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French's Gazeteer of 1860
Town of Groton

From Gazeteer of the State of New York by J.H. French 1860

Groton1--was formed from Locke, (Cayuga co.,) as "Division," April 7, 1817, and its name was changed March 13, 1818. It is the N.E. corner town in the co. Its surface is rolling or moderately hilly. Fron the valleys the land rises by long and gradual slopes to a height of 100 to 300 ft. The highest point in town is about 1,500 ft. above tide. The principal streams are Owasco Inlet and Fall Creek. Bear Swamp, in the E. part, contains an area of several hundred acres. The soil is a fine quality of gravelly loam, underlaid by slate. Groton, (p.v.,) on Owasco Inlet, near the center of the town, contains 3 churches, the Groton Academy, and several manufacturing establishments.2 Pop. 587. McLean, (p.v.,) on Fall Creek, in the S.E., contains 5 churches, several factories,3 and 40 houses. Peruville, (p.v.,) near the S. border, contains 2 churches, a saw and grist mill, pail factory, and 30 houses. Groton City, (p.v.,) in the N.E. corner, and West Groton, (p.v.,) in the N.W., contain about 11 houses each. Bensons Corners is a hamlet, in the S.W. corner. Among the first settlers were Saml. Hogg, at West Groton; Ichabod Bowen, John Guthrie, and _____ Perrin, at Groton; and J. Williams, J. Houghtaling, and W.S. Clark, at East Groton. The census reports 11 churches.4


1Named from Groton, Ct.

2Three carriage shops, a foundery, machine shop, and thrashing machine factory.

3Thrashing machine factory, pail factory, two furnaces, flouring mills, and 2 sawmills.

42 Bap., 3 M.E., 3 Cong., Wes. Meth., Prot. E., and Univ.

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