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Landmarks of Tompkins County, New York

by John H. Selkreg, 1894; D. Mason & Co., Publisher

Biographical Notes

For special co-operation in the foregoing work the author is indebted to the Hon. Andrew D. WHITE; LL.D., Hon. Henry W. SAGE, Hon. Alonzo B. CORNELL, Hon. Justin S. MORRILL, U. S. Senator from Vermont, Col. Charles H. BLAIR, Professor William H. BREWER, of Yale University, whose valuable contribution relating to the efforts for agricultural education in this State was received too late to be used in this volume; and among his colleagues, to Professors CALDWELL, WILDER, LOW, PRENTISS, CRANE, CORSON, OLIVER, FUERTES, COMSTOCK, WILLIAMS, M. C. TYLER, THURSTON, WHEELER, NICHOLS, BAILEY, HART, JENKS, BURR, BENNETT, GAGE and HARRIS, and to many others for minor suggestions. He is also indebted to the Hon. William T. HARRIS, United States Commissioner of Education, to the Hon. Melvil DEWEY, Secretary of the Regents of the University of the State of New York, to Dr. Herbert B. ADAMS, whose monograph on the Study of History in American Colleges and Universities has been used; to President James B. ANGELL, LL. D., of the University of Michigan, Professor J. H. GILMORE, of the University of Rochester, Professor J. W. CHICKERING, of the National Deaf-Mute College, and to others whose aid he would not fail to acknowledge.

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