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The Pew Family
of Tompkins County, NY

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The area around the intersection of Honness Lane and Snyder Hill Rd.,
at Pine Tree Road, Ithaca New York  was Pewtown.


In 1996, a New York State Historical marker was placed on Snyder Hill Road a short distance from its intersection with Pine Tree Road.  That marker says “WM. & HANNAH PEW in 1801 settled 600 acres that today comprise Eastern Heights & vicinity.  The Pine Tree/Snyder Hill Rd. corner was once known as Pewtown.”


The name, Pewtown, came from William Pew (3), (the designation used in this document), one man in a caravan of pioneers who came from New Jersey in 1801, and who first began to farm and develop that area.  There is some evidence that the area encompassed by Pewtown may have actually been slightly larger than the single intersection of Pine Tree and Snyder Hill Roads.  The original tavern purchased by William Pew (3) and his wife, Hannah, was located on Ellis Road (now Ellis Hollow Road).  The farm that was purchased with the tavern was actually 450 acres which stretched from Cascadilla Creek to the Catskill Turnpike (now Slaterville Road).  This area of the farm included much of what is now Honness Lane and encompassed the area of the current East Lawn Cemetery, which was originally named Pewtown Grave Yard.  Data on the Pew family that settled and developed this area is presented herein.


The earliest information we have of the PEW Family, from whom we are descended, is from a genealogical history found in the Joint Free Library of Morristown and Morris Township, New Jersey.  This genealogical history is based on a book entitled Early Germans of New Jersey, by T.F. Chambers which gives a brief account of the early settlers of Hunterdon, Morris, Sussex, & Warren Counties and includes data from the Calender of Wills found in other New Jersey colonial documents.  Data collected by several families, that are descended from the Pew’s, has also been included.


1. WILLIAM PEW (1) of Lebanon, Hunterdon County NJ b. 1707, d. Sep. 1773 Roxbury Township, Morris Co., NJ, m. Abigail ___?___, about 1726, d. after Sep. 24, 1773.


i.              Samuel Pew

ii.            Thomas Pew

iii.           Mary Pew

iv.           Hannah Pew

v.            Abigail Pew

2.        vi.          William Pew J


 vii.        Dan Pew was a prominent spy in Washington’s army in the retreat across New Jersey. On one occasion, Dan was taken prisoner by Indian allies of the English and was about to be burned by them. However, a British officer who was a Mason, learning that the spy was also a Mason, succeded through strategy to give Dan an opportunity to escape. Dan took the opportunity by swimming across a river and under cakes of ice. No vital data for Dan has been found.


WILLIAM PEW (1) was one of the earliest settlers in the vicinity of Schooley’s Mountain but his was the first purchase of land there by an actual settler.  He bought, on Mar. 1, 1733 from Thomas Schooley, 136 acres between Pleasant Grove and Stephensburg, Washington Township, Morris Co., NJ.  This area was settled largely by Germans.  Why he settled among the Germans is not known as all traditions of William’s family claims that the Pew’s were of English descent from people of wealth.  Early records of the people arriving in America, bearing the name Pew, show that they came from England.


The land originally purchased from Thomas Schooley by William Pew (1) was conveyed to his two grandsons Wm. and Joseph Pew on Dec. 13, 1770.  Joseph Pew subsequently on March 7, 1776, did quitclaim said land to Wm. Pew. (Wm. Pew in the above description is William Pew (3) in this document.)


 The will of Willaim Pew (1) dated Roxbury Sep. 7, 1773 and probated Sep. 24, 1773 listed his heirs as wife, Abigail, sons Samuel & Thomas,  daughters Mary, Hannah, & Abigail and Grandson William Pew (we know that William Jr. had died prior to his father’s will but Dan was not mentioned for unknown reasons).


The following is the abstract of the will of William Pew (1) from the Calendar of Wills in the New Jersey Archives, First Series, Vol. XXXIV:

1773, Sept. 7.  Pew, William, of Roxbury Township, Morris Co.; will of.  Wife, Abigail Pew, 1/3 of my personal estate, and at her death, to my 3 daughters.  Grandson, William Pew, 10 shillings.  Sons, Samuel and Thomas, my wearing apparel.  Daughters, Mary, Hannah, and Abigail, rest of personal estate.  Executors--Samuel Pew and Samuel Coleman, Sr.  Witnesses--Ludlum Salmon, Casper Eick, Abigail Eick.  Proved--------.

Sept. 24, 1773. Inventory,  £150.14.8, made by Johannes Fisher and Casper Eick.  Lib.24, p. 106.


2. WILLIAM PEW Jr. b. 1732, d. Apr. 4, 1768, m. Margaret ___?___.


        3.     i.        William Pew (3)

                ii.        Benjamin Pew

                iii.       John Pew

                iv.       Reuben Pew b. Dec. 13, 1758 Morris Co., NJ, Rev. War Soldier, d. Aug. 24, 1847. m. Fanny Smith b. 1768, d. after 1849.

             v.       Joseph Pew

             vi.     Samuel Pew.


The following is the abstract of the will of William Pew Jr. from the Calendar of Wills in the New Jersey Archives, First Series, Vol. XXXIII:

1769, March 2.  Pew, William, Jr., of Morris Co.  Int.  Adm’r--Joseph King.  Fellowbondsman--Frederick King; both of said Co.

1769, Feb. 15.  Renunciation by Margaret Pew, the widow; William Pew, the father; and Samuel Pew and Thomas Pew, brothers of said William Pew, Jr., in favor of Joseph King.  Witness--William Pew.  Lib. K, p. 142.


3. WILLIAM PEW  (3) b. Mar. 19, 1751/52, Town of Washington, Morris Co., NJ, d. May 29, 1818 at Pewtown, Ithaca, NY, buried: East Lawn Cemetery, Ithaca, NY.  m.1778, Hannah LACY/Lacey/Leacy, b. 1739, d. Oct. 4, 1841, Pewtown, Ithaca, NY, buried: East Lawn Cemetery, Ithaca, NY


4.             i.           John Lacy Pew

5.           iii.           Joseph Pew 

6.            ii.           William Pew (4)

7.           iv.           Benjamin Pew

8.            v.           Richard Pew

9.           vi.           Elizabeth Pew


        WILLIAM PEW (3) was born near Schooley's Mountain, Washington Township, Morris County, March 29, 1752.  He served as a private in the Revolutionary War from Morris County, NJ.  He married Hannah Lacy and had five sons and a daughter Elizabeth.  The sons names were John, William, Joseph, Benjamin and Richard, all of whom served in the war of 1812.  In October of 1801 he left New Jersey with his entire family to visit his uncles in Canada, probably with the intention of locating there.  His wife, Hannah, said she would not undertake the journey unless the entire family including son John with wife and son Bertine could accompany them.  The family traveled in a sleigh.  When about two miles east of Ithaca on the Ellis Road, they rested at a country tavern whose owner was most anxious to sell his house and land.  The tavern owner tried to persuade William Pew, who had money, to buy his farm but the Pews decided to continue their journey to Canada.  They had traveled some distance from Ithaca, apparently to the site of the current village of Ludlowville, when they were delayed while Anna, wife of John, gave birth to a their second child, Margaret.  The news of this delay reached the owner of the farm and tavern near Ithaca and he followed after the Pews and finally persuaded them to return to Ithaca and purchase his land described in one account as lying between the Catskill Turnpike and Cascadilla Creek.  Note: We have learned this Tavern was the Green Tree Inn on the Catskill Turnpike.


        A parcel of land in Morris County, NJ was conveyed by William Pew and Hannah his wife, to Peter Sailor on October 8, 1801.  (Morris County, NJ Deed Book F, p. 184-7)  A smaller parcel of land adjacent, was conveyed by William and Hannah to one John Daniels, on June 13, 1801.  (Morris County, NJ Deed Book D, p. 437-8)  The family then left for New York, and after this sale, purchased the 450 acre farm  in the Snyder Hill area east of Ithaca.


        By Indenture dated 1 Jan. 1802, Benjamin Wallace deeded to William Pew all of lot 96, containing 600 acres, reserving 100 acres out of the SE corner and 50 acres out of the NW corner.  Recorded in Onondaga County, Deed Book C, pages 330-3. 

        Subsequently, by four Indentures in 1810-11, William Pew deeded the same 450 acres to: Joseph (son) - 50 acres, Wm. Jr. (son) - 50 acres [note that this is William Pew (4) in this document], Matthias Honnes (son-in-law) - 50 acres, John (son) - 300 acres as recorded in Seneca County Deed Book D, pages 436-40.


        His headstone at East Lawn Cemetery reads: William Pew “First Pew Settler” d. May 29, 1818 ae 66 y 2 m 10d.


        Hannah LACY was of Irish descent.  When all five of her sons decided to enlist in the cause of their country (War of 1812), it caused great commotion in the family. Mother Hannah mourned that not one could remain and became tearful.  Grand- daughter Lorenda, three years old, also took the situation to heart. She buried herself in the covers on one of the great high beds of those days, fell asleep, and it was hours before the frantic grandpa, grandma, and mother found her. Hannah’s headstone gives her age at death as 102 yrs.


4. JOHN LACY PEW b. Jul. 28, 1779 at Morris Co., NJ, d. Aug. 29, 1821 at Ithaca, NY, m. Anna COWELL (some records may use Covell as spelling of Anna’s maiden name) b. Aug. 18, 1780 Hackettstown, NJ, d. Aug 1, 1827.  Both are buried at East Lawn Cemetery.  See data from alternate sources on last pages.


        4a.  Bertine (or Bertini) Pew

        4b.  Margaret Pew

        4c.  Elizabeth "Betsey" Pew 

        4d.  Lorenda Densmore Pew (also found as Lorinda)

        4e.  Anna Pew

        4f.  William Pew (5)


        JOHN LACY PEW was a soldier in the war of 1812 and lived in an old red house on a farm at Pewtown, Ithaca, NY.  The land was then covered with forest so, for a few years, they planted their corn and potatoes on main street.  He owned the land where the present East Lawn Cemetery is located.  The "Tompkins County History of Methodism" indicates that he was a religious leader in this section, holding revival classes at Pewtown. His headstone reads: John Pew d. Aug 29, 1821 ae 42y 1m.  Ida (Infant) Pew Lot owner John Pew d. Sept. 7, 1834.


Anna COWELL’s mother's name was Bauman or Bowman.  A man named Lambert Bauman of German Valley, NJ (note that German Valley was later re-named Long Valley at the time of World War I), who was her cousin, visited her during her last illness. The will of Anna Pew dated July 31, 1827 - Ithaca, Tompkins Co., NY mentions son William, daughters Margaret, Elizabeth, Anna, and Executor - Bertine Pew, her son.  Witnesses were Reuben Judd, Benjamin Pew, William Pew all of Ithaca, Tompkins Co., NY. Probate Sept. 1827, Lib. B pg. 22.


4a. Bertine Pew b. Aug. 13, 1799 at Morris Co., NJ, d. Oct. 16, 1885,  (the death date of 1885 I believe is in error and the correct death date is 1855) He married Sep. 12, 1818 Elizabeth Parcell  b. June 22, 1802 d. Apr. 27, 1887.  He may have moved to Steuben Co., NY.   See data from alternate sources on last pages.

Children: ?   A Bertine Pew with wife Elizabeth is found in 1850 Painted Post, Steuben Co., NY.  Children: infant, Irene 1822, Adaline 1824, Franklin 1827, Theodore 1829,   Infant 1831, Wilbur 1832, Mark 1834, Charlotte 1837, Augusta 1839, Albert 1843, twin infants, 1845, Edward 1846.  By 1860 Elizabeth is living with her daughter Augusta Way, no Bertine Pew is in the home, making the death of Bertine in 1855 making sense.  The Ithaca Journal has a Bertine Pew's death listed as Oct. 16, 1855, death taking place in Corning, NY.  The children listed still need more research to prove.


4b. Margaret F Pew b. Nov. 17, 1801 Ludlowville, NY, d. Aug. 19, 1854, m. 1818 Elias S Ostrander b. Mar. 17, 1797 Tompkins Co., d. Oct. 27, 1879.  Margaret & Elias are buried in East Lawn Cemetery, Their headstones read:

Elias S. Ostrander March 17, 1797 - Oct. 27 1879 ae 82y 7m 10d

Margaret F. (Pew) wife of Elias Ostrander d. Aug. 19, 1854 ae 52y 9m 2d.

See data from alternate sources on last pages.


4ba.  Phidelia Ostrander b. May 15, 1824, d. 1904 ae 80 yrs., buried East Lawn Cemetery, Ithaca, NY, m. Mar. 5, 1873 Lester Smith when her age was 49, Lester b. Nov. 19, 1805.  Lester’s 1st wife Maria Brown b. Apr. 12, 1807, d. Nov. 15, 1872.


4bb. Maryetta Ostrander b. Oct. 11, 1819, d. Mar. 10, 1824 ae 4y 5m 1d, buried East Lawn Cemetery, Ithaca, NY.


 4bc.  Lucinda Ostrander b. Apr. 3, 1826, d. May 14, 1902, m. 1854 Simon V Snow b. 1825, d. Jan. 18, 1890


4bca. William Elias Snow b, Mar. 8, 1855, d. Jul. 18, 1924, m. 1875 Clara Reed Dana b. Aug. 1856, d. Jan. 6, 1909


4bcb. Garret Eugene Snow b. 1859, buried May 17, 1924, m. Katherine Garhart b. About 1875, d. Sep. 24, 1945 aged 70 years.  Both Garret & Katherine are buried at East Lawn cemetery, Ithaca, NY.  There were no children.


4bd.  William Ostrander


4c. Elizabeth Pew b. Apr. 1, 1806/1807 Ithaca, NY, d. 1875, m. 1826 in Middleburg, Schohare Co., NY Charles Hamilton Stewart b. Jan. 27, 1802 in Middleburg, Schohare Co., NY.


            4ca. Edwin S Stewart

            4cb. Wellington Stewart

            4cc. William C Stewart

            4cd. Cornelia Stewart

                        4ce. Charles Hamilton Stewart Jr.

                        4cf. Frances Ann Stewart

                        4cg. John Franklin Stewart


4ca. Edwin Sidney Stewart b. 1830 in Painted Post, Steuben Co., NY, m1. Lavina ___?___ b. Abt. 1843, m2. Mae Kerns, m3. Oct. 11, 1871 in Cook Co., IL Hattie Dolbear.  (Note: on rootsweb message board for Steuben Co., lists her as Lewinia/Louvnia Pew).

Children by Lavina ___?___:

4caa. May A Stewart b. Abt. 1863

4cab. Frank Broakman Stewart b. 19 June 1865

4cac. Charles Stewart b. Abt. 1868


                    Children by Hattie Dolbear:

                                   4cad. Edwin D Stewart b. Abt. 1873

                                   4cae. Clara E Stewart b. Abt. 1875, m. Perry Wayne

                                   4caf.  Roy E Stewart b. Abt. 1877

                                   4cag. Ray B Stewart b. Abt. 1877

                                   4cah. Ethlyn G Stewart b. Abt. 1880, m. ___?___ Hollenbeck


4cb. Wellington Stewart b. Aug. 28, 1826 in Painted Post, Steuben Co., NY, d. 1909, m1. Jun. 7, 1853 in Corning, NY Elizabeth Emily Davis b. Aug. 30, 1831 in Orange, Franklin, MA, d. 1855, m2. Feb. 19, 1862 in Lodi, Seneca Co., NY Mary Ann Cole b. Jan. 1, 1836 in Lodi, Seneca Co., NY, d. 1919.

 Children by Elizabeth Emily Davis:

                       4cba. Elizabeth Davis Stewart b. 1854


                   Children by Mary Ann Cole:

4cbb. Harrie Barto Stewart b. Jan. 28, 1860 in Corning, Steuben Co., NY, d. 1860, m. Apr. 23, 1886 in Newton, Harvey Co., KS Carrie Amanda Lemmon b. Apr. 2, 1862 in Ohio, d. 1943


4cbc. Carrie Cole Stewart b. Jan. 28, 1860, m. Daniel King Calyer b. 1849, d. 1949


4cbd. Fred Wellington Stewart b. Jul. 5, 1867, m. Martha Agnus Cole


4cbe. Charles Hamilton Stewart b. Apr. 8, 1874 in Delevan, Tazewell Co., IL, d. 1946, m. Aug. 28, 1898 Mary A Showalter b, Sep. 17, 1872 in Cerrogordo, Piatt Co., IL, d. 1951

4cc. William C Stewart b. Abt. 1834 in Painted Post, Steuben Co., NY, m. Hattie ___?___ b. Abt. 1841 in MA


               4cca. Carrie L Stewart b. Abt. 1866

               4ccb. William Stewart b. Abt. 1867


4cd. Cornelia Stewart b. 1837 in Painted Post, Steuben Co., NY, m. Samuel Clark Robertson


4ce. Charles Hamilton Stewart Jr. b. Abt. 1838 in Painted Post, Steuben Co., NY, m. Helen ___?___ b. Abt. 1845


4cf. Frances Ann Stewart b. 1839 in Painted Post, Steuben Co., NY, m. ___?___ Reynolds


4cg. John Franklin Stewart b. 1841 in Painted Post, Steuben Co., NY died May 28, 1861


4d. Lorenda Densmore Pew b. Jan. 5, 1809, d. Oct. 11, 1904, (some records may use Lucinda as her first name, spelled Lorinda on her daughter’s headstone) m. Sep. 23, 1832 John E. Williams of Dryden, NY by Rev. Z. Paddock, b. Jul. 13, 1810, son of  Zebulon Williams and Asenath Burrows, d. Dec. 13, 1893 at Pewtown, NY.    (she was called "Nennie")

Children: 4da.  Charles Williams  4db. Julia Williams


Lorenda Densmore Pew was named by a circuit rider named Densmore who happened along when she was born.


John E. Williams was one of the founders of the East Lawn Cemetery.  Meeting with William Mitchell and John B. Lang in 1885, they laid out the present beautiful cemetery to replace the Pewtown burial plot that had fallen into decay.  They named the section East Lawn.


4db. Charles Williams b. Aug. 3, 1833, m. Cornelia Burritt b. Jun. 19, 1833 daughter of Joseph Burritt and Asenath Curtis, d. Oct. 4, 1867.

Children:  4daa. Cornelia Williams


The 1850 census showing a Burritt family with Joseph age 55, Lucinda age 34, Mary A age 24, Caroline age 20, Lydia VanDyke age 17, Cornelia Burritt age 17, Sarah VanDyke age 13, Fanny Burritt age 12, Amelia Burritt age 2.  This appears to be at least a part of Cornelia Burritt’s family, her father being Joseph.  Unsure how the others fit in.


4daa.  Cornelia Williams b. Oct. 4, 1867 Rochester, NY, d. Sep. 28, 1957 Ithaca, NY, buried East Lawn Cemetery, never married, taught school at South Hill School, Ithaca, NY.  She was blind in her later years. (went by the name of Nealie)


4db. Julia Williams died Jan. 3, 1840 aged 3 dys., she is buried in East Lawn Cemetery.  This child had been missed in all other records.  

                Julia is buried next to Mary Etta, daughter of Elias & Margaret Pew Ostrander in the old section of the cemetery.


4e. Anna Pew b. Aug. 16, 1812 Ithaca, NY, m. Henry D Smith.  See data from alternate sources on last pages.

Children:  Helen Smith


4f. William Pew (5) b. Oct. 8, 1815 Ithaca, NY, d. Apr. 23, 1904 at Islip, NY, buried East Lawn Cemetery, Ithaca, NY, m. Aug. 10, 1846 Caroline “Carrie” Dix, dau of Sarah Dix, b. 1824.

ChildenMinnie, Unknown


5. JOSEPH PEW b. Aug. 10, 1784, m. Dorcas WOLCOTT born 1784 daughter of Silas Wolcott & Margaret Rowan.

Children:  They had 5 sons and 3 daughters, no names found.


JOSEPH PEW was a soldier in the war of 1812 and lived at Pewtown, Ithaca, NY.

He was elected a highway commissioner at the first Town of Ithaca meeting in April 1821.   One source says that Joseph and Dorcas later lived in Trumansburg, Tompkins Co., NY while another source says they also lived in New York City.  Many of the unknown Pew family members may be from his family.  NO more information is known about him.


6. WILLIAM PEW(4) b. Oct. 27, 1786 Bottle Hill, Morris Co., NJ, d. Jun. 1, 1832 Pewtown, Ithaca, NY, m. Sep. 8, 1806 Rachel “Lockey” Locke GENUNG b. Feb. 4, 1790 Hanover, Morris Co., NJ, daughter of  Benjamin Genung & Hannah Whitehead Beach, d. Sep. 23, 1863.    Rachel married second, after William died, to Dennis Turner. William and Rachel are buried at East Lawn Cemetery, Ithaca, Tompkins County, NY.   Their headstones read:

      William Pew  d. June 1, 1832 ae 46y 3m 5d

      Rachel (Genung) Pew d. Sept. 23, 1863 ae 73y 7m 19d

See data from alternate sources on last pages.


6a. Daniel (Dan) Pew

6b. Hannah Pew

6c. Elizabeth H. Pew

6d. Sally Pew

6e. Mary Ann Pew

6f.  William Pew (6)

6g. Rachel Matilda Pew

6h. Margaret Pew

6i.  Nancy Pew

6j.  George Washington Pew

6k. Angeline Pew.


WILLIAM PEW (4) was a soldier in the war of 1812 and lived at Pewtown, Ithaca, NY.


6a. Daniel (Dan) Pew b. Nov. 3, 1808, d. Feb. 18, 1900, m. Dec. 18, 1831 Phebe Ann Banfield b.May 7, 1809 daughter of Edward Banfield & Martha "Patty" Cooper, d. Mar. 10, 1906 . Daniel and Phebe Ann are buried in Snyder Hill Cemetery, Town of Dryden, NY.


           6aa.  Ann Pew

           6ab.  William Edward Pew

           6ac.  Martha Ann Pew  


6aa.  Ann Pew b. Sep. 7, 1834, d. Sep. 7, 1834, buried East Lawn Cemetery, Ithaca, Tompkins Co., NY


6ab.  William Edward Pew b. Sep. 4, 1836, d. 1917, m. 1863 Mary Ann VanPelt b. 1839, d. 1916.  Both William and Mary Ann are buried in Snyder Hill Cemetery, Dryden, NY.


6aba.  Bertha Susan Pew b. Jan. 7, 1866, d. Apr. 8, 1898, m. William Knox.  Bertha buried at Snyder Hill Cemetery, Dryden, NY.


6abb.  Levi Pew b. Dec. 24, 1870, d. 1926, buried at Snyder Hill Cemetery, Dryden, NY.


6ac.  Martha Ann Pew b. Nov. 28, 1842 NY State, d. Feb. ?, 1917, buried at Snyder Hill Cemetery, Dryden, NY, m1. 1871 Harry A. Snyder b. 1821, d. 1898, m2. Rev. Estus VanMarter b. 1837, d. 1925.


6b. Hannah Pew  b.March 29, 1811, d. Oct. 15, 1881,  m. Jan. 13, 1836 Robert  Joiner b. May 28, 1805, d. May 1888, both are buried in Roe Cemetery, Brooktondale, NY in unmarked graves.


 6ba. William Joiner b. 1836, d. 1875, m.  Mary Wyman b. 1839.  William is buried Roe Cemetery, Brooktondale, NY.


6c. Elizabeth H. Pew b. Jun. 12, 1813, d. Oct. 8, 1855, m1. May 22, 1836 Benjamin Morse d. Jul. 4, 1839 killed in a 4th of July Celebration, Ithaca, NY, buried East Lawn Cemetery, Ithaca, NY.  m2. William Granger Snow .

Children of Elizabeth Pew & Benjamin Morse: 

           6ca.  Harriet N. Morse

           6cb.  James Henry Morse

6ca.  Harriet N Morse b. 1837, d. Oct. 29, 1902, ae 65y, m. George M Whitlock (son of Jesse Whitlock & Mary Pew), d. Dec. 1 1925, ae 91y.  Both are buried at East Lawn Cemetery, Ithaca, NY.


6caa.  Mary Elizabeth Whitlock

6cab.  Sarah Jane Whitlock

6cac.  Louesa Addie Whitlock

6cad.  Louisa Alice Whitlock b. 1862, d. 1899.                             

6cae.  Willie Whitlock  d. 1868 ae 1m, 7d.  Buried East Lawn Cemetery, Ithaca, NY


6cb.  James Henry Morse b. 1839, m. Gussie Farrell b. 1872


Children of Elizabeth Pew & William Granger Snow:  Frances F Snow, William G Snow, Lois Snow, John R Snow.
6cc. Frances F. Snow, went by Frank, and was known as Capt. Snow.  He was born in Ithaca, Tompkins Co., NY 1844. 

Moved to Kansas City, Missouri.  Married on 10th of January 1865 to Olive F. Keeler, who died 1888, leaving a son Leon G. Snow. 

           In 1903 Capt. Snow married for his second wife Mrs. Susie A. Alliston.
           6cd. William G. Snow
6ce. Lois Snow
6cf. John R. Snow


6d. Sally Pew b. Aug. 14, 1815, d. Nov. 26, 1894, m. May 27, 1834 Benjamin Sloughter b. Jan. 12, 1814 (son of Thomas Sloughter & Mary Personius), d. Feb. 6, 1899

Children:  Corilla Sloughter, Urena Jane Sloughter, Philo Chester Sloughter, Blondina Vandermark Sloughter, Benjamin Elisha Sloughter,

Richard Middaugh Sloughter, Smith Garret Sloughter, Mary Sloughter, Rachel Elizabeth Sloughter, Iras Holmes Sloughter, Iraett Sloughter.


6e. Mary Ann Pew b. Nov. 10, 1817 Dryden, NY, d. Nov. 30, 1887 Dryden, NY, m. Mar. 23, 1834 James Washington Banfield  b. Mar. 14, 1814 Dryden, NY (son of Edward Banfield & Martha (Patty) Cooper), d. Jul. 11, 1903 Dryden, NY.  See data from alternate sources on last pages.


            6ea. Helen M Banfield

            6eb. Mary Ann Banfield  m. George N Pew son of Benjamin Pew & Nancy Mitchell.   See item 7k.

6ec. Eliza P Banfield

6ed. Martha J “Aunt Matt” Banfield

6ee. James Edward Banfield

6ef. Jacob Eugene Banfield

6eg. Levi Harrison Banfield

6eh. Ida Banfield.


James Washington Banfield was employed driving a mule team along the tow path of the Erie Canal.


6ea. Helen M Banfield b. Dec. 27, 1836, d. 1925, m. Feb. 17, 1855 Horace Baker b. Sep. 22, 1830, d. Feb. 10, 1908.  Both Helen and Horace are buried at Willow Glen Cemetery, Dryden, NY.  For Helen, her gravestone gives her DOB as Dec. 27, 1837 and her DOD as Mar. 5, 1926.

Children: Ida Baker, Cora S Baker, Lena Baker.


6eb. Mary Ann Banfield (see item 7k.)


6ec. Eliza P Banfield b. Feb. 12, 1841, d. Jan. 2, 1844.  Her headstone says she died Jan. 2, 1841 aged 2 yrs, 10 mo., 21 days.  From this the calculated DOB is Feb. 12, 1838.  The name on the headstone is Peggy Eliza daughter of JW & Mary Banfield.


6ed. Martha J (Aunt Matt) Banfield b. May 9, 1843, d. Mar. 9, 1926, m. Dec. 30, 1858 Simon Peter (Uncle Peter) Willsey b. 1838, d. 1914.

Children: Carrie Willsey, Ada Willsey, Edward A Willsey, Mary M (Emma) Willsey, Clayton J Willsey, Corrie Willsey, Charles R Willsey, Verne Willsey, Lynn S Willsey.


6ee. James Edward Banfield b. Sep. 4, 1845, d. Nov. 13, 1915, m. Apr. 4, 1872 Ellora J English b. Apr. 1, 1855, d. 1938.  Both are buried at Snyder Hill Cemetery, Dryden, NY.

Children: Arvena A (Venie) Banfield


6ef. Jacob Eugene Banfield b. Apr. 10, 1848, d. May 9, 1916, m. Eda I Loomis b. Jan. 17, 1856, d. 1901.  Both Jacob and Eda are buried at Willow Glen Cemetery, Dryden, NY.

Children: Hettie M Banfield, Arthur Banfield, Alice A Banfield, Leslie E Banfield, Cora E Banfield.


6eg. Levi Harrison Banfield b. Jun. 29, 1850, d. 1909, m. Oct. 30, 1870 Lottie Millage b. Mar. 28, 1852, d. 1901.

Children: Frank Banfield, William Banfield, Millie Banfield, Lona Banfield, Edna Banfield, Lena Banfield, Clarence Banfield, Gertrude Banfield, Rodney Banfield, Harold Banfield.


6eh. Ida Banfield  Ida shows up in this family in the notes of Mary Hermingarde Hammond Marion but does not appear in the notes labeled “History of the James Washington Banfield Family”.


6f. William Pew (6) b. Apr. 29, 1819 in NY State, d. Jan. 8, 1880, m. Feb. 17, 1840 Hannah Deuel b. Jan. 30, 1823 in NY State, d. Nov. 27, 1892 William is buried at East Lawn Cemetery, Ithaca, NY.   Hannah is buried in Inlet Valley Cemetery, Ithaca, NY.


6fa. Minerva Pew


6fb. Margaret M. Pew b. August 11, 1843 in NY State, died April 16, 1916 she married Harrison E. Terwilliger.  Harrison was born July 30, 1849 died Oct. 24, 1924.  They are both buried in Inlet Valley Cemetery, Ithaca, NY.  Their children buried next to them are Fred E., born Sept. 2, 1865 died Oct. 16, 1877; Eber E., born Nov. 15, 1871 died July 19, 1872; Hattie M., born Feb. 14, 1873 died May 25, 1873.


6fc. Melissa Pew b. About 1847 in NY State, died May 27, 1932 age 82 yrs., she married George J. Riker who died 1922 age 82 yrs., they are both buried in East Lawn Cemetery, Ithaca, NY.


6fd. Angeline Pew m. Adelbert Schryver.


6fe. Harriet Pew born 1857 died 1937, m1. John Burns, m2. Howard Barrett.  Harriet is buried in Valley Cemetery, Ithaca, NY.  They had at least one son Joseph J. Burns, b. 1876 died 1948, married on Jan. 27, 1899 to Susie Skinner, 1873-1937, buried in Inlet Valley Cemetery, Ithaca, NY.  Harriet & Howard Barrett had Lyda May Barrett, born Aug. 5, 1887 died Dec. 30, 1888.  She is also buried in Inlet Valley Cemetery, Ithaca, NY.


6g. Rachel Matilda (or Metilder) Pew b. Mar. 27, 1821, d. Oct. 1903, m. Jan. 23, 1841 Warren Uchlet (or Ochlet) Beham b. Dec. 5, 1821, d. Jan. 3, 1899 in Corunna, Mich. See data from alternate sources on last pages.


6ga. George Uchlet Beham b. 1842, d. 1842.

6gb. Mary Beham b. 1844, d. 1845.

6gc. George Warren Beham m. Margaret McKeon.

6gd. Midora Latilda Beham m. ___?___ Thompson.

6ge. Rachel Maria Beham b. 1850, d. 1866.

6gf. Alice Esmarilda Beham m. Simon Zelotus Watson


6h. Margaret R Pew b. Mar. 25, 1823, d. Feb. 1, 1833 ae 9y buried in East Lawn Cemetery, Ithaca, NY.  Her headstone reads:  Margaret R Pew Dau. of William & Rachel d. Feb. 1, 1833 ae 9y.


6i. Nancy M Pew b. Aug. 20, 1825,  m. James Perry


6ia. Eva Perry b. 1862, d. 1921, m. William Cornelius Jr.


6ib. George Perry b. Aug. 6, 1865, d. 1919 buried in Snyder Hill Cemtery, Dryden, NY, m. Della Waldron b. 1871 (daughter of George Waldron & Lydia Jeffery


6j. George Washington Pew b. Oct. 24, 1827, d. Jun. 3, 1910 ae 84y, m1. Grace Ann Linderberry, no children, m2 Harriet S Lee b. 1836 Wayne Co., NY, d. Jan. 23, 1904 ae 70y in Ithaca, NY, both George & Harriet are buried in Ithaca City Cemetery.  There were no Children.


6k. Angeline Pew b. Aug. 20, 1830, d. Oct. 29, 1912, m. Jul. 19, 1845 Jacob Peter Genung  b. Oct. 26, 1821 (son of Aaron Genung & Rebecca Snyder), d. Feb. 19, 1912.  Both Angeline and Jacob Peter are buried buried in Snyder Hill Cemetery, Town of Dryden, Tompkins Co., NY.


Note:  Aaron Genung the father of Jacob and Rachel Lockey Genung the mother of Angeline were brother and sister making Angeline and Jacob Peter 1st cousins.


6ka. Lousea Genung b. 1848, d. 1931, m. David Herman Cornelius

Children: Jennie, Edith, Myron, Clara, Agnes, Dana


6kb. Eva Rosalis Genung b. 1854, d.1925, m. Oscar M. Baker

                              Children: Laverne M. Baker

6kba. Laverne M Baker m. Susie English

Children: Truman, Florence, and Gerald Baker.


6kc. Ida Angeline Genung b. 1857, d.1906, m1. Albert Hurley, m2. Cortez Snyder.

Children by Albert Hurley:  Irene A Hurley, and Fred M Hurley.


6kd. Wilber Aaron Genung b. 1862, d.1942, m1 Jennie May Barrett b. 1866, d.1909, m2. Fannie Manning Waterman (no children by Fannie).

Children by Jennie:


                                             6kda.  Arthur Wilber Genung m. Edna McGilvary

                                             6kdb. William Jacob Genung m. Grace Lillie Baker

                                 6kdc. Aaron Howard Genung m. Alice Mary Hughes


                    6ke. Minnie Edith Genung, married John Lee


7. BENJAMIN PEW b.Oct. 27, 1792 Washington, Morris Co., NJ, d. Apr. 28,

1891 at Ithaca, NY, m. ca. 1826 Nancy MITCHELL (daughter of George Mitchell & Betsey Ramsey) b. 1798 , d. May 28, 1858,  Benjamin and Nancy are buried in East Lawn Cemetery, Ithaca, NY.  Cemetery records show:

Benjamin Pew d. Apr. 29, 1891

Nancy Pew d. May 28, 1858 ae 60y

See data from alternate sources on last pages.


7a. Samuel R Pew

7b. Mary Ann Pew

7c. Sylvester Pew

7d. Deceiser Pew

7e. Ann Eliza Pew

7f. John M Pew

7g. Charles S Pew

7h. Marvin Pew

7i. Henrietta Pew

7j. Helen F Pew

7k. George N Pew

7l. Franklin Pew


Note:  One source lists both a Marvin Pew who lived in Seneca Falls, NY and a Martin Pew who has a dob at or similar to our Marvin Pew above as children of Benjamin and Nancy but fails to list Samuel R Pew.


BENJAMIN PEW served in the War of 1812 with the rank of Colonel.  He lived at the west edge of Snyder Hill overlooking Pewtown.  Benjamin later moved to Ithaca, dying at his home at the northwest corner of Seneca Street and Stewart Avenue.  His headstone says he was aged 98y 6m at death.  He reportedly held the family records of his father and grandmother Purcell but they were lost.  This is believed to be the reason that we can find so little about his father, William Pew (3) and his family, in New Jersey.  His occupation was Farmer according to the 1860 Federal Census.  Benjamin and his wife Nancy deeded land to the Trustees of the East Lawn School District, the conditions of which are documented by a bond from Justus S. Mitchell to Benjamin Pew as follows:


Whereas Benjamin Pew and Nancy, his wife, have by deed bearing date October 22nd , 1857, conveyed to me their reversionary intent in a certain piece of land deeded by them to the Trustees of School District No. twenty in the Town of Ithaca - the said premises having been deeded to said trustees to be used for a School House or Meeting House and in case of its ceasing to be so used is to revert to the said grantors.

        Now then for the condition of this obligation is such that if the said premises known as the School Lot shall ever revert to the said Benjamin Pew, or cease to be used and occupied as and for a school house or Meeting House, that I will pay to the said Benjamin Pew or his Officers Administrators or Heirs at the rate of fifty-dollars an acre therefor.

        In witness whenof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 22nd day of October 1857.

        Signed sealed and delivered in the presence of  W. V. Bruyn  

        Signed:   J. S. Mitchell


The1850 Ithaca Census, shows children of Benjamin: John age 22, Charles S. age 20, Marvin age 18, Henrietta age 16, Helen F. age 12, George N. age 10, Benjamin F. age 8. (Benjamin F. could be Benjamin Frank)


Petition issured June 10 to prove will George N. Pew, sole executor named in will of Benjamin Pew, Ithaca, NY.  Will made July 23, 1886 Died April 29, 1891- Ithaca.  He left surviving - no widow, heirs & next to kin as follows;

Dau. Mary A. Bundy - Ithaca , NY

Dau. Helen F. Way - Ithaca, NY

G. Son Frank Pew - Ithaca, NY

G. dau. Susan Earsley - Ithaca, NY

G. dau. Minnie Dassance - Newfield, NY

G. dau. Cara Cleveland - Forest Home, Ithaca, NY

G. dau. Frankie Hazen - Forest Home, Ithaca, NY

G. dau. Agnes Earsley - Slaterville, Tompkins Co., NY

Son Sylvester Pew - Seneca Falls, Seneca Co., NY

Son Marvin Pew - Seneca Galls, Seneca Co., NY

Son John Pew - Mapel Park, Kane Co., ILL.

Dau. Ann Eliza Kenyon - Windham, Conn.

G. Son William Earsley - 713 Nattona St., San Fancisco., Cal.

G. Son Edward I. Earsley - Newark, NJ

(All of full age) Will Proven, July 30, 1891


7a. Samuel R Pew (the middle initial on his headstone is R but some records show a middle name as Mitchell) b. 1817, d. 1854 buried East Lawn Cemetery, Ithaca, NY, m. Eliza W Grant b. 1835 Dryden, NY (daughter of Hosea Grant and Betsey Jaques), d. Apr. 21 1908 ae 75y, buried East Lawn Cemetery, Ithaca, NY.


7b. Mary Ann Pew b. 1818 (this is probably the “Dau. Mary A Bundy - Ithaca, NY” mentioned in the will of Benjamin)


7c. Sylvester Pew b. Nov. 17, 1820, d. 1896, m. Apr. 6, 1843 Electra Fox (daughter of William Fox & Unknown mother) of Seneca Falls, NY.

See data from alternate sources on last pages.

Children: Alfred K. Pew, Frances Irene Pew


Sylvester Pew was the Editor of the Seneca Falls Newspaper.


7d. Deceiser Pew b. 1822, d. 1822 buried East Lawn Cemetery, Ithaca, NY


7e. Ann Eliza Pew b. 1825 (this is probably the “Dau. Ann Eliza Kenyon - Windham, Conn.” mentioned in the will of Benjamin)


7f. John M Pew b.1826 in NY State, lived at Maple Park, Kane Co., IL.

See data from alternate sources on last pages.


John may have had a daughter Cora Pew who married Everand Holdridge, guests at the wedding at Maple Park, were; Mr & Mrs. John Pew; Mr. & Mrs C. Myers of Sandwich; Miss Emma Jackson; Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Holdridge of Sterling; Mr. & Mrs. Frank Pew;  Mr. & Mrs. John Brown; Mr. Doc. Treadwell; Mr. & Mrs. Tom Brown; Mr & Mrs. Ed Robertson; Mr. & Mrs. John Gale; Mr. & Mrs.Tim Connel; Mr. & Mrs. A. C. Southwick; Mr. & Mrs. Emery Fink; Mr. & Mrs. Cullen Keefe & Mrs. William Henry.


7g. Charles S. Pew b. Abt. 1830, d. May 7, 1891 ae 63y Buried East Lawn Cemetery, Ithaca, NY. Served in Civil War. See data from alternate sources on last pages.  Was living with his brother Sylvester Pew in 1850 Seneca Falls, NY.


7h. Marvin Pew b. 1829  NY State died 1908, he married Catherine "Kate" Eaton (daughter of Harvey Eaton & Rachel Ostrander) b. 1838 d. 1917, they are both buried in Springbrook Cemetery, Seneca Falls, Seneca Co., NY.

See data from alternate sources on last pages.


4ha. Dora Pew died very young 1862-1878 buried with her parents in Springbrook Cemetery, Seneca Falls, Seneca Co., NY.

4hb. Jessie Rachel Pew born abt. 1870 m. Joseph Henry Lowe

Children: Marvin H. Lowe, Catherine E. Lowe, Amy D. Lowe


7i. Henrietta Pew b. Sep. 23, 1832 NY State, d. Dec. 22, 1880 buried East Lawn Cemetery, Ithaca, NY, m. Jul. 8, 1855 John Henry Earsley b. Mar. 7, 1830, d. Aug. 13, 1903 buried East Lawn Cemetery, Ithaca, NY.


7ia. Edward S Earsley b. 1862, d. 1932, buried East Lawn Cemetery, Ithaca,  NY, m. Emma K ___?___ b. 1866, d. 1926, buried East Lawn Cemetery, Ithaca, NY.


7ib. Frances Adelaide “Frankie” Earsley m. Sep. 14, _____ Robert Hazen


                       7iba. Agnes Hazen m. Joseph Huntington

                           Children: Ione Huntington

                    7ic.  Edward Earsley

                    7id. William Earsley

                    7ie. Cora Earsley

                    7if. Susan Earsley

                    7ig. Agnes May Earsley


7j. Helen F. Pew b.1839 NY State, d. 1914, m1. (when her age was 18 yr.) William D Schoonmaker b. 1829, d. 1874, m2. ___?___ Way, m3. (her childhood sweetheart) John Snyder b. 1830 Snyder Hill, Dryden, Tomkins Co., NY (son of Peter Snyder & Eve VanLoan), d. Jan. 9, 1902.  See data from alternate sources on last pages.


John J. Snyder had been married before to Elizabeth Rebecca Penrith.  He moved to St. Peter Minn. where they lived until she died, then he returned to his old home in Tompkins Co., NY and married Helen.  As per Snyder family records John and Helen had a son Frank.  When her father made his will, she was listed as Helen Way, so she had not married John Snyder yet (at that time she would be 47 yrs. old), so it is doubtful that Helen and John are the parents of Frank.   Frank Snyder was born abt 1870 per 1900 census in Nicolet, Minnesota, so he may have been a son of John, but not Helen.  Believe he is John F. in the 1870 Nicolet, Minn., census.  John had other children, but they died young.  His first wife died after 1880.


7k. George N Pew b. Apr. 17, 1840 Pewtown, Ithaca, NY, d. Jan. 9, 1901 Ithaca, NY, m. May 30, 1866 Mary Ann Banfield b.Oct. 20, 1838 Dryden, NY (daughter of James Washington Banfield and Mary Ann Pew), d. Jan. 23, 1919 Rochester, NY.   Both George and Mary Ann are buried in East Lawn Cemetery, Ithaca, NY.

See data from alternate sources on last pages.


                    7ka. Benjamin W Pew

                    7kb. Nancy May Pew     

                    7kc. Frederick G Pew

7kd. Helen Pew

7ke. Mary Pew


George N Pew was a veteran of the Civil War.   The G.A.R. marker on his grave says 1861- 1865. Co. E 64 Regt. NY Vol.  George & Mary Ann lived at the west edge of Snyder Hill, overlooking Pewtown, in the home formerly owned by Benjamin.  This home is at the top of the hill on the left when proceeding from Pine Tree Rd. up Snyder Hill Rd about 1/4 mile.  His family was the last Pew family to live at Pewtown.  This home was later owned by Delmer Hammond & Nancy May (Pew) Hammond, see item 7kb.


7ka. Benjamin W Pew b. Jan. 12, 1872, m1. Jul. 1892 Nellie Stevenson b. Jan. 6, 1872 (daughter of James A Stevenson & Unknown wife), d. May 20, 1911 at his home at 214 Hudson St., Ithaca, NY, buried East Lawn Cemetery, Ithaca, NY,   m2. Sep. 26, 1912 in Cortland, NY Florence A Picket b. Syracuse, NY (daughter of James M Vann & Lois Teal).  See data from alternate sources on last pages.

Children by Nellie Stevenson:

7kaa. Walter S Pew b. Aug. 26, 1895, d. 1981, m. 1918 Doria Lormer b. 1898, d. 1981, Both Walter and Doria are buried at Willow Glen Cemetery, Dryden, Ithaca, NY.

Children: Walter Pew Jr. b. Aug. 14. 1921

7kab. Emory G Pew b. 1897, d. Sep. 26, 1969 ae 72y, m. 1926 Della Seely b. 1901, d. May 31, 1979 ae 77y, Both are buried at East Lawn Cemetery, Ithaca, NY.  See data from alternate sources on last pages.

Data from East Lawn Cemetery, Ithaca, NY

Pew, Della S. wf. of Emory G. Pew d. May 31, 1979 ae 77y

Pew, Emery G. s/o Benjamin W. & Nellie Stevenson Pew d. Sept. 26, 1969 ae 72y


7kb. Nancy May Pew b. Dec. 28, 1874 Ithaca, NY, d. Mar. 25, 1963 Tompkins Co., Ithaca, NY, m. Oct. 1, 1902 Delmer Deloid Hammond b. Feb. 23, 1863 at McGrawville, NY (son of William H Hammond & Omelia Bouton), d. Jan. 30, 1927 at Tompkins Co., Ithaca, NY.  Both Nancy May and Delmer are buried at Willow Glen Cemetery, Dryden, NY.


7kba. Mary Hermingarde Hammond

7kbb. Nancy Carmileta Hammond

7kbc. Delmar Sylvester Hammond


Nancy May Pew Graduated Ithaca High School and from Nurses Training School in St. Peter, Minnesota on Jun. 30, 1898, where she was Valedictorian of her class.


Delmer Hammond was occupied as both a farmer and a school teacher.  Lived in the town of Dryden in 1888 where he taught in a rural 8-grade school.  He later moved to Snyder Hill in the town of Ithaca where he operated a farm and sold farm products in Ithaca.  Delmer played the violin for local square dances with a violin that was made by his Uncle Deloss Hammond, brother of his father, William.


7kba. Mary HermingardeHermie”Hammond b. May. 13, 1905 Tompkins Co., Ithaca, NY, d. Mar. 14, 1991 Tompkins Co., Ithaca, NY, m. Jun. 27, 1928 in Danby, NY John Leland Marion b. Feb. 1, 1901 in Chemung Co., VanEtten, NY (son of Dewitt Augustus Marion & Carrie M Beach), d. May 2, 1983 Tompkins Co., Ithaca, NY.  Both Mary and John are buried at Hayts Cemetery, Ithaca, NY.

Children: Melvin J Marion, Janice E Marion, David L Marion, and Allan R Marion


Mary Hermingarde Hammond was a faithful collector of the Pew, Hammond, Mitchell, Banfield, Bouton, and Marion Family History data for many years.               


7kbb. Nancy Carmileta Hammond  b. May 21, 1908 Tompkins Co., Ithaca, NY, d. Jan. 22, 1995 Holmdell, NJ, m1. Jun. 30, 1926 Fred Glover b. 1897, m2. Sidney Dulow. Nancy and Fred had one child, Dale Deloid Glover.


7kbc. Delmar Sylvester Hammond b. Aug. 2, 1911 Tompkins Co., Ithaca, NY, d. Jun. 12, 1959 Tompkins Co., Ithaca, NY and is buried at East Lawn Cemetery, Ithaca, NY, m1. Jul. 8, 1928 Freda Gregory, m2. Maxine McClendon, m3. Betty ___?___.

Children by Freda: Antonette Hammond and Wilhelmina Arlene Hammond


7kc. Frederick G Pew b. Mar. 2, 1876, m. 1900 Charlotte English (daughter of Elihu English & Mary F Overcracker)


7kca. George Emnaniel Pew  b. Apr. 2, 1905, d. Jul. 5, 1963, ae 58y, buried East Lawn Cemetery, Ithaca, NY, m. Margaret Bennett (daughter of  G. H. Bennett and Eva Tompkinson)


7kcb. Elihu Pew b. Jan. 17, 1908.


7kd. Helen Pew b. Jan. 3, 1879, d. Mar. 3, 1879 buried East Lawn Cemetery, Ithaca, NY


7ke. Mary Pew b. Feb. 6, 1881, d. Mar. 2, 1881 buried East Lawn Cemetery, Ithaca, NY.


Data from East Lawn Cemetery, Ithaca, NY

Pew, George N. d. Jan. 9, 1901 ae 61y

Pew, Mary Lot owner George N. Pew d. 1919 ae 81y

Pew, Nellie (Sherman) Lot owner Benjamin Pew d. May 28, 1858 ae 39y

Pew, Helen Lot owner George N. Pew d. Mar. 7, 1879 ae 1m 22d

Pew, Mary Lot owner George Pew d. Mar. 11, 1881 ae 1m 5d


7l. Franklin Pew b. 1841 NY State, d. Dec. 17, 1870, buried East Lawn Cemetery, Ithaca, NY.  Headstone reads Franklin Pew died Dec. 17, 1870 aged 29 years.  This is believed to be the same person listed in the 1850 Ithaca Census, in the home of Benjamin & Nancy Pew, as Benjamin F Pew.  He apparently went by the name Franklin or Frank, so had that name on his headstone.  See data from alternate sources on last pages.


8. RICHARD PEW b. Apr. 19, 1791 Morris Co., NJ, d. Aug. 23, 1868, ae 78y 4m 4d,  m. Hannah MIDDAUGH b.  Mar. 26, 1795 Dryden, NY, (Daughter of Joseph Middaugh & Elizabeth Smith), d. Oct. 25, 1857 Ithaca, NY, ae 62y 5m 10d.  Both Richard and Hannah are buried at East Lawn Cemetery, Ithaca, NY.  See data from alternate sources on last pages.


8a. James M Pew

8b. Mary Pew

8c. Thomas E Pew

8d. John M Pew

8e. Infant Pew

8f. Andrew Pew

8g. George W Pew

8h. Hannah Jane Pew

8i, Samuel R Pew

8j. Eliza M Pew


RICHARD PEW was a soldier in the war of 1812.  He kept his father’s tavern, “Green Tree Tavern”, built the Mitchell brick house and later owned the Preswick farm.


8a. James M Pew b. Jul. 2, 1811, d. Sep. 23, 1848, ae 37y 1m 29d, buried East Lawn Cemetery, Ithaca, NY.  See data from alternate sources on last pages.


8b. Mary  Pew b.1817, d. Sep. 16, 1897, ae 80y, m. Feb. 6, 1834 Jessie Whitlock (son of John Whitlock & Mary Morris), b. May 18, 1812, d. Jun. 6, 1901, ae 89y, Both Mary and Jessie are buried East Lawn Cemetery, Ithaca, NY.  See data from alternate sources on last pages.


8ba. George M Whitlock

8bb. Alonzo Whitlock

8bc. Harriet Whitlock

8bd. Hiram M Whitlock

8be. Darius C Whitlock

8bf. Edson Whitlock

8bg. Hannah Whitlock

8bh. Julia Whitlock


 Data from East Lawn Cemetery, Ithaca, NY

 Whitlock, Jesse, lot owner Alonzo Whitlock d. June 5, 1901 ae 89y

 Whitlock, Mary A Pew , lot owner Alonzo Whitlock d. Sept. 16, 1897 ae 80y


8ba.George M Whitlock, d. Dec. 1, 1925, ae 91y, m1. Harriet N Morse b. 1837, (daughter of Benjamin Morse & Elizabeth Pew), see 6c. (Elizabeth Pew (daughter of William Pew (4) & Rachel Lockey Genung) d. 1902, m2. Eveline H. Halsey b.1850, d.May 19,1906, ae 56y, Both George and Evaline are buried at East Lawn Cemetery, Ithaca, NY.

Children by Harriet N Morse: ( see 6ca.)          


Data from East Lawn Cemetery, Ithaca, NY                             

Whitlock, Eveline, lot owner George M. Whitlock d. May 19, 1906 ae 56y

Whitlock, George M. d. Dec. 1, 1925 ae 91y

Whitlock, Harriet N. (Morse), w/o George M. d. Oct. 29, 1902 ae 65y

(d/o Benjamin & Elizabeth (Pew) Morse)

 Whitlock, Willie, s/o George & Harriet Morse b. Sept. 2, 1868 d. Oct. 20, 1868


8bb. Alonzo Whitlock b.1840, d. Apr. 23, 1913, m. Clarinda J. Shaw b. 1835, d. 1914.

Data from East Lawn Cemetery, Ithaca NY

Whitlock, Alonzo d. Apr. 22, 1913 ae 72y

Whitlock, Charinda Shaw wife of Alonzo Whitlock d. 1914 ae 79y


8bc. Harriet Whitlock


8bd. Hiram M. Whitlock b. 1847, m. Matilda A. Eggleston b. 1851, d. 1889.

Children: Claudia Whitlock b. 1879 


8be. Darius C Whitlock b. 1849, d. in Minn., married Phebe E (--?--) Most likely this is Phebe E. Pew, daughter of Ira & Rosanna (Oborne) Pew.  – See notes for Julia Whitlock and Henry Pew.  Buried in High Forest Cemetery, Olmsted Co., Minnesota.

Whitlock, Darius C. 1849-Mar. 18, 1928; Guy L. Whitlock born May 20, 1864 died May 23, 1889; Mable Whitlock, born 1874 died April 1, 1914; Phoebe E. Whitlock born 1858 died Jan. 5, 1920; Roy Harold Whitlock, born Aug. 3, 1893 died Dec. 16, 1895.


8bf. Edson Whitlock b. 1851, d. 1932, m. Mary M Waite b. 1852 d. 1920


               8bfa. Bert E Whitlock b. 1872, d. 1917.

               8bfb. Jesse Whitlock b. 1881, d. 1881.

               8bfc. Oria J Whitlock b. 1874.


8bg. Hannah Whitlock


8bh. Julia H. Whitlock b. Jul. 27, 1857,  d. Oct. 16, 1923, ae 66y 2m 19d, m. Henry A Pew b. 1847, (son of Ira Pew & Rosana Osborne), d. Mar. 2, 1911, Both Julia and Henry are buried at East Lawn Cemetery, Ithaca, NY.   Henry A. Pew’s death notice states he was survived by a daughter Beatrice and a son Lee, brothers; Frank of Minnesota, George of Montana, sisters; Phebe Whitlock of Oregon and Mrs. Robert Coon of Minnesota.  More research finds Ira and Rosanna Pew moved by 1880 to Minnesota and are found living there in 1880 with George their son age 20, dau Mary Coon age 19 and granddaughter Gracie Coon age 7.  In 1900 Julia Whilock Pew states on the cenus she is the mother of 5 children with only 2 living.


8bha. Lee Pew, born Sept. 1, 1877 d. Aug. 8, 1939 age 59 yrs., 11 mo’s 7 dys, buried in East Lawn Cemetery, Ithaca, NY

8bhb. Male Child Pew b. Mar. 1, 1882

8bhc. Male Child Pew b. Jan. 1, 1890  (may be Beatrice and not a male child)1900 census lists Trixie a dau. Born abt. Mar 1890.  If her mother only had 2 children living out of 5 children, this must be Beatrice.

8bhd. Beatrice Pew, d. Sept. 29, 1952 age 62 6m 28dys (born abt. 1890) – see above 8bhc.

8bhe. Unknown Pew, died before 1900 



Note: No record of the parents of Ira Pew.


Data from East Lawn Cemetery

Julia A. Pew b. July 27, 1857 d. Oct. 16, 1923 age 66 yrs., 2 mo., 19dy

w/o Henry A.Pew.

Henry A. Pew s/o Ira & Rosana (Osborne) Pew d. March 2 1911 ae 62y 4m

Lee Pew b. Sept. 1, 1877 d. Aug. 8, 1939 ae 59y 11m 7d

Pew, Beatrice d. Sept. 29, 1952 ae 62y 6m 28d

(informant on Lee Pew death information)

Roy Pew Lot owner Henry Pew d. Aug. 26, 1877 ae 3m  (this can not be a son of Julia & Henry if Lee was born Sept. 1, 1877.  Only about a week difference in their age.

Note: No record of where Roy Pew belongs.


Note: There is some mention of other daughters Susan Whitlock b. 1847 and Mary Whitlock b. 1859 with no assignment to parents.


8c. Thomas E. Pew b. 1822,  d. Jul. 30, 1868, ae 46y, m. Caroline Dodge b. Aug. 1828, (daughter of Seth Dodge & Anna White), d. Jul. 23, 1910.  Both Thomas and Caroline are buried in the Etna Cemetery, Dryden, NY.

Children; Norman PewHarlen J. PewSeth PewJames H PewMana H PewHarry Pew, Minnie Pew.


Data from Etna Cemetery, Dryden, NY (done April 20, 2000)

Thomas E. Pew d. July 30, 1868 age 46 yrs.

Caroline wife of Thomas Pew 1829-1910

Mana H. Pew daughter of Thomas E. & Caroline Pew d. Sept. 24, 1864 age

2y., 11m., 12dy.

James H. Pew 1858-1935
     a. Norman Pew
     b. Harlen J. Pew
     c. Seth Pew
     d. James H. Pew
     e. Mana H. Pew
     f. Harry Pew
     g. Minne E. Pew


8d. John M. Pew b. Feb. 8, 1824, d. May 19, 1895, buried South Hill Cemetery, Ithaca, NY, m1. Harriet Coddington , (daughter of Joseph Coddington & Margaret ______), d. Jan. 28, 1884 Ithaca, NY, ae 66y 8m 11d, Buried South Hill Cemetery, Ithaca, NY, m2. Addie N _______ .

Children by Harriet Coddington:

8da. Augustus P Pew b. Jul. 21, 1846, d. May 1, 1887, buried South Hill Cemetery, Ithaca, NY.


8db. Bemus M Pew b. Jun. 15, 1849, d. Sep. 13, 1887, buried South Hill Cemetery, Ithaca, NY.


8dc. Ellen Pew b. 1852, d. 1852


8dd. Angeline Pew d. Mar. 17, 1873, ae 19y 8m 17d, buried South Hill Cemetery, Ithaca, NY.


Data from South Hill Cemetery, Ithaca, NY [may not be a complete record of Pew burials in this cem.]

Pew, Augustus P. b. July 21, 1846 d. May 1, 1887

Pew, Angeline, d/o John M. & Harriet Pew d. Mar. 17, 1873 ae 19yr 8m 17d

Pew, Bemus M. June 15, 1849 - Sept. 13, 1887

Pew, Harriet w/o John M. Pew, d. Jan. 28, 1884 ae 66y 8m 11d

Pew, John M. Feb. 8, 1824 - May 19, 1895


8e. Infant Pew, Lot owner Richard Pew d. May 28, 1827 ae 16hr, buried at East Lawn Cemetery, Ithaca, NY


8f. Andrew Pew  b. 1829, m. Mary ______.  Occupation: Farmer (This may be the Andrew J. Pew who died in Caton, Steuben Co., NY on March 2, 1863 age 35 yrs.


8g. George W. Pew b. abt 1831,  m. Mary Dodge b.1839, (daughter of Seth Dodge & Anna White)


8h. Hannah Jane Pew  b. Feb. 10, 1837, d. May 16, 1840 ae 3y 2m 21d, buried at East Lawn Cemetery, Ithaca, NY.   See data from alternate sources on last pages.


8i. Samuel R Pew b. 1817, d. 1854, ae 37y, m. Eliza W. (--?--), b. 1835, d. Apr. 21, 1908, ae 75y.  Both Samuel and Eliza are buried at East Lawn Cemetery, Ithaca, NY.


Data from East Lawn Cemetery, Ithaca, NY.

Pew, Samuel R. d. 1854 ae 37y

Pew, Eliza W. d. Apr. 21, 1908 ae 75y

(Note: this would mean Eliza was b. 1833 vice 1835)


8j. Eliza M Pew b. Abt. 1814, d. Nov. 15, 1878, buried East Lawn Cemetery, Ithaca, NY, m. William Norton.  Newspaper clipping states she died Nov 13, 1873, she died in Danby, NY.  Believe they were in Caton, Steuben Co., NY 1850 with son George P. Norton born abt. 1837.  In Ithaca, NY 1860 with son George, born abt. 1837 and Hannah Lindsay age 14 living in same household.  In 1870, William and Eliza were living with George Norton in Danby, NY.

Eliza’s headstone at East Lawn Cemetery reads:

Eliza Pew wife of William Norton, d. Nov. 13, 1873 age 60 yrs.


There may be another son of Richard Pew & Hannah Middaugh, Daniel D Pew born Abt. 1820.


9. ELIZABETH PEW b. Mar. 25, 1787 d. Oct. 15, 1837 ae 55y 6m 21d, m. Matthias (Tice) HONNESS d. Feb. 21, 1848 ae 80y 5m 15d.  Both Elizabeth and Matthais are buried at East Lawn Cemetery, Ithaca, NY.  One record by Jennie Williams Comfort called him Tyson Honness  I believe he was also in the War of 1812.


9a. Margaret Honness

9b. Hannah Honness

9c. Lucetta Honness

9d. Plylinda Honness

9e. Ann Honness

9f.  Polly Honness

9g. William Honness

9h. Conrad Honness

9i. Joseph Honness

9j. James Honness

9k. Benjamin Honness

9l. Salman H. Honness


Elizabeth and Matthias Honness lived between Pewtown and the Catskill Turnpike (currently Slaterville Rd.) in the area around the current Honness Lane which undoubtedly got its name from this family.  Believe most of their children lived in the Caton, Steuben Co. NY area after the death of their parents. 


9a. Margaret Honness, born 1802 died July 21, 1852.  Her headstone in Dolph Cemetery, Catharine, NY reads, wife of John A. Reed & dau of Mathias & Eliz Honnes.   Margaret married John A. Reed who died August 25. 1877 age 80 yrs.   The 1850 census records for Catharine, Schuyler Co., NY lists the following: John A. Reed 55, Margaret 49 born NJ, Marvin 24, Emily A. 21, Justus A., 17, Betsey A. 14, Eliza E. 11 and Harriet age 11.  By 1855 living in Schuyler Co., NY is John A. Reed 58, Justiss 22, Christiana 19, Eliza 16, Harriet 16, with Polly Honness age 44 listed as his sister-in-law living in his household.  In 1870 Polly Honness is age 55 living with Justus Reed in Caton, Steuben Co., NY.   In the 1855 census for Catharine, Schuyler Co., Marvin Reed age 29 has Ann Honness, age 46 listed as his Aunt, born Tompkins Co.  

9aa. Marvin Reed, born Feb. 6, 1826 died Oct. 4, 1895, married Ruth ------, born 1847 died 1905, both are buried in Dolph Cemetery, Catharine, Schuyler Co., NY.

9ab. Emily A. Reed, married ------ Stephens

9ac. Justis A. Reed, married Jane Thompson on July 25, 1858.   1880 Caton, Steuben Co., NY Justice Reed age 47, Lucy age 40, Josphine age 14, Hattie age 18, Ethel age 9 and Louise age 3.

9ad. Christina A. Reed, (believe she was also called Betsey) married ------- Smith

9ae. Eliza E. Reed, “Lizzie” twin with Harriet Reed, born March 22, 1839, died April 9, 1890., she married William Vaughan Dolph on Dec. 3, 1863 in Elmira, NY.  Both William & Eliza are buried in Dolph Cemetery, Catharine, Schuyler Co., NY.  William was born Oct. 6, 1837 died Dec. 22, 1908.

9af. Harriet E. Reed, “Hattie” twin with Eliza, born March 22, 1839 died May 20, 1862, she married William V. Dolph on March 22, 1860, they were both living in the Town of Catharine, Schuyler Co., NY at the time of their marriage.  William married 2nd her sister Emily.   Hattie and William had a least one child Della Dolph, who died Sept. 21, 1862.  Harriet/Hattie, William and Dallie are buried in Dolph Cemetery, Catharine, Schuyler Co., NY.


9b. Hannah Honness b. Feb. 10, 1803 NY State, d. Feb. 14, 1880 ae 77y 4d, m. Henry Merian b. Sep. 22, 1807 New Jersey (son of Robert “Barney” Merian & Mary Eva Mullen) d. Sep. 10, 1854 ae 46y 11m 18d.  Both Hannah and Henry are buried in the Marion Family Burying Ground, Ithaca, NY.   Their headstones read:

Henry Marion died Sept. 10, 1851 aged 46 years 11 Months 18 Days

Hannah wife of Henry Marion died Feb. 14, 1880  Aged 77 years & 4 days


9ba. Edwin Marion b. Dec. 3, 1830 NY State, d. Nov. 17, 1919


9bb. Sarah Marion b. Jul. 28, 1832 NY State, d. Dec. 3, 1868, buried Marion Family burying Ground, Ithaca, NY, Her headstone reads: Sarah wife of Charles Johnston died Dec. 3, 1868 Aged 25 years 4 Months, m. Charles Johnston


9bba. Helen Francis Johnston b. Feb. 12, 1853, d. Apr. 1, 1854.


9bbb. Ellen Melissa Johnston b. Feb. 23, 1855, m. Charles B Dickey


9bbc. Ellis Gilbert Johnston b. Jul. 3, 1858, d. Apr. 21, 1935, m. Carrie Coalson


9bbd. George William Johnston b. Jun. 15, 1860, d. Sep. 26, 1908, m. Mina Burr


9bbe. John James Johnston b. Oct. 25, 1862, d. Jul. 21, 1866.


9bc. Hester Marion b. Feb. 19, 1834 NY State, d. May 23, 1857, m. Ansen Grover


9bca. Saphrone Grover b. May 13, 1853, d. Dec. 29, 1931, m. Lyman Bagley


                    9bd. Jane Marion b. Mar. 14, 1835 NY State, d. Apr. 30, 1929, m1. Abraham Van Keuren b. Apr. 17, 1830,

                     d. May 26, 1874,  m2. Hiram  Wheeler

                    Children by Abraham Van Keuren:

9bda. Frank Van Keuren b. Jul. 27, 1857, d. Sep. 13, 1928


9bdb. James Eugene Van Keuren b. Aug. 7, 1858


9bdc. John B Van Keuren b. Sep. 8, 1861, d. Jun. 4, 1913, m. Louise Sears


9bdd. Edward E Van Keuren b. Jan. 10, 1863, d. Sep. 13, 1928,m. Mae Sears


9bde. Florence C Van Keuren b. Feb. 25, 1864, d. Oct. 28, 1939, m. Delos Grover


9bdf. James W Van Keuren b. Sep. 14, 1867, d. Mar. 5, 1917, m. Viola Van Denmark


                    Children by Hiram Wheeler:

9bdg. Clarence Wheeler b.  Aug. 20, 1876, m. Emma English


9bdh. Clara Wheeler b. Aug. 20, 1876, m. Charles Bartholomer


9bdi. Fred Wheeler


9be. Levi H. Marion b. Mar. 5, 1837, d. Mar. 28, 1841, buried Barney Merian Family Graveyard, Ithaca, NY, His headstone reads: Levi son of Henry & Hannah Merian died March 28, 1841 Aged 4 Years &23 Days.


9bf. Gilbert Marion b. May 7, 1839 NY State, d. Apr. 5, 1913


9bg. Charlotte Marion b. Feb. 1, 1841 NY State, d. Aug 27, 1866, buried Marion Family Burying Ground, Ithaca, NY,  Only the top of her headstone found which reads: Charlotte M. wife of G. A. Williams, m. George Williams.


9bga. Jennie Williams b. Apr. 17, 1866, m. George Comfort  (note: believe she was raised by Salmon Honness and  wife Nellie.  Salmon Honness was her great uncle, a brother to Charlotte's mother)  Jennie states her mother died when she was 4 months old, if true then the earlier birth date for Jennie of 1860 was not correct.  In 1870 she is living with Salmon Honness, her age is 4, making it 1866 for her birth year.


                    9bh. James Marion b. Dec. 8, 1842 NY State, d. Feb. 25, 1920


9c. Lucetta Honness, born 1813 died March 14, 1900.  Other family records have called her Leucretta Honness.  At the time of her brother’s death (William) she was Lucetta White in Probate records.  All census records and headstone inscription she is named Lucetta.  She is buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Caton, Steuben Co., NY.  She married Albert K. White, born about 1813.   They are found living in Caton, NY 1850 and 1860.  1850 Albert K. White age 37, Lucetta age 36, Mary J., age 6, Ezra M., age 4.  In 1860 Caton, NY, Albert White age 48, Lucetta age 47, Jenette M., age 16, Ezra M., age 14.

9ca. Mary J. White, believe she was Jenette M. White in the 1860 census. 


9cb. Ezra M. White,  a record I believe is the correct Ezra, Dr. Ezra M. White died in Rutherford, NJ on Nov. 12, 1910, buried at Cohocton, NY.  He was born at Dryden, NY and served in the 188th NY Vol.  He married Mary Elizabeth Van Wormer.  Found buried in Maple View Cemetery, Town of Cohocton, Steuben Co., NY is  Mary Elizabeth Van Wormer White April 5, 1843 -  May 3, 1891;

Dr. Ezra M. White 1844-1910.  They had two children; Ernest C. White and Fay H. White.  Ernest C. White is buried in Maple View Cemetery 1872-1926.  His son Fay H. White died Dec. 25, 1950 in Rutherford, NJ, he was born Aug. 11, 1873 in Elmira, NY.



9d. Phylinda Honness b. abt 1818, d. Jun. 5, 1885 ae 67y 2 m 11d, buried East Lawn Cemetery, Ithaca, NY, Headstone reads wife of Abel ROSE (In an earlier record it states Abel Post, but the monument in East Lawn Cemetery clearly has wife of Abel Rose).  In 1860 Caton, Steuben Co, NY census listes: Abel Rose age 42, Phylinda Rose age 42, Emily age 19, Theodore age 17, Amasa age 15.  Theodore was listed in the obituary of Anna Honness as her nephew.  In 1880 Ithaca: Theodore C. Rose 37, wife Eliza J., age 40, Florence age 7 dau., Dana A. Rose 35 brother, Phylinda Rose age 67 mother,  widow and Ann Honness 72 listed as his Aunt.  I have found Phylinda in each census from 1860 - 1880, she was married to Abel Rose who either died or left his family after the 1860 census were taken and before the 1870 were recorded.  They lived in Ithaca, Ulysses and Caton, NY.
Children found: Emily b. abt. 1841; Theodore C., b. abt. 1843; Amasa Dana b. abt. 1845.


 9da. Emily Rose, born abt 1841 (record is found of an Emily E. Rose, born April 3, 1841  died Feb. 5, 1904, living in Caton, NY who married Wellington Ezekiel Gregory, born Oct. 12, 1840 died Sept 1918, son of Orlando & Eleanor Mulford Gregory.  More proof is needed to make sure this is the correct Emily.  If correct one she died Feb. 5, 1904.  Children: (3) 1. George S. Gregory, born Dec. 2, 1870/71 married Grace Alnut.   2. Roscoe Wellington Gregory born Dec. 30, 1881, married Alice H. Hill. 3. Unknown had died before 1900.  This family is buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Caton, Steuben Co., NY.  Elmwood Cemetery, Caton, NY: Emily E. Gregory 1841-1904; George Seely Gregory 1871-1940; Roscoe Gregory 1882-1947; Wellington Gregory 1841-1918.


9db. Theodore Cuyler Rose, born April 23, 1843 died Dec., 31. 1821.  He married Eliza J. had McEllwain who died July 17, 1893 in Elmira, NY.  They had one daughter Florence.  He also lived in Elmira, NY.  Theodore C. Road married 2nd on March 6, 1897 to Fannie C. Tousey, born abt. 1860, daughter of Thomas Tousey.    He was a Lawyer & Court Stenographer in Elmira, NY.   Theodore C. Rose was in the Civil War, Co. K 97th Regt., NY Vol.  He was a Corporal.   Fanny Tousey Rose was born June 27, 1860 died Nov. 14, 1925.  Theodore and Fanny are buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, New York.  His first wife Eliza is buried in Forest Home Cemetery, Waverly, NY.


Obituary of his first wife – dated July 23, 1893 Elmira Telegram: Mrs. Theodore C. Rose- Her Gentle Sprit Freed From Suffering by the Angel Death.  Mrs. Theodore C. Rose, wife of Court Stenographer Rose, died at her home on West Church Street Monday, after a long period of illness during which she was a great sufferer.  Mrs. Rose, whose maiden name was Eliza J. McEllwain, was born in New York City fifty-three years ago.  In 1852 the family removed to Waverly where she became a successful teacher.  In 1867 she married to Mr. Rose and in 1885 the family removed to this City. She is survived by her husband and an only daughter, Florence and a brother, Alexander McEllwain.  Mrs. Rose was a women of strong character, possessed the gentleness and refinement, a model Christian women, a devoted wife and mother and admired by a large circle of friends.  The close of her life; her loss to the home and social circles she adorned has left a void not easily filled.  During her severe and painful illness she displayed rare patience and heroism and calmly awaited the final summons with an expression of deep peace upon her kindly face and passed away as one who falls to sleep after a day of toil when night lets her sable curtains down.  The devoted husband and the loving daughter are bowed in heavy grief but they alone are not all who mourn the loss of a noble women.  Other eyes are wet with tears at her passing, while the sympathy of the entire community is with the bereaved family.  The funeral was held from the house Wednesday afternoon.  Rev. Thomas K. Beecher, pastor of Park church, staunched the mourners’ tears and soothed their sorrow by comforting and sympathetic words.  The casket was covered with a profusion of flowers that warmed the usual iciness of death and masked it ____ pallor.  The bearers were M. M. Conklin, Robert Hall, E. F. Lawrence and H. H. Rockwell.   The remains were taken to Waverly for burial accompanied by Mr. Beecher and the pall bearers.  The interment took place at the Forrest Home Cemetery where brief services were delivered by the pastor.


9dba. Ina Rose, daughter of Theo & Eliza Rose died Feb. 18, 1871 age 1 yr 3 mo’s 25 dys., buried in Forest Home Cemetery, Waverly, NY next to her mother Eliza J. Rose


9dbb. Florence Rose, born abt. 1871, married Herbert Murdock, they had two sons, 1. Theodore Rose Murdock, born Sept. 11, 1897   2. William E. Murdock, born abt. 1902.


9dbba. Theodore Rose Murdock, born Sept. 11, 1897 died Sept. 1967 in Elmira, NY.  He married Emily Naser, daughter of Andrew Naser.  She was born Sept. 24, 1898 died Mar. 17, 1993 in Elmira, NY.  They had at least one child, Theodore R. Murdock, born Jan. 13, 1927 died Oct. 4, 1987 in Elmira, NY.  Theodore Rose Murdock grandson of Theodore C. Rose was Dr. Theodore R. Murdock.


9dbbb. William E. Murdock, born abt. 1902, may be the William Murdock living in Elmira, NY in 1930; William Murdock age 28, Thelma age 27, William age 2yrs 6 mo’s.


 9dc. Amasa Dana Rose, born 1845 died July 13, 1911 at the age of 66 yrs old.   He was known as Amasa Dana and Dana Amasa.  He was Amasa when he enlisted at Barton, Tioga Co., NY in Co. M 50th Engineer Regt.  1880 he is living in Ithaca, NY in the home of his brother Theodore C. Rose.  On Sept 30th 1885 in Manhattan, New York, New York Dana Amasa Rose married Jennie Beckirth, daughter of John & Charlotte (Smith) Beckirth.   Jennie was born in Canada.  In 1895 they traveled to England, Dana states he was born in 1845 and Jennie 1848.  They had one child (name unknown) this child was born after 1885 and had died before 1900.

July 16, 1911 – The Telegram – Elmira, NY

Theodore C. Rose of this city received word Thursday of the death of his brother in New York City Thursday.  Services were held in New York Friday evening after which the body was taken to Canton (believe this was a misprint for Caton) where the funeral and interment will be held this morning at 10 o’clock.

Mr. Rose was a veteran of the Civil War, having enlisted from Waverly and served in the fiftieth New York Engineers. After the war he had charge of the Erie Railroad interests at Addison for several years, after he studied stenography from his brother and then established a class in Elmira.  Thirty years ago he went to New York and since he has been identified with the Southern Pacific Railroad interests.  He leaves his window and his brother.


9e. Ann Honness b. 1808- Monument in East Lawn Cemetery reads; Ann Honness b. July 15, 1808 d. April 5, 1897 (she lived in Caton, Steuben Co., NY at the time of her death, she is listed as Miss Anna Honness and died at her nephew's house, his name is listed as Theodore C. Rose.  She was bought back to Ithaca for burial in East Lawn Cemetery.  Never married


9f. Polly Honness, born abt. 1822, she was living in Caton, Steuben Co., NY in 1860, 1870 and 1880.   Believe the Polly Honness buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Steuben Co., NY next to her nephew and sister in law is this Polly.  The inscription found on the cemetery record is she died 1882.  Never married


9g. William P. Honness - Monument in East Lawn Cemetery reads; William Honness died March 1, 1872 age 67 yrs., 1 mo., 1 dy. was living with his brother Salmon Honness in Caton, Steuben Co., NY in 1860.  Seems he never married.

His probate records:

HONNESS, WILLIAM P. of Ithaca, died March 1872.  Probate 14 September 1872.

Brothers: Solomon; Benjamin F.; Joseph; James E., all Ithaca

Sisters: Lucetta White; Polly Honness, Ithaca; Hannah Marian, Ithaca; Phylinda Rose, Ithaca; Ann Honness, Schuyler Co., NY.

Heirs: Marvin Reed and Justis Reed, Schuyler Co.; Eliza Dolph; Emily Stephens, Schuyler Co.; Christine Smith. (Note: these are children of his sister Margaret Reed, deceased).


9h. Conrad Honness (nothing has been found on him) If he is a son, then he had died before 1872 with no children listed in his brother’s will.  (Brother William P. Honness).  


9i. Joseph H. Honness - Monument in East Lawn Cemetery reads; Joseph Honness d. May 31, 1888 age 64 yrs., 9 mo.  He was living with his brother Benjamin in 1850 age 26 yrs.  Never married, lived in Caton, NY


9j. James E. Honness - born 1822.  Monument in East Lawn Cemetery reads; James E. Honness d. Feb. 23, 1901 age 80 yrs., 4 mo. He was living with his brother Benjamin in1850 age 28 years, he never married, he lived in Ithaca and Caton, NY.   Steuben Co., NY history family sketches: Honness, James E., a native of Tompkins County, born in 1822, came to Caton, in 1853 with his brothers, Benjamin and Joseph, buying 171 acres where he has since resided.  Joseph died here in 1888 and Benjamin in 1893.  Mr. Honness is a staunch Republican.  Benjamin F. Honness was in his early days, and for a number of years after moving to Caton, engaged in teaching; his success and prominence as such gave him a standing and influence to that extent that he was elected to the office of superintendent of schools in the town where he had for many years served as teacher.  His counsel was much sought after on all questions of importance where educational matters were in question, and freely given when desired.  His death was a great loss to the community where he lived.


9k. Benjamin F. Honness b. About 1817 per 1850 census, Family monument in East Lawn Cemetery reads; Benjamin F. Honness b. July 1, 1815, d. Dec. 16, 1893, and married on Dec. 4, 1848 to Sarah Christina Mulksdaughter of Benoni & Nellie Muzier Mulks.   I do not believe Benjamin and Sarah stayed married because they both are found in the census living apart.)  Sarah C. Honness is found in Elmwood Cemetery, Steuben Co., NY records as:  Sarah C. Honness 1822-1914. (The family records of the Mulks family state she was born Aug. 1830.   Benjamin is found buried in East Lawn Cemetery, Ithaca, NY.


            9ka. Melvin M.  Honness b. 1850.  He was called Nick.  He married Annie Glover.  They divorced.

He married 2nd to Mrs Mima Ballou, widow of Emery Ballou of Caton, Steuben Co., NY.  Melvin Honness took his own life on Jan. 7, 1911.  Many newspaper clippings can be found on the internet about this happening.   He is buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Steuben Co., NY his headstone reads: Melvin M. Honness 1852-1911.
The 1852 for birth date is not correct.  He was already born by 1850 and listed in that census.  Steuben Co., NY history family sketches: Honness, Melvin M., is a son of the late Benjamin Honness.  He was born in Ithaca, NY in 1850, reared on the home place, where he now lives, in Caton.  When fourteen years of age he learned telegraphy, and followed that as an occupation, taking charge of his first office at Victor on the Central Railroad.  In 1893 he gave up an office in New York for the C. & C. Railroad and has since resided on his present place.  In 1882 he married Anna E. Glover, a native of Kentucky.
Children: Benjmain Honness, born Mt. Sterling, Kentucky. 

9kaa. Benjamin "Chesley" Honness, born Mt. Sterling, Kentucky on Jan. 30, 1884.   He married 1906 Cornelia Smith

            Benjamin Honness later moved to Caton, NY and lived with his grandmother Sally Honness

They had 8 children; Ben and Cornelia sold their farm in Caton, NY and moved to Ithaca, NY.  Ben Honness died in Oct. 1963 and his wife Cornelia born Nov. 3, 1887 died in March 1971.  They are both buried in East Lawn Cemetery, Ithaca, NY:   Their children: Chesley Benjamin, Alice Cornelia, James Willard, Anna Glover, Betsy Chole, Madelyn Ruth, Martha Ellen, Mary Gilkey

1. Chesley Benjamin Honness, born June 12, 1907 died Dec. 1981, believe he was call "Chet", and his wife may of been Helen (_____).  born Nov. 23, 1905 died Jan. 1978.  Believe both died in Florida.

2. Alice Cornelia Honness, born abt. 1910 married ________ Button

3. James Willard Honness, born Jan 5, 1912 died April 21, 1996, married Marie Cora Fowler, born Oct. 9, 1915 died   Feb. 1, 1991, at Cortland Nursing Home, Cortland, NY, she was the daughter of Ira Dewitt Fowler and Faye Shaff .  Buried in East Lawn Cemetery, Ithaca, NY.  Children: David J. Honness, James D. Honness, and Duane Honness.

4. Anna Glover Honness, born abt. 1916, Annie G. Deeb, 51 of 520 East Shore Drive, died Sunday August 21, 1977, in Roswell Park, Buffalo, NY.  Born in Canton, she was the daughter of the late Benjamin and Cornelia Smith Honness.  She was a member or the First Presbyterian Church and Forrest City Chapter 436 Order of Eastern Star.  She is survived by her  husband, Leo Deeb of Ithaca; a son Richard L. Deeb of Etna; two daughters, Mrs. Fred (Shirley) Stone Jr., of Lansing and Mrs. Ronald (Linda) Kemp of Ithaca; two brothers, Cheste Honness and James Honness, both of  Ft Myers, Fla.; five sisters Mrs. Alice Button of Ft. Smith, Mrs. Robert  (Bess) Brown of Ithaca, Mrs. Alick (Madeline) Brion of Ft. Myers, Mrs. Roger (Martha) McCarthy of Ithaca and Mrs. John (Mary) LaPinto of Freeville; several grandchildren, and serveral nieces and nephews.  Funeral services were held Wed. at Bangs Funeral Home with Rev. Donald Howland, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church, officiating.  Burial in Lakeview Cemetery, Ithaca.

5. Betsey Chole Honness, abt 1918, married abt 1946 to Robert Brown.  The name on her birth cert. is Bessie Chole Honness, born in Etna, Town of Dryden, Tompkins Co., NY.

6. Madelyn Ruth Honness, married Alick Brion

7. Martha Ellen Honness, married Roger McCarthy

8. Mary Gilkey Honness, married John LaPinto


9l. Salmon H. Honness b. Jan. 11, 1825, d. March 18, 1894, m. Nellie M. (___?___) b. March 11, 1827, d. Nov. 4, 1900, Both are buried at East Lawn Cemetery, Ithaca, NY.  A headstone next to theirs reads; John J. Honness Adopted son of S. H. & N. M. died Feb. 6, 1878 age 23 yrs., 11 mo.  (In 1860 they were living in Caton, Steuben Co., NY, they had a George Honness living with them age 14.)  By 1870 they are found living in Ithaca, Tompkins Co., NY.  Salmon was in Co. D. 141 NY Inf. Civil War.  Raised his sister's granddaughter Jennie Williams)  I believe this George Honness was the George W. Honness who died of Typhoid fever in his 21st year on May 26, 1866.  It is unknown who his parents are, other than he was living with Salmon in 1860.  (Also spelled Solomon and Salomon on many records.  Headstone reads Salmon)


Alexander Honness 1850 census age 23


East Lawn Cemetery

Pew, Infant dau. of William & Hannah Pew d. Nov. 16, 1822, East Lawn Cemetery.  It does not seem likely that this could be a dau. of William & Hannah since their last known child was born 1792.  It seems more likely that this is Deceiser Pew, dau. of Benjamin & Nancy Mitchell Pew b. Nov. 16, 1822, d. Nov. 16, 1822 from Mitchell family records.  (see Item 7d.)


Pew, Mary (Osburn) d. Aug. 11, 1831 ae 20y 10m 13d (this may be the Mary Osborne/Osborn who is said to have married Ira Pew as his 1st wife, a sister of his wife Rosannah/Rosanna.  They are believed to be daughters of John Osborn.

Not Found


Pew, William d. Apr. 23, 1904 ae 89y

Not Found


Pew members unsure where they fit in;

Reuben Pew married in Ithaca March 1, 1827 Eliza Townley by Rev. Wisner

Not Found


Record of a Reuben Pew born Aug. 1789 unknown who this is.

Not Found


The 1850 Ithaca census shows Pew, William ae 36, Caroline ae 26, with Irene Pew ae 27, Dunning, Maria ae 64, Taherty, Bridget ae 18.  This data was once thought to be connected to Item 4f.  Do not know where this family fits in.  This William would have been born about 1814, so it could be William Pew (5) but the other names listed in the census with him make that seem unlikely, based on what little we know.


William Pew married July 24, 1831 Asha E. Tennant by Elder Sears

Not Found


Ira Pew who married Rosana Osborne and had sons Henry A & Lee

Have not found who Ira Pew was the son of.   See Note immediately after Item 8bh. 

Update: Ira & Rosana moved to Minnesota.  1860 Ira and Rosanna Pew were living in Athens, Bradford Co., Pa.  Ira age 48, Rosanna 39, Henry 11, John 13, Mary 6, Phebe 2, George 1/12.  Minnesota death records have Ira Madison Pew, born July 12, 1811 died Sept. 23, 1906, wife Rosanna Osborne, buried in High Forrest Cemetery, Olmsted Co., Minnesota. Frank must have been already out of the house by 1860, he was born abt. 1837.  Other researchers state that Ira married 1st Mary S. Osborne who was born 1813 died in 1834.  Rosannah as written on her tombstone born Jan. 14, 1821 died Jan. 29, 1896 and is also buried in High Forrest Cemetery, Olmsted Co., Minnesota.  Also found notes on other researcher that stated the mother’s maiden name of Ira Pew was Brink.


Mrs. George Pew died Dec. 26, 1877 age 50 yrs.

Not Found



Marriage record from Newspaper clipping;

Samuel Pew married Dec. 26, 1839 Eliza Grant, daughter of Hosea Grant by

Rev. Caleb Drake, Esq.

If this is Samuel R. Pew and Eliza W. his wife, this marriage date must be

in error, or her date of birth records stating she was born 1835 or 1833 could be in error.

I believe that this marriage date is in error, see Item 7a.


Obit Clipping

Benjamin F. Pew of Ithaca, NY married 1833 in Cleveland Ohio, Catharine

Jordan of Cleveland Ohio, Ithaca Journal + General Advertiser 12 Sep.1833 pg 3.

No connection found


Data From Alternate Sources

Cases where data from alternate sources is different from data presented and no judgement as to which data is correct seems possible at this time.


Item 4.  For John Lacy Pew, one source has b. June 28, 1779 while a 2nd document says b. July 28, 1779; data from the later source has been used. Also, one source has, for Anna Cowell, b. 1781 while a 2nd source says b. Aug. 18, 1780.


Item 4a.  For Elizabeth Parcell, the original source has b. Jun. 22, 1802 while a 2nd source says b. Jun. 26, 1802; data from the original source has been used. Also, one source has Elizabeth d. 2 Feb. 1887 while other sources have d. Apr. 27, 1887.


Item 4b.  For Margaret F Pew, a 2nd source has d. Aug. 10, 1854 while our original source has d. Aug 19, 1854.  One source says Elias Ostrander was born in Ulster Co instead of Tompkins Co.

Item 4e.  For Anna Pew, one source has d. Aug. 1, 1827 aged 46y, 11m, 19d as recorded from headstone. This gives a calculated dob of Aug. 13, 1780. This cannot be possible because the first child of John Pew & Anna Cowell was Bertine b.1799 and the second was Margaret b. 1801. A 2nd source has Anna b. Aug 16, 1812 Ithaca, NY which makes good sense. Data from the 2nd source has been used.  Either something is wrong with the data recorded from the headstone or that data has been assigned to the wrong Anna Pew.

Item 6.  For William Pew (4), a 1st source has b. Oct. 27, 1786, d. Jun. 1, 1832 ae 46y 3m 5d from headstone. This gives a calculated dob of Feb. 27, 1786. A 2nd source has b. Feb. 24, 1787, d. Jun. 1, 1832 ae 46y 8m 6d. This gives a calculated dob of Sep. 26, 1785.  A 3rd source has b. Jul. 24, 1787, d. Feb. 1, 1832. Since there is no clue as to which is correct, the data from the 1st source above has been used until some better estimate of what is correct can be made. A photo of the headstone shows that the age at death appears to have been changed from 64 yrs, 3 Mts. & 5 Days to 46 yrs. 3 Mts. & 5 Days.


Item 6e.  For Mary Ann Pew, a 1st source has d. Nov. 30, 1887, a 2nd source has d. Nov. 18, 1887, a 3rd source has d. Nov. 29, 1897.


Item 6g.  For Warren Uchlet Beham, another source has d. Jan. 3, 1879 instead of d. Jan. 3, 1899.


Item 7.  For Benjamin Pew, one source says d. Apr. 28, 1891, a 2nd source says d.  May 28, 1891, and a 3rd source says plus the headstone says d. Apr. 29, 1891.   For Nancy Mitchell, her headstone says d. May 28, 1858, her obit says d. 1858, a 3rd source says d. 1860, and a 4th source says d. May 28, 1855.


Item 7c.  For Electra Fox, wife of Sylvester Pew, her name is given in one source as Electra Jox dau. of William Jox.


Item 7f. For John M Pew, one source says b. 1826, a 2nd source says b.1828, and a 3rd source says b. 1827.


Item 7g.  For Charles S Pew, one source says b. about 1830, a 2nd source says b. 1828.


Item 7h.  For Marvin Pew, one source says b. 1830, a 2nd source says b. 1832.  One source says that Martin Pew was b. 1830.


Item 7j.  For Helen F Pew, one source says b. 1839, a 2nd source says b. 1838.


Item 7k.  For Mary Ann Banfield, one source says b. Oct. 20, 1838 while a 2nd source says b. 1841.


Item 7kab.  For Emery G Pew, the Banfield dtat says that Emery d. Sep. 26, 1964 which appears to be in error.  The date of death and age at death from the headstone gives a calculated year of birth as 1897.  Social S. death index give date of death as Sept. 1969., and birth year as Aug. 18, 1897.


Item 7l.  For Franklin Pew, this person is listed in one source as Benjamin F Pew or Benjamin Frank Pew.  One other source has name Benjamin J Pew b. 1842.


Item 7ka.  For the 2nd marriage of Benjamin W Pew, s/o George N Pew & Mary Ann Banfield to Florence A. Pickett, daughter of James M. & Lois (Teal) Vann, one source has m2. Sep. 26, 1912 while a 2nd source has m2. Sep. 12, 1912. 


Item 8.  For Richard Pew, a 2nd source says b. Apr. 27, 1790 while the original source says b. Apr. 19, 1791.


Item 8a.  For James M Pew, a 2nd source indicates b. Jul. 17, 1811 while the original source indicates b. Jul. 2, 1811.


Item 8b.  For Mary Pew, one source says b. 1817 while a 2nd source says b. 1816.  Mary Pew married Jesse Whitlock but one source says m. Feb. 6, 1834 while a 2nd source says m. at Ithaca, NY Feb. 26, 1834 by Rev. Campbell.


Item 8h.  For Hannah Jane Pew, one source says d. May 16, 1840 while a 2nd. source says d. May 10, 1840.



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