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Landmarks of Tompkins County, New York

by John H. Selkreg, 1894; D. Mason & Co., Publisher

Chapter V.
The Panics of 1857 and 1873—The University and its History and Influence on the Growth of Ithaca—Official List of Officers before and since Organization of County—Senators—Members of Assembly—County Clerks—Superintendents of Schools.

There is little to record of a general character in relation to the history of the county from the close of the war until the present time, that is not given in detail in succeeding chapters. The "flush times", as they were called, which immediately succeeded the great conflict, when money was plenty and all kinds of individual and corporate undertakings were being inaugurated, with the reaction which produced the financial stringency of 1873, are well remembered. Tompkins county did not enter so largely into the prevailing expansion after the war as many other localities, and the rebound was hence not so severe; but its effects were felt in Ithaca more than that of 1857. In 1873 there were failures of several notable firms whose credit had previously stood high, and which had withstood the stringency of 1857. These failures were disastrous ones and their effects were long felt here. The great university, of which the only complete history ever written is found in these pages, has grown to its present magnificent proportions since the war ended. Ithaca as village and city has taken new life, especially in quite recent years, and promises to become an important business, educational and social center. OFFICIAL LIST. Previous to the organization of Tompkins county in 1817, several residents of the territory now embraced in it, held official positions in the counties in which they resided. Thus John CANTINE, with Simeon De WITT, perfected a treaty with the Onondagas on the 18th of November, 1793, by which certain lands were quit-claimed to the State. The first meeting of the Board of Supervisors of Onondaga county was held May 27, 1794. Robert McDOWELL, of Ulysses, was one of the members of the board. Francis A. BLOODGOOD was a member of the Council of Appointment from the Western District in 1812, and a senator from 1811 to 1815 inclusive. Henry BLOOM was a senator in 1816-17. Richard TOWNLEY was a member of assembly from Onondaga county in 1808 and 1809; Henry BLOOM in 1809 and 1810. Oliver C. COMSTOCK was member of assembly from Seneca county in 1810 and1812, and member of congress three terms commencing in 1813. Da- vid WOODCOCK was member of congress from 1815 to 1818 inclusive. Archer GREEN was member of assembly from Seneca county in 1817. Benjamin PELTON was judge of Seneca county in 1809. Moses I. CANTINE was district attorney of Seneca county in 1805; and Hermon CAMP was sheriff of that county in 1817 and held the same office in Tompkins county after its organization. SENATORS.—Up to and including the year 1822, five years after the organization of Tompkins county, the State was divided into four senate districts, the Southern, Middle, Eastern and Western. Henry BLOOM was the only senator residing in the territory of the present county of Tompkins, until the session of 1823; when the State was again divided into eight districts, with four senators in each district and a term of four years, Tompkins county was in the Sixth District. Peter HAGER, 2d, was senator from 1826 to and including 1829. Ebenezer MACK was senator from 1834 to and including 1837; George D. BEERS, senator from 1845 to and including 1847, when the constitution changed the districts to thirty-two in number, placing Tompkins county in the 25th. Timothy S. WILLIAMS was the first senator under this new division, serving in the sessions or 1848 and 1849. Josiah B. WILLIAMS served in 1852, 1853, 1854, and 1855. Ezra CORNELL, 1866 and 1867. John H. SELKREG, 1874, 1875, 1876, and 1877. Peter W. HOPKINS, 1878; he died during the session and Edwin G. HALBERT was elected to fill the vacancy; he was also elected to the full term of 1880 and 1881. David H. EVANS, 1852 and 1883. Edward S. ESTY, 1884 and 1885. Charles F. BARAGER, 1886 and 1887. William L. SWEET, 1888 and 1889.Thomas HUNTER, 1890 to 1893 inclusive. Charles T. SAXTON, 1834. ASSEMBLYMEN.—The sixth apportionment of members of assembly was in operation in 1817, when Tompkins county was erected. Seneca county then had three members, which number was reduced to two, and Cayuga four members reduced to three. Tompkins county was allowed two members. In 1818-19, Samuel CRITTENDEN and John SUTTON were elected members. 1820, Hermon CAMP and Joshua PHILLIPS. From November 7 to November 21, 1820 and in 1821 and 1822, Samuel CRITTENDEN and Peter HAGER.1823. Jacob CONRAD and Peter HAGER, 2d. 1824, Peter HAGER 2d, and Nicoll HALSEY. 1825, Joshua NORTH and Jared PATCHEN. 1826, Nathan BENSON and David WOODCOCK. In 1827 the representation of Tompkins county was increased to three and Nathan BENSON, Benjamin JENNINGS and John SAYLER were members. 1828, Amasa DANA, Samuel H. DEAN, Josiah HEDDEN. 1829, Amasa DANA, Samuel H. DEAN, Jonathan B. GOSMAN. 1830, Elijah ATWATER, Jonathan B. GOSMAN, Ebenezer MACK. 1831, John ELLIS, Jehiel LUDLOW, John SAYLER. 1832, John ELLIS, Horace MACK, John James SPEED, jr. 1833, Thomas BISHOP, Daniel B. SWARTWOUD, Ira TILLOTSON. 1834, George B. GUINNIP, Charles HUMPHREY, Thomas B. SEARS. 1835, Charles HUMPHREY, Parvis A. WILLIAMS, Caleb WOODBURY. 1836, William R. FITCH, George B. GUINNIP, Charles HUMPHREY. 1837 (number of members reduced to two), Lewis HALSEY, Benjamin JENNINGS. 1838, Elbert CURTISS, Robert SWARTWOUT. 1839, David BOWER, Jesse McKINNEY. 1840, Wm. H. BOGART, Robert SWARTWOUT. 1841, Levi HUBBELL, Alpha H. SHAW. 1842, Charles HUMPHREY, Bernardus SWARTWOUT. 1843, Sylvanus LARNED, George T. SPINK. 1844, Peter LOUNSBERRY, Charles M. TURNER. 1845, Sherman MILLER, Lyman STROBRIDGE. 1846, James W. MONTGOMERY, Henry S. WALBRIDGE.1847, Samuel LAWRENCE, Henry W. SAGE. 1848, John JESSUP, Alpheus WEST. 1849, Darius HALL, Charles J. ROUNSVILLE. 1850, Henry BREWER, Elias W. CADY. 1851 Alexander GRAHAM, Benjamin G. FERRIS. 1852, Alvah HULBURT, Stephen B. CUSHING. 1853, David CROCKER, jr., Ebenezer S. MARSH. 1854 Benjamin JOY, Eli BEERS. 1855, Frederick S. DUMONT, Justus P. PENNOYER. 1856, William C. COON, Robt. H. S. HYDE. 1857, Alexander BOWER, Elias W. CADY. 1858, (representation reduced to a single member), Edward S. ESTY. 1859, William WOODBURY.1860-61, Jeremiah W. DWIGHT.1862-63, Ezra CORNELL.1864-65, Henry B. LORD. 1866, Lyman CONGDON. 1867-71, John H. SELKREG. 1872-73, Anson KNETTLES.1874, Wm. L. BOSTWICK. 1875, Geo. W. SCHUYLER. 1876, Samuel D, HALLIDAY. 1877, Silas R. WICKES. 1878, Samuel D. HALLIDAY. 1879-80, Chas. M. TITUS. 1881, Truman BOARDMAN. 1882, Jno. E. BEERS. 1883-4, John E. CADY. 1885, Hiland K. CLARK. 1886, Chas.M. TITUS. 1887, Walter G. SMITH. 1888-9, Frank J. ENZ. 1890-91, Nelson STEVENS. 1892-3, Albert H. PIERSON. 1894, Edwin C. STEWART. COUNTY CLERKS.—Archer GREEN was the first clerk of Tompkins county and was appointed April 11, 1817. John JOHNSTON succeeded him February 14, 1821, and was elected in November, 1822. Samuel LOVE, elected 1828. Arthur S. JOHNSON, November, 1834. Wait T. HUNTINGTON, November, 1837. Willet B. GODDARD, November, 1840. Henry B. WEAVER, November, 1843 ; he died and Ezra WEAVER was appoint ed October 2, 1846, to fill out the term. Norman CRITTENDEN, November, 1846. Horace MACK, November,1849. Ezra WEAVER, November,1852. Charles G. DAY, November, 1855. Stephen H. LAMPORT, November, 1858. Martin S. DELANO, November, 1861. Thomas J. Mc- ELHENY, November, 1864 and 1867. Doctor TARBELL, November, 1870 and 1873. Orange P. HYDE, Nov., 1876. Squire B. ROLFE, Nov., 1879. Philip J. PARTENHEIMER, November, 1882, and November, 1885; he died February 6, 1888, and Monroe M. SWEETLAND was appointed to fill the term expiring December 31 following. Leroy H. VAN KIRK was elected in November, 1888, and re-elected in November, 1891. COUNTY TREASURERS—William S. HOYT, elected November, 1848. Leander MILLSPAUGH, 1851. Wesley HOOKER, 1857. Edward C. SEYMOUR, 1863. George H. BRISTOL, 1869. Koert S. VAN VOORHEES, 1875. Edward K. JOHNSON was appointed in the place of VAN VOORHEES, who resigned in December, 1877, and JOHNSON was elected. in 1878. George H. NORTHRUP, 1881. Charles INGERSOLL, 1890, and re-elected 1893. COUNTY SUPERINTENDENTS OF SCHOOLS.—By an act passed April 17, 1843, Boards of Supervisors of the several counties were directed to appoint county superintendents of common schools. Under this power J. T. DENMAN was appointed and served one term. He was succeeded by Smith ROBERTSON. The office was abolished May 13, 1847. Since 1857 these officers have been elected under authority of an act passed in 1856. The first election under this act, however, was not held until November, 1859. The commissioners for the First District were T. R. FERGUSON, William W. AYRES, John D. THATCHER, Alviras SNYDER, Albert H. PIERSON, Orville S. ENSIGN, Andrew B. HUMPHREY, Amasa G. GENUNG, Charles VAN MARTER. The First District consisted of Danby, Enfield, Ithaca, Newfield and Ulysses. The charter of Ithaca city took the corporation out of the district, but the town outside remains therein. Second District—Marcus LYON, T. S. ARMSTRONG, Alviras SNYDER, Jackson GRAVES, Robert G. H. SPEED, James McLACHLAN, jr., Solomon L. HOWE, Frank W. KNAPP, Ella GALE. The Second District consists of the towns of Caroline, Dryden, Groton and Lansing. Alviras SNYDER appears as holding the office in both districts. He was commissioner while there was only one district prior to 1868, and also in the Second District after the county was divided.

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