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Groton Rural Cemetery (A)

Clark Street, off East Cortland Street (Rt. 222)
Town of Groton, Tompkins County, NY.
Cemetery is active.

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This record is complete through 2003 from cemetery association burial records.

Contact Information: Rosemarie Tucker, Secretary/Treasurer, The Groton Cemetery Association,

photograph of cemetery
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Please use any Notes as a guide only!
(We are currently comparing these new records to the old records and other sources.)


Given Name/Relationship
Residence at Death if Known

Lot and Section

Date of Death and Age
Funeral Home
ADAMS Arthur F., Jr. Lot 128 Sec. SD d. September 29, 2003 ae 93y, Wright-Bear, Cortland, NY
ADAMS Pearl S. Lot 129 Sec. SD44 d. April 23, 1972 ae 58y, Shurtleff, Groton, NY
ADAMS Sarah Lot 28, Sec. D d. September 12, 1868 ae 80y
ADAMS Ustakina A. Lot 6 Sec. E d. September 2, 1903 ae 62y
AIKEN Alice Marian Sec. F d. December 21, 1913 ae 4y 5m 23d
AIKEN Andrew, Groton Lot 12 (47) Sec. C d. January 13, 1943 ae 75y 9m 27d, Booth, Groton, NY
AIKEN Dell Lot 74 Sec. K d. August 18, 1966 ae 56y
AINSWORTH Louise Jane, Caroline, NY Lot 15 Sec. J1/2 d. November 24, 1925 ae 63y, F.D.Gilbert
ALBRO Janette Lot 21A Sec. G d. January 19, 1951 ae 32y 10m 5d, Booth, Groton, NY
ALCORN Celia M. Sub.A Sec. D42X d. March 19, 1978 ae 81y, T.D. Fulton, Groton, NY
ALCORN Clarence D. Lot 42X Sec. D d. October 28, 1954 ae 76y 1m 29d, Booth, Groton, NY
ALCORN Noyes Lavance Lot 42x Sec. D d. March 11, 1986 ae 95, Shurtleff, Genoa, NY
ALCORN Rodney Lot 11 Sec. R3 d. January 21, 1979 ae 57y, Fulton, Groton, NY
ALDRIDGE Jasper Potter�s Field d. July 21, 1883 ae 60y
ALFORD Barbara R.,Virginia Lot 10 Sec. R d. March 2, 2003 ae 55y, cremains over Mattoon, Zirbel, Groton, NY
ALLEN Arthur Duane, Locke, NY Lot. 15, Sec. D d. July 21, 1926 ae 67y, Heisner, Locke, NY
ALLEN Ben Lot 2 Sec. K Cremated, ashes on family lot 1962
ALLEN Bert Lot 56 Sec. F d. May 9, 1989 ae 19y
ALLEN Charles J. Lot 56 Sec. F d. November 28, 1910 ae 67y 1m 10d
ALLEN Claude Dwight Lot 59/60 Sec. F d. December 4, 1933 ae 57y 4m 4d, cremated, Calif.
ALLEN Charlotte Lot 56 Sec. F d. May 16, 1906 age 60y
ALLEN Clarence David Lot 59-60 Sec. F d. December 10, 1952 ae 68y, New Britain, Conn.
ALLEN David Henry Lot 59-60 Sec. F d. November 14, 1913 ae 87y 9m 26d
ALLEN Dewight E. Lot 3 Sub.5 Sec. E d. October 18, 1921 ae 89y, S. Burke Co., Utica
ALLEN Emma Olive Lot 63 sw? Sec. K d. August 13, 1929 ae 83y, Heisner, Locke, NY
ALLEN Eva V. Lot 59-60 Sec. F d. April 10, 1922 ae 70y, Booth, Groton, NY
ALLEN George Lot 15 Sec. D d. October 6, 1867 ae 15y
ALLEN Hattie E. Lot 60 Sec.F d. April 8, 1918 ae 45y 5m 10d, Waterman, Winthrop Mass.
ALLEN Henry Lot 27 Sec. B d. January 2, 1886 ae 84y
ALLEN Mr.,Mrs., & child Lot 15 Sec. D d. November 27, 1868 (no ages given)
ALLEN infant child of D. & E. Sec. I d. August 22, 1873
ALLEN Infant s/o Wm. Lot 13 Sec. B d. August 10, 1863
ALLEN Katharine   d. May 11, 1902 ae 68y
ALLEN Lucy A. Lot 3-4-5-6 Sec. E d. Febuary 28, 1915 ae 81y 9m 9d
ALLEN Martha Jane Lot 15 Sec. D d. November 21, 1943 ae 84y 2m 24d, Heisner, Locke, NY
ALLEN Minnie H. Lot e59/w60 Sec. F d. August 24, 1917 ae 55y, Booth, Groton, NY
ALLEN E. Morton Sec. I d. March 31, 1883 ae 67y
ALLEN Nellie A. Lot 15 Sec. G d. September 4, 1865 ae 8y
ALLEN Nelson Lot 2 Sec. K d. February 11, 1954 ae 70y 5m 18d, Beard, Cortland
ALLEN Nelson M. Lot 13, Sec. B d. June 9, 1862 ae 4y
ALLEN Parma M. Lot 15 Sec. D d. January 5, 1906 ae 82y
ALLEN Roger Lot 93 Sec. K d. February 23, 1973 ae 58y, Shurtleff, Groton, NY
ALLEN Rose I. Lot 59/60 Sec. K d. September 15, 1960 ae 77y, Shurtleff, Groton,NY
ALLEN Sarah J. Sec. B d. May 29, 1879 ae 57y
ALLEN Satira Sec. B d. May 13, 1871 ae 66y
ALLEN Vera B. Lot 2 Sec. K d. May 31, 1975 ae 91y Wright-Beard, Cortland,NY
ALLEN William Lot 13 Sec. B d. February 24, 1866 ae 54y
ALLEN William H. Lot 13 Sec. B d. October 24, 1926 ae 70y, Booth, Groton, NY
ALLEN William Henry Lot 63 sw Sec. K d. July 29,1925 ae 83y, Cutler, Moravia, NY
ALLEN Wilma B. Lot 59 Sec. F d. June 27, 1981 ae 76, cremains, Cedar Lawn, Leona, NJ
ALLIS Charlotte Lot 95 Sec. JK d. June 28, 1851 ae 76y
ALLIS Silas Lot 94 Sec. JK d. September 19, 1852 ae 77y
ALSDORF Terrie S. Lot 194 Sec. SC d. February 21, 1981 ae 22y, McReynolds, Tenn.
AMES Alfred B. Lot 10 Sec. J d. February 8, 1910 ae 79y 3m 8d
AMES Rev. Bishop Sec. f d. March 14, 1875 ae 81y
AMES Eveline Draper Lot 37 Sec. E d. December 6, 1901 ae 53y
AMES Isabela Sec. F d. August 28, 1881 ae 73y
AMES May Ann Lot 52 Sec. I d. February 13, 1892 ae 62y
ANDERSON Edna Lot 11 Sec. F d. March 2, 1911 ae 1y 6m 20d
ANDERSON Lloyd J.   d. August 7, 1913 ae 0y 3m 29d
ANDREWS Blanch A. Avery Lot 27 Sec. B d. December 2, 1897 ae 21y
ANDREWS Dwight Lot 84 Sec. JK d. February 23, 1855 ae 8y
ANDREWS Earl Lot 83 Sec. JK d. June 4, 1858 ae 5y
ANDREWS Eliza J. Lot 11 Sec. E d. April 20, 1903 ae 59y
ANDREWS Ethel Luther Bush Lot 64 Sec. D d. February 15, 1977 ae 81y, Norris, Marcellus, NY
ANGST (Infant) Murphy? Lot 8se � Sec.AB d. July 15, 1937 ae 62 minutes, Wright, Cortland, NY
ANTHONY Alonzo D. Lot 16 ne� Sec. D d. April 27, 1927 ae 82y, W. Cutler, Moravia, NY
ANTHONY (Infant) Lot 16 Sec. D d. October 18, 1881 ae not given
ANTHONY Jay, son of Alonzo Lot 16 Sec. D d. February 25, 1869 ae 3y
ANTHONY Mary Sec. D d. July 16, 1881 ae 38y
ANTHONY Mary Jane Lot 16 Sec. D d. September 21, 1904 ae 76y
ANTHONY Reuben   d. December 12, 1896 ae 74y
ANTHONY Susan Bower Lot 16 Sec. D d. September 20, 1930 ae 82y, Heisner, Locke, NY
ANTHONY William G. Lot 25 Sec. N d. October 26, 1907 age 38y
APGAR Fred R. Lot 3sw, Sec. AB d. April 29, 1938 ae 74y 2m 9d, Booth, Groton, NY
APGAR George Lot 3, Sec. AB d. July 8, 1938 ae 43y, Bryce, Detroit, Mich.
APGAR Jennie L. (Howland)
dau. of George Howland &
Arzelia Evans; wife of
Fred R. Apgar
Lot 3sw 1/3, Sec. AB d. June 9, 1942 ae 74y 8m 18d, Booth, Groton, NY
APGAR John Sec. F d. May 26, 1887 ae not given
APGAR Ruth E. Lot 3 sw Sec. AB d. August 20, 1951 ae 65y 3d, Booth, Groton, NY
APPLEBEE Elisa Ann Sec. I d. November 11, 1883 ae 56y
ARMATAGE Emma May Lot 66 Sec. N d. June 23, 1908 ae 18y 10m
ARMITAGE Phoebe L. Lot 66 Sec. N d. March 15, 1915 ae 43y 5m 20d
ARMITAGE William H. Lot 66, Sec. Nsw no date
ARMSTRONG Amsa Sec. D d. July 28, 1875 ae 79y
ARMSTRONG Abram Lot 56 Sec. K d. December 30, 1929 ae not given, Gilbert, Ithaca, NY
ARMSTRONG Albert E. Sec. E d. March 19, 1886 ae 60y
ARMSTRONG Amsa Sec. D d. February 28, 1875 ae 79y
ARMSTRONG Beulah S. Lot ne Sec. F65 d. April 3, 1973 ae 85y, Shurtleff, Groton, NY
ARMSTRONG Ellen Lot 9x Sec. G d. March 25, 1938 ae 82y 6m 1d, Booth, Groton, NY
ARMSTRONG Emma S. Lot 56ne � Sec. K d. December 26, 1922 ae 54y, Booth, Groton, NY
ARMSTRONG Louise N. Lot 31s1/2 Sec. E d. March 16, 1920 ae 89y, Booth, Groton. NY
ARMSTRONG Susan Sec. D d. March 25, 1887 ae 88
ARNETT Inez Beebe Lot 75 Sec. K d. February 10, 1980 ae 85, Booth, Groton, NY
ASHLEY C. H.   d. January 2, 1901 ae 38y
ASHLEY Eliza Jane Lot 46 Sec. D d. July 14, 1894 ae 72 y
ASHLEY Nina Nye (Mrs.) Lot 46e 1/2 Lot D d. January 31, 1956 ae 90y 11m 28d, Burns-Syr.NY
ASHLEY Sylvanus Lot 46 Sec. D d. November 12, 1895 ae 79y
ASHTON George W. Lot 5 Sec. B d. February 18, 1917 ae 81y, Booth, Groton, NY
ASHTON infant son of J. H. & Gertrude �Sec. B d. June 20, 1875 ae not given
ASHTON James Lot 5 Sec. B d. November 12, 1888 ae 90y
ASHTON S.V. Lot 5 Sec. B d. October 7, 1871 ae 68y
First burial in new cemetery
Lot 52, Sec. D d. September 26, 1858 ae 70y
ATWOOD Adelaide Lot 52 Sec. D d. February 26, 1904 ae 59y
ATWOOD Alonzo D. Lot 11 Sec. JK d. September 9, 1828 ae 3m
ATWOOD Benjamin F. Lot 21 Sec. D d. January 2, 1918 ae 86y, Daniels, Moravia, NY
ATWOOD Chapin Lot 52 Sec. D d. August 16, 1904 ae 85y
ATWOOD Charles Howard   d. August 6, 1902 ae 2y
ATWOOD Clarmeina Lot 21 Sec. D d. April 10, 1919 ae 77y 8m 5d, Daniels, Moravia, NY
ATWOOD Earl M. Lot 1, Sec. N d. March 3, 1920 ae 34y, Booth, Groton, NY
ATWOOD Frank R. Lot 52 Sec. D d. December 19, 1902 ae 51y
ATWOOD Fred Charles Lot 1sub.A Sec. N d. June 15, 1932 ae 73y, Booth, Groton, NY
ATWOOD Mabel (Ina Mabel) Lot 1 Sec. N d. November 16, 1978 ae 94, Wright, Cortland, NY
ATWOOD Marian Sec. D d. January 12, 1872 ae 13y
ATWOOD Mercy Sec. D d. May 24, 1888 ae 82y
ATWOOD Milo Lot 21 Sec. D d. April 27, 1918 ae 56y, E.B. Daniels, Moravia, NY
ATWOOD Minnie V. (Mrs. Frank) Lot 52 Sec. D d. August 4, 1936 ae 78y 6m 24d, Booth, Groton, NY
ATWOOD Naomi Susanna Lot 52 Sec. D d. November 16, 1902 ae 84y
ATWOOD Nellie M. Lot 1 Sec. N d. April 27, 1924 ae 62y, Booth, Groton, NY
AUGST Clifford Eugene Lot 47 Sec. SA d. February 15, 1974 ae?, Died Dade City, FL, D. Wade, Moravia, NY
AUSTIN Albert Alonzo Lot 11 Sec. J d. April 12, 1899 ae 2y
AUSTIN Alice B. Lot 23 Sec. N d. April 23, 1916 ae 69y, R.J. Booth, Groton, NY
AUSTIN Edgar Sherman Lot 64E1/2 Sec. F d. April 19, 1956 ae 89y 7m 9d, Mosher, Auburn, NY
AUSTIN Mary Alice Lot 63 Sec. F d. November 25, 1949 ae 75y 9m 25d, Mosher, Auburn, NY
AVERY Amos Lot 3ne� Sec. K d. January 1, 1903 ae 68y
AVERY Caroline M. Lot 34ne� Sec. K d. September 17, 1913 ae 71y 21d
AVERY Dudley Lot 59 Sec. F d. November 17, 1994 ae 90y, Cedar Lawn, Paterson, NJ (cremated)
AVERY Earl Lot 23, Sec. G d. November 12, 1861 ae5y
AVERY Ed. M. Lot 64W1/2 Sec. F d. October 19, 1947 97y 7m 20d, Schumacker & Mason, Syracuse, NY
AVERY Esther A. Lot 10 Sec. D d. January 21, 1926 ae 86y, Booth, Groton, NY
AVERY Fred A.   d. June 16, 1896 ae 70y
AVERY Hannah Webb Lot 23 Sec. D d. March 24, 1883 ae 77y
AVERY Helen Marian Lot 23 Sec. G d. January 10, 1905 ae 70y
AVERY Jennie A. Lot 2 3 Sec. G d. October 1, 1929 ae 69y, Booth, Groton, NY
AVERY Lina F. Lot 64w1/2 Sec. F d. December 15, 1935 ae 83y, removed from Morningside Cemetery, Syracuse, NY
AVERY Louise Lot 64 Sec. F d. January 10, 1976, ae 67, Pirro & Sons, Syracuse, NY
AVERY Marcus A. Lot 9 Sec. D d. July 2, 1920 ae 88y, Booth, Groton, NY
AVERY Minnie Lot 23 Sec. G d. July 24, 1887 ae 19y
AVERY Oliver Lot 27 Sec. B d. December 5, 1923 ae 87y, Booth, Groton, NY
AVERY William M. Lot 23 Sec. G d. November 25, 1950 ae 91y 3m 9d, Booth, Groton, NY
AYERS Clyde Francis   d. April 14, 1981 ae 76, Booth, Groton, NY
AYERS Hubert E. Lot 7 Sec. A d. March 27, 1979 ae 66y, T.D. Fulton, Groton, NY
AYERS Ida M. Lot 7 Sec. A d. November 24, 1949, R.F. Smith, Deruyter, NY
AYERS Lena V.   d. August 22, 1926 ae 56y, F.D. Gilbert, Ithaca, NY
AYERS Vivian Marie Lot 6 Sec. F d. June 23, 1925 ae 1m, Booth, Groton, NY
AYLESWORTH Florence Lot 24 Sec. SA d. December 20, 1968 ae 73y, Shurtleff, Groton, NY
AYLESWORTH Irving L. Lot 24 Sec. SA d. October 18, 1970 ae 65y, Shurtleff, Groton, NY

Thank you Juanita Griffin for donating the burial records of the Groton Rural Cemetery Association (2004).
Thank you Johnna Armstrong and Cheryl Hall for formatting and coding the file (December 2004).

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