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The McDowell Family

Research from the Four County History 1879 - Cemetery Records - Census Records
Robert McDowell, Of all the early settlers who made the vale of Ithaca their home, none have through their decendants become more intimately and continuously identified with its material and social interests than Robert McDowell, the son of John McDowell, who with his family emigrated to this country from Scotland. Robert was born in the year of 1760, and at the early age of nineteen married Margaret McCormick, who came with her father, John McCormick, from Scotland to America about the period of the Revolution. Besides the five children who came in with the family, there were subsequently born at the new home two others, Robert and Henry. He is also listed in DAR records as being a Revolutionary War Soldier.
Their children were: Jane, Hannah, Euphius, John, Daniel, Robert, Henry
(1879) The graves of all the children, except Euphius and John, are still to be seen in the cemetery at Ithaca, as are also those of the father and mother. Robert, the father, died June 1, 1802, at the age of forty-two. His wife, Margaret, survived him, and passed the last twenty-seven years of her life at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Nicoll Halsey. She died April 28, 1835, in her seventy-sixth year.
The headstones found in City Cemetery are listed under each child. The parents are found in Ithaca City Cemetery as follows: Margaret, wf of Robert McDowell, d. Apr. 28, 1835 ae 75yr; Robert McDowell, d. June 1, 1802, in his 42nd yr.
1. Jane McDowell the oldest, who had come with her father to aid in putting in the crops, was born Nov. 22, 1780. She became the wife of Richard W. Pelton, who having entered the service as a volunteer in the war of 1812, died between Batavia and Buffalo while yet a soldier. One child by this marriage seems to have died in infancy, July 1, 1811.
Mrs. Pelton subsequently became the second wife of Archer Green, a man of much prominence in the local affairs of that day, who she outlived many years. She died Feb. 26, 1856, in her seventy-sixth year.
2. Hannah McDowell, the second child of Robert and Margaret McDowell, was born in May of 1782, and died at the age of ten years old. [ note: City Cemetery has record of Hannah, dau. of Robert and Margaret McDowell died Sept. 3, 1801 age 10 yrs., 3 mo. (from a headstone inscription) This would have made her 18 yrs old when she died. The 10 yrs could be from the an aged headstone and misread.
3. Euphius McDowell, the third child, was born at Kingston, Pa., May 26, 1784. On the tenth day of August, 1806, she married Mr. Nicoll Halsey, then of Ovid, Seneca Co., NY. With her husband she removed to the town of Ulysses in the year of 1808, and settled at the place which afterwards took the family name, and where the whole of a busy and fruitful life was spent.
Mrs. Halsey had ten children, of who eight reached maturity. Nicholl/Nicoll Halsey was born Mar. 8, 1782 in Southampton, Long Island, and died Mar. 3, 1865 in Ovid, New York. He was the son of Silas HALSEY and Hannah Jones HOWELL. Nicholl Halsey is buried in Trumansburg Grove Cemetery in Lot 31, his age at time of death was 82 years 11 mos. 25 days. His wife Euphius (McDowell) is also buried in Lot 31, she died July 7, 1870 ae 86y 1m 11d
Children of Nicoll & Euphius (McDOWELL) HALSEY : Hannsh, Robert, William, Richard, Emma Jane, Margaret, Emma (2nd), Henry, Waren, Mortimer.
1. Hannah Howell HALSEY was born June 4, 1807, and died Jan. 18, 1884. Married Oliver C. COMSTOCK Jr., on Feb. 4, 1829. (from Landmarks of Tompkins Co., NY: Dr. O. C. COMSTOCK was in town before 1810, was a prominent early physician, the first postmaster of the village of Trumansburgh, member of congress, etc. His son, O. C. COMSTOCK, jr., married a daughter of Nicoll HALSEY. Also note that buried in the Old Trumansburg Cemtery is the following children; COMSTOCK, Margaret dau of O.C. and H.H. d.. 3-15-1815 age 1 yr 9 mo; COMSTOCK, Sarah D. dau of O.C. & H.H. d.10-5-1835 age 2y 29dys. These two daughters are also listed in the records of Trumansburg Grove Cemetery.

2. Robert HALSEY was born Aug. 7, 1809 in Halseyville, New York. Married Sarah STEWART on Dec. 31, 1834. He removed from Tompkins Co., and went to New York City.

3. William HALSEY was born April 27, 1811 in Ithaca, New York, and died July 9, 1881. Married Mary E. BUTLER in May 13th 1839. Mary died 1840. Married 2nd to Eliza GOSMAN on Aug. 22 or 27th, 1844, dau. of Hon. Jonathan B. GOSMAN an early settler in Danbyand long an honored citizen and journalist of Ithaca.

4. Richard Pelton HALSEY was born March 14, 1813, and died Jan. 26 or 27th, 1836 in New Orleans, La. Richard also has a headstone in Trumansburg Grove Cemetery.

5. Emma Jane HALSEY was born Nov. 13, 1815, and died Jan. 26, 1816. She also is buried in Trumansburg Grove Cemetery, d. Jan. 26, 1816 age 2 mos. 13 days. It is also possible she was first buried on the family property, and removed to Grove Cemetery.

6.Margaret HALSEY was born May 24, 1817, and died May 4, 1880. Married Dr. Madison MILLS on Dec. 23rd 1840.
Trumansburg Grove Cemetery has the following record: Mills, Gen. Madison, Lot 799, d. Apr. 28, 1873 ae 63y; Mills, Margaret Halsey, Lot 799, d. May 3, 1880 ae 63y; Mills, George Madison, s/o Madison & Margaret, Lot 31, d. Oct. 14, 1848 ae 3y 1m 17d

7. Emma HALSEY was born October 10, 1819. Married Oct. 17th 1839 Dr. Henry SAYLES, who was an esteemed citizen and physician of Ithaca. They removed to Elmira, where they lived.

8. Henry HALSEY was born August 24th 1821 in Ithaca, New York. Henry died August 14th 1887. He married Mary Ann BEATTY/BATTY on July 15th 1844.

9. Warren HALSEY was born August 22nd 1823 in Halseyville, New York, he died aft. 1888. (Unmarried)

10.Mortimer Nicoll HALSEY was born Sept. 22nd 1826, he died Feb. 20th 1828. He is also buried in Trumansburg Grove Cemetery, it is possible that he was first buried on the farm and later moved to Grove Cemetery.

4. John McDowell, the fourth child of Robert & Margaret McDowell, born April 1786, was killed while in the service, at the battle of Queentown, in November, 1812. He married Jane Norton, who, as his widow, drew the pay for his service as a soldier.
5. Daniel McDowell, fifth child of Robert & Margaret McDowell, born May 3, 1788 died March 16, 1799
His headstone in City Cemetery at Ithaca, Tompkins Co., NY., has the following inscription: Daniel son of Robert & Margaret McDowell died Mar. 16, 1799 age 10 months.
6. Robert McDowell, Sixth child of Robert & Margaret McDowell, born at Ithaca, March 10, 1790, died 1807. His headstone in City Cemetery at Ithaca, Tompkins Co., NY., has the following inscription: Robert Jr., son of Robert & Margaret McDowell, d. Feb. 14, 1807, ae 15 yr. Note: if he died in 1807 his age would be 17 yrs at time of death.
7. Henry McDowell, Seventh child of Robert & Margaret McDowell, born at Ithaca, May 15, 1793, died in August the same year. In Ithaca City Cemetery there is found a headstone with the following: Infant, child of Robert & Margaret McDowell - no dates (probably Henry)

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