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Groton Rural Cemetery (O)

Clark Street, off East Cortland Street (Rt. 222)
Town of Groton, Tompkins County, NY.
Cemetery is active.

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This record is complete through 2003 from cemetery association burial records.

photograph of cemetery
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Please use any Notes as a guide only!
(We are currently comparing these new records to the old records and other sources.)


Given Name/Relationship
Residence at Death if Known

Lot and Section

Date of Death and Age
Funeral Home
O'BRIEN George, Groton, NY Lot 20 Sec. R Row 4 d. January 25, 1991 ae 63y, Zirbel, Groton, NY
O'BRIEN Neil M., Groton, NY Lot 65 Sec. UD d. November 26, 1998 ae 84y, Zirbel, Groton, NY
O'BRIEN Norma C., Rochester, NY Lot 17 & 18 Sec. N ae 44y 3m 23d, (cremated) January 9, 1950
O'CONNER John William Lot 109 Sec. AB d. May 24, 1983 ae 73y, Zirbel, Groton, NY
O'CONNER Phebe Lot 32 Sec. E d. 1894 b 1810
O'CONNOR Eva M., Groton, NY Lot 109 Sec. AB d. July 20, 2001 ae 90y, Zirbel, Groton, NY
O'CONNOR Lennon G., Syracuse, NY Lot 109 Sec. AB d. February 14, 1995 ae 83y, (cremains) Zirbel, Groton, NY
O'DEA James, Ulysses, NY Lot 8 C Sec. F d. May 22, 1922 ae 42y, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
O'DEA Margaret, Utica, NY Lot 7 & 8 C Sec. F d. September 11, 1933 ae 68y, F. G. Lankton, Utica, NY
ODELL Agnes L., Groton, NY Lot 73 Sec. SD d. September 28, 2002 ae 70y, Zirbel, Groton, NY
ODELL Agnes M. Lot 72 Sec. SD d. February 11, 1978 ae 65y, T. D. Fulton, Groton, NY
ODELL Arthur W., Groton, NY Lot 71 Sec. SD d. September 2, 1998, ae 86y, Zirbel, Groton, NY
ODELL Myrtle Lillian Lot 60 Sec. N d. November 4, 1962 ae 90y, D. H. Beard, Cortland, NY
OFNER David B., Groton, NY Lot 43 Sec. UB d. April 17, 2000 ae 84y, (cremains), Zirbel, Groton, NY
OGDEN Mrs. Sec. E d. December 26, 1875 ae 70y
OGDEN Benjamin Sec. E d. January 27, 1884 ae 81y
OGDEN Charles E., Groton, NY Lot 62 Sec. F d. May 7, 1933 ae 76y, E. W. Wright, Cortland, NY
OGDEN Eva Louise, Cortland, NY Lot 62 Sec. F d. December 21, 1932 ae 57y, E. W. Wright, Cortland, NY
OGDEN Lewis M.   d. August 8, 1901 ae 77y
OGDEN Nancy J., Groton, NY Lot 62 Sec. F d. May 17, 1926 ae 69y, E. R. Wright, Cortland, NY
OGDEN Samantha   d. October 29, 1913 ae 83y
OSTERTAG Betty O'Shea, N. Carolina Lot 21 Sec. T d. September 12, 2002 ae 76y, Wright-Beard, Cortland, NY
OSTRANDER Bernice L., Mrs. Paul, Groton Lot 21 & 22 Sec. AB d. September 11, 1945 ae 64y 4m 3d, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
OSTRANDER Clifford, R., Groton, NY Lot 203 Sec. SC d. February 10, 1996 ae 80y, Shurtleff, Groton, NY
OSTRANDER Dorothy B., Groton, NY Lot 204 Sec. SC d. January 25, 1999 ae 81y, Zirbel, Groton, NY
OSTRANDER Helen K., Groton, NY Lot 21 & 22 Sec. AB d. November 26, 1995 ae 93y, Shurtleff, Groton, NY
OSTRANDER Paul Douglas, Groton, NY Lot 21 & 22 Sec. AB d. December 1, 1975 ae 86y, Booth, Groton, NY
OWEN Alice, Mrs. Abner Lot 42 Sec. B d. November 14, 1883 ae 28y
OWEN Alton J., Groton, NY Lot 42 Sec. B d. June 11, 1930 ae 55y, RJ. Booth, Groton, NY
OWEN C. P. Lot 42-43-44 Sec. B d. July 23, 1879 ae 76y
OWEN Daniel   d. January 4, 1896 ae 96y
OWEN Elizabeth R. Lot 30 Sec. E d. November 11, 1890 ae 90y
OWEN Jay B. Lot 42 Sec. B d. August 10, 1863 ae not given
OWEN Martha Lot 8 Sec JK d. September 22, 1843 ae 1y
OWEN Mary Sec. E d. February 2, 1874 ae 33y
OWEN Sarah Jane Lot 42 Sec. B d. June 16, 1875 ae 69y

Thank you Juanita Griffin for donating the burial records of the Groton Rural Cemetery Association (2004).
Thank you Johnna Armstrong and Cheryl Hall for formatting and coding the file (January 2005).

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