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French's Gazeteer of 1860
Town of Ulysses

From Gazeteer of the State of New York by J.H. French 1860

Ulysses--was formed March 5, 1799. Dryden was taken off in 1803, and Ithaca and Enfield in 1821. Il lies upon the W. bank of Cayuga Lake, on the N. border of the co. A range of bluffs 600 ft. high, with steep declivities, borders upon the lake; and from their summits the surface spreads out in an undulating upland. The only considerable stream is Taughanick (Ti-kaw-nik) Creek, which crosses the town from the W. In its descent from the plateau to the lake this stream forms a series of cascades, the principal of which is known as Taughanick Falls. These falls have receded about 1 mi. from the shore of the lake, and have worn a deep gorge in the yielding shales, with banks 380 ft. high. The stream now falls, in an unbroken sheet, over a limestone terrace 210 ft. in height. About 1 mi. farther up the gorge is another fall, of 80 ft. The soil is a fine quality of gravelly loam. Trumansburgh1 (p.v.,) near the N. border of the town, is the second village in the co. in amount of business and population. It contains 4 churches, the Trumansburgh Academy, and several manufacturing establishments.2 Pop. 1,052. Jacksonville, (p.v.,) near the center of the town, contains 1 church and 50 houses. Waterburgh, near the W. border, contains 1 church, mills, and 40 dwellings. Halseyville3 is a hamlet. The first settlements wee commenced by Samuel Weyburn, at the mouth of Taughanick Creek, and by Abner and Philip Tremaine, on the site of Trumansburgh, in 1792.4 The first church (Presb.) was formed by Jedediah Chapman, in 1803. There are now 6 churches in town.5


1Name derived and corrupted from Tremaine, the first family of settlers.

23 flouring mills and 2 furnaces and machine shops.

3Named from Nicoll Halsey, the first settler.

4John McLallen, a young man, accompanied the Tremaines in the capacity of teamster. The first child born was Calvin Tremaine, in 1794; and the first marriage, that of John McLallen and Mary King, Dec. 12, 1799. John McLallen kept the first inn; ____ Henshaw the first store; Abner Tremaine built the first mill; and Stephen Woodworth taught the first school, all at Trumansburgh.

53 M.E., Bap., Presb., and R.C.

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