The photo of four are from oldest to youngest, Right to Left: Daniel, John, Walter, and William. Daniel was my Great-Great-grandfather, John was my Great Grandfather, Walter was my Grandfather and William was my Father's brother.

The best information I have been able to gather about The Sullivans from Lansing and Later Genoa comes from archive information, word of mouth through the family and local historians. The following is the information I have and a few documents and Photos. This is obviously a work in progress, with more to come.

Daniel arrived in Canada with four brothers where they worked in saw mills. (according to Bob Claire) They had an agreement to join up at some point when they made their "fortune", it never happened. I am not sure how long the brothers were in Canada but Daniel came to the U.S. in 1845. The exact year comes from the Census of 1900. The Census gives his age at arrival, how long he has been in the country place of birth, Ireland, and his citizenship; naturalized. In the 1900 census Daniel states that he is 74, born in Ireland, in June of 1825, and in the 1860 census he lists himself as living in Lansing N.Y.:age 35, Married to an Elizabeth (Cardgil) age 32, with five children: Catherine 7, Mary 6, John 5 (my Ggrandfather), and Michael 3.

In 1870 Daniel shows himself as a farmer living in Lansing, N.Y. but now there is a new wife, Johanna, and more children: Elizabeth 10, Florence 5, Frank 4, Mamie 2, James 2/12. total 10. The farm was located where the Milikin Station is now. At some point the family bought property in King Ferry, part of Genoa. Bob also told me that Daniels mothers name was Nora Ryan from Cork. She was born in 1804 and died in 1899. Her name appears on the back of Daniels headstone, with those dates.

I spent the week in Genoa which is the location of the homestead, researching the family history. All of the Sullivan ancestors are buried in King Ferry at our Lady Of The Lake Cemetery. The address of the old farm is Bruton Rd. King Ferry, Genoa NY. But it is spoken of as being Little Hollow. The occupants of this farm are my Ggrandfather John Sullivan and his wife Catherine Gibbons Sullivan who is reported to be from Mayo. After Johns death his wife Catherine sold the farm to Thomas and Paul. Paul later gave his interest to Thomas and the farm was sold at auction in 1985 following Thomas’ death. More to come. Sean W. Sullivan

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