Ulysses, Tompkins County, NY

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DETAILS: Name; Location; Occupation; Owned or leased


Abel, A. F. (Trumansburgh,) lot 27, farmer 61.
ABEL, A. L. (Trumansburgh,) (with J. S.,) lot 28, farmer 273.
Abel, Andrew J., (Trumansburgh,) house, sign and carriage painter.
ABEL, J. S., (Trumansburgh,) (with A. L.,) lot 27, farmer 273.
AIKEN, JOHN 0., (Trumansburgh,) carpenter and builder.
Alden, A. S., (Trumansburgh,) carpenter and farmer 60.
Aldridge, Lewis H., (Waterburgh,) lot 27, farmer 40.
Allen, William A., (Trumansburgh,) retired farmer.
Ammack, Stephen A., (Perry City, Schuyler Co.,) lot 12, farmer 79 ½.
Andrew, Edward, (Waterburgh,) lot 12, farmer 64.
Andrews, Henry, (Trumansburgh,) lot 20, farmer leases of L. Mandevill, 10.
Andrews, John, (Jacksonville,) farmer 55.
Alden, Robert, (Trumansburgh,) farmer 5.
Arnold, Jacob, (Ithaca,) lot 32, farmer 86.
Arrowsmith, James, (Trumansburgh,) (Mandevill & Arrowsmith.)
*AUSTIN, WILLIAM, (Trumansburgh,) lawyer and insurance agent.
Ayers, Nathaniel S., (Trumansburgh,) lot 11, farmer 65.


Bainbridge, Chas., (Jacksonville,) lot 28, farmer 70
BALL, ISAAC C., (Trumansburgh,) farmer 175.
Bancroft, Charles P., (Trumansburgh,) cabinet maker and photograph artist, (retired.)
Bancroft, John O. Mrs., (Trumansburgh,) milliner and fancy goods
BANK OF TRUMANSBURGH, (Trumansburgh,) capital $50,000; Hyland K. Clark, president Asa B. Clark, cashier.
BANNAN, MICHAEL, (Jacksonville,) lot 20, farmer 50.
Banta, John, (Jacksonville,) farmer 32.
Barber, William, (Perry City, Schuyler Co.,) lot 18, farmer 2.
Barnum, Joshua, (Jacksonville,) lot 31, farmer 58 ½.
Barto, Henry D., (Trumansburgh,) president Henry D. Barto & Co.'s Bank and notary public.
Barto, Henry D. & Co.s Bank, (Trumansburgh,) Henry D. Barto, president; George T. Spink, cashier: John Woolworth, teller.
BARTO, R. C., (Jacksonville,) agent for Ohio Buckeye reaper and farmer 93.
Bates, Alfred, (Trumansburgh,) farmer 120.
Bates, Sylvester H, (Trumansburgh,) farmer 132.
BELL, WM. F., (Trumansburgh,) lot 20, butcher.
Benbridge, Michael, (Jacksonville, ) lot 32, farmer 26.
BLUE ABRAM Q., (Trumansburgh,) farmer 32.
Blue,Jesse, (Jacksonville,) lot 23, farmer 52 ½
Blue, John, (Trumansburgh,) farmer 23.
BOARDMAN, TRUMAN, (Trumansburgh,) retired farmer 120.
Booth, Wm. (Jacksonville,) lot 21, farmer 56.
Bouton, Jason D., (Trumansburgh,) proprietor Stone flouring mills, saw mill and farmer 20.
BOWER, ALEXANDER, (Waterburgh,) lot 21, farmer 195.
BOWER, ANDREW, (Jacksonville,) lots 23 and 31, farmer 180.
BOWER, CHARLES M., (Jacksonville,) lot 23, keeper of county house and farmer 100.
Bower, David, (Waterburgh,) lot 26, farmer works E. Bowers' farm 155.
Bower, Geo. H., (Waterburgh,) lot 11, farmer 50.
Bower, Thomas M., (Jacksonville,) farmer leases 130.
Bower, Thomas 2d., (Waterburgh,) lot 11, farmer 76.
BOWYER, EDWARD D., (Jacksonville,) lot 30, thresher and farmer 15.
Bradley, Daniel, (Trumansburgh,) retired farmer.
Bradley, Nathan T., (Trumansburgh,) farmer 50.
Bradley, Walter, (Jacksonville,) lot 31, farmer 22.
BRANNEN, MICHAEL, (Jacksonville,) lot 20, farmer.
Brewer, Benjamin, (Trumansburgh,) boot and shoemaker.
Brewer, Philip C., (Trumansburgh,) shoemaker and farmer 4.
BRIGGS, SAMUEL R., (Trumansburgh,) lot 20, farmer 135.
Broas, Jessie, (Jacksonville,) lot 30, pump maker.
Brown, John R., (Jacksonville,) carpenter and builder.
Brown, Enos L., (Jacksonville,) (Brown & Rose.)
Brown & Rose, (Jacksonville,) (Enos L. Brown and Theo. U. Rose,) blacksmiths and carriage makers.
BULLARD, ISAAC, (Jacksonville,) hotel prop
BURCH, CORYDON, (Trumansburgh,) (Trembley & Burch.)
Burdick, Gilbert V., (Trumansburgh,) machinist.
Burdick, Henry C., (Trumansburgh,) moulder.
Burdick, Mason, A., (Trumansburgh,) machinist.
Burghardt, C. W., (Trumansburgh,) farmer 70.
Burley, Samuel, (Waterburgh,) lot 19, lawyer and farmer 148.
Burlew, VanRensselaer, (Waterburgh,) farmer works S. Burlew's farm, 148.
Bush, Abram Valentine, (Trumansburgh,) saloon keeper and miller.
Bush, E., (Trumansburgh,) farmer 30.


CAMP, EDWARD, (Trumansburgh,) resident.
Camp, Hermon, (Trumansburgh,) linseed oil manufacturer and farmer 100.
Campbell, Z. C., (Jacksonville,) lot 32, farmer 100.
Carmen, Caleb, (Jacksonville,) lot 28, thresher and farmer 25.
Carmen, Enmor, (Jacksonville,) lot 29, drover.
Carman, Jacob, (Jacksonville,) farmer 93.
CARR, JOHN, (Jacksonville,) farmer 120.
Chamberlain, James, (Trumansburgh,) lot 11, farmer 56.
Chandler & Hungerford, (Trumansburgh,) (Monmouth Chandler & Amasa Hungerford,) grocers.
Chandler, Monmonth, (Trumansburgh,) (Chandler & Hungaford.)
Chandler, Mon, (Trumansburgh,) painter.
CHANDLER, WILLIAM, (Trumansburgh,) undertaker, painter and sealer of weights and measures.
Chapman, Levi, (Trumansburgh,) farmer 65.
CHASE, HENRY B., (Jacksonville,) physician.
CLARK, ASA B., (Trumansburgh,) cashier Bank of Trunansburg,
Clark, Daniel G., (Trumansburgh,) house painter and grainer.
CLARK, JOB G., (Trumansburgh,) (Cuffman & Clark.)
Clock, Zalmon W., (Trumansburgh,) miller.
*CLOUGH, STEPHEN, (Trumansburgh,) dentist & agent Charter Oak Life & Traveler's Accident insurance companies.
CODDINGTON, A. P., (Trumansburgh,) insurance agent.
Cole, Amy Mrs., (Perry City, Schuyler Co.,) lot. 27, farmer 30.
Cole, David, (Trumansburgh,) farmer 26.
Cole, Gilbert M., (Trumansburgh,) U. S. consul at Acapulco.
COLE, ISAIAH S., (Jacksonville,) lot 24, farmer 110 ¾.
Cole, John, (Waterburgh,) blacksmith.
Cole, Nathan, (Trumansburgh,) (Cole & Van Auken.)
Cole & Van Auken, (Trumansburgh,) (Nathan Cole & John C. Van Auken,) blacksmiths.
Colegrove, David Jr., (Jacksonville,) lot 9, farmer 50.
COLGROVE, JAMES, (Jacksonville,) farmer 144.
Colegrove, John, (Jacksonville,) lot 17, lime kiln and farmer 152.
Colegrove., Samuel, (Jacksonville,) egg dealer and farmer 90.
COLLINS, P. W., (Trumansburgh,) merchant tailor and dealer in gents' furnishing goods.
Comfort, Merritt, (Trumansburgh,) butcher.
CONLEY, JOHN 0., (Trumansburgh,) (Sherwood & Conley.)
Conover, Elias, (Trumansburgh,) lot 28, carpenter and joiner.
Cooper, Daniel L., (Trumansburgh,) blacksmith and farmer 2 ½.
Cooper, H. G., (Jacksonville,) lot 14, farmer 67.
Cooper, Jeremiah, (Jacksonville,) farmer 40.
Cooper, Reuben H., (Trumansburgh,) blacksmith.
Corey, Wm. G., (Perry City, Schuyler Co.,) lot 18, farmer 120.
CORNELL, JOHN H., (Jacksonville,) lot 17, fruit raiser, landing & store house Cayuga Lake, & farmer 130.
Coyle, Michael, (Jacksonville,) pastor M. E. church.
Crawford, Minor T., (Trumansburgh,) cooper.
*CREQUE, JOHN, (Trumansburgh,) hardware dealer.
Creque, Wilmott D., (Trumansburgh,) baker.
CUFFMAN & CLARK, (Trumansburgh,) (David P. Cuffman & Job G. Clark,) carriage makers.
CUFFMAN, DAVID P., (Trumansburgh,) (Cuffman & Clark.)
Culley, Mathew, (Trumansburgh,) machinist.
CURRY, LUCIUS B., (Jacksonville,) lot 28, farmer 144.


Dagget, Clark, (Trumansburgh,) farmer 38.
Dagget, Truman, (Trumansburgh,) farmer 35.
Davis, Edward, (Jacksonville,) farmer 50.
Dederer, Levi, (Jacksonville,) farmer 75.
Dederer, Wm. C., (Jacksonville,) farmer leases 75.
DE GROOT, ABRAM B., (Trumansburgh,) baker and confectioner.
DEREMMER, JOHN, (Jacksonville,) lot 24, farmer 105.
Dickerman, A. B., (Trumansburgh,) farmer 35.
Dickerman, Chas. S., (Trumansburgh,) (Dickerman & Troutman.)
Dickerman & Troutman, (Trumansburgh,) (Chas. S. Dickerman & Daniel D. Troutman,) photograph artists.
Dickins, Mahlon, (Jacksonville,) farmer 20.
Dickinson, Abram B., (Trumansburgh,) painter and glazier
Dimick, S. G., (Trumansburgh,) lot 28, farmer 65.
Dimick, Wm., (Jacksonville,) farmer leases 46.
Donovan, Jeremiah, (Jacksonville,) lot 31, farmer 10.
Douglass, Charles B., (Trumansburgh,) blacksmith.
Douglass, William M., (Trumansburgh,) blacksmith.
DOWNING, GEORGE E., (Perry City, Schuyler Co.,) lot 18, farmer 108.
DUBOIS, PETER, (Ithaca,) lot 25, farmer 121.
Dumont, David, (Trumansburgh,) (Dumont, Pierson & Co.)
Dumont, Pierson & Co., (Trumansburgh,) (David Dumont, William Pierson, Arthur M. Holman & Henry Wakeman,) geneeral merchants.
DUMONT, WALDRON B., (Trumansburgh,) (with Milo Vandusen,) stone quarry &farmer 183.
Dunham, John B., (Trumansburgh,) stage proprietor, Trumansburgh and Havana.
Dunn, Benj., (Trumansburgh,) farmer 30
Dunn, Thomas, (Trumansburgh,) painter.
DURLING, ALBERT, (Trumansburgh,) farmer leases 105
Durling, Carso, (Jacksonville,) lot 10, farmer 65.


Earl, John, (Jacksonville,) farmer.
EARL, SYLVANUS, (Trunansburg,)
*EARLE, SYLVANUS MRS., (Trumansburgh,) millinery and fancy goods
Easling, E. J., (Jacksonville,) farmer 88.
Easling, G. W., (Trumansburgh,) lot 5, farmer 60.
Easling, Henry, (Trumansburgh,) (with James,) farmer 60.
Easling, James, (Trumansburgh,) (with Henry,) farmer 60.
Easling, Leroy, (Jacksonville,) farmer 65.
Ehler, John, (Trumansburgh,) tailor.
Ellick, Isaac, (Trumansburgh,) carpenter and builder, and farmer 3.
Elmore, Daniel, (Trumansburgh,) agent Singer's sewing machines.
Elmore, F. George, (Trumansburgh,) canvaeser.
Emery, James R., (Trumansburgh,) groceries & provisions, also overseer of poor & justice of peace.
Essom, Wm., (Jacksonville,) lot 31, farmer leases 64.


Fairchild, John A., (Waterburgh,) lot 27, farmer 44.
Farrington, John M., (Trumansburgh,) allo. physician, surgeon and farmer 37.
Farrington, P. H., (Jacksonville,) farmer 68.
Farrington, Wm., (Jacksonville,) lot 22, deputy post master, boot and shoe dealer and farmer 96.
Fish, Charles H., (Trumansburgh,) harness maker.
Fish, J. Corey, (Trumansburgh,) cooper.
*FISH, R. H., (Trumansburgh,) stone and brick mason.
Flynn, Nicholas, (Trumansburgh,) blacksmith.
Follett, Henrietta, (Ithaca,) farmer 5.
*FOLLETT, J. K., (Trumansburgh,) livery and stage proprietor.
Follett, John C., (Ithaca,) farmer 75.
FORCE, ALBERT W., (Trumansburgh,) wood workman, Gregg's Iron Works.
Foster, Daniel, (Jacksonville,) carpenter.
Fowler, Alva, (Ithaca,) lot 32, farmer 7 ½.
FOWLER, ELI, (Jacksonville,) lot 9, farmer 101.
Fowler, Reuben, (Jacksonville,) lot 10, farmer 84.
Frear, Baltus, (Trumansburgh,) farmer 4 ½.
French, Thomas, (Waterburgh,) lot 11, farmer 1 ¼.
Friends Meeting and school house, (Jacksonville,) lot 29.
Fritts, Daniel J., (Trumansburgh,) carpenter and builder.
Fritts, Frederick, (Trumansburgh,) farmer 1.
Fritts, Henry H., (Trumansburgh,) carpenter, builder and cabinet maker.
Fritts, William T., (Trumansburgh,) carpenter and builder.
*FULLER, WILSON A., (Trumansburgh,) groceries and provisions.


Ganoung, Jarvis, (Ithaca,) farmer works W. P. Luce's farm, 204.
GANOUNG, JOSEPH, (Jacksonville,) farmer 125.
Ganoung, Warren, (Jacksonville,) farmer leases 50.
GANUNG, JAMES, (Jacksonville,) lot 17, farmer 100.
Ganung, Wm. H., (Jacksonville,) carpenter.
*GILTNNER, WILLIAM MRS., (Trumansburgh,) milliner and fancy goods.
Goodwin, Geo., (Jacksonville,) lot 16, farmer 14.
Goodyear, D. S., (Waterburgh,) blacksmith.
Goodyear, Lewis, (Trumansburgh,) lot 7, farmer 50.
Gould, Bethuel V., (Trumansburgh,) retired.
*GOULD, JOSEPH D., (Trumansburgh,) carpenter builder, also sash and blind factory.
Gould, Willis V., (Trumansburgh,) (with Alva C. Owen,) lot 28, farmer 115.
Graves, Orange S., (Trumansburgh,) retired farmer.
Green, Frank, (Trumansburgh,) blacksmith.
Green, Wm. C., (Jacksonville,) carriage maker.
GREGG, CHAUNCEY P., (Trumansburgh,) (Gregg, Plyer &Co.,) produce dealer and forwarder.
GREGG, ERASTUS C., (Trumansburgh,) (Gregg, Plyer & Co.)
*GREGG, PLYER & CO., (Trumansburgh,) (Erastus C. Gregg, Chauncey P. Gregg & Charles W. Plyer,) prop. Gregg Iron Works.
Grice, John T., (Waterburgh,) carriage maker.
*GRISWOLD, HENRY P., (Trumansburgh,) surgeon dentist.
Guthrie, Alson, (Trumansburgh,) agent for Gregg, Plyer & Co's., mowing machines, & retired farmer 8.


Hale, David, (Trumansburgh,) farmer 3.
HALSEY, E. B., (Trumansburgh,) farmer 130.
HALSEY, JARED S., (Trumansburgh,) proprietor Taughannock House & farmer 40.
HALSEY, NATHANIEL, (Trumansburgh,) miller, Halseyville, and farmer 35.
Hand, Lewis P., (Trumansburgh,) farmer 50.
Harrison, R. B., (Jacksonville,) lot 14, farmer 80.
HATT, ISAAC, (Trumansburgh,) lot 11, farmer 155 ½
Hart, Titus, (Trumansburgh,) carpenter& builder, lumber dealer, manufacturer of sash, doors & blinds, & wire fence.
HASEN, FENTON, (Jacksonville,) carpenter.
Hatch, Lafayette, (Trumansburgh,) stone mason.
Hawes, Mathias D., (Trumansburgh,) allo. physician.
Higgins, Morris, (Trunansburg,) farmer 13 ½.
Hildreth, Wm. B., (Jacksonville,) lot 31, farmer 15.
Hill, Isaac E., (Trumansburgh,) eclectic physician and farmer 4.
Hill, Samuel, (Jacksonville,) lot 4, farmer 15.
Hoffmire, Henry, (Trumansburgh,) house painter.
Holman, Arthur M., (Trumansburgh,) (Dumond, Person & Co.)
Hopkins, Amos T., (Jacksonville,) lot 24, farmer leases 95.
Hopkins, Celia Miss, (Trumansburgh,) dress maker.
Horton, Joel, (Trumansburgh,) farmer 1.
Hovenkamp, John, (Trumansburgh,) cooper.
Howe, Cyrus H., (Jacksonville,) speculator.
Hungerford, Amasa, (Trumansburgh,) (Chandler & Hungerford.)
Hurlbut, Alba, (Trumansburgh,) lot 20, engineer and farmer 11.
HURLBUT, HOMER, (Jacksonville,) lot 31, farmer 105.
Hunter, James S., (Trumansburgh,) harness maker.
Huson, James, (Jacksonville,) lot 21, thresher and farmer 50.


Iredill, Joseph L., (Jacksonville,) lot 21, farmer 27.


Jameson, John, (Trunansburg,) shoe maker.
JEWELL, REUBEN H., (Jacksonville,) lot 15, farmer 143.
JOHNSON, DANIEL, (Jacksonville,) lot 14, farmer 108.
JOHNSON, JERRY, (Trumansburgh,) barber and hair dresser.
Jones, Henry B., (Trumansburg,) cattle broker.
Jones, John, (Jacksonville,) (Jones, Smith & Pratt.)
Jones, Peter, (Trumansburgh,) carriage maker.
Jones, Smith & Pratt, (Jacksonville,) (Henry A. Smith, John Jones & Wm. J. Pratt,) prop'rs paper mill.
Jones, T., (Trumansburgh,) lot 19, farmer leases 60.


Kelly, Oliver P., (Trumansburgh,) harness and trunk maker &carriage trimmer.
Kenney, Cora Miss, (Trumansburgh,) teacher Union school.
King, Anson, (Jacksonville,) lot 10, farmer leases 100.
KING, ASAPH, (Jacksonville,) farmer 160.
King, Bronson, (Jacksonville,) lot 17, boat builder.
King, Harsey, (Trumansburgh,) farmer 30.
KING, HIRAM, (Jacksonville,) lot 25, breeder of fine wool sheep and farmer 133.
KING, JONATHAN, (Jacksonville,) lot 10, farmer 108.
King, J. P., (Trumansburgh,) farmer 52.
KING, SYLVESTER, (Trumansburgh,) farmer 45.
Kirby, Jonah W., (Jacksonville,) lot 31, farmer 15.
Kirby, Thomas, (Jacksonville,) lot 25, farmer 8.
KIRST, ISAAC, (Trumansburgh.)
KIRTLAND, JOHH C., (Trumansburgh,) (Smith & Kirtland.)
KRUM, L. D., (Ithaca,) lot 31, blacksmith.


Lambert, Hiram, (Jacksonville,) lot 31, farmer 12.
Laning, Benjamin, (Jacksonville,) lot 22, farmer 115.
Laning, Horace, (Trumansburgh,) farmer 75.
Letts, John A., (Trumansburgh,) lot 20, farmer 85.
Letts, Welcome, (Jacksonville,) lot 13, farmer 101.
LEWIS, J. & J. D., (Trumansburgh,) (Justin and John D.,) allo. physician and surgeon.
LEWIS, JOHN D., (Trumansburgh,) (J. & J. D. Lewis,) coroner.
LEWIS, JUSTIN, (Trumansburgh,) (J. & J. D. Lewis.)
Linsy, Edward, (Jacksonville,) farmer 11.
Loomis, G. W., (Jacksonville,) (Mattison, & Loomis.)
Lovell, Eber & Sons, (Trumansburgh,) (J. Milton and Hiram M.,) general merchants.
Lovell, Hiram M., (Trumansburgh,) (Eber Lovell & Sons.)
Lovell, J. Milton, (Trumansburgh,) (Eber Lovell & Sons.)
Lovell, J. W., (Trumansburgh,) farmer 60.
LOVELL, MILO H., (Trumansburgh,) blacksmith.
Lucky, Henry, (Jacksonville,) lot 9, farmer 81.
Lunger, James, (Trumansburgh,) farmer 86 ½.


Malone, John, (Jacksonville,) lot 24, farmer 34.
*MANDEVILL & ARROWSMITH, (Trumansburgh,) (Lyman J. Mandville & James Arrowsmith,) general merchants.
MANDEVILL, LYMAN A., (Trumansburgh,) (Mandeville & Arrowsmith,) owns farm 14.
Manning, Samuel, (Trumansburgh,) egg and poultry dealer.
Mathews, W. C., (Jacksonville,) carpenter and builder.
Mattison, C. C., (Jacksonville,) (Mattison & Loomis.)
Mattison, Jacob, (Jacksonville,) lot 22, farmer 10 ½.
Mattison, James M., (Jacksonville,) lot 22 nurseryman.
Mattison & Loomis, (Jacksonville,) (C. Mattson & A. M. Loomis,) general merchants.
Maynard, Anna M. Miss, (Trumansburgh,) music teacher.
McKean, Patrick, (Trumansburgh,) tailor.
McLallan, Ann E.,(Trumansburgh,) farmer 36.
McCLALLEN, DAVID K., (Trumansburgh,) lot 5, farmer 122.
McLallen, Maria Mrs., (Trumansburgh,) farmer 11.
Mead, Oliver, (Trumansburgh,) mechanic and farmer 64.
Mead, Wm., (Trumansburgh,) farmer 71.
Mekeek, Aaron, (Jacksonville,) farmer 15.
Mekeel, Jesse, (Jacksonville,) (with Edward Pyle,) lot 30, miller and farmer 120.
MEKEEL, WM., (Jacksonville,) lot 21, farmer 70.
MILLER, WARD, (Jacksonville,) lot 20, farmer 105.
Milne, James, (Trumansburgh,) lot 14, farmer leases of Mrs. Ball, 110.
Minnie, Geo., (Jacksonville,) lot 31, farmer 60.
MORGAN, JAMES T., (Ithaca,) lot 33, farmer 195.
Morgan, W. Howard, (Waterburgh,) lot 18, farmer 50.
Morgan, Willis H., (Waterburgh,) lot 18, farmer 58.
MORSE, VIRGIL D., (Ithaca,) farmer 130.
MOSHER, Geo. A., (Trumansburgh,) farmer 110..
Mosher, Luthan, (Trumansburgh,) (Wager & Mosher.)
Moss, John, (Waterburgh,) foreman in grist mill and post master.
Mott, Harry, (Ithaca,) farmer 97.


Nash, Thomas, (Perry City, Schuyler Co.,) lot 29, farmer 68 ½.
NEWELL & RIDDLE, (Trumansburgh,) (Wm. S. Newell & Samuel R. Riddlle,) flouring and custom millers.
NEWELL, WM. S., (Trumansburgh,) (Newell & Riddle.)


OGDEN, WILLIAM H., (Trumansburgh,) prop. iron foundry.
Owen, Alva C., (Trumansburgh,) (with Willis V. Gould,) lot 28. farmer 115.
OWEN, CHARLES B., (Jacksonville,) lot 29, breeder of fine wool sheep and farmer 135.
Owen, Levi H., (Trumansburgh,) supervisor and farmer 50.


Paddock, Stephen, (Waterburgh,) lot 19, farmer 90.
Page, Lucius E., (Trumansburgh,) (Page &Stewart,) owns farm 10.
Page & Stewart, (Trumansburgh,) (Lucius E. Page and Geo. H. Stewart,) furniture dealers.
Page, William N. Rev., (Trumansburgh,) pastor presbyterian church.
Parmele, Elias, (Jacksonville,) farmer 204.
Pease, Allen, (Trumansburgh,) retired farmer.
PEASE, ANDREW. J., (Trumansburgh,) prop. plaster mill one mile east of Trumansburgh, & farmer 111.
PEASE, BENJ. F., (Trumansburgh,) farmer 105.
Pease, Cynthia, (Trumansburgh,) farmer 100.
PEASE, A. I., (Trumansburgh,) farmer.
PEASE, EARL A., (Trumansburgh,) farmer 115 ½.
*PERKINS, THOMAS N., (Trumansburgh,) dealer in Italian and American marble.
Pierce, Clark, (Trumansburgh,) brick maker.
Pierce, Lafayette, (Trumansburgh,) drain tile manuf. and brick maker.
Piersall, Edmond, (Trumansburgh,) (with Frank Piersall,) farmer 240.
Piersall, Frank, (Trumansburgh,) (with Edmond,) farmer 240.
Pierson, Albert H., (Trumansburgh,) school commissioner.
Pierson, William, (Trumansburgh,) (Dumont, Pierson & Co.)
Pinkney, Henry, (Jacksonville,) lot 45, farmer 160.
Plouch, Wm., (Jacksonville,) stone quarry and farmer 120.
Plowman, P e t e r , (Trumansburgh,) coopersmith.
PLOWMAN, WM. H., (Trumansburgh,) hardware dealer and M. U. Express agent.
PLYER, CHARLES W., (Trumansburgh,) (Gregg, Plyer and Co.)
Pope,, (Trumansburgh,) farmer 92.
Pratt, David S., (Trumansburgh,) (Wilcox Pratt & Co.)
Pratt, James L., (Trumansburgh,) chair maker.
Pratt, James R., (Trumansburgh,) (Wilcox, Pratt & Co.)
Pratt, Wm. J., (Jacksonville,) (Jones, Smith & Pratt.)
Purdy, A. J., (Jacksonville,) farmer 33.
Putman, Isaac K., (Trumansburgh,) miller.
Pvle, Edward, (Jacksonville,) (with Jesse Mekeel,) miller and farmer 120.


QUIGLEY, DAVID C., (Trumansburgh,) (A. H. & D. C. Quigley.)
QUIGLEY, ASHER H., (Trumansburgh,) (A. H. & D. G. Qulgley,) (A. H. & E. P. Quigley.)
*QUIGLEY, A. H. & D. C., (Trumansburgh,) (Asher H. and David C.,) clothing gents' furnishing goods.
*QUIGLEY A. H. & E. P., (Trumansburgh,) (Asher R. and E. P.,) stone quarry.
QUIGLEY, E. P., (Trumansburgh,) (A. H. & E. P. Quigley.)


Rappleye, Sylvester, (Trumansburgh,) farmer 13.
Raymond, Wm. H., (Jacksonville,) lot 21, farmer 87.
Reynolds, Angeline M., (Trumansburgh,) teacher Union school.
RIDDLE, SAMUEL R., (Trumansburgh,) (Newell & Riddle.)
Robertson, George, (Trumansburgh,) merchant tailor.
ROBINSON, DE WITTE C., (Trumansburgh,) painter.
ROBINSON, GEO., (Trumansburgh,) farmer 83.
ROBINSON, JOHN S., (Trumansburgh,) (Van Auken & Robinson.)
Rolfe, S. E., (Jacksonville,) lot 28, farmer leases of C. L. Carman 139.
Rolfe, Miner, (Jacksonville,) lot 29, farmer 65.
Rose, Theo. C., (Jacksonville,) (Brown & Rose.)
Rowe, Caroline M. Miss, (Jacksonville,) lot 29, farmer 50.
Rudy, Henry, (Trumansburgh,) lot 5, farmer 120.
RUDY, JOHN, (Trumansburgh,) farmer 56 ½
Rumsey, Bradford, (Waterburgh,) lot 27, farmer 82.
*RUMSEY, E. S., (Trumansburgh,) iron founder and manuf. agricultural implements at Halseyville.


Sawyer, Hiram, (Trumansburgh,) saloon keeper.
SEABRING, S. AUGUSTUS, (Trumansburgh,) principal Union school.
Sears, A. P., (Trumansburgh,) farmer 150 ¾
Severn, Henry, (Jacksonville,) lot 22, farmer 100.
SHARP, DENNIS P., (Trumansburgh,) pattern maker and patentee of Sharp's wheel rake, residence Ithaca.
SHERWOOD, A. M., (Trumansburgh,) lot 11, farmer 14.
*SHERWOOD & COLEY, (Trumansburgh,) (Stephen A. Sherwood & John 0. Conley) boot & shoe manufacturers.
SHERWOOD, JOHN, (Perry City, Schuyler Co.,) lot 18, thresher and farmer 30.
SHERWOOD, STEPHEN A., (Trumansburgh,) (Sherwood & Conley).
Sirrine, John, (Trumansburgh,) carpenter and builder and farmer 4.
Sloat, Thomas C., (Jacksonville,) farmer 93.
Smith, A. F., (Jacksonville,) lot 10, boat builder.
Smith, Benjamin F., (Trumansburgh,) brick and stone mason.
Smith, C. H., (Jacksonville,) lot 10, boat builder.
Smith, Christopher S., (Trumansburgh,) retired farmer.
Smith, Cortland, (Jacksonville,) lot 30, farmer 50.
Smith, Elias, (Trumansburgh,) lot 19, farmer 84.
Smith, Elias, (Jacksonville,) lot 29, farmer 50.
Smith, Franklin, (Jacksonville,) lot 31, farmer 30.
Smith, Henry A., (Jacksonville,) (Jones, Smith & Prat.)
Smith, Horace, (Jacksonville,) farmer 80.
Smith, Isaiah, (Jacksonville,) lot 30, farmer 35.
Smith, James, (Trumansburgh,) farmer 6.
*SMITH, J. DE MOTTE, (Trumansburgh,) attorney & counselor at law, also fire & life insurance agent.
Smith, Jehiel, (Jacksonville,) lot 17, farmer leases 50.
SMITH & KIRTLAND, (Trumansburgh,) (William H. Smith &John C. Kirkland,)livery.
SMITH, MINOR T., (Trumansburgh,) lot 20, farmer 152.
Smith, N. H., (Trumansburgh,) raiser of fine horses and farmer 40.
SMITH, OLIVER C., (Jacksonville,) lot 30. carpenter and farmer 37.
SMITH, REUBEN H., (Trumansburgh,) farmer 190.
Smith, Robert P., (Trumansburgh,) retired farmer.
Smith, Robt. T., (Jacksonville,) lot 25, farmer 16.
SMITH, SCHOONOVER, (Ithaca,) farmer 118.
SMITH, WILLIAM H., (Trumansburgh,) (Smith & Kirtland.)
Spaulding, Wm. Byron, (Trumansburgh,) farmer 94.
Spiser, Benjamin, (Trumansburgh,) farmer 6.
Spicer, Emerson, (Trumansburgh,) farmer leases 36.
Spirk, George T., (Trumansburgh,) cashier Henry D. Barto & Cos Bank.
Stacey, Thomas Rev., (Trumansburgh,) pastor M. E. church.
Stanley, Charles, (Trumansburgh,) boot and shoe maker.
Stevens, Nicholas H., (Jacksonville,) lot 23, farmer 62.
Stewart, George H., (Trumansburgh,) (Page & Stewart)
Stilwill, Jacob, (Trumansburgh,) lot 5, farmer 76.
STONE, A. G. & SON, (Trumansburgh,) (Albert G. and James L,) general merchant.
Stone, Albert G., (Trumansburgh,) (A. G. Stone & Son.)
Stone, James L. (Trumansburgh,) (A. G. Stone & Son.)
Stone, Richard H. (Trumansburgh,) nurseryman.
Stone, William J., (Trumansburgh,) general merchant and farmer 7.
Stout, J. M., (Jacksonville,) lot 15, post master and farmer 100.
STROBRIDGE, LYMAN, (Trumansburgh,) farmer 215.
Struple, Warn, (Jacksonville,) (with Harrison L. Tompkins,) farmer leases of W. F. Hill 81.
SULLIVAN, E. S. K., (Ithaca ) lot 25, farmer 119.
Sutton, S., (Jacksonville,) lot 10, farmer 10.
Swartout, Henry C., (Jacksonville,) lot 30, carpenter and farmer 57.
Syke, Wm., (Waterburgh,) foreman in saw mill and millwright.


Taylor, Chas. C., (Jacksonville,) lot 10, blacksmith.
Taylor, Richard C., (Jacksonville,) town clerk.
Teater, C. K., (Jacksonville,) lot 22, farmer 130.
Teed, Eugene S., (Trumansburgh,) harness maker.
Teed, Hannah M. Mrs. (Trumansburgh,) dress maker.
Teed, William H., (Trumansburgh,) fish market and town collector.
Teeter, John, (Trumansburgh,) lot 12, farmer 20.
*THOMPSON & CO., (Trumansburgh,) (Geo. S. Thompson and Richard C. Tompkins,) jewelers.
THOMPSON, GEORGE S., (Trumansburgh,) (Thompson & Co.)
THOMPSON, HENRY M., (Trumansburgh,) farmer 105.
Thompson, John M., (Trumansburgh,) oil dealer and broker.
Thompson, Philman H. Jr., (Trumansburgh,) oil refinery, Irvin, Warren Co., Pa., owns farm 2.
Thompson, Sidney P., (Trumansburgh,) lot 20, farmer 50.
Thorp, Frank A., (Jacksonville,) auctioneer.
Tibbits, Solomon, (Trumansburgh,) stone mason.
Tichenor, Jabez, (Trumansburgh,) lot 6, farmer 21.
Tichenor, Sherman, (Trumansburgh,) retired farmer 16.
*TOMPKINS CO. SENTINEL, (Trumansburgh,) Oscar M. Wilson, editor and proprietor.
TOMPKINS, E. G., (Jacksonville,) lot 30, builder and farmer 100.
Tompkins, Harrison H., (Jacksonville,) (with Warn Struple,) lot 25, leases of W. F. Hill, 81.
TOMPKINS, RICHARD C., (Trumansburgh,) (Thompson & Co.,) musuc dealer.
Trapp, Jestes O., (Waterburgh,) cooper.
TREMAN, ABNER, (Waterburgh,) flour and saw mill.
Treman, Annie Mrs., (Trumansburgh,) farmer 1.
Treman, Erastus R., (Trumansburgh,) milk dealer and farmer 72.
Treman, Jared, (Trumansburgh,) retired miller.
*TREMBLE & BURCH, (Trumansburgh,) (Leroy Trembly and Corydon Burch,) proprietors Washington House.
Trembley, David, (Jacksonville,) lot 14, farmer 50.
TREMBLE, LEROY, (Trumansburgh,) (Trembly & Burch.)
Trotter, A. M., (Ithaca,) farmer 80.
TROUTMAN, DANIEL H, (Trumansburgh,) (Dickerman & Troutman.)
Trowbridge, Headly, (Waterburgh,) lot 11, farmer 7.
Trowbridge, Wm. E., (Perry City, Schuyler Co.,) farmer 68.


Updike, A. G., (Waterburgh,) lot 27, farmer 167.
Updike, Chas., (Trumansburgh,) cooper.
Updike, Isaiah, (Waterburgh,) lot 19, farmer 100.
Updike, Jacob C., (Trumansburgh,) carpenter and builder.
Updike, Jacob P., (Waterburgh,] lot 12, farmer 77.
Updyke, Ralph, (Waterburgh,) lot 19, farmer 100.
*UTTER, D. BENNETT, (Trumansburgh,) carpenter and builder.


Van, Samuel, (Jacksonville,) lot 15, farmer 17.
Van, Samuel R., (Jacksonville,) lot 16, farmer 106.
Van, Thomas, (Jacksonville,) lot 15, farmer 125.
VanAmburg, Chas., (Jacksonville,) lot 29, painter.
VanAmburg, Jacob, (Jacksonville,) lot 29, farmer 30.
Van Auken, John C., (Trumansburgh,) (Cole & Van Auken.)
VAN AUKEN & ROBINSON, (Wm. A. Van Auken &John S. Robinson,) (Trumansburgh,) general merchants.
VAN AUKEN, WM. A., (Trumansburgh,) (Van Auken & Robinson.)
Van Buskirk, John, (Jacksonville,) cabinet maker and undertaker.
Vanderbilt, Jacob, (Jacksonville,) lot 28, farmer l25.
VANDERVEER, T. C., (Jacksonville,) lot 32, farmer 95.
Vandorn, Joseph S., (Jacksonville,) lot 29, farmer 90.
VANDUSEN, MILO, (with Waldron D. Dumont,) (Trumansburgh,) stone quarry & farmer 183.
VANDUYN, CHAS., (Jacksonville,) lot 22, blacksmith.
VanDuyn, Edward, (Waterburgh,) egg merchant.
*VAN DUYN, JOHN, (Trumansburgh,) druggist, and agent for the American Tea Co.
VanKirk, Daniel A., (Jacksonville,) lot 12, farmer 75, also works E. VanKirk's farm 130, lot 21.
Vanliew, A. V., (Waterburgh,) lot 12, farmer 30.
Veeder, Joseph, (Trumansburgh,) farmer 138.


Wager, Charles N., (Trumansburgh,) ( Wager & Moshor.)
Wager & Mosher, (Trumansburgh,) (Charlee N. Wager & Luthan Mosher,) hardware dealers.
WAKEMAN, HARRIS, (Trumansburgh,) retired farmer.
Wakeman, Henry, (Trumansburgh,) (Dumont, Pierson & Co.)
Walker, Alexander, (Jacksonville,) mechanic.
WARD, WM., (Jacksonville,) farmer 110.
WARD, WM. T., (Jacksonville,) lot 31, farmer 100.
Weaver, William W., (Trumansburgh,) grocery.
WESTERVELT, E. Z., (Jacksonville,) farmer 100.
Westervelt, H. R., (Jacksonville,) miller.
Wicks, Silas R., (Trumansburgh,) druggist and W. U. telegraph operator.
Wilcox, Elisha, (Jacksonville,) farmer 40.
Wilcox, J. Osborne, (Trumansburgh,) (Wilcox, Pratt & Co.,) secretary Union agricultural society.
Wilcox, Pratt & Co., (Trumansburgh,) (J. Osborne Wilcox, James R. Pratt & David S. Pratt,) hardware dealers.
Wilcox, Roswell, (Jacksonville,) lot 9, stone quarry and farmer 14.
Wilcox, Thomas, (Jacksonville,) mechanic and farmer 10.
Wilkin, Oliver C. (Trumansburgh,) carpenter.
WILLIAMS, ANDREW J., (Jacksonville,) farmer 67.
Williams, Ella A., (Trumansburgh,) teacher Union School.
Williams, Fayette, (Trumansburgh,) furnature dealer and undertaker.
Williams, Stephen G., (Trumansburgh,) blacksmith.
Willis, John, (Jacksonville,) lot 4, farmer 50.
Wilson, Asa, D., (Trumansburgh,) farmer leases 60.
Wilson, Theodore, (Ithaca,) farmer 45.
*WILSON, OSCAR M., (Trumansburgh,) editor and prop. Tompkins Co. Sentinel.
Willard, William Rev., (Trumansburgh,) retired Methodist clergyman.
WOLVERTON, ASHER, (Trumansburgh,) (Wolverton & Young.)
WOLVERTON & YOUNG, (Trumansburgh,) (Asher Wolverton & Stephen Young,) butchers.
WOOD, CHARLES, (Jacksonville,) lot 21, farmer 60.
Wood, Geo. F., (Jacksonville,) lot 21, wagon maker and farmer 32.
Woodworth, A. B., (Jacksonville,) farmer 214.
Woodworth, A. D., (Trumansburgh,) lot 16, farmer 25.
WOODWORTH, HERMON C., (Trumansburgh,) farmer 4 and 90 in Seneca Co.
Woodworth, John, (Trumansburgh,) teller Henry D. Barto & Co's Bank.
Worden, Willard, (Trumansburgh,) lot 6, speculator.
Wortman, Edward, (Jacksonville,) lot 13, farmer 56.
Wortman, Gabriel, (Trumansburgh,) farmer 94.
Wortman L. H., (Jacksonville,) farmer 64.
WRIXON, DENNIS, (Trumansburgh,) blacksmith.
*WYCKOFF, RICHARD B., (Trumansburgh,) butcher.


Young, Ezra, (Trumansburgh,) general merchant.
YOUNG, STEPHEN, (Trumansburgh,) (Wolverton &Young,) tanner &currier, also inspector of election.

Thank you Carl Hommel for transcribing these records into digital format.

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