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Groton Rural Cemetery (G)

Clark Street, off East Cortland Street (Rt. 222)
Town of Groton, Tompkins County, NY.
Cemetery is active.

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This record is complete through 2003 from cemetery association burial records.

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(We are currently comparing these new records to the old records and other sources.)


Given Name/Relationship
Residence at Death if Known

Lot and Section

Date of Death and Age
Funeral Home
GAGNONBertha M., Cortland, NYRemoved to S. Lansing, NY d. March 5, 1944 ae 65y 3m 26d, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
GALBRAITHInfant MaleLot 6 Sec. Ad. August 24, 1982, Stillborn, Wade, Moravia, NY
GALEAmelia D.Lot 16 Sec. Bd. March 16, 1903 ae 69y
GALEBeryl C. (Childs)Lot 9 Sec. J (Cremains)d. September 1, 1976 ae 79y, Greenleaf, Syracuse, NY
GALEElla, Groton, NYLot 9 Sec. J d. October 4, 1929 ae 70y, RJ. Booth, Groton
GALEEugene Mead, Locke, NYLot 4subdiv.11 Sec. E.d. June 9, 1934 ae 71y 10m 23d, Heisner, Locke, NY
GALEInezLot 9 Sec. Jd. February 22, 1963 ae 90y, Shurtleff, Groton, NY
GALELydiaSec. Bd. March 15, 1873 ae not given
GALEManly M.,Lot 9 Sec. J d. August 18, 1982 ae not given, (cremains), Greenleaf, Syracuse, NY
GALEManly P.Lot 9 Sec. Jd. November 12, 1904 ae 69y
GALEMary B., Groton, NYLot 9 Sec. Jd. April 23, 1924 ae 90y, RJ. Booth, Groton
GALEMary J., Groton, NYLot 9 Sec. Jd. October 10, 1992 ae 94y, Zirbel, Groton, NY
GALEMildred E.Lot 9 Sec. Jd. September 16, 1981 ae 77y, Black Funeral Home, Cincinnatus, NY
GALEPollyLot 10 Sec. JKd. April 15, 1822 ae 39y
GALESarah JaneLot 3/4/5/6/subdiv 11Sec. E d. April 3, 1915 ae 89y
GALEWalter B., Groton, NYLot 9 Sec. Jd. July 13, 1940 ae 71y 5m 13d, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
GALEWilliamLot 9 Sec. JKd. April 11, 1850 ae 70y
GALEZenosLot 4 Sec. Ed. October 8, 1883 ae 59y
GALLOWEvelyn S.Lot 80 Sec. SEd. August 13, 1981 ae 82y, Booth, Groton, NY
GALLOWEmily Grace, Groton, NYLot 212 Sec. SGd. August 23, 2003 ae infant, Zirbel, Groton, NY
GALLOWFloyd D., Cortland, NYLot 60 Sec. R3d. August 9, 1987 ae 60y, Wright Beard, Cortland, NY
GALLOWJay A.Lot 96 Sec. SDd. March 20, 1971 ae 68y, Shurthleff, Groton, NY
GALLOWMyrtle J. (Rogers),Groton, NYLot 97 Sec. SDd. June 20, 1984 ae 76y, Zirbel, Groton, NY
GALLOWRayLot 79 Sec. SEd. July 15, 1982 ae 79y, Zirbel, Groton, NY
GALUSHADavid K., Groton, NYLot 15 Sec. Nd. September 24, 1930 ae 69y, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
GALUSHAElizabeth C., E. Syracuse, NYLot 15 sec. Nd. May 7, 1988 ae 69y, Delaney & Greabell, E. Syracuse
GALUSHAMinnie E.Lot 15 Sec. Nd. October 21, 1907 ae 41y 6m
GALUSHANewton C.Lot 15 Sec. Nd. February 13, 1983 ae 90y, Booth, Groton, NY
GALUSHARaymond D. Ovid, NYLot 15nw1 Sec. Nd. May 25, 1988 ae 88y, Covert, Ovid, NY
GAMELAlice T., Groton, NYLot 12 Sec. SBd. October 23, 1987 ae 87y, Wade-Fulton, Groton, NY
GAMELBruceLot 12 Sec. SBd. December 11, 1968 ae 71y, Shurtleff, Groton, NY
GANOUNGGeorge Franklin, Dryden, NYLot 5sw3 Sec. ABd. January 7, 1947 ae 63y 3m 5d, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
GARDNERDonald, Port Orange, FlLot 33 Sec. SBd. October 15, 1991 ae? (Cremains), Cardwell, Port Orange, FL
GARDNERPhyllis D., DeLeon Spring, Fl.Lot 33 Sec. SB d. January 13, 2001 ae 69y, (cremains), Daytona Beach, FL
GARRETTNorman W. Sr., Groton, NYLot 89 Sec. Kd. April 24, 1995 ae 54y, Zirbel, Groton, NY
GASCONChester J., Ithaca, NYLot 9grave #2 Sec. Cd. September 8, 1937 ae 6y 7m 14d, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
GASCONUna May, Groton, NYLot 9grave #2 Sec. Cd. August 27, 1937 ae 2y 8m 20d, R J. Booth, Groton, NY
GASTONEtta, Groton, NYLot 63ne3 Sec. Kd. Nov. 24, 1919 ae 69y, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
GASTONJames, Cortland, NYLot 63ne3 Sec. Kd. November 21, 1933 ae 83y 1m 10d, Edw. Frank, Union Springs, NY
GATESDella O., Syracuse, NYBuried elsewhereb. March 11, 1931
GATESDonald StephenLot 34 Sec. Kd. January 15, 1908 ae 6m
GATESHarold HartleyLot 34 Sec. Kd. September 1, 1903 ae 4d
GATESHartley M., Ithaca, NYLot 34sw3 Sec. Kd. February 16, 1938 ae 73y 4m 7d, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
GATESHelen MariaLot 34 Sec. Kd. February 28, 1905 ae 4m
GATESMyron E., Syracuse, NYBuried elsewhered. March 15, 1931 ae 67y 26d
GAVRASJohn G., Groton, NYLot 26 Sec. R2d. November 26, 1983 ae 86y, Zirbel, Groton, NY
GAVRASMargaret L.Lot 27 Sec. R2d. January 31, 1985 ae 81y, Zirbel, Groton, NY
GEAGANFrank, Ulysses, NYLot 15e Sec. Fd. October 5, 1917 ae 59y, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
GEBINSMary M.Sec. Ed. March 14, 1877 ae 38y
GEDNEYWebsterLot 4 Sec. R2d. July 13, 1969 ae 53y, Shurtleff, Groton, NY
GEGGJennie A.Lot 11 Sec. Ad. May 7, 1907 ae 66y 3m 7d
GERRARDJeffry PaulLot 22-24 Sec. Kd. April 1, 1968 ae 3m 1d, Shurtleff, Groton, NY
GIBBSJamesLot 57 sec. Dd. October 27, 1863 ae 74y
GIBBSJamesLot 58 Sec. Dd. October 1864 ae 48y
GIBBSMary, Battle Creek, Mich.Lot 57n2 Sec. Dd. January 24, 1921 ae 70y, Hebble, Battle Creek
GIBBSNancySec. Dd. April 1, 1869 ae 52y
GIBBSNormanLot 57 Sec. Dd. December 4, 1910 ae 81y
GIBBSOlin W.Sec. Dd. February 3, 1888 ae 68y
GIBSONAgnes Boyle, Groton, NYLot 133 Sec. SDd. September 30, 1988 ae 77y, Perkins, Dryden, NY
GIBSONCharles, Groton, NYLot 2 ne3 Sec. Fd. September 25, 1927 ae 75y, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
GIBSONEddLot 3 Sec. Fd. May 8, 1900 ae 75y
GIBSONEdwinLot 10 Sec. Fd. April 25, 1907 ae 84y
GIBSONSarah Jane, Groton, NYLot 13e Sec. Fb. February 12, 1919 ae 82y, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
GIBSONThireraLot 3 Sec. Fd. February 8, 1899 ae 79y
GIFFORDGeorge M.Lot 30 Sec. Dd. June 18, 1910 ae 72y 8m 24d
GIFFORDJohn C., Ithaca, NYLot 30w1 Sec. Dd. Nov. 6, 1951 ae 84y 6m 2d, Wagner, Ithaca, NY
GIFFORDMalissaLot 30 Sec. Dd. February 15, 1896 ae 57y
GIFFORDSophia, M., Cortland, NYLot 30w1 Sec. Dd. June 14, 1926 ae 76y, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
GILBERTCarolynLot 31-32 Pedersen Lot Sec. R d. October 3, 1968 ae 42y 29d, Bush, Cortland, NY
GILCHRISTInfantLot 42s1 Sec. Nd. March 18, 1911, ae stillborn
GILLAMAnnette, Syracuse, NYLot 49 Sec. Id. November 29, 1944 ae?, Mason-Schumacher, Syracuse, NY
GILLAMW. Sloan, Locke, NYLot 49 Sec. Id. December 19, 1931 ae 75y, Heisner, Locke, NY
GILLENMiloLot 14 Sec. Nd. March 29, 1900 ae 44y
GILLENRosa Jane, Groton, NYLot 14w1 Sec. Nd. December 5, 1926 ae 75y, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
GILLINSallySec. Hd. December 30, 1877 ae 73y
GILTNEREdward W., Groton, NYLot 47s1 Sec. Nd. October 2, 1926 ae 57y, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
GIVENSClarence Robert, Dryden, NYLot 16 Sec. Nd. September 28, 1956 ae 72y 6m 8d, Perkins, Dryden, NY
GIVENSGrace, Mrs. MeadLot 20 Sec. Hd. October 13, 1974 ae 94y, Fulton, Groton, NY
GIVENSHenryMoved from Sec. H to Sec. N #16 d. February 21, 1880 ae 2y
GIVENSJames, Virgil, NYLot 16 Sec. Nd. January 26, 1916 ae 72y, Davis, Dryden, NY
GIVENSJohn M.Lot 20 Sec. Hd. January 3, 1982 ae 76y, Zirbel, Groton, NY
GIVENSMabel V.Lot 16 Sec. Nd. April 25, 1966 ae 77y, Perkins, Dryden, NY
GIVENSMary A.Lot 16 Sec. Nd. March 12, 1908 ae 62y 5m 14d
GIVENSMead, Groton, NYLot 20sw Sec. Hd. December 11, 1963 ae 85y, Shurtleff, Groton, NY
GLEASONEdmund Lot 9 Sec. Kd. April 7, 1977 (cremains)
GLEASONAnnie Laurie, Lot 9 Sec. Kd. March 5, 1969 ae 74y, Oden, Washington, NC & Shurtleff
GLEASONCarl R., Groton, NYLot 9 Sec. Kd. July 2, 1966 ae 76y, Shurtleff, Groton
GLEASONEzra Clark, Groton, NYLot 9 Sec. Kd. Aug. 26, 1922 ae 60y, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
GLEASONHerbert W.Lot 9 Sec. Kd. September 8, 1966 ae 69y, Shurtleff, Groton, NY
GLEASONStella R., Mrs. Ezra, CortlandLot 9 Sec. Kd. October 24, 1944 ae 84y 10m 14d, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
GLOVERAdelbertLot 81 Sec. Fd. March 4, 1910 ae 63y 8m 11d
GLOVEREstherSec. Fd. April 7, 1888 ae 70y
GLOVERFrannie Mrs.Sec. Fd. February 23, 1876 ae 26y 8d
GLOVERJennie E.  d. October 2, 1895 ae 39y
GLOVERRoswelSec. Fd. September 9, 1880 ae 78y
GOBELEttie A. (Conant), Groton, NYLot 14subdiv 3 Sec. Ad. July 17, 1928 ae 71y, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
GOBELInfantSec. Ad. June 19, 1888 ae 12d
GOBELWilliam EverettLot 14/15/12/17sub.3 Sec. A d. April 24, 1914 ae 56y 11m 1d
GODFREYJames Henry  d. March 30, 1893 ae 13m
GODLEYFredene C.Lot 25 Sec. JKd. January 20, 1848 ae 3y
GOODINGHannahSec. Hd. September 4, 1888 ae 84y
GOODINGHenry B.Lot 1 Sec. Hd. December 16, 1893 ae 24y
GOODINGMary B., Groton, NYLot 1 Sec. Hd. January 15, 1930 ae 84y, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
GOODINGSeth G.Lot 1 Sec. Hd. October 8, 1913 ae 71y 4m 14d
GOODINGSidneyLot 1 Sec. Hd. August 20, 1894 ae 88y
GOODRICHEmmettLot 21 Sec. Hd. July 17, 1889 ae not given
GOODRICHGeorge M., Groton, NYLot 21n3 Sec. Hd. March 13, 1937 ae 73y 10m 6d, RJ. Groton, NY
GOODRICHJoseph A. , Rev., Groton, NY b. Albany, Vermont d. January 23, 1940
GOODRICHSarah, Groton, NYLot 21n1 Sec. Hd. June 14, 1946 ae 86y 9m 9d, RJ. Booth, Groton
GOODRICHSurial W.  d. June 15, 1902 ae 67y
GOODRICHSusan FrancisLot 21 Sec. Hd. December 19, 1910 ae 68y 3m 26d
GOODSELLEdith S., Lakeland FL.Lot 207 Sec. SHd. December 17, 2000 ae 92y, (cremains), Heath, Lakeland, Fl
GOODSELLFloyd R. Lakeland, FLLot 207 Sec. SHd. February 12, 1990 ae ?, (cremains), Heath Chapel, Lakeland
GOODYEARJohnLot 29 Sec. Bd. April 11, 1889 ae 69y
GOODYEARMarion A. Cortland, NYLot 29 Sec. Bd. August 12, 1919 ae 70y 6m 16d, Beard, Cortland, NY
GOODYEARMiles D., Dr.Goodyear Mausoleumd. November 25, 1913 ae 67y 1m 5d
GOSSDavid D., Groton, NYLot 27 Sec. ABd. February 20, 1936 ae 95y 4m 4d, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
GOSSHelen Hicks, Groton, NYLot 27 Sec. ABd. June 23, 1931 ae 87y, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
GOSSWilmerLot 27 Sec. ABd. May 5, 1970 ae 91y,Shurtleff, Groton, NY
GOULDGrace Langdon, Genoa, NYLot 60nw3 Sec. Kd. February 10, 1943 ae 66y 11m 1d, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
GRAVESAmosSec. Ed. December 20, 1875 ae 68y
GRAVESF. EugeneLot 5 Sec. Md. June 25, 1908 ae 40y
GRAVESHarrietSec. Ed. August 4, 1879 ae 67y
GRAVESHarvey B., Groton, NYLot 39 Sec. Ed. November 4, 1931 ae 81y, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
GRAVESHelen C., Cortland, NYLot 65 Sec. Dd. August 19, 1930 ae 87y 9m 11d, Beard, Cortland, NY
GRAVESJennie M., Grand Rapids, MILot 39 Sec. Ed. December 19, 1931 ae 75y, Greenhoe, Grand Rapids, MI
GRAVESJohn, County HomeLot 65 Sec. Dd. March 30, 1938 ae 71y 6m 25d, Wright, Cortland, NY
GRAVESLillie A.Lot 65 Sec. Dd. August 30, 1962 ae 90y, Briggs, Homer, NY
GRAVESNancy  d. October 1, 1865 ae 86y
GRAVESNelson A.  d. January 31, 1914 ae 73y 7m 25d
GRAVESNelson A.Lot 65 Sec. Dd. 1914; b 1840
GRAVLYGrace B.Sec. Id. September 20, 1884 ae 4m
GRAYAltonSec. Hd. December 29, 1873 ae 20y
GRAYBerthaLot 67 Sec. K 
GRAYEdwin Arthur, Groton, NYLot 67sw3 Sec. Kd. August 1, 1931 ae 71y, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
GRAYGeorgieLot 93 Sec. JKd. September 11, 1851 ae 8y
GRAYRachel, Groton, NYLot 6R Sec. Hd. December 2, 1918 ae 67y, Wright, Groton, NY
GRAYSarahLot R Sec. Hd. February 17, 1908 ae 85y
GRAYSimeon  d. February 25, 1895 ae 68y
GREENBeniah V., Parish, NYLot 7&8 Sec. Hd. May 1, 1917 ae 69y 7m 22d, Green, Parish, NY
GREENCalvin BurrLot 16 Sec. Bd. July 26, 1891 ae 62y
GREENClarissa A.Lot 6 Sec. Hd. December 15, 1896 ae 71y
GREENDavid  d. May 27, 1901 ae 80y
GREENFrank H., Groton, NYLot 17 Sec. Bd. November 1, 1935 ae 80y 2m 12d, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
GREENHarry Fay, Cortland, NYLot 17 Sec. Bd. August 16, 1956 ae 76y 11d, Dorothy Bush, Cortland, NY
GREENHiramSec. Hd. September 8, 1876 ae 16y 1m 8d
GREENIda R. Mrs. Frank, Groton, NYLot 17 Sec. Bd. March 25, 1936 ae 77y 2m 26d, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
GREENInfantSec. Bd. September 30, 1878 ae not given
GREENJohnLot 17 Sec. Bd. June 3, 1866 ae 48y
GREENJohn, Groton, NYLot 109 Sec. SDd. December 27, 1982 ae 80y, Booth, Groton, NY
GREENMildred A., Groton, NYLot 110 Sec. SDd. December 2, 1985 ae 81y, Wade-Fulton, Groton, NY
GREENPersis A.Lot 17 Sec. Bd. May 3, 1860 ae 37y
GREENRobertLot 10 Sec. Fd. December 19, 1906 ae 80y
GREENSophiaLot 17 Sec. Bd. December 23, 1863 ae 13y
GREENThirza J.Lot 16 Sec. Bd. May 21, 1900 ae 68y
GREENEEmma Adele, Groton, NYLot 22e1 Sec. Nd. January 17, 1946 ae 60y 4m 15d, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
GREENELesterLot 221 Sec. SHd. January 21, 1983 ae 79y, Beard, Cortland, NY
GREENELicitta D.Sec. Id. February 26, 1887 ae 61y
GREENERichard J.Lot 66-67 Sec. Rd. June 11, 1961 ae 32y, Shurtleff, Groton, NY
GREGGCharles F.Lot 23 Sec. Ed. December 21, 1894 ae 63y
GREGORYGerald, Groton, NYLot 50 subdiv-2 Sec. Rd. March 18, 1996 ae 68y, Zirbel, Groton, NY
GRENELLLouiseLot 52 Sec. SBd. August 10, 1972 ae 55y, Wright-Beard, Cortland, NY
GRINNELLAlice E.Sec. Dd. January 2, 1874 ae 26y
GRINNELLCelia L., Aurora, NYLot 30 Sec. Bd. May 6, 1953, Shackleton, Aurora, NY
GRINNELLFrances, Moravia, NYLot 17 Sec. Dd. January 13, 1929 ae 86y, Daniels, Moravia, NY
GRINNELLFrank B.Lot 30 Sec. Bd. November 27, 1860 ae 4y
GRINNELLHattie E.Sec. Bd. February 19, 1873 ae 10y
GRINNELLHowlandLot 30 Sec. Bd. May 1, 1906 ae 76y
GRINNELLLillian A.Lot 17 Sec. Dd. September 10, 1957 ae 85y, Brew, Auburn, NY
GRINNELLMary, Genoa, NYLot 17 Sec. Dd. August 16, 1916 ae 84y, Palmer, Atwater, NY
GRINNELLPamelia G., Auburn, NYLot 17 Sec. Dd. August 27, 1917 ae 83y, Walker, Auburn, NY
GRINNELLRose A., Scipio, NYLot 30 Sec. Bd. March 12, 1952 ae 86y 1m 29d, Shackleton, Aurora, NY
GRINNELLSylviaSec. Dd. July 18, 1888 ae 84y
GRINNELLWilliam W.Lot 17 Sec. Dd. April 22, 1912 ae 79y 4m 12d
GRISWOLDGrace Odel, Mrs. Jay O.Lot 15nw3 Sec. Kd. October 2, 1945 ae 60y 7m 14d, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
GRISWOLDJay B.Lot 15 Sec. Kd. January 28, 1963 ae 75y, Beard, Cortland, NY
GRISWOLDRichardLot 2X Sec. Kd. August 23, 1963 ae 37y, Beard, Cortland, NY
GROBELNYSophronia, Athens, PALot 38se3 Sec. Nd. August 11, 1945 ae 69y 2m 3d, Smith, Richford, NY
GROESBECKMaryLot 51 Sec. Bd. October 18, 1863 ae 19y
GROSBECKMr.Lot 145 Sec. Jd. July 9, 1859 ae not given
GROSSIThomas F., Sr., Cortland, NYLot 22subdiv 3 Sec. Rd. November 8, 1997 ae 66y, Wright-Beard, Cortland, NY
GROVERJohn Leo, Groton, NYLot 25nw3 Sec. Kd. October 2, 1934 ae 34y 2d, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
GUESTCarrie B.Lot 52A Sec. Fd. December 19, 1908 ae not given
GUESTEdwinSec. Bd. April 6, 1876 ae 40y
GILFOOSNellie, Groton, NYLot 66nw3 Sec. Nd. July 28, 1937 ae 64y 5m 11d, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
GUNNRobert H.Lot 146 Sec. Jd. December 7, 1860 ae not given

Thank you Juanita Griffin for donating the burial records of the Groton Rural Cemetery Association (2004).
Thank you Johnna Armstrong and Cheryl Hall for formatting and coding the file (December 2004).

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