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Interesting Family Genealogy Ties

Includes the following Surnames:
Darling, Hart, Stout, Carmer, Herring, Bement, Smiley,
Niven, Miller, Ford, Peck, Darby, Grow, Goodell, Kinne

Reuben Darling born March 14, 1791, Vermont - lived in New Hampshire, came to Locke, Tompkins County, about 1812, died 1870, is buried in the Peruville Cemetery with his wife Frances Hart below. At the time of his death, Reuben was married again to a lady named Hannah Ann, per his will.

Frances Hart born Oct 9, 1787 in Hopewell, Hunterdon County, New Jersey, died Sept 11, 1847, is buried in the Peruville Cemetery, with her husband & a young daughter. Frances was Reuben Darling's wife, dau of Timothy & Sarah Hart (2nd cousins) from Hopewell, Hunterdon County, New Jersey. Timothy is buried in the McLean Cemetery near the Old McLean Baptist Church, near his brother "Deacon" Amos Hart & family.

Frances' brothers & sisters were also residents of Tompkins County. They included: Lott Hart, Phebe Hart married to Obediah Acres, Theophilus Hart, Israel Hart married to Eliza - who are the parents of George W. Hart married to Adeline;Joseph Snowden Hart married to Theodosia Stout, Huldah Hart married to John Carmer; Hannah Hart married a Vliet;Jane Hart married to Ralph Herring; Many of these were early residents in the Dryden, Tompkins County, area.

Reuben & Frances are the parents of Sarah Emaline Darling who married Julius Bement son of John Bement & Betsey Hitchcock; Caroline & Rebecca Darling who both married Daniel Conger, Rebecca after CAroline's death in 1849. Caroline is buried in the Groton Old Cemetery. They are also the parents of Lyman Darling married to Sarah Smiley, both buried in the Peruville Cemetery, & of Edwin Hart married to Mary Niven.

Timothy & his wife, also his brother Deacon Amos Hart were relatives of John Hart who signed the Declaration of Independence. The parents of Timothy & Amos Hart were Joseph Hart & Frances Phillips from Hopewell, Hunterdon County, New Jersey. Joseph Hart was the son of Joseph Hart & Susannah, & that Joseph Hart was the son of John Hart & Mary Hunt. John Hart & Mary Hunt were also the parents of Captain Edward Hart, father of John Hart, the signer of the Declaration of Independence. Timothy Hart's wife (Frances Hart Darling's mother) was Sarah Hart, daughter of Richard Hart & Margaret Snowden. Richard Hart was the son of John Hart & Sarah, & that John Hart was the brother of Joseph Hart, both were sons of John Hart & Mary Hunt.

*Sarah Emaline Darling married Julius Bement & they are the parents of:

1). Reuben Bement born 1841; died after 1850 census, place & date of death unknown.

2). Frances Elizabeth Bement born 1845, married Thomas D. Darby in 1865, moved to Clarksville, Iowa in 1868.

3). Ed Bement, born 1848, Civil War soldier, who moved to Iowa in 1875, married Elizabeth Miller from Lockport NY in 1886. They were married & lived in St. Paul, Minnesota.

4). Sarah Emaline Bement born 1850,  moved to Clarksville, Iowa, married Charles Ford in 1885, died in 1889.

5). Will Bement born 1853, moved to Clarksville, Iowa, married Mae Livonia Miller in 1894, moved to Illinois.

Frances Bement is seen on the 1860 census in the household of her future husband & his family, Thomas D. Darby, "going to school".  Her husband Thomas D.  Darby's brother Nathan Peck Darby (both were sons of Thomas Darby Sr. & Urana Peck, she was the daughter of Rev. Nathan Peck & Sally Beebe of Solon, New York), married Martha Mineah, daughter of James Mineah & Mary Hart & after Martha's death, he married her cousin,  Mary Ruth Francis, daughter of Patterson Francis & Julia Hart. Both Mary Hart & Julia Hart were the daughters of Deacon Amos Hart & Ruth Stout. The Darby brother's wives were all cousins of some sort, Martha Mineah & Mary Francis both being 2nd cousins of Sarah Emaline Darling, because her Grandfather Timothy Hart was the brother of Deacon Amos Hart.

Sarah Emaline Darling Bement died in Clarksville, Iowa in 1890. She moved there sometime between 1868-1880, the exact date when she moved there is unknown.   There is no knowledge of what happened to Julius Bement, the husband of Sarah Emaline Darling & father of the above Bements, or his oldest son Reuben Bement, who is last seen on the 1850 census of Skaneatelas, Cuyuga County, New York. Sarah & Julius have two young sons buried in the Seneca Falls, Waterloo Cemetery, who died at an early age.

Thomas D. Darby's mother, Urana Peck, daughter of Rev. Nathan Peck & Sally Beebe, was the sister of Celista Peck who married Benjamin Salisbury in 1831 in Cortland County. Benjamin Salisbury was the son of Benjamin Salisbury & Lydia Baker from Swansea, Massachusetts. Benjamin Jr's sister Cynthia Salisbury married Thomas Darby Sr.'s brother Lyman Darby. Thomas Darby Sr. & Lyman Darby were both sons of Joseph Darby & Anna Grow. Joseph Darby was the son of Eleazer Darby & Anna Grow was the daughter of Thomas Grow & Experience Goodell, from Hampton, Massachusetts. Another brother of Benjamin & Cynthia Salisbury, Elisha Salisbury, married Alice Kinne, from Voluntown, CT.  Alice's parents were Ira Kinne & Miriam Goodell. Miriam Goodell was the sister of Experience Goodell Grow, Anne Grow Darby's mother. Another sister of Elisha, Benjamin Jr. & Cynthia Salisbury, was Abigail Salisbury, who married Joseph Kinne, another son of Ira Kinne & Miriam Goodell.  Most of these families knew each other in Connecticut, before moving to Homer, Cortland County, New York shortly after 1800. They attended the Baptist Church in Homer, where Rev. Alfred Bennett was the Pastor. Rev. Alfred Bennett was the husband of Rhoda Grow, another daughter of Thomas Grow & Experience Goodell, so he was the Darby's uncle.

The Darby's lived across the road from the John Keep County Home in Homer, Cortland, New York. Judge John Keep's wife was Frances Goodell, and she was the daughter of Daniel Goodell & Frances Craft. Daniel Goodell was the son of Edward Goodell & Lydia Eaton. Edward Goodell was the son of Thomas Goodell & Sarah Horrell, and they were also the parents of Ebenezer Goodell, who was the father of Experience Goodell, Anna Grow Darby's mother. Lydia Eaton was the daughter of Deacon Jonathan Eaton & Lydia Abiah Starr. Deacon Jonathan & Lydia were also the parents of Susannah Eaton who married Thomas Grow & they are the parents of Anne Grow Darby's father Thomas Grow. Thus, Frances Goodell Keep was the 3rd cousin of her nearby neighbor, Anna Grow Darby. Frances Goodell Keep was also the sister of Lydia Goodell married to Darius Kinne, another son of Ira Kinne & Miriam Goodell. Frances Goodell Keep was also the sister of Susan Goodell who married Benjamin Knight, and they all lived within one mile of the Joseph & Anna Grow Darby & Judge John & Frances Goodell Keep.

Experience Goodell Grow was the daughter of Ebenezer Goodell & his wife Experience Lyon.  Experience Lyon was the daughter of Abiel Lyon & Judith Farrington. Abiel & Judith Lyon also had a daughter named Abigail Lyon who married Ebenezer's brother Jabez Goodell.  Abigail & Jabez had daughter Tryphena Goodell.  Tryphena was the first cousin of Experience Goodell Grow.  Tryphena married Heli Hitchock, who was the brother of Peter HItchcock married to Ruth Bliss. Peter Hitchcock & Ruth Bliss were the parents of Betsey Hitchock married to John Bement, both from Brimfield, Massachusetts. Betsey is mentioned in the very beginning of this information as the mother of Julius Bement married to Sarah Emaline Darling, the daughter of Reuben Darling with whose history this article started! So Thomas Darby's Grandmother Experience Goodell Grow, was the first cousin of Tryphena Goodell Hitchcock - who was the wife of the brother (Heli Hitchock) his wife Frances Bement's Grandfather, Peter Hitchcock!!

Rev. Alfred Bennett helped start the McLean Baptist Church, where many of these folks attended after moving from Cortlandville, Cortland County, to Tompkins County.  These early residents of Cortland & Tompkins were apparently friends as well as family members!

Thomas & Frances Bement Darby are my Great Great Grandparents!

Complicated, but all related! Interesting!

Lynda & B.J. Ozinga

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