96 was born in Sep 1867 in Marysville, Yuba County, CA, died on 20 Oct 1902 in Sacramento, CA98 at age 35, and was buried on 22 Oct 1902 in Marysville City Cemetery, CA.65

17. Cortlandt Van Rensselaer CREED39,40,41,81,82 was born in Jan 1833 in New Haven, CT, died on 8 Aug 1900 in New Haven, CT83,84 at age 67, and was buried on 9 Aug 1900 in Grove Street Cemetery, New Haven, CT.43 The cause of his death was Bright's disease.99

• He was a physician, Civil War surgeon, the first African American graduate of Yale Medical School (1857) and the first of his race to receive any degree from Yale University.

Yale Medical College circa 1857
Yale Medical College
circa 1857


Born in April 1833, he was named after Cortlandt Van Rensselaer, scion of a wealthy and politically influential New York family. Van Rensselaer had graduated from Yale College in 1827 and was a missionary preacher to slaves in his early career as a Presbyterian minister.

Creed attended the New Haven Lancasterian School, an unusual accomplishment for an African American youth of his day. After graduation he apprenticed for two years with a respected New Haven physician, Dr. George Buddington. Encouraged by this positive experience, he applied and gained admission to Yale Medical College in 1854 at the age of twenty-one.

In 1855 while still pursuing medical studies, he wrote Frederick Douglass and declared his ambition to complete medical studies in order to practice in Jamaica or Liberia. His Yale medical school thesis was entitled "Dissertation On the Blood" - a discourse on the physiology and chemistry of blood and the circulation. In 1857 after passing oral examinations before members of the Connecticut State Medical Society, he graduated, receiving his Yale diploma from Theodore Dwight Woolsey, President of Yale and Charles Hooker, Dean of the Medical College. These influential men were thought to have been instrumental in Creed's advancement. Despite what Creed described in his letter to Douglass as a prevailing national sentiment of "prejudice against color," he reported, "I never experienced any other than the most polite treatment from my fellow class-mates."

When Dr. Creed graduated from Yale Medical College in 1857, no more than a handful of African Americans had previously received medical degrees from U.S. institutions, and none from the Ivy League schools.

Dr. Creed remained in New Haven after his graduation and developed a successful medical practice. At the outbreak of the Civil War, he wrote to Governor Buckingham of Connecticut requesting a commission to serve as surgeon in the Connecticut Volunteers but was refused because of his race. In 1863, President Lincoln authorized the recruitment of African American troops and the Connecticut governor issued the call to arms. Creed wrote, "On every side we behold colored sons rallying to the sound of Liberty and Union." He was appointed Assistant Surgeon of the 30th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry Regiment and served to the War's end. He was mustered out on November 7, 1865.

About 1854, Dr. Creed married Drucilla Wright of Wilmington, North Carolina, with whom he had four boys. Drucilla died from tuberculosis in 1864, after which Dr. Creed began his military service. After the War's end, he married Mary A. Paul of Brooklyn, New York with whom he had six children. He briefly practiced in New York but returned to New Haven where he remained for the rest of his career. In addition to his medical practice, he served as Justice of the Peace during the 1870's. Cited frequently in local news and the New York Times for his surgical and forensic skills, he was consulted for a surgical opinion at the time of President's Garfield's assassination. He was active in the Connecticut National Guard. On December 20, 1879 he received a commission as a 1st Lieutenant and Assistant Surgeon in the Fifth Battalion of the Guard. He was admitted to the Connecticut Medical Society in 1885. In the final decade of his life, his health and personal fortunes declined. He died from "Bright's disease" (glomerulonephritis) on August 8th, 1900. He was survived by his second wife, three sons and three daughters. He was laid to rest next to his father, mother and brother in the family burial plot in Grove Street Cemetery, New Haven.100,101

• Corresponds with Frederick Douglass. . .more

• Report on Civil War service. . .more

• His obituary was published in the Obituary Record of Graduates of Yale University, 1900-1910.84

Courtland Van Rensselaer Creed, son of John William and Vashti Elizabeth (Duplex) Creed, was born April, 1935, in New Haven, Conn. Part of his early education was obtained in the Lancasterian School of New Haven. His father was a college janitor, steward of the Calliopean Society, and provided the Commencement dinner for Yale alumni from about 1822 to 1865.

After graduation from the Yale Medical School Dr. Creed settled in New Haven, and at one time had a large and successful practice. In later years he was unfortunate. He was appointed Assistant Surgeon of the Thirteenth Connecticut Volunteers in 1863. After the Civil War he practiced for a short time in New York. He died suddenly of Bright's disease in New Haven on August 8, 1900, at the age of 65 years. His first wife was Drucella Wright, by whom he had four sons, three of whom are living. His second wife, Mary A. Paul, had six children, of whom three daughters are living.

Cortlandt married Drucilla WRIGHT,40,104 daughter of Richard WRIGHT and Catherine JANE, about 1854 in New Haven, CT. Drucilla was born about 1836 in Wilmington, NC and died on 26 Jan 1864 in New Haven, CT105 about age 28. The cause of her death was consumption.106

• Death Notice: New Haven Daily Palladium, 27 Jan 1864.105

Died - In this city, January 26, Drucilla Wright, daughter of Richard Wright, and wife of Dr. C. V. R. Creed, after a long illness, which she sustained with Christian fortitude, aged 28 years.

Children from this marriage were:

27 M i.
George Duplex CREED40,41,107,108 was born in Feb 1855 in New Haven, CT109 and died on 19 Feb 1903 in New York110,111 at age 48.
28 M ii.
Cortlandt Van Rensselaer CREED Jr.40,41,81,112 was born in Dec 1858 in New Haven, CT, died in Aug 1916 in New Haven, CT at age 57, and was buried on 11 Aug 1916 in Grove Street Cemetery, New Haven, CT.43
29 M iii.
Edward Parker Duplex CREED41,113 was born in 1861 in New Haven, CT, died in May 1900 in New Haven, CT at age 39, and was buried on 13 May 1900 in Grove Street Cemetery, New Haven, CT.43
30 M iv.
Robert Gould Shaw CREED41,81,114,115 was born about 1863 in New Haven, CT and died on 7 Jul 1942 in New Haven, CT about age 79.

Cortlandt next married Mary A PAUL,41,81 daughter of Benjamin PAUL and Eliza B, on July 29, 1865 in New York, NY.222 Mary was born about 1839 in New York, died on 8 Aug 1908 in Brooklyn, NY116,117 about age 69, and was buried in Aug 1908 in Cypress Hills Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY.118

• Marriage announcement: 29 July 1865, New York, NY.226

Married. Creed-Paul - In New York City, on Tuesday, July 25th, at the residence of the bride's mother, by Rev. Edward O. Flag, of the Church of the Resurrection, Dr. L. Van Rensaelaer Creed [sic] of New Haven, Conn., to Miss Mary A., daughter of the late Benjamin Paul, Esq. of Albany, N.Y. No cards.

• She was a dressmaker.

• Death Notice: New York Times, 10 Aug 1908.234

Creed. - At 1,070 St. Mark's Av., Brooklyn, Aug. 8, Mary A. Creed. Funderal private..

Children from this marriage were:

31 F i.
Eugenia E CREED41,81 was born in Sep 1867 in New Haven, CT and died before 1958.
32 F ii.
Mary Adeline CREED41,81 was born on 15 Oct 1869 in New Haven, CT, died on 30 Nov 1892 in Brooklyn, NY119 at age 23, and was buried on 2 Dec 1892 in Cypress Hills Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY.
33 M iii.
Cassius Marcellus Clay CREED81 was born in Jan 1872 in New Haven, CT, died on 9 Jan 1890 in New Haven, CT at age 18, and was buried on 10 Jan 1890 in Grove Street Cemetery, New Haven, CT.43
34 F iv.
Deidamia Beatrice CREED81,118,120 was born on 9 Jun 1874 in New Haven, CT, died on 10 Dec 1943 in Brooklyn, NY121 at age 69, and was buried in Dec 1942 in Cypress Hills Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY.
35 F v.
Sarah CREED81 was born in Oct 1876 in New Haven, CT and died after 1957.
36 M vi.
Charles Hooker CREED was born in Jan 1881 in New Haven, CT, died in Dec 1892 in Brooklyn, NY at age 11, and was buried on 31 Dec 1892 in Cypress Hills Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY.

18. John William CREED Jr.39,40,41,85 was born about 1840 in New Haven, CT and died about 1882 in New Haven, CT about age 42.

• He was an ice cream manufacturer.122

John married Minnie E.85 Minnie was born about 1840 in Montgomery, AL and died about 1919 in New Haven, CT about age 79.

• She was a nurse.

19. Laura Ann DUPLEX21,88,89,90 was born about 1825 in Danby, NY.

Laura married Albert YOUNG.21,88,89,90 Albert was born about 1824 in Maryland.

• He was a farmer and then a stove maker.

Children from this marriage were:

37 M i.
Edward YOUNG89,90 was born about 1856 in Ithaca, NY.
38 F ii.
Anna YOUNG89,90 was born about 1858 in Ithaca, NY.