The Overacker Family

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Albert OVERACKER born abt. 1791 died April 16, 1852, lived in the Town of Dryden, Tompkins Co., NY.
Married Mary AVERY born abt. 1793 died April 27, 1858. Both Albert and Mary OVERACKER are buried in
Duesenbury Cemetery, Town of Dryden, Tompkins Co., NY.

1. Nelson OVERACKER  born abt. 1811 d. ? ,  lived in Dryden, Tompkins Co., NY. Unknown if he married.

2. Albert OVERACKER  born ? d., ?, lived in Troy, NY

3. Elizabeth OVERACKER  born abt. 1816  married John Montogomery, he was born abt. 1812, children; in the 1850 census were; Daniel 13, George 11, Sarah J. 9, Smith 5mo.,  Second record found from a Overacker family sheet;
states children were; Daniel; Joseph; George; John; Josephine; Emma.

4. John OVERACKER born abt. 1820 married Elizabeth ENGLISH born abt. 1819 daughter of Hezekiah & Polly (CORNELIUS) ENGLISH.  John and Elizabeth had the following children; Albert died 1862; Hezekiah;  Mary died 1862; Sarah Ann twin with Mary Ann died 1862; John M.; Elizabeth Jane died 1862; Burton died 1862; Eliza died 1862; These six children all died of diptheria.
Their son Hezekiah married  Rachel Seloma HOFFMAN, and John married Sarah C. _____.
Hezekiah and R. Seloma are buried in Snyder Hill Cemetery, Town of Dryden Tompkins Co., NY.
Other records state he married 2nd Helen Onan with children; Ray; William; George.

5. Isaac OVERACKER born abt. 1826 died 1864 headstone in Duesenbury Cemetery, but also record he may of been
moved to Willow Glen Cemetery, Dryden, Tompkins Co., NY.  Married Julia COLE.
Their children; Ida Frances; Catherine; Fredrick; and William.

6. Mary OVERACKER born 1826  died 1899 married Elihu ENGLISH 1826 - 1897 son of Hezekiah & Polly (CORNELIUS) ENGLISH.  They lived in Ellis Hollow, on Genung Road, Town of Dryden, Tompkins Co., NY.
Both are buried in Snyder Hill Cemetery, Town of Dryden, Tompkins Co., NY.
Their children; Charlotte; Emma R.; Thomas; Geroge; Eugene; Albert; Mary E.

7. Valley Mariah OVERACKER born abt. 1829  married Demarcum/Demarcus SNYDER, he was born abt. 1824, he died about 1852,  He shows on the 1850 census for Dryden, on another census 1865, Mariah states she had two children, one must of died as infant.  The only other child found was George L. SNYDER born about 1852, he married Mary E.
WILLIAMS daughter of John & Melissa (REYNOLDS) WILLIAMS.  Mariah lived with her sisters, and when George became older, she then lived with him and his wife.  Children of George and Mary (WILLIAMS) SNYDER that have been found are; Arthur R.; Merton E.

8. Anna Catherine OVERACKER born abt. 1831  married Henry Shaw born abt. 1828, they had one son that we have found 1860 census records show Albert Shaw. Other records state there was another viz; Aliltlle Shaw

9. Harriet Jane OVERACKER born 1833 d. 1920 married Lewis ENGLISH 1833 - 1900 they also lived in Ellis Hollow, Town of Dryden, Tompkins Co., NY.  Their children were; Elora; Carrie; Hattie; Addie; Cora; Ella; Ellsworth.
Harriet and Lewis are buried in Snyder Hill Cemetery, Town of Dryden, Tompkins Co., NY.

10. Abigail OVERACKER b. ? married George SALTMARSH, children; Frances ; Clara; Merton; Wilton.

Duesenbury Cemetery, Town of Dryden, Tompkins Co., NY.
Overacker,      Michael, Veteran of War of 1812             d. July 23, 1862 ae 80y 7m 2d
                        [son of John Wendell Overacker & Anna Nautchie Weatherwax ]

Overacker,      Mary, wife of Michael Overacker             d. Apr. 27, 1858 ae 64yr 27da
                       [Mary "Polly" Hoffman]

Overacker,      Mrs. Syntha, wife of Jacob Overacker        d. July 24, 1835 ae 40y 10m 19d

Overacker,      Albert                                      d. Apr. 16, 1852 ae 63y 8m 16d
                       [Son of John Wendell Overacker & Anna Nautchie Weatherwax

Overacker,      Mary Avery, wife of Albert Overacker        d. Apr.27, 1858 ae 64y 2m 27d

Overacker,      Isaac                                       d. Apr. 4, 1864 ae 38y 5m 15d
                 (Private, 143 d Inf., Co I ; Must. Nov. 8, 1862 Three Years, died of disease.
                 [son of Albert Overacker & Mary Avery - Married Julia Cole ]

Overacker,      Mr. John Wendall, Rev. War Vet(Army)        d. Dec. 10, 1834 ae 76y 7m 17d
               (b. May 27, 1758 Dutchess Co. Schaghticoke, NY,
               Son of Michael Overacker & Anna Barbara Stover)

Overacker,      Anna, wife of John W. Overacker             d. Apr. 19, 1844 ae 82y 6m 11d
                [Anna Nautchie Weatherwax , b. Oct. 30, 1761 , married Dec. 21, 1779
                Daughter of John M. Weiderwacks & Hanna Primer]

Overacker,      Alida , dau. of Michael & Ann Overacker     d. Aug.30, 1841 age 28y 5m 27d
                      [b. Feb. 3, 1813 ]

Snyder Hill Cemetery, Town of Dryden, Tompkins County, NY

BANFIELD,      James Edward, s/o James Washington & Mary (Pew) b. Sept. 4, 1845 d. 1915
BANFIELD,      Ellora J.(English), w/o James Edward            b. Apr. 1, 1855 d. 1938
                          (d/o Lewis & Harriet Jane (Overacker) English)
ENGLISH,        Harriet Jane (Overacker), w/o Lewis             b. Aug 18, 1833 d. Dec 15, 1920
                        (d/o Albert & Mary (Avery) Overacker)
ENGLISH,        Lewis, s/o Hezekiah & Mary "Polly" (Cornelius)  b. Jan 16, 1833 d. Oct 31, 1900
ENGLISH,        Mary E.(Overacker), w/o Peter T. English        1874-1934
                         (d/o Hezekiah & Celoma R. (Hoffman) Overacker)
ENGLISH,        Peter T., s/o George & Viola (Williams)         b. 1874 d. Nov. 29, 1937
ENGLISH,        Elihu "Deacon", s/o Hezakiah & Mary (Cornelius) b. May 23, 1826 d. Jan 22 1897
ENGLISH,        Mary F.(Overacker), w/o Elihu English           1826-1899
                         (d/o Albert & Mary (Avery) Overacker)
ENGLISH,        Thomas, Co. B. 21st N.Y. CAV                    b. 1845 d. Nov. 24, 1918
                         (s/o Elihu & Mary (Overacker) English)
ENGLISH,        Juda M. (Williams), w/o Thomas English          b. 1847 d. Sept. 1, 1925
                         (d/o John  & Melissa (Reynolds) Williams)
ENGLISH,        Grace M., d/o Peter T. & Mary E. (Overacker) English   1900-1918
ENGLISH,        George W., s/o Elihu & Mary (Overacker)         b. May 13,1853 d.May 19, 1933
ENGLISH,        Viola  E.(Wiliams), w/o George W.               b. May 6, 1852 d. Mar. 29, 1936
                          (d/o John Edward & Melissa (Reynolds) Williams)
ENGLISH,        Eugene F., s/o Elihu & Mary (Overacker)         b. 1857 d. Sept. 26, 1936
ENGLISH,        Emma Rosalia, d/o Elihu & Mary (Overacker)      b. 1862 d. Apr. 29, 1885
ENGLISH,        Ellsworth, s/o Lewis & Harriet Jane (Overacker) b. Mar. 31, 1866 d. Sep 18,1902
METCHAM,     Nellie Elizabeth(English), w/o Edward Metcham   b. 1898  d. July 4, 1985
                        (is (buried Quick Cem; d/o Peter T. & Mary E.(Overacker) English)
PEW,               Charlotte (English), w/o Fred Pew               b. 1866 d. Nov. 9, 1956
                        (d/o Elihu & Mary (Overacker) English)
ORTON,          Ida (Overacker), w/o Howard Orton               b. Sept 10, 1880 d. Jan 6, 1959
                        (d/o Hezekiah & Celoma R. (Hoffman) Overacker)
ORTON,          Howard, s/o James & Rebecca (Doney) Orton       b. Jun 11, 1874 d. Apr 27, 1958
OVERACKER,      Celoma Rachel (Hoffman), w/o Hezekiah Overacker     b. Nov 20, 1851 d. Jan 21, 1917
OVERACKER,      Hezekiah, s/o John & Elizabeth (English) Overacker       b. Apr 12, 1847 d. Jan. 2, 1905

Willow Glen Cemetery, Town of Dryden, Tompkins Co., NY

McGILLEVARY,    Abram                   Lot 6-13                (no dates)
McGILLEVARY,    Ada             (d. Ithaca) Lot 6-11            bur. 1948 ae 87
McGILLEVARY,    Edd                     Lot 6-11                (no dates)
McGILLEVARY,    Frank                   Lot 6-13                (no dates)
McGILLEVARY,    Kate J. (Overacker)   (d. Harford) Lot 6-13           bur. Oct 25 1936? ae 85
                                        d/o Isaac & Julia (Cole) Overacker & wife of LeRoy McGillevary
McGILLEVARY,    LeRoy           (d. Harford) Lot 6-13           bur. Dec 17 1928
McGILLEVARY,    Susan Jane              Lot 6-13                (no dates)

MONTGOMERY,     Daniel          (d. Cort Hosp) Lot 4-56         bur. Aug 8 1919 ae 81
MONTGOMERY,     Elizabeth               Lot 4-56                (no dates)
MONTGOMERY,     John                    Lot 4-56                (no dates)
MONTGOMERY,     Sarah           (d. Dryden) Lot 4-56            bur. Oct 29 1915

OVERACKER,      Arch                   Lot 12-16               (no dates)
OVERACKER,      Bert                    Lot 9 Walk              (no dates)
OVERACKER,      Charolette           Lot 12-16               (no dates)
OVERACKER,      Fred                   (d. Cortland) Lot 13-12       bur. 1950 ae 90
OVERACKER,      George B.          (d. Interlaken) Lot 12-16      bur. 1955 ae 92
OVERACKER,      Isaac                  (d. Dryden) Lot 13-12          bur. July 26 1919
                                    [ If this is Isaac son of Albert then he was moved here at that date from Duesenbury Cemetery]
OVERACKER,      Julia  (COLE)    (d. Lapeer) Lot 13-12           bur. Feb 4 1922 ae 71
                               [Wife of Isaac Overacker]

Intestate Estates of Tompkins Co. NY 1850-1875 Index
                           Ithaca,NY. Died ; April 27, 1858 (Husband Albert, deceased)
                           sons, Nelson, Dryden, NY; Albert, Troy, NY; Both OVERACKER,
                           dau. Eliza w/o John MONTGOMERY, Dryden, NY;
                           son, John OVERACKER, Dryden, NY;
                           dau., Abigail, w/o George SALTMARSH, Adm.;
                           son, Isaac OVERACKER, Adm.;
                           dau., Mary, w/o Elihu ENGLISH, Dryden, NY;
                           dau., Maria, widow of Demarcus SNYDER, Dryden, NY;
                           dau., Ann Catherine, w/o of Henry SHAW;
                           dau., Harriet Jane w/o Lewis ENGLISH, Dryden, NY.

Note: one record show dau, Ann Catherine; was wife of Lewis English, this is incorrect.

Other records found in a scrapbook; Unknown what family they are from?
Lottie Overacker married March 27, 1907 Henry Speed
Albert Overacker married Nov. 16, 1903 Maria L. Meads

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