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Lane Cemetery

Also known as: Ostrander Farm Cemetery

Breed Road, North Lansing, NY
This cemetery is located on property previously owned by Orry Ostrander that most likely bordered the West Groton/Locke Roads and Breed Road. The exact location of this burial site is unknown at this time.
Town of Lansing, Tompkins County, NY.
Cemetery is inactive.

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Records of Dorothy Ostrander, past Town of Groton Historian.
This record is as complete as possible at this time.

photograph of cemetery
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Please use Notes as a guide only!

Surname Given Name(s)/Relationship Date(s)/Age Inscriptions/Notes
Robison In Memory of Polly,
w/o Henry Robison who died
d. Dec. 29, 1839, ae 38y 3m 7d Afflictions sore
Long time I bore
Physicians were in vain
Till God was pleased
To give me ease
And free me from my pain
Houser Eliza, d/o Peter & Esther Houser d. Mar. 15, 1849, ae 1y 6m 11d Granddaughter of Daniel & Elizabeth
Robison Lane (her mother Esther was Esther Lane
born March 19, 1813, married Peter Howser/Houser).
Also found in North Lansing Cemetery are
two other children of Peter & Esther Houser:
Daniel who died in 1859, age 3y and
Myron who died in 1860, age 16y.
Lane Daniel d. June 4, 1845, ae 78y 4m 13d Son of Doxee & Esther Freeman Lane.
(Believe his mother, Esther Freeman Lane
also may be buried here).
Lain In Memory of Elizabeth, w/o Daniel Lain d. May 25, 1841 There sleeps our Mother in the silent dust
By all our sorrow all our love unmoved
Sleeps till the solemon summons of the just
Bids hur awake to meat the God she loved.
Lane Ira, son of Daniel & Betsy Lane was murdered d. Aug. 27, 1804, ae 7y 1m 23d  
Lain Charles, son of Daniel & Elizabeth Lain d. Aug. 4, 1817, ae 20y 1m Go home my friends
Dry up your tears
Here I must ly
Till Christ appears
Carter Henry d. June 23, 1850, ae 78y Age at death unclear (from record).
In 1850 Lansing census records he is
listed as being 78y old. Believe he was
the son of David & Mary Garrigus Carter
who was born Sept. 18, 1771.
Carter Juley a wife of Henry Carter d. ____29, 1855 Happy soul thy days are ended
All thy mourning days below
Go by angel your attended
To the rest of Jesus go

In 1850 Lansing census records, Julia Carter,
wife of Henry, is listed as being 70y old.
Believe this is Julianna Robinson who was born 1779.
Ross Armena d. April 20, 1835, ae 19y 11m 24d Dear friends I bid you all farewell
Sure I no longer here can dwell
For death now on me lays his hand
And I must go at his command
McKinstry Memory of Jennett C., d/o
Madison & Charlotte McKinstry
d. Nov. 16, 1838, ae 1y 2m 6d So fades the lovely blooming flower
Frail smiling solace of an hour
So soon our trancient
(remainder of epitaph
is missing). 1860 City of Pewaukee, Waukesha
Co., Wisconsin census records have
Madison McKinstry, age 52, b. Vermont;
Charlotte wife 41 b. NY;
Jerome 21 b. NY; George 18 b. NY;
Emma 10 b. Wis.; Alice 5 b. Wis.;
with Sophia Osgood, age 53, b. Vermont
living in same household.

From the notes of Dorothy Ostrander, past Town of Groton Historian, the first two headstones in this record "...are the only two stones found in what used to be a large cemetery on the present Orry Ostrander farm. They say the cemetery once covered 7 acres. Many stones were removed and used as the foundation in part of the barn. Also, when Orry Ostrander decided to move his sidewalk one day, he found the stones to be gravestones too. All that remains of the cemetery itself is a brushy area with a couple trees approximately 12' by 25' and the two stones above although there may be more stones buried under the rubble that has been dumped there (stones off the plowed field) over the years. Headstones have been recorded as read to include misspelling."

The next 8 headstone inscriptions in this record are from the stones that were used as the sidewalk at the Orry Ostrander farm.

From the notes of Isabelle Parish, past Town of Lansing Historian, "People removed all the stones from this cemetery and they were standing beside a garage by one of the houses on the road. The cemetery itself is in one of the fields; unsure which one.
Written August 18, 1953 by S. Haring and I. Parish: Back of the house now owned by Orrie Ostrander on Locke Road, just east of where the new road to Locke turns north-east. We were told there were no stones left where the cemetery was. Mr. Ostrander found many in the barn wall when he moved there some twenty years ago. There were perhaps 25 gravestones."

Taken from the local history book, North Lansing's Remembrance of Things Past, "The Lane Cemetery: Two acres surrounded by a large iron fence about one half mile back from Breed Road constitutes the Lane Cemetery. Many of the headstones from the cemetery were used in the foundation of the barn which is still standing on the Orry Ostrander farm. Most of the rest of them were used in a sidewalk which leads from the front porch to the edge of the driveway, then from the other side on the lawn to an old well. In 1960, there were only two head stones still standing. They are in a field at the top of the hill standing under a large old hickory nut tree. It is said that Mr. Lane was the first person who owned the land. Then John Buckley bought the farm from Lane. The goverment then bought the land from Mr. Buckley. Mr. Orry Ostrander who still owns the farm, bought it from the government in 1938."

Daniel Lane born Jan. 22, 1767 of Long Island, died June 3, 1845 in North Lansing. He was the son of Doxee Lane and Esther Freeman. Doxie Lane died abt. 1813, and his wife Esther Freeman Lane died Nov. 1816 in Ulysses, NY, she was the dau. of John Freeman and Olive Stanton.

Daniel Lane married Dec. 24, 1789 Elizabeth Robinson, daughter of David or Daniel Robinson and Mary Raynor. She was born Oct. 2, 1773, died May 25, 1842 in North Lansing. Their children were: (not in birth order)

  1. Freeman Lane, married Margaret Learn, born April 10, 1803, they had Effingham Lane who is buried in Miller Cemetery
  2. Juliana Lane
  3. Ainer Lane
  4. Julia Anor Lane
  5. William Lane b. Sept. 22, 1810 d. Mar. 12, 1877, married Eliza Shaver, dau. of Benjamin & Mary Lowder Shaver
  6. Robert Lane married Irena Shaver, a sister to Eliza above
  7. Mary Jane Lane b. 1790
  8. Charles Lane b. Dec. 10, 1792 d. Oct. 6, 1793
  9. Elizabeth Lane b. Oct. 15, 1794 d. Aug. 9, 1796
10. Ira Lane born July 4, 1797 died Aug. 27, 1804
11. Daniel Lane born Feb. 29, 1808
12. Esther Lane born Mar. 19, 1813 in Cayuga Co., died Sept. 9, 1880 married Peter Howser

Daniel Robinson, Lansing, NY - Will dated May 28th 1823 - proved 23 June 1823, sons David and Henry, daus. Jerusha, w/o John Bowker; Betsey, wife of Daniel Lane; Juliana, wife of Henry Carter; Mary wife of Patrick Boyles; Susanna wife of Joel Seaton. Grandchild: Charles Bowker; Wit. William R. Fitch, Henry Fish, Samuel Huntington. Ex: Clark Reynolds, Jacob Conrad Esq., Job Allen, Esq.

In 1840, Daniel Lane is found living in Lansing, with neighbors John S. Lanterman, Robert Lane (son), William Lane (son), others near, surname only: Kelly, Alexander, Free, Fitch, Holden, Miller, Learn.

Thank you Juanita Griffin for donating the records of Dorothy Ostrander, past Town of Groton Historian.
Thank you Alan Chaffee for donating the records of Isabelle Parish, past Town of Lansing Historian.
Thank you Janet Nash for transcribing the original record into digital format and for providing the research on the Lane, Carter and McKinstry families, and the passage from the book, North Lansing's Remembrance of Things Past.
Thank you Cheryl Hall for transcribing the updated record.

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