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Ithaca City Cemetery (A)

Located to the west (downhill) side of West Campus. It can easily be accessed from either Stewart or University Avenues. Built on a terraced slope between Stewart & University avenues.
City of Ithaca, Tompkins County, NY.

The cemetery now covers sixteen acres, including a potter's field, two Jewish burial grounds, a Civil War memorial, and a Fire Fighters' Memorial.

Records are from: City Cemetery interment records copied from original records 7/2/2002 by Cathy Knauff;
Dora Pope Worden's 1920's records;
Headstone inscriptions taken by Cathy Knauff starting in the summer of 2002
headstone inscriptions taken by Barbara Gossett [BG transcription].


photograph of cemetery
Photo by Cathy Knauff
(larger photo)

The first burial in Ithaca is in this cemetery: Rachel Allen, a young child of a family passing through Ithaca, became ill and died in 1790 or 1791, and was buried in the Village Cemetery on the hill (Ithaca City Cemetery). She is buried in an unmarked grave.

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Please be patient while we update these records.
Ithaca City Cemetery is a very large cemetery with many very old headstones. We will try to be as accurate as possible with the inscriptions when transcribing from the headstones and the interment records. Other updates are from Ithaca City Hall index cards from the cemetery Interment records, hand copied by Cathy Knauff and transcribed by her. Those records will have block/lot/map no. listed to the right. When other records were used that source will be also listed. We are sorry if a person is not listed with these records. If their burial was in the early 1800s, many of those burials, if not recorded earlier are not marked in the interment records, nor does any headstone remain with their inscription. It must also be noted that in the Western Section of the cemetery (oldest part) we did find a pile of broken headstones that had been thrown over the bank. It appears that many years ago no care was taken to preserve the history that lies in this cemetery. This cemetery also seems to be a play ground for someone that finds it fun to destroy or vandalize headstones and monuments. Some monuments have also been pushed over the gorge where they can not be retrieved.

  AbbottAlecia Janed. 1817 32yH/89/19/City Hall
View stone Abbott Alecia Jane, wife of John Abbott b. Dec. 21, 1815; d. Dec. 4, 18?? Headstone
  AbbottJames B.d. Aug., 30, 1937 age 72y 7m 24dPotters Field/City Hall
  AbramsAbe L.d. July 30, 1947 age 46y 10m 9dTemple Beth El/City Hall
  AbramsLawrence I.d. Apr 2, 1943 age 19y 11m 28dTemple Beth El/City Hall
  AbramsRobert Leed. July 25, 1947 age 13y 8m 18dTemple Beth El/City Hall
  AckermanDavid Samueld. July 3, 1950 age 9 daysTemple Beth El/City Hall
  AckleyCarolined. 1883 age 61yA/5-6/21/City Hall
  AckleyCorneliad. 1896 age 67yA/23/32/City Hall
View stone AckleyEmilyd. Apr 28, 1838 age 6y A/7/31/City Hall
  AckleyFrancesd. 1900 age 37yA/5-6/31/City Hall
View stone AckleyFrancesb. July 28, 1827; d. July 23, ___Headstone inscription
View stone AckleyHenryd. March 11, 1854 age 68yA/5-6/31/City Hall/Headstone inscription
View stone AckleyHenry D.who left his home in Feb. 1849; died in Sacremento City California Nov. 26th 1849 aged 32 yrs.(headstone)
  AckleyJulia E.d. 1846 age 25yA/7/31/City Hall
View stone AckleyJulia E. (see above)d. June 10 or 16, 1846 age 25yHeadstone inscription
  AckleyJuliusd. 1864 age 77yA/23/32/City Hall
  AckleyJulius M.d. 1863 age 45yA/23/32/City Hall
View stone AckleyLydia, wf of Henry Ackleyd. March 23, 1874 age 77yA/5-6/21/City Hall/Headstone inscription
  AckleyMaryd. 1899 age 50yA/23/32/City Hall
  AckleyMary Halseyd. 1877 age 79yA/23/32/City Hall
  AckleySusand. May 2, 1932 age 81y 6m 6dA/23/32/City Hall
  AckleySusan Wellsd. 1879 age 58yA/23/32/City Hall
  Adams,Female infantd. Dec. 13, 1950 age 1 hourInf lot/map 69/City Hall
  AlderichHerrickd. 1853 age 66yWestern sect map 93/City Hall
  AlexanderElizabethd. March 20,1942 age 72y 3m 2dPotters 59/City Hall
  Alber or AllerMelindad. 1842, ae 21 years"Wife of David Aller" or "Alber"
[BG transcription]
  Alber or AllerSallyd. 22 Oct. 1850[May be 20 or 60 years old]
"Wife of David Aller" or "Alber"
[BG transcription]
  AllenLutherd. 1821 age 42y (?) 6 mNot on Interment Records/D.P. Worden's records
  AllenSally F., consort of Lutherd. Oct. 27, 1827 age 37y 8mNot listed Interment Records/D.P. Worden's records
View stone AllenCharles Fletcherd. 1914 age 65yA/73/35/City Hall
  AllenEdith Squiresd. 27 Oct 1936 age 78yA/73/35/City Hall
  AllenEtheld. 4 June 1960 age 77yCornell/Millpaugh/City Hall
View stone AllenGarpheliab. 1852 d. 18 Oct 1935 age 82y 9m 17dC/145/57/City Hall/Headstone inscription
View stone AllenHenry W.,d. 1888 age 8y A/73/35/City Hall
  Allen J. Wesleyd. 1901 age 47yG/90/14/City Hall
View stone AllenMargaret (w/o Walter W.)b. 1862 d. 6 Aug 1931K/114/57/City Hall/Headstone inscription
View stone   George VanDroff 1842-1919 (w/Walter & Margaret Allen) Headstone inscription
  AllenMaryd. 13 Nov 1959 stillborn K/inf/69/City Hall
  AllenMary Isabelle,d/o O. E. & M.d.____ __, 1848 aged 3 yrs. A/22/22/City Hall & inscription
  AllenMary Jane Spragued. 1869 48y G/134/6/City Hall
  AllenCharles L., s/o O. E. & M.d. May 4, 1855 age 4yA/22/22/City Hall & inscription
View stone AllenMary A., "Mother" w/o O. E. Allend. Nov. 17, 1859 aged 46 yrs., 8 mo.From Headstone inscription
View stone AllenOliver E.d. March 10, 1869 age 57 or 59 yearsA/22/32/City Hall& headstone inscription
View stone AllenThomas N. veteran's flagd. 1901 77y A/101/37/City Hall/soldiers Civil War
View stone AllenWalter W.d. 16 Jan 1923 at Rochester age 40yK/114/57/City Hall Headstone/inscription has 1883-1924
  AllenCapaphelia1882-1935From headstone inscription
View stone AllenWilliam H.d. March 30, 1891 age 58yB/?/44/City Hall/Headstone inscription
  AllenWilliam H. s/o Wm H. Allend. 29 Jan 1916 age 48yB/?/44/City Hall
  AllenRacheld. 1790 or 1791Unmarked grave
  AlpertAbrahamd. 24 July 1920 age 46yJewish/89/City Hall
  AlpertDavid s/o Abraham Alpertd. 19 Feb 1921 age 1y 11mJewish/89/City Hall
  AlpertSarahd. 7 Oct 1936 age 42y 3m 21dJewish/89/City Hall
Note: many of the Andrew/Andrus records are spelled Andrews on interment records, and Andrus on headstone.
View stone AndrewsIchabod Jr d. 1865 age 58yD/6/90/City Hall
  AndrewsAnna Stone (see Andrus spelling)d. 1909 age 73yB/36-37/54/City Hall
View stone AndrewsFrederick K. (see below under Andrus, Frederick)d. 1907 age 75yB/36-37/54 (interment records)
  AndrewsWilliam J? d. 1890 age 54yD/6/90/City Hall
View stone AndrewsWilliam I. b. Apr. 14, 1836; d. May 1, 1890D/6/90/City Hall
View stone AndrewsWilliam M., s/o _____& Margaret Andrewsd. Aug. 1, 1836 age 4y Western sect/City Hall/headstone inscription
  AndrewsCatherined. 1872 72yB/36-37/54/City Hall
  AndrewsElnathan(Erected by widow, Sarah Miller, 1845) d. Nov. 23, 1815 ae 44 yr(From headstone inscriptions)
  AndrewsFanny B. d. 1894 age 27yB/36-37/54/City Hall
  AndrewsFlorence S.d. 16 March 1937 age 71y 5m 20dB/36-37/54/City Hall
View stone AndrewsKatherine C.d. 15 Oct 1939 age 83y 6m 5dB/36-37/54/City Hall
  AndrewsMargaret Baileyd. 1888 age 77yD/6/90/City Hall
View stone AndrewsMargaret Bailey, wife of I. Andrews, Jr.b. Aug. 27, 1811; d. Jan. 11, 1888Headstone Inscription
View stone AndrewsMaryd. 5 Feb 1938 age 79y 9m 3d B/36-37/54/City Hall
View stone AndrewsMary G. Tillotsond. 1894 age 63y B/36-37/54/City Hall
View stone AndrewsIchabodb. 1773, d. 1807 Headstone Inscription
View stone Andrews Sarah Dudley b. 1887, d. 1859 Headstone Inscription
  AndrewsSarah Dudleyd. 1859 age 17yD/6/90/City Hall
View stone Andrews George D., son of Ichabod and Margaret Andrews b. April 2, 1831, d. May 16, 1888 Headstone Inscription
  AndrusGeorge B. d. 1888 age 57yD/6/90/City Hall
  AndrusWilliamhusband of Anna Stone Andrus d. 18 Dec 1917 age 82y36-37/54/City Hall (see above)
View stone AndrusWilliamb. May 11, 1837 d. Dec. 18, 1917Headstone inscription
View stone AndrusAnna Stone wf. of William Andrusb. Jan. 26, 1836 d. Mar. 28, 1909Headstone inscription (see above Andrews)
View stone AndrusFlorence S. b. Sept. 25, 1865 d. Mar. 15, 1937Headstone inscription
View stone AndrusFanny B. b. Mar. 31, 1867 d. Mar. 28, 1894Headstone inscription
  AndrusWilliam W., s/o Ichobod & Margaretd. Aug. 1, 1836 4 yr Headstone inscriptions
View stone AndrusFrederick b. Jan. 4, 1832 d. April 23, 1907Headstone Inscription (See above Andrews)
View stone AndrusMary G. Tillotson (on stone with Frederick)b. Dec. 24, 1831; June 10, d. 1894 Headstone inscription (see above Andrews)
View stone AndrusFrederickb. Mar. 30th? 1862 d. Aug. 12, 1922Headstone inscription
View stone AndrusMary T. (on stone with Frederick)b. May __, 1868? d. Feb. 5, 1938Headstone Inscription
View stone AndrusKatherine C. (on headstone w/ Frederick & Mary T.)b.Apr. 10, 1856 d. Oct. 15, 1939Headstone inscription
View stone AndrusWilliamd. Dec. 20, 1869 aged 69 yrs.Headstone inscription
View stone AndrusCatherined. July 31, 1872 aged 72 yrs.B/36-37/54/City Hall/Headstone inscription
  AngellHellen Dana d. 15 Feb 1947 age 85y 2m 14dAmasa B Dana B/106/36/City Hall
  AngellHenry Hd. 23 July 1943 age 83y 8m 15dB/106/36/City Hall
View stone AngleJulia Euretta, d/o W.& S.P.L. Angled. Jan. 5, 1857 age 6 yrs.C/177/67/City Hall/Headstone Inscription
View stone AngleHarriet Louise, d/o W.& S.P.L. Angled. Aug. 6, 1868 age 15yC/177/67/City Hall/Headstone Inscription
View stone AngleSemantha P. L. wife of W. Angled. Feb. 20, 1866 age 36yC/177/67/City Hall/Headstone Inscription
View stone AngleWilliamd. March 16, 1860 age 36yC/177/67/City Hall/Headstone Inscription
View stone AngusCharlesd. Aug. 22, 1843/or 1845 In the 36 year of his age(From Headstone inscription)
  AngusEllen C. w/o George Angusd. Sept 1916 ?G/23/2/City Hall
  AngusGeorge veteran's flagd. 8 April 1918 age 75yD/69 Soldiers/City Hall
  AnsonBertie? ?G/191/28/City Hall
View stone AnsonEmma? ?G/191/28/City Hall
View stone AnsonFrankie? ?G/191/28/City Hall
View stone AnsonJohn W.d. 1872 age 36y 9/191/28/City Hall
View stone ApgarCharles H. d. 1857 age 6y D/33/88/City Hall
  ApgarLavinad. 1878 age 62yD/33/88/City Hall
View stone ApgarEdgar Kelsey d. 1885 age 43ySame as below/City Hall
  ApgarEdgar Kelsey b. 1842 d. 1885 Western sect 105/City Hall
View stone ApgarGeorge WmAug. 2, 1836 - June 26, 1898 ae 62yD/33/88/City Hall/Headstone Inscription
View stone ApgarAlethea T., w/o George W. Apgar & d/o Jot? Selkregb. Mar. 31, 1845 d. 10 Oct 1923B/?/53/City Hall/Headstone Inscription
  ApgarPeterd. 1879 age 68y D/33/88/City Hall
View stone ApgarClara Selkreg Apgar ChandlerDec. 31, 1884? - Aug. 26, 1956/1959Headstone Inscription (on headstone with George W. & Alethea Apgar)
  ArmitageArminad. 1831 age 25yA/35/23/City Hall
  ArmitageBenjamin B.d. 1831 age 29A/35/23/City Hall
View stone Armitage Mrs. Erminia w/o Dr. B. B. Armitage d. Mar. 4, 1831 age 25y 2m 28dA/35/23/City Hall/Headstone inscription
View stone ArmitageDr. Benjamind. Aug. 4, 1831, 29y 2m 24dA/35/23/City Hall/Headstone inscription
  ArnoldJohnd. 1 March 1924 age 35yPotters Field/City Hall
View stone AshdownAda Belle d/o Richard & Mary Annd. 1860 age 7yD/63/78/City Hall
View stone AshdownElinora? d/o Rich.& Mary A. Ashdownd. 1860 age 2yD/63/78/City Hall
View stone AshdownMary Ann Popplewell w/o Richard Ashdownd. 1900 age 70yD/63/78/City Hall
  AshdownMary N.d. 1846 age 12yC/15/63/City Hall /(See below (Mary N.)
View stone AshdownMary N., d/o William & Sarah N.d. Mar. 20, 1846 age 12y 5m 14d headstone inscriptions) See above
View stone AshdownRichard d. 1908 age 83yD/63/77/City Hall
  AshdownVictoria d/o Rich & Mary A. d. 1860 age 2yD/63/78/City Hall
View stone AshdownWilliam d. Sept. 10, 1862 age 88y 5m 17dC/15/73/City Hall/Headstone Inscription
View stone AshdownWilliam d. Feb. 15, 1876 age 70y ?m 20 dysC/15/73/City Hall/Headstone Inscription
View stone AshdownSara d., wife of Williamb. 1810 d. 1893 age 83yC/15/63/City Hall/Headstone Inscription
View stone AshdownSophia A. d. Jan. 24, 1865 age 70y 7mo. 5dysC/15/63/City Hall/Headstone Inscription
  AshleyJulietd. 23 Nov 1953 cremation, Mather Princeton NJ age 61yJ/30/52 Holmes/Stamp/City Hall
  Ashlin Ann Janed. 1915 age 54yD/90/85/City Hall
  Ashlin Thomasd. 16 Dec 1922 age 71yD/?/85/City Hall
  Ashlin Thomas Wmd. 1894 age 7yD/90/85/City Hall
  Ashlin William? ? "Taken from Marker no inf"D/?/85/City Hall
  AtkinsonElsie C.d. 25 Oct 1947 age 56y 10m 11dK/205/40/City Hall/Lot of Irving P Church
View stone AtwaterBenjamin Averyd. 1883 age 63yA/55/34/City Hall
View stone AtwaterFranklind. 1861 age ? A/53/34/City Hall
View stone AtwaterLeonard d. 1889 age 81yA/53/34/City Hall
View stone AtwaterAdelbertd. 1854 age 5yA/55/34/City Hall
  AtwaterAgnes C.d. 7 March 1933 age 90y 5m 9dA/55/34/City Hall
View stone Atwater Ann M. Price d. Dec. 9, 1862, age 43 years; wife of Lewis Atwater Headstone
View stone AtwaterAnn Mariad. 1879 age 69y/City Hall
View stone AtwaterAnna? ?No info/City Hall
View stone AtwaterBenjamin A.d. 1851 age 5yA/55/34/City Hall
View stone AtwaterBerthad. 1860, infantA/55/34/City Hall
View stone AtwaterCharles H.d. 1866 age 15yA/55/34/City Hall
  AtwaterErnestined. 1884 age 3yH/103/9/City Hall
View stone AtwaterFrederick Beersd. 4 Oct 1936 age 82y 5m 3d G/59/15/City Hall
  AtwaterHaroldd. 1879 age 4mosH/103/9/City Hall
  AtwaterHarriet, d/o James & Thankfuld. 1831 age 21yWestern Sect/City Hall
  AtwaterMiss Harriet, d/o James & Thankfulld. Apr. 29, 1831 age 21y 2m 29d(From Headstone inscription)
  AtwaterHoraced. 1886 age 40yH/103/9/City Hall
View stone AtwaterThankfuld. 1870 age 86yG/149/26/City Hall
View stone AtwaterJamesd. 1866 age 80yG/149/26/City Hall
  AtwaterJoachine?d. March 29, 1920 age 65yA//City Hall
View stone AtwaterJuliad. 1861 age 2mosG/59/13/City Hall
View stone AtwaterLucy A. d. 1854 age 8yA/53/34/City Hall
  AtwaterMaryNo info 
View stone AtwaterMinnie C. d/o Leonardd. Feb 13, 1922 age 67y
(Minnie died at Springfield, Mass)
A/53/34/City Hall
View stone AtwaterFred1854 - 1936Headstone Inscription
View stone AtwaterNellied. June 14, 1948 age 81y 4m 23dG/59/13/Stephen Atwater
View stone AtwaterOlive H. Martind. 1869, ?A/53/34/City Hall
View stone AtwaterSarah A.d. 1897 age 79yA/55/34/City Hall
View stone AtwaterStephen D.d. 1889 age 66yG/59/13/City Hall
View stone AtwaterJulia A. Beers, his wifeb. Apr. 10, 1826; d. Mar. 7, 1910 Headstone Inscription
  AtwaterWm James s/o Leonardd. Nov. 15, 1923 age 73yA/53/34
View stone AtwaterWm V.d. 1876 age 62yG/149/26/City Hall
  Atwood Amy Ann Brownell w/o Wm Richmond Atwoodd. 1883 age 72yC/23,16/74/City Hall
View stone Atwood Laura E.d. Dec 14, 1954 age 92y 3m 5dC/201/82 lot of Edwin F./City Hall
View stone Atwood Edwin S.d. 1907 age 89yC/201/82/City Hall
View stone Atwood Herman M. s/o Edwin S.d. Jan 11, 1920 age 74yC/?/82/City Hall
View stone Atwood Laura R.d. 1897 age 73yC/201/82 lot of Edwin F./City Hall
  Atwood Thomas Sylvesterd. ? age 72yVC/23,16/74/City Hall
View stone Atwood Wilmar T. s/o Edwin & Laura Atwoodd. July 13, 1878 age 25y 11 mo.C/201/82/City Hall
  Atwood Wm Richmondd. 1878 age 74yC/23,16/74/City Hall
View stone Atwood Jane, wife of Origen Atwoodd. Nov. 30, 1830 ae 31 y Headstone
View stone Atwood Amelia Melissa d/o Origin & Roxannad. Aug. 23, 1820 age 2yWestern sect Map 99/City Hall
  Atwood Roxanna w/o Origind. 1826 age 30yWestern sect/City Hall
  AubleFloydd. May22, 1939 age 58yPotters/City Hall
View stone AuchmoodyIda only d/o George & Lydia R.d. Oct. 4, 1859 age 1y 15dys.G/11/City Hall
  Auchmoody?Remains uncovered & name plate foundG/?/11/City Hall
  Augus Charlesd. Aug. 22, 1845 In his 36y of his age. 
  AustinClarissa d/o Sylvester & Sarahd. May 30, 1852 age 17y 8mC/35/74/City Hall
  AustinEmma A.d. 1895 age 48y??/105/City Hall
View stone AustinMaud H.d. Dec 15, 1952 71y 1m 4dA//208/28 lot of Harry Carr/City Hall
  AyersGeorge H s/o David & Annd. 1818 age 1yWestern sec/City Hall

Veterans are marked with a flag when found

Many, many thanks to Cathy Knauff for walking this cemetery, taking photos and transcribing the records from City Hall and other sources.

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