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Groton Rural Cemetery (J)

Clark Street, off East Cortland Street (Rt. 222)
Town of Groton, Tompkins County, NY.
Cemetery is active.

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This record is complete through 2003 from cemetery association burial records.

photograph of cemetery
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Please use any Notes as a guide only!
(We are currently comparing these new records to the old records and other sources.)


Given Name/Relationship
Residence at Death if Known

Lot and Section

Date of Death and Age
Funeral Home
JACOBS Alice, Groton, NY Lot 25 Sec. N d. May 31, 1956 ae 71y 6m 17d, W. A. Koelin, Buffalo, NY
JACOBS Alice W. Lot 26 Sec. N d. May 9, 1967 ae 95y, F. Black, Cincinnatus, NY
JACOBS Alonzo Lot 47 Sec. I d. April 9, 1898 ae 51y
JACOBS Alonzo Lot 47 Sec. I d. March 30, 1910 ae 76y
JACOBS Amasa A. Lot 47 Sec. I d. September 12, 1867 ae63y
JACOBS Anna M. Lot 26 se3 Sec. N d. May 13, 1905 ae 33y
JACOBS Benjamin W. Lot 42 Sec. F d. September 20, 1915 ae 87y
JACOBS Calvin C., Groton, NY Lot 26 se3 Sec. N d. August 7, 1919 ae 48y, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
JACOBS Caroline B., Scipio, NY Lot 47 Sec. I d. November 9, 1919 ae 78y, G. F. Mosher, Auburn, NY
JACOBS Catharine Lot 44n 1 Sec. I d. November 27, 1878 ae 50y
JACOBS Doward J. Lot 25 sw3 Sec. N d. March 28, 1907 ae 3d
JACOBS Eley Sec. I d. November 13, 1878 ae 26y
JACOBS Elma Sec. D d. December 5, 1879 ae 68y
JACOBS Garnet, Pittsford, NY Lot 4B Sec. JA d. March 5, 1985 ae 90y, Anthony, Rochester, NY
JACOBS Glenn, Groton, NY Lot 25 sw 3 Sec. N d. November 5, 1946 ae 69y 11m 6d, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
JACOBS Jane ? Lot 25sw3 Sec. N d. July 2, 1911 ae 2d
JACOBS Josie   d. March 23, 1901 ae 21y
JACOBS Lawrence, Brighton, NY Lot 4B Sec JA d. October 4, 1987 ae 87y, Anthony, Rochester, NY
JACOBS Louis Lot 47 Sec. I d. May 10, 1889 ae 18y
JACOBS Mary M. Lot 47 Sec. I d. January 2, 1899 ae 57y
JACOBS Myron T., Moravia, NY Lot 44 n1 Sec. I d. May 26, 1936 74y 8m 1d, W. E. Rounds, New Hope, NY
JACOBS Nellie, Locke, NY Lot 44 n1 Sec. I d. October 6, 1953 ae 74y 8m 18d, R. W. Moravia, NY
JACOBS Parthenie Sec. F d. March 20, 1882 ae 34y
JACOBS Truman Lot 44n1 /sec. I d. Oct. 7, 1880 ae 66y
JACKSON Bird, Auburn, NY Lot 20 Sec. I d. June 10, 1935 ae 60y 7m 10d, Meagher & Cuddy, Auburn, NY
JACKSON Charles D., Groton, NY Lot 31 Sec. D d. March 21, 1945 ae 84y 8m 17d, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
JACKSON Irene S.   d. September 2, 1902 ae 50y
JACKSON J. Monroe, Locke, NY Lot 20 Sec. E d. July 13, 1938 ae 81y 11m 15d, Heisner, Locke, NY
JACKSON Margaret S. Lot 31 Sec. D d. December 29, 1943 ae 85y 4m 21d, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
JACKSON Samuel L. Lot20 Sec. I d. August 22, 1915 ae 42y
JACKSON Sarah Salome, Locke, NY Lot 20 Sec. E d. May 25, 1928 ae 67y, Heisner, Locke, NY
JACKSON William Sec. E d. September 13, 1877 ae 54y 11m
JANKET Ray Lot 71 Sec. R2 d. December 6, 1982 ae 68y, Booth, Groton, NY
JANORSKY Anthony W. Lot 10 Sec. AB d. February 8, 1962 ae 75y, P.E. Shurtleff, Groton, NY
JANORSKY H. Margaret, Mrs. Anthony Lot 10 sw3 Sec. AB d. September 27, 1938 ae 48y 4m 5d, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
JANORSKY Maude Goodrich, Mrs. Victor Lot 21n1 Sec. H d. June 6, 1933 ae 49y, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
JANORSKY Victor Lot 21n1 Sec. H d. March 28, 1964 ae 76y P.E. Shurtleff, Groton, NY
JAQUETT Mary Louise Halliday Lot 45 Sec. w1 Sec. K d. August 23, 1939 ae 47y 4m 23d, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
JAQUETTE Fred, Montour Falls, NY Lot 12 center Sec. AB d. August 12, 1953 ae 84y 25d, R.D. Horton, Odessa, NY
JAQUETTE Mae C., Moravia, NY Lot 12 center Sec. AB d. October 27, 1948 ae 79y 7m 21d, R. Wade, Moravia, NY
JAY Lawrence Lot 4 Sec. B d. July 9, 1889 ae 8m 16d
JEFFERSON Frank B., Johnson City, NY Lot 40 Sec. B d. January 20, 1928 ae 76y, A. Beilby, Johnson City, NY
JEFFERSON Lucy A., Johnson City, NY Lot 40, Sec. b d. January 31, 1937 ae 88y 2m 11d, I. Barber, Johnson City, NY
JENCKS Leroy   d. May 27, 1896 ae 58y
JENSEN Nellie Lot 78A Sec. K d. February 18, 1969 ae 69y, P.E. Shurtleff, Groton, NY
JENSEN James C., Groton, NY Lot 8 Sec. R4 d. February 12, 1989 ae 55, Zirbel, Groton, NY
JENSEN James C., Groton, NY Lot 73 se3 Sec. K d. March 29, 1956 ae 86y 5m 11d, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
JENSEN Margarthe, Groton, NY Lot 73se Sec. K d. September 2, 1954 ae 78y 2m 10d, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
JENKS Mary A. Lot 67 Sec. F d. March 7, 1904 ae 56y
JENNINGS Carolyn Beth, Groton, NY Lot 52XI Sec. D d. May 1, 1956 ae 9y 2m 28d, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY, Horse accident
JENNINGS Charles Herbert, Groton Lot 45ne3 Sec. N d. December 18, 1921 ae 67y, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
JENNINGS Mary E., Mrs., Groton Lot 45ne3 Sec. N d. July 21, 1935 ae 87y 4m 3d, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
JEROW Bessie   d. January 19, 1896 ae 40y
JEWELL Roland H. Lot 3 Sec. JK d. April 1, 1842 ae 5y
JOHNSON Charles Lot 27subdiv B Sec. J d. August 31, 1925 ae79y Brew, Auburn, NY
JOHNSON Charles Henry, Summerhill Lot 10s3/5 Sec. K d. October 3, 1931 ae 88y, R.D. Wade, Moravia, NY
JOHNSON Clara P., Moravia, NY Lot 10s3/5 Sec. K d. April 5, 1942 ae 63y, 3m, 19d R.D. Wade, Moravia
JOHNSON Ellen M., Virgil, NY Lot 16 Sec. N d. May 23, 1946 ae 65y 2m 28d, P. Perkins, Dryden, NY
JOHNSON Ernest H. Virgil, NY Lot 16 Sec. N d. May 26, 1941 ae 65y 10m 11d, E.M. Perkins, Dryden, NY
JOHNSON George Alonzo, Locke, NY Lot 19 subdiv A Sec. K d. July 18, 1936 ae 73y 3m 12d, Heisner, Locke, NY
JOHNSON Harold S., Groton, NY Lot 44 Sec. SB d. August 12, 1975 ae 70y, T. D. Fulton, Groton, NY
JOHNSON Helen Lot 44 Sec. B d. January 24, 1970 ae 90y, P. E. Shurtleff, Groton, NY
JOHNSON Infant Sec. P d. March 24, 1871 ae not given
JOHNSON Josephine, Groton, NY Lot 7se 1/6 Sec. A d. May 21, 1941 ae 72y 10m 7d, W.E. Rounds, New Hope, NY
JOHNSON Luman C., Moravia, NY Lot 10s 3/5 Sec. K d. November 6, 1944 ae 65y 3m 26d, R. D. Wade, Moravia, NY
JOHNSON Mary Amelia, Locke, NY Lot 19 subdiv A Sec K d. November 14, 1939 ae 66y 6m 14d, Heisner, Locke, NY
JOHNSON Mildred Louise, Moravia, NY Lot 10 s 3/5 Sec. K d. March 13, 1928 ae not given, Wake, Moravia, NY
JOHNSON Phoebe Lot 11 Sec. J d. October 23, 1900 ae 73y
JOHNSON Rufus C., Colonie, Albany Co., NY Lot 7se 1/6 Sec. A d. January 27, 1924 ae 78y, Reansuse, Albany, NY
JOHNSON Ruthann Sec. I d. February 24, 1878 ae 57y
JOHNSON Ruth J., Groton, NY Lot 45 Sec. SB d. October 31, 1983 ae 78y, Zirbel, Groton, NY
JOHNSON Sarah, Moravia, NY Lot 10 s 3/5 Sec. K d. June 23, 1937 ae 78y 9m 2d, Wade, Moravia, NY
JOHNSON Sarah D. Lot 26A Sec. J d. March 11, 1910 ae 62y
JOHNSON Sarah Hedden Lot 1 Sec. C d. August 18, 1883 ae 35y
JOHNSON Sarah Jane, Groton, NY Lot 27 B Sec. J d. October 4, 1918 ae 66y, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
JOHNSON Sylvester, Candor, NY Lot 26 A Sec. J d. July 11, 1944 ae 94y 2m 2d, Miller, Candor, NY
JOHNSON William H., Auburn, NY Lot 78 Sec. SD d. August 18, 1990 ae 58y, Zirbel, Groton, NY
JOHNSON William, Ilion, NY Lot 27 B Sec. J d. March 2, 1935 ae 57y 10m 15d, Seibert, Ilion, NY
JOHNSTON Floyd Lot 44B Sec. B d. November 28, 1956 ae 80y 7m 12d, Booth, Groton, NY
JONES Ann L., Groton, NY Lot 94 Sec. K d. March 25, 2002 ae 77y, (cremains), Zirbel, Groton, NY
JONES Anna Lot 22 Sec. G d. April 17, 1894 ae 79y
JONES Earl, Groton, NY Lot 88B Sec. K d. September 10, 1992 ae 89y, Shurtleff, Groton, NY
JONES Ella Margie, Berkshire, NY Lot 26w1 Sec. N d. May 11, 1935 ae 75y 2m 25d, Smith, Richford, NY
JONES Eric Lot 5x sub. l Sec. FA d. April 7, 1972 ae 60y, P.E. Shurtleff, Groton, NY
JONES Eunice Lot 5X Sec. FA d. January 17, 1965 ae 86y, P.E. Shurtleff, Groton, NY
JONES George A. Sec. G d. May 25, 1869 ae 25y
JONES Horatio Sec. G d. July 4, 1879 ae 71 y
JONES John W., Groton, NY Lot 63 Sec. F d. March 23, 1935 ae 83y, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
JONES Josephine A., Groton, NY Lot 5X subdiv 1 Sec. FA d. November 28, 1998 ae 86y, cremains Zirbel, Groton, NY
JONES Leon, Cortland, NY Lot 70 Sec. R2 d. March 22, 1983 ae 84y, Booth, Groton, NY
JONES Lewis E., Groton, NY Lot 5X1 Sec. Fa d. March 24, 1953 ae 79y 1m 3d, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
JONES Leona Pearl, Horseheads, NY Lot 80 sub SE Sec. K d. December 29, 1987 ae 80y, Vanbuskirk-Lynch, Horseheads, NY
JONES Lydia E. Lot 22 Sec. G d. December 21, 1903 ae 84y
JONES Marcia Antionette Lot 63 Sec. F d. January 19, 1914 ae 60y 2m 24d
JONES Mary A.   d. March 6, 1905 ae 1y
JONES Mary A., Onondaga, NY Lot 63 e1 Sec. J d. September 4, 1933 ae 66y, Hall, LaFayette, NY
JONES Mary M. Lot 22 Sec. G d. February 22, 1863 ae 15y
JONES Mercena Miller, Groton Lot detached A Sec. F d. December 26, 1988 ae 89, Zirbel, Groton, NY
JONES Minard L. Lot 5-31 Sec. G d. February 6, 1904 ae 52y
JONES Nella L., Mrs. John W. Lot 63 Sec. F d. May 27, 1938 ae 61y 4m 1d, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
JONES Polly Lot 65 Sec. JK d. April 20, 1828 ae 49y
JONES Reed W., Winfield, Kansas Lot 10nw3 Sec. AB d. August 22, 1944 ae 23y 10m, Marshall Maries, Winfield, Kansas
JONES Ruby E., Groton, NY Lot 10 nw3 Sec. AB d. October 15, 1938 ae 45y 1m 30d, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
JONES S. U. Sec. E d. February 26, 1885 ae 54y
JONES Sidney C. Lot 94 Sec. K d. July 1, 1999 ae 77y, (cremains), Zirbel, Groton, NY
JONES Thomas Lot 66 Sec. JK d. August 5, 1848 ae 72y
JONES Warren Lot 22 Sec. G d. March 31, 1891 ae 71y
JONES William F., Syracuse, NY Lot 26w1 Sec. N d. February 9, 1916 ae 56y 6m 17d
JONSON Leland C. Lot 7 Sec. A d. March 9, 1906 ae 17y

Thank you Juanita Griffin for donating the burial records of the Groton Rural Cemetery Association (2004).
Thank you Johnna Armstrong and Cheryl Hall for formatting and coding the file (December 2004).

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