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Groton Rural Cemetery (D)

Clark Street, off East Cortland Street (Rt. 222)
Town of Groton, Tompkins County, NY.
Cemetery is active.

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This record is complete through 2003 from cemetery association burial records.

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(We are currently comparing these new records to the old records and other sources.)


Given Name/Relationship
Residence at Death if Known

Lot and Section

Date of Death and Age
Funeral Home
DALSONLouisa A.Lot 64 Sec. Id. November 23, 1861 ae 20y
DAMERONMartha E.Lot 53 Sec. SEd. October 16, 1996 ae 84y, Zirbel
DAMONAda B. Lot 43 sub2 Sec. Rd. January 4, 2000 ae 91y, Zirbel
DAMONJoyce, Willard, NYLot 42 Sec. R2d. September 29, 1984 ae 52y, Zirbel
DANN Clyde A. Sr.Lot 52 sub. H Sec. Bd. July 12, 1972 ae 62y, Shurtleff
DANN Clyde A., GrotonLot 123 Sec. SFd. January 17, 1991 ae 50y, Shurtleff
DANN Florence L.Lot 52sub H Sec. Bd. February 24, 1979 ae 66y, Fulton/Booth
DANN Infant male, Cortland, NYLot 23/24 Sec. Gd. January 5, 1944, stillborn, RJ. Booth
DANN Melvin R., Cortland, NYLot 9 Sec. Td. January 7, 2003 ae 73y, Zirbel
DANN Stephen WadeLot 23/24 Sec. Gd. August 14, 1965 ae 5 hours, Shurtleff
DANN Thelma E., Groton  d. January 25, 1984 ae 50y, Zirbel
DARLINGAlice J., Ithaca, NYLot 66n1 Sec. Fd. January 16, 1955 ae 89y 5m 19d
DARLINGAmelia A., Mrs., GrotonLot 20sw3 Sec. Nd. November 29, 1936 ae 77y 3m 28d, RJ. Booth
DARLINGCharles A., Groton, NYLot 20sw Sec. Nd. April 21, 1925 ae 71y RJ. Booth
DARLINGFrank S., Cortland, NYLot 45se3 Sec. Nd. May 2, 1922 ae 40y, RJ. Booth
DARLINGFred A. Lot 45 Sec. Nd. October 27, 1960 ae 78y 1m, Shurtleff
DARLINGGeorge HubertLot 40X Sec. Fd. October 9, 1952 ae 9d, RJ. Booth
DARLINGInfant  d. August 16, 1896 ae 9m
DARLINGJuly Rotunda, Groton, NYLot 267 Sec. SHd. March 9, 1985 ae 36y, Perkins, Dryden
DARLINGLacey B., Palmyra, NYLot 66n1 Sec. Fd. February 19, 1918 ae 54y, Silver & Cady, Palmyra
DARLINGMary H.Lot 45 Sec. Nd. May 8, 1972 ae 89y, Shurtleff
DARLINGSarah, Groton, NYLot 45se3 Sec. Nd. June 14, 1933 ae 86y, RJ. Booth
DASKOMIda  d. October 13, 1896 ae 52y
DASSANCEBetty J. Lot 14 Sec. R2d. November 6, 1979 ae 58y, Fulton, Groton
DASSANCEStephen Lot 13 Sec. R2d. February 12, 1973 ae 61y, Shurtleff, Groton
DASSANCEWilliam M.Lot 30 sub div 2 Sec. R.d. May 15, 2000 ae 56y, Landers, Sidney, NY
DATESEtta B., Mrs. John D.Lot 26 Sec. ABd April 11, 1935 ae 62y 9m 16d, RJ. Booth
DATESHelen D., Groton, NYLot 26 Sec. ABd. August 2, 1988 ae 88, (cremains), Wade-Fulton, Groton
DATESInfant maleLot 26 Sec. ABd. January 26, 1941 ae 2hours, RJ. Booth
DATESJohn D., Groton, NYLot 26 Sec. ABd. October 10, 1946 ae 76y 2m 15d, RJ. Booth
DATESJ. Karl, LansingLot 26 Sec. ABd. October 28, 1991 ae 81y, (cremains), Zirbel, Groton
DAUGHERTYJack E. , Groton, NYLot 66 Sec. UFd. December 24, 1999 ae 67y, Zirbel, Groton
DAUGHERTYNorma E. Teeter, GrotonLot 1B Sec. Kd. January 5, 1984 ae 75y, Zirbel, Groton
DAUGHERTYRichard E.Lot 75 Sec. SEd. May 19, 1981 ae 24y, Booth, Groton
DAUGHERTYRobert K. T., GrotonLot 1A Sec. Kd. February 27, 1934 ae 3y, RJ. Booth
DAUGHERTYRobert K.Lot 1B Sec. Kd. June 2, 1974 ae 66y, Shurtleff, Groton
DAVENPORTCarrie, Groton, NYLot 42se3 Sec. Kd. February 15, 1926 ae 60y, RJ. Booth
DAVEY  Lot 2 #3 Sec. A 
DAVEYGeorgy W.Lot 45 Sec. Bd. November 27, 1903 ae 77y
DAVEYG. W. Lot 45 Sec. Bd. 1908 ae 82y
DAVEYMary E.Lot 45 Sec. Bd. February14, 1899 ae 68y
DAVEYMary E.A.Lot 34 Sec. Dd. March 3, 1913 ae 70y 9m 3d
DAVEYWeltha F., Santa Ana, Calif.Lot 22sw3 Sec. Nd. May 9, 1954 ae 91y, Smith & Tuthill, Cal.
DAVIDHorasha B.Potter's Fieldd. April 20, 1891 ae 58y
DAVIDInfant Pd. March 24, 1871 ae not given
DAVIDSInfant Jd. December 30, 1865 ae not given
DAVIDSLyman Potter's Fieldd. November 26, 1873 ae 80y
DAVIDSONHiram, Groton, NYRemoved to Lansingd. December 13, 1944 ae 82y 4m 23d, Booth
DAVISCora J. Lot 24 Sec. Nd. June 17, 1907 ae 30y 7m 5d
DAVISEllen M , Locke, NYLot 313 Sec. Kd. June 30, 1992 ae 73y, Zirbel, Groton
DAVISEmmett M., Groton, NYLot 60ne3 Sec. Nd. June 22, 1937 ae 73y 3m 9d, RJ. Booth
DAVISGeorge E., Locke, NYLot 314 Sec. Kd March 6, 1997 ae 82y, Zirbel, Groton
DAVISJohn Lot 66 Sec. SBd. September 10, 1969 ae 43y, Shurtleff, Groton
DAVISNettie Lot 60ne3 Sec. Nd. June 4, 1959 ae 91y, Booth, Groton
DAWSONRichard WadeLot 1 Row A Baby Sec.d September 15, 1975 ae 2hurs 24min., Perkins, Dryden
DEAN Florence E. Howe, Ithaca, NYLot 30 ne3 Sec. Fd. September 17, 1937 ae 50y 1m 25d, RJ. Booth
DE BRUYNPeter, Freeville, NYLot 22 Sec. UDd. November 13, 2001 ae 75y, Perkins, Dryden
De CAMPL. AlethaLot 33A Sec. Nd. March 6, 1978 ae 79y, Stover, Corning, NY
De CAMPHoward E.Lot 33 Sec. N.d. October 27, 1960 ae 66y, Stover, Corning, NY
DeCAMPRussell C.Lot 265 Sec. SHd. May 22, 1991 ae 74y, Zirbel, Groton, NY
DECKERAlice Belle Watson, IthacaLot 11 Sec. Ed. March 1, 1943 ae 81y 11m 13d, Strong, Dryden
DECKERDelbert H., Groton, NYLot 11 Sec. Ed. June 29, 1947 ae 85y 7m 7d Strong, Dryden
DeGRAWCheslea, Dryden, NYLot 5 Sec. R4d. April 11, 1988 ae 79 Zirbel, Groton, NY
DeGRAWMarvin J., Groton, NYLot 4 Sec. R4d. October 22, 1991 ae 85y, Zirbel, Groton
DeGRAWMilton Oliver, Groton, NYLot 139 Sec. SFd. April 26, 1992 ae 73y, Zirbel, Groton, NY
DeGROATFred, Groton, NYLot 11 #42 Sec. Cd. November 13, 1937 ae 74y, RJ. Booth, Groton
DeLANOCarolineLot 14 Sec. Hd. March 31, 1862 ae 57y
DeLANODaniel Lot 12 Sec. Gd. November 16, 1863 ae 63y
DeLANOD. Fay Lot 12 Sec. Gd. December 6, 1888 ae 29y
DeLANOFrank Lot 12 Sec. Gd. May 3, 1861 ae 6y
DeLANOFranklin W.Lot 15 Sec. Hd. May 2, 1906 ae 65y
DeLANOGenettie W.Sec. Gd. October 6, 1885 ae 82y
DeLANOInfant Sec. Gd. September 23, 1871 ae 2y
DeLANOInfant Sec. Hd. July 1, 1872 ae not given
DeLANOJan Bothwell, Grand Rapids Mich. Lot 12 Sec. Gd. March 4, 1918 ae 85y 5m 1d
DeLANOJennie E., Cortland, NYLot 13 Sec. Dd. April 27, 1918 ae 73y 7m 4d, Beard, Cortland
DeLANOJerome, Brooklyn, NYLot 14 Sec. Hd. June 4, 1928 ae 64y Fairchild, Brooklyn, NY
DeLANOJessie Sec. Hd. March 20, 1881 ae 13y
DeLANOLora S. Sec. Bd. March 5, 1888 ae 85y
DeLANOMartin S.  d. May 4, 1896 ae 67y
DeLANOMinnie, Johnson City, NYLot 14 Sec. Hd. May 19, 1929 ae 69y, Rice, Johnson City, NY
DeLANOSylvanusLot 14 Sec. Hd. November 27, 1866 ae 73y
DELIA Adalina  d. March 12, 1901 ae 19y
DEMICKInfant  d. April 12, 1905 ae not given
DEMONDClair, Groton, NYLot 82B sec. Kd. Feb. 10, 1974 ae 36y, Shurtleff, Groton
DEMONDHarry C., Groton, NYLot 85 Sec. Kd. May 3, 1984 ae 80y, Wright/Beard, Cortland
DEMPSEYEva Jane, Groton, NYLot 123 Sec. SDd. July 17, 1983 ae 81y, Booth, Groton
DEMPSEYHeber R., Groton, NYLot 122 Sec. SDd. July 22, 1981 ae 81y, Booth, Groton
DEMPSEYJames O., CortlandLot 122&123 Sec. SDd. October 15, 1997 ae 73y, (cremains), Bertini, Cortland, NY
DENMANLucretia AnnLot 200 Sec. SCd. April 18, 1979 ae 20y, Fulton, Groton, NY
DENNISDelbert, Groton, NYLot 3subdiv. 1 Sec. Ad. March 18, 1936 ae 69y 2m 17d, RJ. Booth
DENNISEliza JaneLot 3 Sec. Ad. April 1, 1911 ae 79y 6m 23d
DENNISEmma, Ovid, NYLot 4ne3 Sec. ABd. August 26, 1940 ae 75y, Rounds, New Hope, NY
DENNISEmma A., Niles, NYLot 3 subdiv 1 Sec. Ad. September 19, 1938 ae 64y 2m 10d, RJ. Booth
DENNISGeorge, Groton, NYLot 4 nw3 Sec. ABd. January 15, 1932 ae 73y, Rounds, New Hope, NY
DENNISONHannah Lot 13 Sec. JKd. September 6, 1852 ae 3y
DENTONFrederick, Groton, NYLot 13nw3 Sec. Jd. November 6, 1988 ae 92y, Zirbel, Groton
DENTONRuth BacchusLot 13nw3 Sec. Jd October 28, 1980 ae 81y, Booth, Groton
DEVLENCora May, Mrs. EdwardLot 37w1 Sec. Ed. November 18, 1939 ae 70y 2m 22d, RJ. Booth
DEVLENDanielle Alecia, Henrietta, Rochester Lot 312 Sec. Kd. May 31, 1990, infant, Miller, Rochester
DEVLENDorothy L., Groton, NYLot 103 Sec. Kd. February 14, 1997 ae 86y, Zirbel, Groton
DEVLENEdward, Groton, NYLot 37 Sec. Kd. July 11, 1954 ae 83y 11m 10d, RJ. Booth
DEVLENGeorge B.Lot 80 #2 Sec. FAd. September 12, 1981 ae 83y, Booth, Groton
DEVLENLawrenceLot 74C Sec. Kd. November 17, 1970 ae 63y, Shurtleff, Groton.
DEVLENMarian E., Groton, NYLot 80X-2 Sec. FAd. June 16, 1999 ae 95y, Shurtleff, Groton
DEVLENRhoda E., Groton, NYLot 74 subdiv sw3 Sec. K d. May 9, 1997 ae 90y, Shurtleff, Groton
DEWY Raymond C., Groton, NYLot 1 Sec. R4d. October 18, 1986 ae 62y, Wade/Fulton, Groton
DEXTERBenjamin B.Lot 23 Sec. Dd. November 9, 1878 ae 83y
DEXTERMary Lot 38 Sec. JKd. July 12, 1846 ae 49y
DEXTERLydia Lot 37 Sec. JKd. March 12, 1825 ae 52y
DEXTERMerrett Lot 90 Sec. Fd. January 19, 1868 ae 17y
DEXTERStephen Lot 90 Sec. Fd. December 12, 1867 ae 32y
DIAMONDJeremiahLot 37 Sec. Fd. June 8, 1862 ae 73y
DICK Newton T., Groton, NYLot 54n1Sec. Id. September 29, 1919 ae 61y, RJ. Booth
DICK Nettie T., Mrs. Newton, GrotonLot 54n1Sec. Id April 25, 1931 ae 71y, RJ. Booth
DICK Sarah S.Lot 54n1Sec. Id. February 19, 1914 ae 93y 11m 11d
DICKENSEdgar S., Plattsburgh, NYLot 69 Sec. Fd. July 31, 1988 ae 92y, Brown, Plattsburgh
DICKENSEva Lot 69 Sec. Fd. May 31, 1972 ae 73y, T. Rible, Dannemora, NY
DICKENSMildred H.Lot 22 Sec. Fd. January 5, 1981 ae 85y, Wagner
DICKENSLeslie F.Lot 22 Sec. Fd. January 5, 1981 ae 86y, Wagner
DICKENSONGrace S., Groton, NYLot 33A Sec. Nd. March 16, 2001 ae 81y, Wade, Moravia, NY
DICKENSONLois P. Lot 33 sw1 Sec. Ad December 28, 1964 ae 15y 7d, Rolling, Kenmore, NY
DICKENSONWalker S.Lot 8 Sec. Ad. June 30, 1960 ae 76y, Beard, Cortland
DICKENSONWeldon W., Locke, NYLot 33N Sec. Nd. February 20, 1991 ae 73y, Wade, Moravia, NY
DICKERFrederick, M., Stony Brook, NY (Veterans Home) Lot 4subdiv 1 Sec. Rd. May 17, 1997 ae 81y, White, Bayshore, NY
DICKERJudith C.Lot 4 Sec. Rd. August 1, 1983 ae 62y, White, Bay Shore, NY
DICKERMartin Lot 2 Sec. Rd. February 15, 1973 ae 83y, Shurtleff, Groton
DICKERMary H.Lot 1 Sec. Rd. November 22, 1973 ae 84y, Shurtleff, Groton
DICKERSONGrace Louise, Cortland, NYLot 8#3 Sec. Ad. March 10, 1951 ae 65y 1m 3d, Beard, Cortland
DICKERSONMay E., Cortland, NYLot 8#3 Sec. Ad. July 12, 1953 ae 74y 2m 9d, Beard, Cortland
DICKINSONCharles Lot 8 Sec. Ad. February 5, 1894 ae 78y
DICKINSONIrene I, Groton, NYLot 8 ne2 Sec. Ad. September 16, 1923 ae 70y, Beard, Cortland, NY
DICKINSONLouisa Lot 8 Sec. Ad. August 31, 1891 ae 76y
DICKINSONOthello M., Romulus, NYLot 8 ne2 Sec. Ad. May 2, 1923 ae 70y, Beard, Cortland, NY
DICKINSON Vida M. Willard, NYLot 8 ne2 Sec. Ad. April 17, 1936 ae 49y, Beard, Cortland, NY
DIMONAnna M. Groton, NYLot 40se3 Sec. Nd. October 8, 1927 ae 65y, Rounds, Moravia, NY
DIMONCatherine, Groton, NYLot 87w1 Sec. Fd. October 13 , 1921 ae 62y, RJ. Booth, Groton
DIMONDaniel Lot 87 Sec. Fd. November 27, 1884 ae 52y
DIMONDaniel Sr.Lot 87 Sec. Fd. March 9, 1971 ae 83y, Shurtleff, Groton
DIMONDaniel Lot 22 Sec. JKd. May 28, 1851 ae 46y
DIMONGeorge, Plant City, FL25 Sec. AB, George Cooper Lotd. January 28, 1975 ae 86y, McEvoy & Bush, Cortland
DIMONHenry, NY, NYLot 47 Sec. Kd. July 13, 1922 ae 31y, Menory, NY, NY
DIMONHenry, Mrs.Lot 144 Sec. Jd. July 9, 1859 ae not given
DIMONJermiah Lot 37 Sec. Id. April, 14, 1889 ae 69y
DIMONLanla J. , d/o HenryLot 4 Sec. JKd. October 15, 1849 ae 18y 6m
DIMONLottie G., Groton, NYLot 47 Sec. Kd. December 28, 1949 ae 77y 5m 5d, RJ. Booth
DIMONMary L., Schenectady, NYLot 25subw1d. October 16, 1984 ae 90y, Wright Beard, Cortland
DIMONNancy Sec. Id. January 31, 1879 ae 65y
DIMONPrudence, Groton, NYLot 87 Sec. Fd. October 26, 1917 ae 87y, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
DIMONVirginiaLot 87 Sec. Fd. June 17, 1974 ae 59y, Shurtleff, Groton
DIMONWilliam, Groton, NYLot 87 Sec. Fd. October 25, 1931 ae 73y, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
DIMONDHannah Sec. Hd. April 5, 1871 ae 77y
DISONGeorge Lot 55 Sec. N Soldiers Lot d. September. 30, 1974 ae 81y, Booth, Groton, NY
DITTMANAllen NolanLot 231 Sec. SHd. January 20, 1984 ae 67y, Wright Beard, Cortland
DIXONEdith V., Pittston, PALot 37 Sec. Dd. July 13, 1923 ae 50y, H.R. House, Pittston, PA
DOTY Sylvia McIntyreLot 52 Sec. SAd. August 5, 1981 ae 58y, Wright Beard, Cortland
DOUGHTYIva N., Cedar Park, TexasLot 60Sub I Sec. Nd. November 30, 2000 ae 91y, Zirbel, Groton, NY
DOWNERWaylandLot 90 Sec. JK d. January 30, 1848 ae 2y
DOWNINGJerome H.  d. July 29, 1893 ae 1m 19d
DOWNING Marshall A.Lot 12 Sec. Bd. December 6, 1909 ae 48y 8m 28d
DOWNINGMary E., Groton, NYLot 12 Sec. Bd. June 28, 1928 ae 66y, R.J. Booth, Groton
DOYLEAudrey C., King Ferry, NYLot 65 Sec. Kd. August 30, 2003 ae 85y, Lansing Funeral Home, Lansing, NY
DOYLECarrie Belle, Groton, NYLot 65se3 Sec. Kd. July 5, 1985 ae 91y, Zirbel, Groton, NY
DOYLEFred E., Groton, NYLot 65e1 Sec. Kd. December 2, 1987 ae 93y, Zirbel, Groton, NY
DOYLEFrederick Eugene Jr., GrotonLot 65e1 Sec. Kd. May 21, 1944 ae 1y 4m 8d, R.J. Booth, Groton
DRAKEChas. Fred, Groton, NYLot 36nw corner Sec. K d. August 12, 1944 ae 63y 5m 21d, Booth
DRAKEDonald Lot 32 Sec. SBd. March 12 1968 ae 39y, Shurtleff, Groton
DRAKEDora B. , Groton, NYLot 70sw3d. April 28, 1980 ae 95y, Booth, Groton, NY
DRAKEEdwin T., Ithaca, NYLot 79sw3d. July 3, 1934 ae 26y, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
DRAKEEmm W., Locke, NYLot 1 Sec. JAd. August 31, 1946 ae 82y 4m 18d, Wade, Locke
DRAKEEsther L.Lot 52subJ Sec. Bd. October 12, 1959 ae 30y, Booth, Groton, NY
DRAKEHelen E., Locke, NYLot 1 Sec. JAd. December 13, 1945 ae?, Wade, Moravia, NY
DRAKEIda Anne, Mrs. Fred, CortlandLot 36nwcorner Sec. Kd. November 17, 1945 ae 70y 9m 10d, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
DRAKEJames Wallace (Wally)Lot 17 Sec. R2d. May 27, 1975 ae 50y, D. Fulton, Groton, NY
DRAKEJesse M., Ithaca, NYLot 18 Sec R2d. June 8, 1986 ae 58 Wagner, Ithaca
DRAKEWalter JohnLot 7 Sec. R3d. April 24, 1976 ae 53y Fulton, Groton
DRAKEOlia A.K., Groton, NYLot 2 Sec. Ad. February 28, 1920 ae 30y, RJ. Booth, Groton
DRAKERay J, Cortland, NYLot 70sw3 Sec. Kd. October 4, 1044 ae 56y 6m 13d, RJ. Booth, Groton
DRAKESamuel H., Groton, NYLot 12/2 Sec. Ad. May 6, 1954 ae 67y 8m 22d, RJ. Booth
DRAPERAlma, infantLot 6 Sec. Id. August 15, 1878
DRAPERAlvira, infantLot 6 Sec. Id. September 5, 1878
DRAPEREgbert Lot 18/19 Sec. Jd. October 31, 1907 ae 68y
DRAPERInfant Lot 19 Sec. Id. November 29, 1867
DRAPERLaura Francis, Danbury CT.Lot 61 Sec. Id. July 23, 1923 ae 79y, Reynolds, Danbury, CT
DRAPERLewis Earl, Danbury, CT.Lot 61 Sec. Id. April 5, 1919 ae 74y 1m 3d Reynolds
DRAPERMartha Lot 6 Sec. Id. July 17, 1870 ae 70y
DRAPERMary A., NY, NYLot 19n1 Sec. Jd. December 27, 1933 ae 90y 1m 2d, Nelson, NY, NY
DRAPERMary K., Homer, NYLot 16sw Sec. Cd. November 15, 1926 ae 70y, Beard, Cortland, NY
DRAPERNeva (Close Lot)Lot 18/19 Sec. Id. December 27, 1957 ae 82y, Graham, NY, NY
DURCKENFIELDWillard Lot 38 Sec. Dd. September 23, 1914 ae 54y 3m 14d
DUSENBURYEliza Lot 57 Sec. Dd. April 19, 1868 ae 54y
DURMICKInfant Lot 18 Sec. Gd. November 1, 1889 ae 10m
DURRYEmma M., GrotonLot 57n1 Sec. Nd. February 16, 1926 ae 90y, RJ. Booth
DYE Abigal AveryLot 47 Sec. Fd. November 24, 1911 ae 83y 11m 10d
DYE BenjaminLot 89 Sec JKd. February 14, 1848 ae not given
DYE David E.Lot 5 Sec. Dd. October 1, 1914 ae 66y 12d
DYE Ellen M Lot 11 Sec. Dd. April 17, 1905 ae 41y
DYE Elwin E., Groton, NYLot 47w1 Sec. Fd. May 17, 1948 ae 89y 7m 16d RJ. Booth
DYE Henry Anson, Auburn, NYLot 5 Sec. Dd. April 9, 1927 ae 46y, Langham, Auburn
DYE JeremiahSec. Dd. April 26, 1871 ae 67y
DYE Mary Sec. Dd. May 24, 1873 ae not given
DYE Nancy Beach, Mrs. Elwin E.Lot 47 Sec. Fd. June 3, 1945 ae 80y 11m 10d RJ. Booth
DYE Sarah Wyckoff, N. Lansing, NY Lot 5 Sec. Dd. December 21, 1916 ae 62y, RJ. Booth, Groton
DYER ElizabethLot33/ 34 Sec. Rd. December 31, 1975 ae 76y, Wade, Moravia
DYER Ray S. Sr.Lot 33/34 Sec. R.d. June 10, 1965 ae not given, Bruck, Kingston, NY

Thank you Juanita Griffin for donating the burial records of the Groton Rural Cemetery Association (2004).
Thank you Johnna Armstrong and Cheryl Hall for formatting and coding the file (December 2004).

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