Groton, Tompkins County, NY

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DETAILS: Name; Location; Occupation; Owned or leased


Adams, Arris D., (Groton,) (Adams Brothers.)
Adams Brothers, (Groton,) (Arris D. and Loadwick H.,) groceries & provision, books & stationery, Cortland.
ADAMS, HOHN, (Groton,) farmer 61.
Adams, Loadwick H., (Groton,) (Adams Brothers.)
Adams, Nehemiah, (McLean,) farmer 30.
Adams, Naton, (Groton City,) farmer 30.
ALBRIGHT, WESLEY, (McLean,) farmer 70.
Aldrich, Elijah C., (McLean,) miller.
Allen, Alvin, (Peruville,) farmer 23.
Allen, Charles D., (Groton,) druggist, opposite Goodyear's Hall, Main.
Allen, David, (Groton,) farmer 33.
ALLEN, DEXTER, (Groton,) retired merchant.
Allen, E. M., (Groton,) farmer leases 190.
Allen, George W. Mrs., (Groton,) milliner, Union block, Cortland.
Allen, Henry, (Groton,) farmer 30.
ALLEN, NELSON, (McLean,) farmer 90.
ALLEN, PERRY W., (West Groton,) post master and farmer 85.
Ames, Alfred, (Groton City,) farmer 45.
Andrews, D. & Son, (McLean,) (Dudley and Isaac C.,) turning, cabinet making & undertaking.
Andrews, Dudley, (McLean,) (D. Andrews & Son.)
Andrews, Isaac C., (McLean,) (D. Andrews & Son.)
Anthony & Conley, (Peruville,) (John Anthony and John B. Conley,) blacksmiths & farmers.
Anthony, John, (Peruville,) (Anthony & Conley,) farmer 6.
ANTHONY, REUBEN, (Groton,) farmer 50.
ARMSTRONG, ALBERT T., (Groton,) farmer 92 .
Armstrong, Amza, (Groton,) farmer 9.
Armstrong, William, (Groton,) molder.
Ashley, Sylvanus, (Groton,) furniture dealer and undertaker.
Ashton, Harrison, (Groton,) farmer 30.
ASHTON, JAMES, (Groton,) farmer 150.
Atwood, Chaplin P., (Groton,) carriage trimmer and farmer 14.
ATWOOD, FRANKLIN, (Groton,) farmer 70.
Avery, Frederick K., (Groton,) (Perrigo & Avery.)
Avery, Marcus A., (Groton,) carpenter, builder, farmer 3, also foreman of Excelsior Co. N.1, Groton fire department.
Avery, Oliver, (Groton,) carpenter and builder.
AVERY, OLIVER JR., (Groton,) (C. L. Perrigo & Co.)


BACHELOR, NATHAN, (Peruville,) farmer 50.
BACKUS, CHARLES, (Groton City,) farmer 138.
BACKUS, DAVID B., (Groton,) gents' furnishing store, produce dealer, also agent for Guardian Mutual Life Ins.
Backus, George, (Groton,) farmer.
Backus, Harvey, (Groton,) farmer 150.
BACKUS, WALLACE, (McLean,) farmer 100.
Baird, Charles, (Groton,) farmer leases 98.
Baldwin, A. M., (Groton,) teacher Groton Academy.
Baldwin, Carlos, (Peruville,) farmer, manager of the Baldwin estate.
Baldwin Estate, (Peruville,) 120 acres, Carlos Baldwin, manager
*BALDWIN, M. M., A. M., (Groton,) principal Groton Academy.
BALDWIN, M. M. MRS., (Groton,) teacher Groton Academy.
BALDWIN, NEWTON, (Groton,) farmer leases 100.
Baldwin, William, (West Groton,) carpenter and builder.
Barney, Arza, (Groton,) farmer 45.
Barney, Frank, (McLean,) farmer 35.
Barrows, Amasa, (Groton,) farmer 77.
Barrows, Theodore T., (Groton,) farmer 50.
*BARTLETT, CHARLES A., (Groton,) Jeweler.
BEACH, EZRA G., (Peruville,) farmer 115.
Bement, Lewis H., (McLean,) produce dealer.
BENEDICT, ALBERT G., (McLean,) Prop. saw mill and farmer 45.
Benjamin, Samuel R., (Groton,) shoemaker.
BENSON, CHANDLER L., (East Lansing,) farmer 200.
Benton, Orange M., (Groton,) farmer 80.
Berean, Ambert E., (Peruville,) cooper.
Berry, John, (Groton City,) farmer 70.
Bills, Edward F., (Groton,) carriage maker.
Bills, E. F. Mrs., (Groton,) photographer.
Black, Lincoln, (Groton,) retired merchant.
BLANCHARD, JOHN M., (Groton,) farmer 131.
Bliss, Joseph D., (Groton,) (Morton & Bliss).
Bliss, Joshua D., (Groton City,) farmer 58.
Bliss, Abiah H., (Groton City,) farmer 75.
BLISS, ISAAC, (Groton City,) farmer 110.
Booth, John I., (Groton,) furniture dealer and undertaker.
Bostwick, Ezra, (Groton,) farmer 55.
Bostwick, Stephen, (Groton,) shoemaker and farmer 63.
Bostwick, Thaddeus, (Groton,) farmer 50.
Bothwell, David, (Groton,) (D. & J. C. Bothwell.)
BOTHWELL, D. & J. C., (Groton,) (David and Jonathan C.,) farmers 145.
Bothwell, Jonathan C., (Groton,) (D. & J. C. Bothwell).
Bothwell, Robert, (Groton,) farmer 95.
Bowker, Bewell, (Groton,) farmer 50.
Bowker, Clinton, (Groton,) farmer 47.
Bowker, Clinton, (Groton,) vice-president First National Bank of Groton.
Bowker, Philura Mrs., (West Groton,) farmer 7 ..
Bowman, Desman, (Groton,) tailor.
Boynton, Ari T. Rev., (McLean,) clergyman.
Boynton, George H., (McLean,) farmer 30.
Boynton, Henry, (McLean,) farmer 27.
Bradley, Urania Mrs., (Groton,) farmer 55.
Brinsmade, Daniel, (Groton,) farmer 50.
Brinsmade, Hiram, (Groton,) farmer 60.
Broakaw, Garnot, (Groton,) retired farmer.
Broakaw, Margaret Miss, (Groton,) milliner.
Bronson, Levi I., (Groton,) music teacher
Browkew, Norton, (Groton,) carriage painter.
Brown, Aaron & Son, (West Groton,) (Charles,) farmer 91.
Brown, Aaron, (West Groton,) (Aaron Brown & Son,) blacksmith.
BROWN, ABIJAH & SON, (Groton,) (Charles,) farmer 100.
Brown, Amasa, (Peruville,) farmer 55.
Brown, Benoni, (West Groton,) farmer 22 and leases 14.
Brown, Charles, (West Groton,) (Aaron Brown & Son).
Brown, Charles, (Groton,) (Abijah Brown & Son.)
Brown, Ephraim, (Groton City,) blacksmith.
BROWN, HENRY G., (Groton,) (Burnham & Co.)
Brown, Jonathan E., (Groton City,) farmer 1 .
Brown, Joseph B., (Groton,) farmer 6.
Brown, Justus, (Peruville,) farmer 74.
Brown, Morton, (Groton,) farmer 36.
BROWN, SCOTT, (Groton City,) farmer 104.
Buck, Alvah B., (West Groton,) house painter and farmer 25.
Buck, Harvey N., (Groton,) blacksmith.
BUCK, HORATIO W., (Groton,) blacksmith.
Buck, Samuel B., (East Lansing,) farmer 91.
Buckley, Lorenzo, (West Groton,) farmer 75.
*BURNHAM & CO., (Groton,) (William H. Burnham & Henry G. Brown,) produce & commission dealers.
Burnham, Marsha Mrs., (Groton,) farmer 32.
BURNHAM, WILLIAM H., (Groton,) (Burnham & Co.,) railroad commissioner for town of Groton.
Burroughs, Charles, (Groton City,) saw mill.
Burtch, Luman T., (Groton,) farmer 63.


Cain, Thomas, (McLean,) farmer 50.
Campbell, Enoch L., (Mclean,) carpenter and joiner.
Carey, Michael, (Groton,) farmer 28.
Carpenter, Daniel, (Groton,) farmer 50.
Carr, Nelson, (West Groton,) farmer 25.
Caser, Henry, (McLean,) farmer 55.
Chafey, Maland, (McLean,) farmer 30.
Champlin, Alexander, (Summer Hill, Cayuga Co.,) farmer 80.
CHAMPLAIN, MAJOR, (Groton City,) farmer 118.
CHAMPMAN, ALBERT, (Groton,) farmer 100.
CHAPMAN, CLARK DR., (McLean,) physician and farmer 107.
Chase, Lucius, (Groton City,) blacksmith and farmer 37.
Chase, Wesley D., (Groton City,) farmer 30.
Childs, Orlando, (Groton,) farmer 90.
Chrisman, Chauncey, (Groton City,) farmer 39.
CLARK, BALDWIN P., (Groton,) farmer 110.
Clark, Edward C., (Groton City,) farmer leases 73.
CLARK, FRANKLIN B., (Groton City,) farmer 150.
Clark, Henry, (Groton,) (Clark & Howell.)
CLARK, HILAND K., (Groton,) (Reynolds & Clark,) director of S. C. R. R. & president of Trumansburgh bank.
Clark & Howell, (Groton,) (Henry Clark & Addison Howell,) livery, props. of stage route between Groton & Cortland, leaving Groton at 6 A. M. and Cortland at 11 A. M.
Clark, Nelson, (Groton City,) farmer 30.
Clark, Roman L., (Groton City,) farmer 73.
Clark, William S., (McLean,) tin manuf.
Clement, Franklin, (West Groton,) farmer 36.
Clement, Jude, (West Groton,) farmer 15.
Clough, Daniel O., (Groton,) wood workman.
Clough, S. M. Mrs., (Groton,) milliner.
COBB, ELISHA, (West Groton,) farmer 206 Cobb, Flora S. Miss, (Groton,) preceptress Groton Academy.
COBB, JOHN G., (West Groton,) farmer 150.
Cobb, Mrs., (McLean,) farmer 74.
COGGSHALL, DAVID H. (West Groton,) farmer 288.
COLBY BROTHERS, (Groton,) (Lewis T. and Henry P.,) farmer 250.
COLBY, HENRY P., (Groton,) (Colby Brothers,)
COLBY, LEWIS T., (Groton,) (Colby Brothers,) farmer 130.
Colton, Ormel, (Peruville,) farmer 28.
Comstock, Myron, (Groton,) tin smith.
CONGER, ALSON G., (West Groton,) farmer 109.
Conley, John C., (Peruville,) (Anthony & Conley.)
Cook, George R., (Groton,) miller.
Cook, Zachariah, (Groton,) farmer 75.
Cooper, Samuel H., (Groton City,) farmer 57.
Cornell, Philander, (Groton,) cooper and farmer 58.
Corning, Lockwood W., (Groton) carriage maker and farmer 71.
Covert, Lewis J., (Groton,) manufacturer, dealer in cigars and tobacco.
Cowles, Elisha C., (Groton,) Christian clergyman, farmer 34 .
Crain, Henry M., (Groton,) painter.
Crane, Melville M., (McLean,) general merchant.
CRITTENDEN, CHAUNCEY, (McLean,) farmer 108.
Crittenden, Samuel R., (McLean,) farmer 26.
Cuatt, William, (Peruville,) farmer 57 .
Cummings, Gurden, (Summer Hill, Cayuga Co.,) farmer 65.
CUTTER, JOHN S., (East Lansing,) farmer 100.
Cutter, Lewis, (West Groton,) farmer 15.


DARLING, LYMAN, (Peruville,) farmer 228.
Davenport, Betsy Mrs., (Peruville,) farmer 20.
DeBell, Franklin, (Groton,) shoemaker.
Detrick, Jonathan, (West Groton,) farmer 4.
DeVinney, Francis (Groton,) mowing machine agent and dealer in hides.
Dunham, William W., (McLean,) boots and shoes.
DURFEE, ALANSON, (West Groton,) farmer 198 .
Dye, Jeremiah, (Groton,) carpenter and builder and farmer 5.


EASTMAN, LYMAN, (Groton,) farmer 100.
Ellis, Nathan H., (Groton,) miller and farmer 12.
ERITENDEN, DANIEL, (McLean,) farmer 100.


Finney, Uriah, (Groton,) foreman of S. Kelly's shoe shop.
First National Bank of Groton, (Groton,) Charles Perrigo, president; Clinton Bowker, vise president; Dexter H. Marsh, cashier; Hiram G. Moe, teller.
FISH, GEORGE, (McLean,) farmer 100.
Fisher, Joseph, (Groton,) farmer 60.
Fisher, Joseph W., (Groton,) painter and farmer 6.
Fisher, Thomas L., (McLean,) saddler and harness manuf.
Fitch, Lucy Mrs., (West Groton,) farmer 90.
Fitch, Mortimer D, (West Groton,) surveyor, prop. of saw mill and farmer 86.
FITTS, GEORGE, (McLean,) secretary of McLean cheese manufacturing association, farmer 160.
Flesher, Thomas, (McLean,) farmer 55.
Foley, Mathews, (Groton,) saddle and trunk maker.
Ford, Major, (Peruville,) prop. Peru grist mill.
FOSTER, JAMES O., (Groton City,) farmer 103.
FRANCIS, ALBERT M., (McLean,) saw mill and farmer 110.
Francis, A. M., (McLean,) president of McLean cheese manufacturing association.
Francis, Charles C., (West Groton,) farmer 78.
Francis, Gilbert, (McLean,) farmer 70.
Fuller, Wilkins, (Peruville,) carpenter and joiner.


Gale, Amelia D. Miss, (Groton,) dress maker
Gale, Peter, (Groton,) farmer 50.
Gale, Zenas S., (Groton,) farmer leases 175.
Gibbs, Oliver W., (Groton,) farmer 88.
Gibson, Edward, (Groton,) farmer leases 6.
Gifford, Almon, (Groton City,) farmer 16.
Gifford, Alva, (Groton City,) farmer 72.
Gillam, Charles, (West Groton,) farmer 90.
Gillett, Charles, (Peruville,) blacksmith.
Glazier, Joseph A., (Groton,) shoemaker.
Glisbie, Joseph, (West Groton,) farmer 50.
Glover, Roswell, (Groton,) farmer 45.
Goff, John, (Groton City,) farmer 17.
Gooding, David, (Groton,) farmer 45.
Gooding, Sidney, (Groton,) farmer 78.
Goodyear, John, (Groton,) alopathic physician and surgion, prop. of town hall.
Gower, John, (Groton,) farmer 50.
GRAVES, AMOS B., (McLean) farmer 180.
Gray, Simeon, (Groton,) farmer leases 108.
Green, Licetta D. Mrs., (Groton,) farmer 4.
Gross, Lewis, (McLean,) foreman of firkin manuf.
Gross, Van B., (McLean,) firkin manuf.
*GROTON ADACEMY, (Groton,) M. M. Baldwin, A. M., principal; Miss Flora S Cobb, preceptress; Mrs. M. M. Baldwin, Miss C. J. Marsh, Miss Helen L. Morton, A. J. Williams and A. M. Baldwin, assistants; Dr. E. C. Moe, president; S. C Reynolds, secretary; D. H. Marsh, treasurer.
Groton Cheese Manuf. Co., (Groton,) Aaron Woodberry, president.
GROTON HOTEL, (Groton,) Anson Wyckoff, prop.
*GROTON JOURNAL, (Groton,) (weekly,) Hiram C. Marsh editor and proprietor.
Grover, Demas, (Groton,) tinsmith and farmer 50.
GURLICK, MILO, (Mclean,) farmer 100.
Guthrie, John, (Peruville,) farmer 68.


Haight, George W., (Groton,) wagon maker.
Hait, Ira, (Groton,) farmer 68.
Hall, Ella F. Miss, (Groton,) school teacher.
Hall, E. Russell, (Groton City,) flour, custom and saw mill.
HALL, SAMUEL M., (Groton,) boot and shoe manuf.
Hall, Sheridan G., (Groton,) shoe maker.
Hall, William, (Groton,) shoemaker.
Halladay, Catherine Mrs., (Groton,) farmer 88.
Halladay, John W., (Groton,) mason and farmer 14 .
HALLADAY, MYRON, (West Groton,) farmer 114.
HALLADAY, NELSON, (Groton,) justice of the peace, produce dealer and farmer 126.
Halladay, Wilson, (Groton,) (Londer & Halladay.)
Halsey, Hugh, (West Groton,) farmer 22.
HANCHET, FRANKLIN, (McLean,) farmer 150.
HANCHET, VINCENT, (Groton,) farmer 100.
Hare, William W., (Groton,) attorney and counselor, farmer 22 , office Union Block, Cortland.
Haring, Elezer, (West Groton,) farmer 75.
HARRINGTON, HENRY J., (Groton City,) (Henry J. Harrington & Brother,) postmaster.
HARRINGTON, HENRY J. & BROTHER, (Groton City,) (Henry J. and Hiram C.,) general merchants, farmers 34 .
HARRINGTON, HIRAM C., (Groton City,) (Henry J. Harrington and Brother.)
Harris, Berentha Mrs., (McLean,) farmer 22.
Harris, Joseph, (McLean,) farmer 52.
Hart, C. D. & Co., (McLean,) (Charles D. 2d, and P. F.,) groceries, provisions.
Hart, Charles D., (McLean,) farmer 12.
Hart, Charles D. 2d, (McLean,) (C. D. Hart & Co.)
Hart, J. B., (McLean,) treasurer of McLean cheese manufacturing association.
HART, JOHN P., (McLean,) farmer 300.
Hart, P. F., (McLean,) (C. D. Hart & Co.)
Hastings, Nancy Mrs., (Groton,) tailoress.
Hastings, Stephen A., (Groton,) painter and farmer 7.
Hatch, Arthur, (Groton,) farmer 52.
Hatch, Benjamin F., (Groton,) farmer 26.
Hatch, Eleazer, (West Groton,) farmer 90.
Hatch, J. Church, (Groton,) farmer 55.
Hatch, Virgil, (Groton, farmer 8 ..
Herbert, Christopher, (Groton,) blacksmith.
Hide, Walter, (Groton,) farmer 60.
HIRST, WILLIAM S. L., (Groton,) house and sign painter.
HOBART, HARRY W., (Groton City,) farmer 100.
Holden, William H., (West Groton,) farmer 43.
Hollister, Myron H., (Groton City,) farmer 98.
Hopkins, Harvey, (McLean,) farmer 90.
HOPKINS, NELSON, (McLean,) farmer 150.
HOPKINS, SIDNEY, (Groton,) justice of the peace.
Howard, Peter, (McLean,) farmer 30.
Howe, David W., (Peruville,) manager of the Howe estate, farmer 70.
Howe, E. Miles, (Groton,) farmer 86.
Howell, Addison, (Groton,) (Clark & Howell.)
Howland, Henry C., (McLean,) blacksmith.
Howser, Aaron, (Groton,) farmer 50.
Hyde, David, (Groton,) farmer 63.
Hyde, William, (Groton,) farmer 40.
Hyde, Wm. G., (Groton,) farmer 47.


Ingalls, John, (McLean,) farmer 90.
Ingalls, George, (McLean,) farmer 70.
INGALLS, JOHN W., (Groton City,) farmer 366.


JACKSON, BENJAMIN, (West Groton,) farmer 127.
Jacobs Brother, (Groton,) (Clinton B. and R. Wilson,) general merchants, Union Block, Cortland.
Jacobs, Clinton B., (Groton,) (Jacobs Brothers.)
Jacobs, R. Wilson, (Groton,) (Jacobs Brothers.)
John, Chester C., (Groton,) painter.
Johnson, Levi, (Groton City,) carpenter and joiner.
JONES, HORATIO P., (Groton,) farmer 111.
Jones, Joanna Mrs., (West Groton,) farmer 50.
Jones Stephen U., (Groton,) homeo. Physician and surgeon.
Jones, Warren, (Groton,) mechanic, wood workman and farmer 25.


Kane, Patrick, (McLean,) farmer 70.
KANER, JACOB, (Summer Hill, Cayuga Co.,) farmer leases 150.
Karey, John, (Groton,) farmer 60.
Keeffe, John, (Groton,) groceries and provisions.
Keeney, Olive E. Mrs., (Groton,) milliner.
Keim, S. G. Rev., (McLean,) Baptist minister.
Kelley, Fitch J., (West Groton,) carpenter and builder and farmer 5 .
Kelly, James, (McLean,) farmer 70
Kelly, Samuel, (Groton,) boot and shoe manuf.
Kenney, William, (McLean,) farmer 60.
Kimbell, Elizur W., (Groton,) brick and stone mason and farmer 1 .
Kime, Cortland, (McLean,) cabinet maker and farmer 10.
Kimple, Henry N., (West Groton,) farmer 58.
Kimple, William, (West Groton,) farmer 65.
King, Beriah D., (McLean,) (King & Sandwich.)
KING, HASTINGS A., (Groton,) farmer 76 .
King & Sandwich, (McLean,) (Beriah D. King and Hohn H. Sandwich,) tannery.
Kinney, Abram, (McLean,) farmer 70.
KNAPP, AARON, (Groton,) farmer 100.
Knapp, Elias, (Groton,) farmer 60.
Knapp, Purdy, (Peruville,) farmer 45.
Knapp, Warren, (East Lansing,) farms with Mrs. Tetter.
Knettles, Jacob T., (McLean) farmer 14.
Krotts, Jefferson, (West Groton,) farmer 20.
Kyes, Warren, (Summer Hill, Cayuga Co.,) farmer 60.


Ladd, Benjamin F., (McLean,) farmer 46.
Ladd, Leander Mrs., (McLean,) farmer 71.
LADD, LEANDER, (McLean,) farmer 100.
Ladd, Sullivan, (McLean,) farmer 76.
Lakey, Charles H., (Groton,) farmer leases 100.
LAMOT, LUCIUS, (McLean,) farmer 125.
Laning, Oliver Dr., (McLean,) allo. Physician and surgeon.
Lanterman, Marietta Miss, (Groton,) milliner.
Larned, Edward D., (Peruville,) prop. of saw mill and farmer 5.
LAWTON, JOHN, (McLean,) farmer 105.
LAZELL, DENNIS, (Groton City,) wagon maker.
LEARN, DANIEL J. S., (Groton,) farmer 120.
Lee, William, (Groton,) ornamental and house painter.
Lewis, Elias, (Groton,) carpenter.
*LINDERMAN, D. V., (Groton,) manuf. of cutter woods & carriage bodies.
Linderman, Henry H., (Groton,) farmer 30.
*LINDERMAN, NIRAM B., (Groton,) farmer.
Lindsey, George W., (McLean,) boot and shoe maker.
Lobdell, Ebbin, (Groton,) brick manuf.
Lobdell, Ebenezer, (Groton,) brick manuf. and farmer 9 .
Londer, Henry, (Groton,) (Londer & Halladay.)
Londer & Halladay, (Groton,) Henry Londer and Wilson Halladay,) farmers 128.
LOOMIS, SOLOMON, (West Groton,) farmer 100.
LOUW, DAVID, (West Groton,) proprietor of saw mill and farmer 126.
Lumbard, Wm. Cleaveland, (Peruville,) shoemaker.
Luther, Chancey, (Groton,) farmer 57.
Lytle, John, (Groton,) farmer 17.


Marsh, Charles H., (McLean,) (D. B. Marsh & Co.)
Marsh, C. J. Miss, (Groton,) teacher Groton Academy.
MARSH, DANIEL B., (McLean,) (D. B. Marsh & Co.,) postmaster.
MARSH, D. B. & CO., (McLean,) (Daniel B., John O. & Charles H.,) general merchants, flour & custom mill.
Marsh, Dexter H., (Groton,) cashier of the Frist National Bank of Groton.
Marsh, D. H., (Groton,) treasurer Groton Academy.
*MARSH, HIRAM C., (Groton,) editor & prop. of Groton Journal, & town clerk.
Marsh, John O., (McLean,) (D. B. Marsh & Co.)
Marsh, Lucius H., (Groton,) general merchant.
MATINBERG, THEODORE, (Groton,) restaurant.
Mattim, William F., (McLean,) carpenter, builder & farmer 10.
McDermant, Patrick, (McLean,) farmer 15.
MCKEE, JOHN C., (McLean,) farmer 70.
McKeller, Archibald, (Peruville,) farmer 36.
MCKELLER, JOHN, (Groton,) farmer 107.
McKenzie, Elihu, (McLean,) farmer 50.
MCLACHLAN, JAMES, (Groton,) farmer 107.
McLean Cheese Manufacturing Association, (McLean,) manuf. of cheddar cheese; Levi Schermerhorn, foreman; A. M. Francis, president; George Fitts, secretary; J. B. Hart, treasurer.
McNiel Brothers, (Groton,) (Eugene and Horatio,) sash factory, planing mill, also lumber dealers, shop on William.
McNiel, Eugene, (Groton,) (McNiel Brothers.)
McNiel, Horation, (Groton,) McNiel Brothers.)
Merrill, Albert B., (Groton,) weaver and farmer 20 .
METZGAR, ANDREW, (West Groton,) farmer 127.
METZGAR, CASPER, (Groton,) farmer 212.
METZGAR, DAVID, (West Groton,) (with Thompson Metzgar,) farmer 100.
Metzgar, Henry, (West Groton,) house painter and farmer 16.
METZGAR, JACOB, (West Groton,) farmer 103.
Metzgar, Joseph, (Groton,) carpenter and builder and farmer 85.
METZGAR, THOMPSON, (West Groton,) (with David Metzgar,) farmer 100.
Metzgar, William, (West Groton,) farmer 98.
Miller, Deliverance Mrs., (Groton,) farmer 29.
Miller, Frederick, (Groton,) farmer 48.
Miller, Isaac, (Peruville,) post master, grocer and farmer 5.
Minier, David W., (Peruville,) agent for William Goff's patent portable wagon loader, common sense sewing machine & farmer 41.
Mix, Harry, (McLean,) farmer leases 29.
Mix, Joseph, (McLean,) farmer 20.
Moe, Augustus, (Groton,) farmer 66.
Moe, Chas. F., (Peruville,) farmer 50.
Moe, E C. Dr., (Groton,) allopathic physician & surgeon and president Groton Academy.
Moe, Giles W., (Peruville,) farmer 50.
Moe, Hiram G., (Groton,) teller of the First National Bank of Groton.
Moe, John, (Peruville,) inspector of elections, carpenter, builder and farmer 50.
Moe, Robert P., (Groton,) farmer 30.
Montfort, James, (Peruville,) carriage maker and farmer 3.
Morgan, Enoch, (estate,) (McLean,) 220.
Morgan, Eunice Mrs., (Groton,) farmer 40.
MORGAN, PHILIP, (McLean,) distiller of cider brandy and farmer 50.
Morgan, Stephen, (McLean,) farmer 40.
MORRIS, FRANCIS F., (Groton,) farmer 170.
MORSE, TYLER , (McLean,) farmer 116.
Morton, Albert F., (Groton,) (Morton & Bliss.)
Morton & Bliss, (Groton,) (Albert F. Morton and Joseph D. Bliss,) saddle and harness manufacturers.
*MORTON BROTHERS, (Groton,) (William J. and Lewis M.,) hardware and stoves.
Morton, David B., (Groton,) blacksmith.
Morton, George F., (Groton,) (with Porter F.,) farmer 78.
Morton, Helen L. Miss, (Groton,) teacher Groton Academy.
Morton, Horace, (Groton,) wagon maker and farmer 66 2/3.
MORTON, LEWIS M., (Groton,) (Morton Brothers.)
Morton, Miles, (Groton,) wagon maker.
MORTON, WILLIAM J., (Groton,) (Morton Brothers.)
Mullen, Thomas, (Peruville,) farmer 52.
Murray, Thomas, (Groton,) blacksmith and farmer 1.


Newman, Simon A., (Groton,) carriage maker.
Newton, Burdett, (Groton,) farmer 82.
Newton, Charles, (Groton,) farmer 35.
Newton, George, (Groton,) farmer 73.
NEWTON, LYDIA MRS., (Summer Hill, Cayuga Co.,) farmer 140.
NILES, HENRY D., (West Groton,) constable, collector of town taxes and farmer leases 50.
Niver, Arnold T, (McLean,) billiard saloon.
NIVER, CHARLES, (Peruville,) farmer 133.
Nye, Samuel, (McLean,) farmer 70.


Ogden, Lewis M., (McLean,) farmer 90.
Ogden, Lewis, (McLean,) farmer 90.
O'Keefe, Dennis, (Groton,) farmer 4.
Oniond, Jennie E. Miss, (Groton,) school teacher, district No. 8.
Owen, Charles P. Rev., (Groton,) Wesleyan Methodist clergyman and farmer 101.


PAGE, ASA, (Groton,) farmer 113.
Parker, Nathan A., (Groton,) farmer 40
Parsons, Burdett, (South Lansing,) carpenter and builder and farmer 19.
Peck, Leonard, (West Groton,) cooper and farmer 36.
Pennoyer, George H., (Groton,) farmer 35.
PENNOYER J. POWERS, (Groton,) (Powers & Pennoyer.)
Pennoyer, Justus P., (Groton,) farmer 12.
Pennoyer, Lorenzo, (Groton,) farmer 144 .
Perkins, E. & G. L., (Groton,) (Ezra and George L.,) farmers 55.
Perkins, Ezra, (Groton,) (E. & G. L. Perkins.)
Perkins, Geo. L., (Groton,) (E. & G. L. Perkins.)
Perrigo & Avery, (Groton,) (William Perrigo and Frederick K. Avery,) prop. Separator Works.
PERRIGO, CHARLES, (Groton,) (C. & L. Perrigo & Co.)
Perrigo, Charles, (Groton,) president of the First National Bank of Groton.
*PERRIGO, C. & L. & CO., (Groton,) (Charles Perrigo, Lyman Perrigo &Oliver Avery Jr.,) foundry, machine shop.
PERRIGO, LYMAN, (Groton,) (C. & L. Perrigo & Co.)
Perrigo, William, (Groton,) (Perrigo & Avery.)
Peruville Cheese Manufactory, Abram Tetter, president.
Peslee, Edward, (McLean,) farmer 200.
Pettis, Hiram, (McLean,) blacksmith.
Pickins, George, (Groton,) harness maker.
PIERCE, HENRY, (Groton,) farmer 52.
Pierce, Isaac, (Peruville,) farmer 10.
Pierce, Moses, (Groton,) farmer 40.
Pierce, Orange, (Groton,) farmer 112.
Pierce, Otis, W., (Groton,) (Pierce & Willson.)
Pierce & Willson, (Groton,) (Otis W. Pierce and Joseph Willson,) farmers 140.
Pomeroy, Augustus Rev., (Groton,) retired clergyman.
POWERS, EDGAR B., (Groton,) (Powers & Pennoyer.)
Powers, Francis W., (Groton,) farmer 1 .
Powers, Jacob B., (Groton,) farmer 4.
*POWERS & PENNOYER, (Groton,) (Edgar B. Powers and J. Powers Pennoyer,) carriage manufs.
Price, Aaron L., (McLean,) farmer 51.


Ranney, Clifford, (Groton,) farmer 118.
REYNOLDS & CLARK, (Groton,) (Samuel C. Reynolds and Hiland K. Clark,) general merchants, Cortland.
Reynolds, J. M., (Groton,) farmer 55.
Reynolds, Robert C., (Groton,) farmer 8 .
REYNOLDS, SAMUEL C., (Groton,) (Reynolds & Clark.)
Reynolds, S. C., (Groton,) secretary Groton Academy.
Riggs, Harrison M., (Groton,) farmer 75.
Ringalls, Henry R., (Groton City,) farmer 13.
ROBINSON, FILANDER, (Groton,) (Robinson & Wright,) agent for Etna life insurance Co., & music dealer.
*ROBINSON & WRIGHT, (Groton,) (Filander Robinson &Levi H. Wright,) boot & shoe manuf.
ROGERS, ANSON B., (West Groton,) general merchant and farmer 4.
Rogers, Ezra, (McLean,) farmer 12.
ROUK, S. D. MRS., (McLean,) farmer 120.
ROWLEY, DANIEL W., (McLean,) prop. of Elm Tree House.
RUNDLE, JONATHAN, (Groton,) farmer leases 110.
Ryder, William, (Peruville,) farmer 3.


Salley, Mrs., (McLean,) farmer 65.
Sandwich, Hohn H., (McLean,) (King & Sandwich.)
Sarlls, Richard S., (Peruville,) prop. of saw mill and farmer 9.
Satterly, William B., (McLean,) carpenter.
Schermerhorn, Levi, (McLean,) foreman of McLean cheese manufacturing association.
Scofield, Annias, (Groton,) wagon painter.
Scofield, Harlow, (Groton,) carriage trimmer.
Seaman, Levi B., (Groton,) cooper and farmer 4.
SEARS, EGBERT S., (Groton,) farmer 127.
SEARS, JAMES C., (Groton,) farmer 160.
Sears, Marcus H., (Groton,) farmer 99.
Sellen, John, (West Groton,) inspector of elections & farmer 50.
Sellen, Orlando, (West Groton,) farmer 55.
SELLER, MAJOR, (Groton,) farmer 100.
SHARPSTEEN, JOHN, (Groton,) farmer 100.
Shaw, Wm. H., (Groton,) dry goods and yankee notion pedlar and farmer 12.
Sherman, Alexander A., (Groton,) shoemaker.
Sherman, David R., (Groton,) farmer 81.
SHERMAN, FREDERICK A., (Groton,) prop. of grist mill.
Sherman, Joseph, (Groton,) shoe maker
SIMMONS, GEORGE S. (Groton,) farmer 100.
Simpson, John, (Groton,) farmer leases 50.
SIMILEY, EVERETT, (Peruville,) farmer 132.
Smith, Charles H. A., (Groton,) farmer 97.
Smith, David D., (West Groton,) farmer 15.
SMITH JAMES P., (McLean,) boarding house. SMITH, JOHN, (Groton,) farmer 150.
Smith, Theodore, (McLean,) farmer 90.
Sobers, Isaac, (Groton,) carpenter, builder and farmer 65.
Southworth, Isaac, (Groton,) farmer 7.
SOVOCOOL, HARRISON, (Groton,) farmer 100.
Sovocool, Henry, (Groton,) farmer 90.
Sovocool, Henry H., (Groton,) farmer 72.
Sovercool, Jacob, (Groton,) farmer 1 .
Sovocool, Jefferson, (Groton,) farmer 4.
Sovocool, John, (Groton,) farmer 50.
Spencer, Harvey D., (Groton,) (Spencer & Thomas, ) postmaster.
Spencer & Thomas, (Groton,) (Harvey D. Spencer & Henry Thomas,) general dealers in dry goods & groceries.
Stanton, Charles E., (McLean,) farmer leases 100.
STANTON, JOHN, (McLean,) blacksmith.
Stark, George, (Peruville,) cooper and farmer 2.
Stearns, Joseph W. Rev., (West Groton,) christian clergyman & farmer 50.
Stebbins, Erastus, (Groton City,) farmer 13.
Stedman, Smith S., (McLean,) farmer 64.
Stevens, John, (West Groton,) commissioner of highways and farmer 75.
STEVENS, NELSON, (West Groton,) farmer 200.
Stevens, Olive M. Mrs., (West Groton,) farmer 85.
STEVENS, OLNEY, (West Groton,) farmer 145.
Stilson, Jonathan C., (Groton City,) farmer 4 .
STODDARD, IREN, (Groton,) farmer 102.
Stoddard, Julia Mrs., (Groton,) farmer 61.
STONE, ALBERT C., (McLean,) (Williams & Stone.)
STOUT, ABRAHAM, (Groton,) farmer 150.
Stout, Allen, (McLean,) farmer 60.
Stout, Jared, (McLean,) brick and stone mason.
Sweazey, James, (West Groton,( farmer 75.
Sweet, Helon B., (Groton City,) farmer 46.
Sykes, William, (Groton,) farmer 23.


Tallmadge, Alanson, (West Groton,) farmer 55.
Tarbell, Charles H., (Peruville,) farmer leases 60.
TARBELL, JAMES W., (Peruville,) farmer 42.
TARBELL, MAJOR B., (Peruville,) farmer leases 130.
Tarbell, Thomas B., (Peruville,) farmer 49.
TEETER, BENJAMIN, (Groton,) farmer 40.
Teeter, David, (Groton,) farmer 63.
Teeter, Harrison, (Peruville,) farmer 50.
Teeter, Lavern E., (Peruville,) farmer 63.
Tetter, Abram, (Peruville,) president of Peruville cheese manuf.
Tetter, Christina Mrs., (East Lansing,) farmer 85.
Tetter, Henry, (Peruville,) farmer 10.
Thomas, Henry, (Groton,) (Spencer & Thomas.)
THOMAS, JOHN A., (Groton,) (Levi Thomas & Co.)
THOMAS, LEVI, & Co., (Groton,) (Levi & John A.,) grocery & provision dealers.
THOMAS, LEVI, (Groton,) (Levi Thomas & Co.)
Thompson, Susan Mrs., (West Groton,) occupies 25.
Thorn, Nathaniel M., (Groton,) surgeon dentist, Union block, Cortland.
Tiffany, M. D., (McLean,) farmer 30.
Townley, Fanny Mrs., (East Lansing,) farmer 76.
Townley, Jerome, (McLean,) farmer 90.
Townley, Jerome B., (McLean,) farmer 95.
Townley, Lucius, (McLean,) farmer 60.
Townley, Marsden A., (McLean,) farmer 45.
Townley, Richard A., (East Lansing,) farmer 20.
TRUMBLE, NELSON, (Groton,) farmer 128.
TUCKER, HARVEY, (McLean,) farmer 100.
Tuttle, Williams, (West Groton,) farmer 66.


UNDERWOOD, ALFRED, (Groton,) farmer 200.
UNDERWOOD, GEORGE W., (Groton,) farmer 152.
Underwood, Henry D., (Groton,) farmer 80.
UNDERWOOD, ISAAC, (Peruville,) farmer 110.
Updike, Lawrence, (McLean,) farmer 64.


Van Buskirk, Calvin, (West Groton,) retired merchant.
Van Horn, Jehiel, (Groton,) farmer 96.
Van Marter, Alonzo, (Groton,) farmer 60.
Van Marter, Edwin, (Groton,) farmer 43.
VAN MARTER, ESTUS, (Groton,) farmer 181.
Van Marter, Judson, (Groton,) farmer 40.
Van Marter, Margaret Mrs., (Peruville,) farmer 59.
Van Marter, Polly Mrs., (Groton,) farmer 45.
VAN MARTER, SYLVANUS, (Groton,) farmer 120.
Van Sickle, Henry E., (McLean,) carpenter and joiner.
Vaugh, Aaron H., (McLean,) retired farmer.


WAIT, ANSON, (Groton,) prop. meat market and constable.
Wait, George D., (McLean,) constable and carpenter and joiner.
Walpole, Mathew, (Groton,) farmer 66.
Warfield, Lyman, (Groton,) farmer 14.
WATROUS, EZRA J., (Groton,) farmer 117.
Weaver, Denison R., (Groton,) farmer 60.
Weaver, Elias R., (Groton,) allo. Physician and surgeon.
Webster, Francis W., (Groton City,) (with Milton,) farmer 60.
WEBSTER, ISAAC, (Groton City,) farmer 217.
Webster, Milton, (Groton City,) (with Francis W.,) farmer 60.
Webster, William, (McLean,) butcher.
WEEKS, MARK, (McLean,) farmer 100.
Welton, Edward, (Groton,) farmer 95.
West, Lucretia Mrs., (McLean,) farmer 12.
Whalen, Walter, (Groton,) shoemaker.
WHEELER, AMBROSE B., (Groton,) farmer 74 .
Wheeler, Elliott B., (McLean,) farmer 70.
Whipple, David, (McLean,) farmer 64.
Whipple, David, Jr. (McLean,) farmer 112.
White, Roland D., (Groton,) farmer 65.
Wilcok, Daniel M. (McLean,) farmer 100.
Willcok, Albert, (McLean,) justice of the peace.
Williams, A. J., (Groton,) teacher Groton Academy.
WILLIAMS, CHARLES R., (McLean,) (Williams & Stone.)
Williams, George G., (Peruville,) farmer with Mrs. Williams.
Williams, Jerome, (Groton,) farmer leases 32.
WILLIAMS, SAMPSON S., (Groton,) carriage manufactory.
Williams, Sopha Mrs. (Peruville,) farmer 62.
WILLIAMS, & STONE, (McLean,) (Charles R. Williams & Albert C. Stone,) grocery, provision store, & telegraph office.
WILLIAMS, WILLIAMS, (Groton,) notary public & accountant.
Willis, Timothy Rev., (McLean,) M. E. clergyman.
Wilmot, S. G., (Groton,) blacksmith.
Willson, Gilbert, (Groton,) livery.
Willson, Joseph, (Groton,) (Pierce & Willson,) assessor.
WILSON, LEVI, (Groton,) farmer 70.
Wilson, Samuel, (Groton,) farmer.
Wilson, S. Dewitte, (Groton,) farmer 29.
Wilson, Stephen H., (Groton,) farmer leases 52.
Wood, Frank, (McLean,) farmer 20.
Wood, Jedediah, (Groton,) tin pedlar.
Wood, Thomas, (McLean,) farmer leases 50.
Woodberry, Aaron, (Groton,) president of Groton Cheese Manuf. Co.
Wooding, William, (Groton,) farmer 12.
Woods, Frank, (Groton,) barber & hair dresser.
Woolsey, James B., (Groton,) carpenter, builder and farmer 7.
Wright, Levi, (Groton,) stone mason and farmer 26.
WRIGHT, LEVI H., (Groton,) (Robinson & Wright.)
Wright, Seneca, (Peruville,) boot & shoe manuf. and farmer 18.
WYCKOFF, ANSON, (Groton,) prop. of Groton Hotel.


York, William E. Rev., (Groton,) M. E. clergyman.
Young, Marvin C., (McLean,) grist mill and farmer 35.

Thank you Sherlene Belden for transcribing these records into digital format.

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