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Rolfe Family Notes

To be used as a guide only!

Febuary 1884
Ephraim Rolfe died 1818, 27 of May at the age of sec[???]ty f[??]
his wife sarah Rolfe died 1823 [1833 pencilled in] at the age of ninety three
Robert son of epraim Rolfe died 1840 at the age of seventy years
Samuel Rolfe died 1845 at the age of seventy years
His wife hannah Rolfe died 1857 at the age of seventy Yrs
Johnathan Rolfe died 1854 [1851?] at the age of seventy eight yea[cut off]
susannah Rolfe wife of jonathan Rolfe died 1840 at the ag[cut off] her maiden name [cut off]
Reuben Rolfe born 1899 have been a resident of enfield seventy [???]
Years living upon this same six hundred acre lot that my father
Settled upon being now in my 85 years
Anne Rolfe the wife of Reuben Rolfe died 1880 at the age of 82 years
Sally Rolfe born 1801 Mary Rolf died 1872 age 69 years
H Ephraim died 1880 75 years old samuel died 1818 age 7 [11 pencilled in] years
joseph died 1866 age 58 jonthan died 1881 age 70 years
Susan died 1848 age 34 years
William wallace the grandfather died 1815 the age
his wifes name was Nancy Mitchel bef[cut off]
Michael Queal died 1835 at the age of seventy five years
Jane Queal the wife of michael Dueul died 1844 at the age of 84 years
William Queal the son of michael Dueul died 1864 age 79 years
John Queal died 1865 at the age of seventy two years
Margaret Loughton died 1881 at the age of eighty five years
Michael Queal died in 1878 [1877 pencilled in] at the age of seventy eight years
Robert Queal born in 1801 henry Queal born in 1803
The first log schoolhouse in Enfield built in 1809 about 20
Rods south of the Rolfe siminary the second house built 1812
the first teacher here was ???
lurreys corners the first local methodist preacher in town
[cut off]

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