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Rolfe Family Notes

To be used as a guide only!

Enfield March 15th, 1884
The Baptist church built 1842 and dedicated
Moved and rebuilt and dedicated 1881 with 56 mem[bers]
The first death that I know of was peter cooper was killed
At the raising of judah bakers ??? barn in 1807
The first buried in the Rolfe cemetery was nicholas Rolfe in 18[cut off]
The second william wallace in 1815.
Jane Queal was md.? to William was bn? 1787
[cut off: died?] in 1829 Jane was born 1789
[??n]father built his block house in 1813
[?? ??]the frame part in 1829, three Brothers of the
Rolfe family came from England in 1700 Jonathan Father
great grandfather settled near Philadelphia in New Jersey one of
his sons Jonathan married to [???] in [ne?] Amboy his children Martha Mercy
Isablle Lazza? Ester Pheba Jemima? Mary Ephriam Jonathan
Moses, His son Ephriam married Sarah Campbell her sister? was a culchman? Daughter
of Robert Campbell of Phildelph., Penn, moved to Amboy, New Jersey
{??? ???] Mercy Pheba & Betsy twins & Mary Jemima Robert Jonathan
[???] Jonathan married Susanah Ellison Daughter of Joseph & Susan Ellison and had four children
when they moved N. York State, Susan Ellison wife of Jonathan
Rolfes S??? moter/mother's? maiden name was Eveson they came from Holland
and the Elisons came from England and they settled in New Jersey in 1700
and owned? the farm of clay that used for making stone ware Samuel
married Hannah Ellison half sister of Susan Johnathans wife her
Mothers name was Hagerman her mother when her father married was a widow and
had one daughter she married Philippe ??? the first ???
??? in 1814 brought wife? from Ithaca by post boy? ??? ?? ???
gate and blew his horn?, Robert. Brother of Jonathan and Samuel married Alch
[next line is cut off]

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