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Groton Rural Cemetery (F)

Clark Street, off East Cortland Street (Rt. 222)
Town of Groton, Tompkins County, NY.
Cemetery is active.

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This record is complete through 2003 from cemetery association burial records.

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Please use any Notes as a guide only!
(We are currently comparing these new records to the old records and other sources.)


Given Name/Relationship
Residence at Death if Known

Lot and Section

Date of Death and Age
Funeral Home
FAIRCHILDHoxie N.Lot 2 Sec. HCremains 1973
FAIRCHILDHoxie Mary, NY, NYLot 2 Sec. Hd. October 17, 1930 ae 7y 5m 25d, Reed, New York, NY
FAIRCHILDMary TannerLot 2 Sec. Hd. April 1, 1981 ae 88y, cremains, Garfield Funeral Home
FAIRCLOUGHEmma A.Lot 14 Sec. Dd. March 18, 1915 ae 52y 26d
FAIRCLOUGHIdaLot 12 Sec. Dd. February 9, 1893 ae 37y
FARGOClaraLot 23e1 Sec. Jd. November 3, 1981 ae 87y, Gates, Baldwinsville, NY
FARGOT. RussellLot 23e1 Sec. Jd. March 26, 1973 ae 74y, Gates, Baldwinsville, NY
FARRINGTONEdan M., Mrs. JohnLot 22 sw3 Sec. Kd. June 27, 1945 ae 55y 9m 22d, RJ. Booth, Groton
FARRINGTONJohn RudyLot 22 sw3 Sec. Kd. December 8, 1959 ae 67y, Carter
FATHERMyLot 87 Sec. JK 
FEINGELLLeonaSec. Gd. February 8, 1873 ae 37y
FENNERHarriet M, Ithaca, NYLot 33n1 Sec. Id. January 19, 1921 ae 50y, Gilbert, Ithaca, NY
FENNERKenneth E.Lot 33 Sec. J or Id. Sept 21, 1909 ae 1y 6m
FENNERWalter J., Groton, NYLot 33n1 Sec. Id. Mar. 8, 1946 ae 70y, Perkins, Dryden, NY
FERGUSONFrancis M., Groton, NYLot 7n1 Sec. Nd. December 11, 1930 ae 80y, RJ. Booth, Groton
FERGUSONFredLot 18se Sec. Kd. February 16, 1958 ae 75y 7m 27d, RJ. Booth, Groton
FERGUSONHulda, Groton, NYLot 7n1 Sec. Nd. December 3, 1931 ae 79y, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
FERGUSONMattie A., Groton, NYLot 14s1 Sec. Kd. May 11, 1927 ae 75y, RJ. Booth, Groton
FERGUSONSarahLot 18 Sec. Kd. September 20, 1969 ae 87y, Lankton & Cronk, Utica, NY
FERNEYHOUGHAlfred B.Lot 6 Sec. Gd. December 16, 1958 ae 72y, Wright, Cortland
FERNEYHOUGHLeslie F.Lot 6 Sec. Gd. January 11, 1968 ae 51y, Wright, Cortland
FERRELLDonald B., Zephyrhills, FL.Lot 106 Sec. SDd. May 2, 2001 ae 85y, (cremains), Zirbel, Groton, NY
FERRELLPaul L. Lot 55/56 Sec. N
(b next to Thurston)
Soldiers Lot
d. January 9, 1968 ae 55y, Shurtleff, Groton, NY
FERRELLRuth J., Groton, NYLot 107 Sec. SDd. May 8, 1989 ae 73y, Zirbel, Groton
FERRISMarshall C.Lot 22sw3 Sec. Nd. October 20, 1915 ae 55y
FERRISWilliam O., Groton, NYLot 210 Sec. SGd. November 19, 2002 ae 81y, Zirbel, Groton, NY
FESSLEREffie P., Cortland, NYLot 61e1 Sec. Kd. September 10, 1942 ae 79y 8m 13d, RJ. Booth
FESSLERHerman S.Lot 61e1 Sec. Kd. July 31, 1968 ae 62y, Langham, Auburn, NY
FESSLERHoward R., Onondaga, NYLot 61e1 Sec. Kd. June 28, 1929 ae 64y, Delaney& Hodge, E. Syracuse, NY
FESSLEROrpha Merrill (Peggy)Lot 61e1 Sec. Kd. August 11, 1981 ae 75y, Wade, Moravia, NY
FESSLERJ. Potter, Altamont, NYLot 61e1 Sec. Kd. December 9, 1924 ae 24y, Deslear, Tupper Lake, NY
FIELDElisha, Elmira, NYLot 6 Sec. Bd. January 4, 1945 ae 101y 9m 3d, Holly, Elmira, NY
FIELDGeorge N., San Francisco, CALot 7 Sec. Bd. May 1, 1922 ae 51y, cremains
FIELDGrace A.Lot 82 Sec. Fd. September 3, 1865 ae 8m
FIELDMartha WoodburyLot 7 Sec. Bd. January 5, 1915 ae 73y
FIESINGERDoris C., cremainsLt 23 Sec. Nd. January 17, 1984 ae 70y Perkins, Dryden, NY
FINKAlice M., Mrs, GrotonLot 7sw3 Sec. Kd. May 5, 1931 ae 67y, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
FINKWilburt A., Groton, NYLot sw3 Sec. Kd. August 30, 1932 ae 73y, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
FINNHaroldLot 76B Sec. Kd. April 21, 1973 ae 80y, Shurtleff, Groton
FINNMabel H.Lot 76B Sec. Kd. July 8, 1970 ae 83y, Shurtleff, Groton
FINNEYFrances, Upper Montclair, NJ.Lot 5 Sec. Hd. March 5, 1931 ae 80y 5m, Brown, Upper Montclair, NJ
FINNEYMary E.  d. July 2, 1895 ae 80y
FINNEYRichardLot 5 Sec. Hd. October 24, 1861 ae26y
FINNEYUriSec. Hd. April 2, 1876 ae 71y 10d
FISHAlexander E., Groton, NYLot 50s1 Sec. Kd. April 9, 1931 ae 75y, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
FISHAnn L., Groton, NYLot 50s1 Sec. Kd. February 8, 1918 ae 73y, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
FISHClara A.Lot 1 Sec. Ed. February 21, 1900 ae 63y
FISHDolly, Groton, NY Lot 56nw3 Sec. Kd. December 22, 1950 ae 82y 9m 3d, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
FISHFloyd, Groton, NYLot 56nw3 Sec. Kd. October 12, 1934 ae 43y 8m 25d, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
FISHLeon E., Groton, NYLot 50s Sec. Kd. August 7, 1954 ae 72y 5m 21d, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
FISHLorenzoLot 1 Sec. Ed. October 10, 1895 ae 70y
FISHMaie E., Groton, NYLot 50s1 Sec. Kd. March 19, 1954 ae 73y 9m 7d, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
FISHPauline E.Lot 56 Sec. Kd. December 23, 1958 ae not given, R. Booth, Groton, NY
FISHERE.F. Mrs.Lot 66 Sec. Nd. March 26, 1911 ae 29y
FISHERHelen, Groton, NYLot 6n1 Sec. Dd. November 28, 1916 ae 73y, RJ. Booth, Groton NY
FISHERJoseph W.Lot 6 Sec. Dd. January 25, 1899 ae 61y
FITCHPATRICKCarleton E., Groton, NYLot 75 Sec. Kd. November 8, 1939 ae 22y 3m 29d, RJ. Booth, Groton
FITCHPATRICKCharles T., Groton, NYLot 75se3 Sec. Kd. October 26, 1945 ae 52y 4m 27d, RJ. Booth, Groton
FITCHPATRICKDorothy M.Lot 75 Sec. Kd. January 26, 1978 ae 80y, Fulton, Groton, NY
FITTSLeonaLot 11 Sec. Kd. August 15, 1964 ae 77y, Beard, Cortland, NY
FITZWATERJack EdwardLot 15 Sec. R2d. December 13, 1974 ae 38y, Booth, Groton, NY
FLAIRCLOUGHThomas, County Home, UlyssesLot 12 Sec. Dd. January 20, 1925 ae 69y, Gilbert Ithaca, NY
FLEMINGMaude, Summerhill, NYLot 27 Sec. Dd. June 8, 1941 ae 75y 10m 4d, Rounds, New Hope, NY
FLEMINGRichardLot 27 Sec. Dd. November 29, 1867 ae not given
FLEMMINGR. S. Mrs.Lot 27 Sec. Dd. June 22, 1906 ae 62y
FLENARDECharlesLot 62 Sec. Nd. November 23, 1908 ae 84y
FLESHERWilliam Monroe, Geneva, NYLot 20 sw3 Sec. ABd. September 16, 1998 ae 77y, (cremains), Coe-Genung, Waterloo, NY
FOGERTYBen F.Lot 69 Sec. Fd. January 1, 1927 ae 69y, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
FOGERTYMinnie M. (Bothwell Lot)Lot 69 Sec. Fd. March 29, 1964 ae 94y 3m 7d, T.A. Rible, Dannemora, NY
FOGERTYNellie, L. Cortland, NYLot 69nw3 Sec. Fd. August 1989 ae 107y, Zirbel, Groton, NY
FOLEYDana William, Cortland, NYLot 14e1 Sec. Jd. March 13, 1926 ae 56y, Myell, W. Palm Beach, FL
FOLEYMatthew H.Lot 14 Sec. Jd. February 4, 1909 ae 67y
FOLEYMillicent D., Cortland, NYLot 14 Sec. Jd. July 5, 1921 ae 73y, Wright, Cortland
FOLEYRobert A., Cortland, NYLot 14e1 Sec. Jd. December 10, 1957 ae 71y, Beard, Cortland, NY
FONDAGeorge, Ithaca, NYLot 11sw3 Sec. ABd. June 13, 1943 ae 7y 4m, Bangs, Ithaca, NY
FONDAPauline R., Syracuse, NYLot 11sw3 Sec. ABd. January 27, 1988 ae 75y, Wade-Fulton, Groton, NY
FOOTIsaacLot 19 Sec. Id. June 20, 1867 ae 83y
FOOTEFred J.Lot 3 Sec. Ad. September 10, 1967 ae 86y, Perkins, Dryden, NY
FOOTEFlora Ernst, Etna, NYLot 3 sec. Ad. February 17, 1953 ae 72y 8m 14d, Perkins, Dryden, NY
FOOTELorena Hall, Dryden, NYLot 13 Sec. Dd. July 31, 1943 ae 65y 1m 20d, Perkins, Dryden, NY
FORBESElizabeth C., Groton, NYLot 38nw1 Sec. Fd. March 1, 1953 ae 89y 1m 12d RJ. Booth, Groton
FORDInfantLot 16 Sec. Id. January 2, 1868
FORDInfantSec. Id. August 11, 1875
FORDInfantSec. 1d. April 11, 1877
FORDM. Leigh, Groton, NYLot 7 Sec. JAd. September 21, 1948 ae 64y, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
FORDNellie Miller, Groton, NYLot 6 Sec. JAd. December 15, 1978, (cremains), Florida
FORSHEEHelen Ferrell (Culver)Lot 23 Sec. Nd. October 23, 1981 ae 65y, Perkins, Dryden, NY
FORTAlice, M.B.Lot 22 Sec. Bd. October 28, 1900 ae 39y
FOSTERCora A., Groton, NYGoodyear Mausoleum d. Feb. 18, 1920 ae 63y, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
FOSTERWillard, Groton, NYLot 31 Sec. Nd. Oct. 19, 1920 ae 2 hours, Grow, Auburn, NY
FOXAlfredLot 39Xs Sec. Fd. May 31, 1962 ae 60y, John Covert, Ovid
FOXCharles W.Lot 14 e1 Sec. Fd. January 16, 1914 ae 35y 10m 25d
FOXDonald George, Groton, NYLot 18 A/B Sec. Kd. October 9, 1950 ae 4 hours, RJ. Booth
FOXEleanorLot 14 Sec. Fd. January 18, 1911 ae 2d
FOXFredaLot 14 Sec. Fd. October 25, 1909 ae 4y
FOXWallace A., Jr., Cortland, NYLot 18 sub AB Sec. Kd. August 22, 1997 ae 75y, Wright-Beard, Cortland, NY
FRADYAlma L., Groton, NYLot 18X1 Sec. Dd. April 17, 1954 ae 34y 3d, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
FRADYDouglas H., Cortland, NYLot 47 Sec SBd. March 26, 2000 ae 58y, Zirbel, Groton, NY
FRANCISCharles L.Lot 8 Sec. Ad. October 16, 1905 ae 67y
FRANCISDavid W., Groton, NYLot 51e1 Sec. Nd. January 4, 1921 ae 64y, RJ. Booth, Groton
FRANCISElla M., Groton, NYLot 51e1 Sec. Nd. April 6, 1921 ae 62y, RJ. Booth, Groton
FRANCISJane (Irene)Lot 8 Sec. Ad. November 6, 1909 ae 78y 11m 3d
FREELANDD. W., Mr.Lot 47 Sec. Bd. November 10, 1861 ae 31y
FREESEEmma GoodyearLots 1-2-3-d. March 25, 1911 ae 60y
FREESEWilliam H., Canton, OHGoodyear Mausoleumd. March 20, 1921 ae 84y, Seeholtz, Canton, OH
FRENCHFrank B.Lot 3 Sec. Dd. January 24, 1899 ae 44y
FRENCHFlora, Mrs., NY City, NYLot 25 Sec. Fb. April 14, 1945, Fairchild, New York, NY
FRENCHGrace Ann Houton, GrotonLot 153 Sec. SCd. June 14, 1990 ae 60y, Zirbel, Groton, NY
FRENCHHarry S., Groton, NYLot 12 Sec. R3d. September 15, 1986 ae 80y, Zirbel, Groton, NY
FRENCHJames Benton, NY City, NYLot 25 Sec. Fd. December 2, 1947 ae 84y 2m 20d, RJ. Booth, Groton
FRENCHRichard L., Groton, NYLot 154 Sec. SCd. February 8, 1990 ae 75y, Zirbel, Groton, NY
FRENCHRuth  d. March 15, 1901 ae 2y 6m
FRENCHSaphroniaLot 3 Sec. Dd. March 5, 1894 ae 75y
FRENCHSusanne H., Chicago, ILLot 25 Sec. Fd. June 25, 1999 ae not given, (cremains),
Rago, Chicago, IL
FRENCHSylvia, Mrs. RichardLot 155 Sec. SCd. January 21, 1974 ae 51y, Shurtleff, Groton, NY
FRENCHThomas Morton, Dr.Lot 25 Sec. F, James B. Lot, cremains
FRENCHWilliam GilmoreLot 25 Sec. Fcremated April 15, 1975
FREYTAGPhilip M., Groton, NYLot 60C Sec. Nd. June 19, 1987 ae 67y, Wade-Fulton, Groton, NY
FULKERSONInfant, Dryden, NYLot 7esubdiv F Sec. Fd. July 22, 1921 ae 0, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
FULLEREmilySec. Fd. September 29, 1885 ae 24y
FULLERHarold V., Groton, NYLot 47 sub E1 Sec. Fd. November 28, 1987 ae 91y, Zirbel, Groton, NY
FULLERIrving Chapman, Groton, NYLot 47e1 Sec. Fd. January 5, 1919 ae 60y, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
FULLERLeslie Chapman, Groton, NYLot 47e1 Sec. Fd. December 2, 1918 ae 18y 10m 5d, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
FULLERLucinda  d. August 3, 1895 ae 71y
FULLERLydia A.  d. June 1, 1911 ae 65y 3m 25d
FULLERNellie E., Mrs. Harold, GrotonLot 47 e1 Sec. Fd. January 7, 1997 ae 93y, Zirbel, Groton, NY
FULLERPercival F., Syracuse, NYLot 35 Sec. Nd. March 7, 1937 29y
FUNNELLLuellaLot 10 Sec. Fd. January 14, 1904 ae 15y
FURRERArmin, Sr.Lot 44c,Grave 3 Sec. B d. December 3, 1970, (cremains)
FURRERJamesLot 44c Grave CE Sec. B d. May 8, 1957 ae 2y 5m 5d, French, Truxton
FURRERSophie, cremainsLot 44c Grave 3 Sec. B d. July 4, 1972, interred Oct. 1973 ae not given

Thank you Juanita Griffin for donating the burial records of the Groton Rural Cemetery Association (2004).
Thank you Johnna Armstrong and Cheryl Hall for formatting and coding the file (December 2004).

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