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Lansingville Cemetery

Part 1

Located on Lansingville Road, Lansing, New York
(Cemetery is located between Jerry Smith Road and Fenner Road, west side)
Town of Lansing, Tompkins County, New York

Cemetery is active.

About 1805, twelve members of the First Presbyterian Church of Milton at King Ferry, Cayuga, New York, were dismissed to form a Presbyterian church in Lansingville, known as the Second Church of Milton. Locally, it was known as the "Teetertown Church". Upon the organization of the town of Lansing, it became known as "The Church of Lansing". The building was raised September 25, 1805. This was the first frame of any size, framed by the square rule in Milton. The house was enclosed and floors laid, and no more was done until 1816. The pulpit was not built until 1826.

Rev. Jabez Chadwick organized and ministered to it and was installed as pastor February 26, 1806. Rev. John Bascom succeeded him in 1818 and remained until his death in 1828, and was buried in the rear of the church, as a lot was reserved for a cemetery. Mr. Chadwick returned and stayed until 1831 when he left to form the church at Five Corners. Rev. Alexander M. Cowan officiated from 1834-36. The First Free Congregational Church of Genoa, at Five Corners, was organized January 1, 1831, as the Congregational Church of Lansing and Genoa, by thirteen male and twenty-five female "seceders" from the Presbyterian Church of Lansingville. On January 11, 1831, Levi Palmer and Caleb Lyon, Jr., were elected deacons. On January 7, 1834, the present name of the church was adopted. On March 9, 1842, the Lansingville Church, from which the original members of this church withdrew because of a preference for the Congregational form of government, dissolved and united with the First Free Congregational Church of Genoa.

The church at Lansingville was sold at public sale for $175.00 and taken down and moved away by S.S. Todd in the summer of 1854. On October 25, 1855 citizens of Lansingville and vicinity were called together by public notice to consider an association to obtain and hold the lot of land formerly occupied by the Presbyterian church for a public cemetery. The Lansingville Cemetery Association was established in 1855.

The first known burial was that of Lucy Baird, daughter of Wm. & Anna Baird, who died December 17, 1814, at the age of 5 years.

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This record is as complete as possible at this time.

photograph of cemetery
(Photo by Cheryl Hall - May 19, 2007)
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  Lot Surname Given Name/Relationship Birth, Death Dates, Age Notes
South (left) side of entrance drive, recording the burials from the front of the cemetery to the back. There are four lots in each row and they are listed from north to south.
Row 1
  2N GLANISTER Eliza R. No Dates Lot 2 North
    MOREY Child 1891 Lot 2 North. Morey Child. No headstone.
  2S SWAYZE Charles 1863-1946 Lot 2 South. It is thought that two small children were moved here from another site, but no markers were moved.
    SWAYZE Flora 1870-1944  
    SWAYZE Thorpe, their son 1903-  
View Stone 36 MOREY Eugene Dec 30, 1857 - May 26, 1914  
    MOREY Sarah Harrington, w/o Eugene Morey Aug 16, 1871 - Dec 16, 1944  
    MOREY Lucian, s/o G.W. & Catherine Morey died Aug 1, 1885, aged 31y  
  38 PEARCE Thomas veteran's flag died Jan 18, 1864, age 41y, 2m, 13d Co. F, 111 Regt., N.Y. Vol., Civil War
    PEARCE Jane Coe, w/o Thomas Pearce 1823-1908  
    PEARCE Frederick W., s/o T. & J. Pearce Aug 18, 1857 - Aug 16, 1859  
    PEARCE Robert T., s/o T. & J. Pearce Apr 5, 1854 - May 6, 1854  
    PEARCE Frederick, s/o T. & J. Pearce Nov 17, 1847 - Apr 27, 1850  
  72 PEARCE Cora J., d/o W. & S. Pearce 1886-1889 Lot purchased by Warren Pearce/Pierce 1889
    BOLES Eli 1849-1938  
    BOLES Lottie, w/o Eli Boles 1851-1897  
Row 2
  4 SWARTWOOD Leroy 1828-1893  
    SWARTWOOD Flora Smith died June 17, 1883, ae. 22y, 5m  
    SWARTWOOD Sarah No Dates Headstone not found in 2007
  34 STOUT Infant Daughter 12 days taken from old records; not on burial records; can no longer read headstone
    STOUT Luther C., s/o A.H. & Hannah Stout died Oct 10, 1869, age 10y, 2m  
    STOUT Hannah Castle, w/o Abram H. Stout died Apr 3, 1889, age 74y, 8d  
    STOUT Abram H. died Jul 28, 1861, age 49y  
  40N       Lot purchased by Julia Smith in 1916. There is indication of burials but no headstones. The following 2 burials have been placed in the record in this lot but it is unknown if this is actually the correct location of the burials in this cemetery.
    SMITH Joseph died 1916, aged 47y Brother to Julia Smith Gallow
    GALLOW Julia Smith, w/o Elmer Gallow died Aug 23, 1937 Elmer Gallow, h/o Julia Smith is buried in Newfield, NY with his first wives.
  40S DATES Bryant M., s/o John Dates & Etta Bryant 1893-1972 Born Jun 17, 1893; died Jul 21, 1972
    DATES Nellie M. Harris, w/o Bryant Dates Apr 19, 1895-Feb 8, 1987, age 91y Daughter of Charles A. Harris & Mary A. Monroe; born in Slaterville Springs, NY
    DATES Harris B. 1916-  
    DATES Clara S. "Stevie" 1919-1970  
    DATES Jeanett died Oct 24, 1918, aged 7 weeks Laura Jeanett, d/o Bryant & Nellie (Harris) Dates
    DATES Harriett, d/o Bryant & Nellie (Harris) Dates Nov 26, 1927 - Jan 2, 1928, aged 5 weeks  
  70N WIXSON Robert and Raymond, twin sons of Violet & Hugh Wixson died Oct 13, 1926  
    MORGAN Mary A. 1877-1956 Mother of Nellie Dates and Mary V. "Violet" Wixson
View Stone   WIXSON Mary V., d/o Charles Harris & Mary Monroe 1898 - Sep 21, 1975, aged 77y  
    HEATH Florence V.Wixson, d/o Hugh & Mary V. (Harris) Wixson; w/o Claude Heath Jun 8, 1923 - June 19, 1996  
  70S SWAYZE Leonard E. veteran's flag May 28, 1896 - Jan 29, 1972 CPL, Co. E, 358 Infantry, World War I
Row 3
  6 BEACH Reuben died Mar 31, 1877, age 82y  
    BEACH Phebe B., wife of Reuben Beach died Aug 1, 1886, age 84y In the 1880 census Phebe B. Beach, age 77, is living with Wilmer and Frances E. Stout, listed as Mother-in-Law.
    BEACH Lewis S., son of Reuben & Phebe Beach died Dec 1, 1876, age 28y  
View Stone   GREEN George W. Apr 13, 1840 - Jul 27, 1872  
    GREEN Esther Ann B., his wife died Mar 12, 1866, age 26y Marker is broken; cannot read anything but year. 1860 census has Esther Beach, dau. of Reuben Beach, born about 1843.
    GREEN Venace, son died Aug 2, 1866, age 15y, 6m Impossible to read headstone. Age at death is probably incorrect based on age of mother at death.
    GREEN Infant Son No Dates Impossible to read anything on this marker other than Infant and April
View Stone 32 SMITH Ananias Jul 15, 1801 - Dec 30, 1871  
    SMITH Anner, w/o Ananias Smith May 8, 1809 - May 8, 1858  
    SMITH Reuben M. Apr 6, 1853 - Dec 1, 1917  
    SMITH Emma L., w/o Reuben Smith Oct 9, 1855 - Mar 23, 1834  
    SMITH Anna L., c/o R.M. & E.L. Smith Nov 7, 1875 - July 8, 1890  
    SMITH Virga E., c/o R.M. & E.L. Smith Apr 23, 1882 - Aug 1, 1898  
    SMITH Lina H., c/o R.M. & E.L. Smith Oct 7, 1885 - Mar 29, 1902  
  42 SMITH Sarah E., w/o John W. Smith died Sep 7, 1873, age 31y, 3d  
    SMITH Owen died Jun 30, 1894, age 32 y At Rest
          Cannot read anything on this headstone
    SMITH George died Mar 15, 188_ Cannot read last number in year of death
    SMITH Philip died Jan 14, 1872, age 63y  
  68 DOOLITTLE Horace Sep 18, 1828 - Jul 3, 1871 taken from old record; cannot read dates; not in association records. Lot purchased by Benjamin Fletcher in 1860.
          Broken headstone, face down
Row 4
  8 DAVIS George 1825-1886  
    DAVIS J.J., son of George & L.J. Davis died Apr 1, 1865, age 3y, 11m, 20d  
  30N ROE Eunice M., d/o John & Sarah Pender Calhoun; w/o Joseph Roe 1919-1997 Residing in Lexington, Kentucky at time of death. Lot purchased by John Calhoun
    ROE Joseph J. 1915-1998  
    CALHOUN Sarah Pender, w/o John Calhoun 1879-Jan or Jun 17, 1961, age 81y  
    CALHOUN Scott No dates; age 6y Headstone between John & Sarah, face down. Presume it to be burial of John & Sarah's son, Scott (information from burial records).
    CALHOUN John W. 1870-1961  
    CALHOUN Mildred No Dates Infant d/o Wesley Calhoun
    CALHOUN Alberta No Dates Infant d/o Bert Calhoun
View Stone 30S CALHOUN Wesley John veteran's flag Jul 4, 1896 - Jul 19, 1951 New York, Sea, US Navy, World War I. Lot purchased by Wesley Calhoun
    CALHOUN Ethel M., w/o Wesley Calhoun 1906-1957  
    CALHOUN Lawrence, s/o Wesley & Ethel Calhoun No Dates  
    CALHOUN Walter E. Feb 5, 1942 - Mar 26, 1990  
  44 DICKERSON Mary Collins, wife of Lewis Dickerson died Jan 1, 1871, aged 85y, 2m, 22d Born Oct 9, 1785, Smithfield, Northampton, PA to Thomas Collins (Revolutionary War) & Leah Mullen
    DICKERSON Daniel J., s/o Lewis & Mary Dickerson Apr 28, 1824 - Apr 20, 1894, aged 70y  
    DICKERSON Sophia Smith, wife of Daniel J. Dickerson Jun 18, 1827 - Aug 9, 1888, aged 61y  
    DICKERSON Wilford B., s/o Daniel & Sophia (Smith) Dickerson Jan 26, 1855 - Mar 31, 1887, aged 32y, 2m, 5d  
    DICKERSON Nellie died Dec 30, 1879 This was a young child as indicated by the lamb on top of the small stone. Age might have been 1 year, 10 months, but only 10 months is clear
View Stone 66 RILEY Edward J. veteran's flag Jun 9, 1842 - Jul 4, 1863 CORP. Edward J. Riley
Co. K, 111 Regt. N.Y. Vol
Born at Albany
June 9, 1842
Died a Hero
At Gettysburg
July 4, 1863
of Wounds Received
in Battle While Carrying
the Flag of his Country
He enlisted on 29 Jul 1862 at Genoa, Cayuga Co., New York.
Row 5
View Stone 10 HALL Ezra died Oct 27, 1861 or 1862, age 91y, 4m, 7d Ezra Hall was born June 20, 1770 in Uxbridge, Worcester, MA to Edward and Lydia (Brown) Hall. His family removed to Croydon, NH where he married Mary "Molly" Leland, daughter of Jacob Leland and Anna Taylor. They were in Cayuga Co., NY by 1810 when Ezra appears in the 1810 Sempronius, Cayuga, NY census, and then settled in Tompkins Co., NY. The Genealogy of Pliny Hall (son of Ezra) gives Ezra's death year as 1861 instead of 1862 as inscribed on his headstone. Calculating his age at death and using 1861 as written in the genealogy of his son, his birth date would match June 20, 1770 as recorded in the Massachusetts Vital Records.
View Stone   HALL Mary, wife of Ezra Hall died Mar 18, 1852, age 81y, 1m, 14d  
View Stone   HALL Darius died Apr 12, 1892, age 83y Darius Hall was a physician and the son of Ezra & Mary Hall, born Apr 18, 1809 in either Croydon, NH or Sempronius, Cayuga, NY
View Stone   HALL Mary E. Baker, w/o Darius Hall died Mar 16, 1882, aged 69y, 9m, 26d Daughter of Palmer Baker and Susanna Bower. They are buried in the German (or Old Dutch) Cemetery located a short distance from Lansingville Cemetery.
View Stone   HASKIN Clinton A. 1834-1919  
View Stone   HASKIN Marian E. Hall, his wife 1843-1912 daughter of Darius & Mary Hall
View Stone   HASKIN Ada L., their daughter 1865-1866 On headstone with parents
    HALL Herbert S., son of Darius & Mary E. Hall died Aug 9, 1839, ae. 1y, 6m, 12d  
View Stone   HASKIN   died Mar 15, 1866, aged 1y, 1m, 23d Headstone reads "Daughter of Clinton A. & Marian E. Haskin". Presume this would be their daughter, Ada L.
View Stone 28 BAKER William S., s/o Daniel & Mary Baker 1830-1897  
View Stone   BAKER Mary Ellen Hall, w/o William S. Baker & d/o Pliny & Emily (Russell) Hall 1838-1899 Mary Ellen was shown as living with her uncle Darius Hall at the time of the 1850 US Census for Lansing, however she also appeared in the home of her father, Pliny, in the 1850 census for Auburn, Cayuga Co., NY. Pliny Hall is interred in the Ithaca City Cemetery. Darius Hall, in his Will (proven May 26, 1892) gave $50 to his niece, Mary Ellen Baker "in view of past kindnesses and for personal regard". Also named as heirs were Amy Baker of Colorado Springs, CO, William Baker and Pliny Baker of Lansing.
    BAKER Emily 1859-1880  
    BAKER Fredreka L. 1862-1883  
    BAKER Edwin H., s/o William & Mary Ellen Baker 1866-Jan 15, 1867, aged 9m  
    BAKER Amy C. 1868-1893  
  46N SMITH Glen veteran's flag 1841-1921 Co. W, NY Inf., 2nd Bat., A.A.R.
    SMITH Frances L. Morland, w/o Glen Smith 1843-1914  
    SMITH George, s/o Glen & Frances Smith died Mar 15, 1885, aged 12y, 3m, 19d Headstone not found; not in burial records; taken from headstone reading by Isabelle Parish
  46S CASTERLINE James H. 1858-1923 His first wife, Wealthy M. Hall, died 1912 and is interred with parents, William B. & Elizabeth (Strong) Hall in King Ferry, NY
    CASTERLINE Nettie M. Gallow 1875 - Jun 26, 1941  
  64       Purchased by Daniel Bower in 1859; no markers on this lot.
Row 6
  12 FLETCHER Abel died Oct 27, 1888, aged 80y  
    FLETCHER Mary T. died Dec 8, 1888, aged 74y, 9m Rootsweb Gedcom has Mary Tuttle Todd, daughter of Josiah Todd and Lucretia Ingersoll, born Mar 14, 1816 in Lansing, NY, married Abel Fletcher June 30, 1843.
    FLETCHER Dana W. 1847-Sep 6, 1886, aged 39y, 5m, 16d  
View Stone   TODD Josiah veteran's flag died May 8, 1865, aged 83y, 9m, 13d Born 1781 in Connecticut, he is thought to be the son of Abner Todd and Mary Tuttle. Married Lucretia Ingersoll in 1806. The National Cyclopaedia of American Biography has that Josiah was the son of an American Revolution soldier and that he himself served in the War of 1812.
View Stone   TODD Lucretia Ingersoll, w/o Josiah Todd & d/o Moses Ingersoll and Sarah Parsons died Jun 21, 1863, aged 75y, 4m, 12d  
      Mary   Small headstone for child. Can only read "Mary".
  26       Lot Purchased by Samuel D. Baker in 1870; no headstones found.
View Stone 48N BEACH Orson W. Jun 7, 1865 - Jan 28, 1905 1870 census indicate Son of George W. & Mary Beach
    BEACH Almon J. Feb 24, 1858 - Mar 14, 1906 1870 census indicate Son of George W. & Mary Beach
    WOLCOTT Thomas 1873-1940  
    WOLCOTT Leland M. 1918-1930  
    WOLCOTT Leafy 1873-1941  
View Stone 48S & 62 ALEXANDER Richard A., s/o Zina W. "ZW" & Anna Alexander Jan 17, 1862 - Dec 22, 1941 Lots 48S and 62 are being combined into one record; Lot 48S and 62 purchased by Jefferson Brooks in 1869; Richard Alexander bought 4 plots in Lot 48S in 1892;
    BROOKS Sarah J., d/o Jefferson & Margaret Brooks 1859 - May 4, 1928, aged 68y  
    BROOKS Mary, d/o Jefferson Brooks & Sally Jane Taylor Dec 22, 1849 - Dec 12, 1870  
    ALEXANDER Minnie C. Brooks, w/o Richard Alexander and d/o Jefferson & Margaret Brooks Jan 27, 1869 - Dec 12, 1891  
    BROOKS Jefferson, s/o James Brooks & Margaret Hargen Dec 22, 1814 - Oct 8, 1890 His first wife, Sally Jane Taylor (1821-1854) interred in Groton, NY
    BROOKS Margaret White, w/o Jefferson Brooks Dec 25, 1824 - Jan 2, 1902  
    BROOKS Melvin J., s/o Jefferson & Margaret (White) Brooks 1863 - Nov 1, 1925, aged 62y  
    PATCHEN Lillie Mae, 2nd w/o Richard A. Alexander, d/o Lewis A. Patchen & Fanny Jenks Apr 20, 1864 - Aug 30, 1956  
Row 7
  14 WIANT Alexander 1803-1851 Lot purchase by Jane Wyant spelled Wiant on headstones
    WIANT Jane Horton, his wife, d/o John Horton & Sarah Hagar 1800-1886 Sister of Cornelia (Horton) Brooks, w/o Alfred Brooks
View Stone   CROCKER Frank 1840-1911  
    CROCKER Bertha D., his wife 1840-1929  
    CROCKER Charles J., their son 1877-1898  
  24 MEAL William G. Oct 16, 1924 - Aug 8, 1996 Son of William G. Meal, Sr. and Myrtle Eleanor Inman
View Stone   INMAN Lemuel, s/o Henry E. Inman & Elenor A. Collins Apr 23, 1870 - May 4, 1941  
View Stone   INMAN Delta E. Butts, w/o Lemuel Inman, d/o Irvin & Mary Butts Aug 14, 1876 - Mar 22, 1973  
    BUTTS Irvin 1844-1926  
    BUTTS Mary E., his wife 1853-1924  
    BUTTS Elmer, s/o Irvin & Mary Butts 1879-1966  
  50N STOUT George Hauna Nov 6, 1884 - May 18, 1981 died Loma Linda, CA
    STOUT Lila Adell Dec 1, 1982 - Apr 6, 1982 died Loma Linda, CA
    STOUT Lillian Miles 1862-1932  
View Stone   STOUT S. Wilmer veteran's flag 1844-Nov 30, 1925, aged 81y Sergeant S. Wilmer Stout
N.Y. Vol. Co. F 9th H.A.
6th Army Corps.
Wounded in Battle of Cedar Creek
October 19, 1864
  50S HEATH Claude T. Nov 5, 1945 - Mar 20, 1993, aged 47y  
  60 HENRY Gertrude 1878-1961 old record had Mrs. ? Underwood Henry, d. Oct 20, 1961, age 83y
    HENRY David 1879-1963  
    HENRY Harry U. 1914-Jan 20, 1991, aged 76y  
Row 8
  16       Lot purchased by Amos Beach in 1883. There are burials on this lot but no markers are found
  22 NEDROW D. Jason 1906-Dec 28, 1992  
    NEDROW Lina A. Rose, w/o D. Jason Nedrow; d/o Allen & Florence (Haskin) Rose 1903-1968  
    JOHNSON Norma Rose, d/o Allen & Florence (Haskin) Rose; w/o Dr. Seth Darwin Johnson 1902-1969  
    JOHNSON Seth Darwin 1903-1975  
    ROSE Allen D. 1865-1931  
    ROSE Florence Haskin, w/o Allen Rose & d/o Clinton & Marian (Hall) Haskin 1870-1967  
    WEIBLY Olive Marian Rose, d/o of Allen & Florence (Haskin) Rose; w/o Sam Weibly May 5, 1893 - May 30, 1971 Inscribed on back of Headstone: Married Charles F. Eilenberger, November 28, 1917
    ROSE Clinton W. veteran's flag Feb 2, 1896 - Dec 29, 1991, aged 95y US Army, World War I
Son of Allen and Florence (Haskin) Rose
  52N CRANMER Charles E. veteran's flag Sep 17, 1930 - Sep 15, 2003 US Army, Korea
  52S WORSELL John James Sr., s/o Ben Worsell 1923-Apr 15, 1980  
  58       no markers on this lot
Row 9
View Stone 18 DAVIS Samuel L. 1839-1902  
View Stone   DAVIS Abby L. 1846-1908  
View Stone   DAVIS Emma S., w/o Samuel Davis 1842-Aug 31, 1864, aged 22y, 2m, 8d  
View Stone   DAVIS Lewellin B., their son 1864 - Apr 8, 1865, aged 13m  
    DAVIS Isaac 1841-1895  
  20 HOWARD Michael veteran's flag died Aug 1865, aged 40y 111 Reg. N.Y.S. Volunteers, Civil War
    HOWARD Mary A. No Dates To the Memory of My Mother
    HOWARD Linford veteran's flag No Dates 175 NY inf., Civil War
    MacMANES Stanley veteran's flag May 18, 1918 - Feb 21, 1999 World War II; s/o James & Catharine MacManes; no headstone
    MacMANES Robert W. veteran's flag Dec 30, 1907 - Sep 20, 1981 PFC, US Army, World War II
    MacMANES James D. 1867-1935  
    MacMANES Catharine Miller, w/o James MacManes 1883-1959 Married September 24, 1903
  54N CALHOUN Vivian M. 1913-1976  
    CALHOUN Warren, so John W. & Sarah (Pender) Calhoun Jan 5, 1902 - Jan 27, 2000, aged 98y  
  54S GRANT John M. 1839-1920  
    GRANT Susan W. Lyon, his wife 1834-1920  
  56 INMAN David H., s/o LeRoy Riley Inman & Ethel Anna Bower May 6, 1919 - Dec 17, 1961  
    INMAN Helen M. Humulock Apr 1920 - Aug 1970  
    HARVEY Nancy Inman, d/o David & Helen Inman 1942 - Oct 23, 1999, aged 57y Obituary has Turner as her last name
Row 10
  74 CLARK Cyrus died Mar 28, 1850, aged 71y Age at death could be 71y, 8d, taken from old record; headstone is broken and not readable
    CLARK Lucy, w/o Cyrus Clark died Jan 30, 1845, aged 58y, 4m, 8d  
    CLARK Stephen W. Sep 9, 1809 - Jun 8, 1884  
    CLARK Sarah Ann Conrad, his wife Apr 18, 1814 - Nov 7, 1890  
    CLARK Allen M. died Feb 28, 1871 Our Brother
    CLARK James B., s/o Stephen W. & Sarah A. Clark died Feb 29, 1848, aged 2m  
    CLARK George, s/o Stephen W. & Sarah A. Clark died Jul 9, 1845, aged 1y, 10m, 28d  
    CLARK George Oct 5, 1855 - Oct 2, 1885  
    CLARK Oren, s/o Stephen W. & Sarah A.Clark died Mar 3, 1855, ae 3y, 10m, 7d  
  112       No markers, no records for this lot
  114       no markers, no records for this lot
  152 WAGER Bert, s/o Elias & Eliza Wager died Dec 25, 1940, aged 73y Born abt. 1867; died in Auburn, NY at home of his sister, Mrs. Daniel W. (Daisy Wager) Bacon
    WAGER Jefferson Brooks, s/o Elias & Eliza (Brooks) Wager No Dates From family records: born abt. 1875; died before May 1928. He was listed as a surviving son in his mother's obituary, May 1922, but not listed in the May 1928 obit for one of his sisters.
    WAGER Carl, infant s/o Jefferson Brooks & Bertha (Casterline) Wager No Dates  
    WAGER Lawrence, infant s/o Jefferson Brooks & Bertha (Casterline) Wager No Dates  
    WAGER Maggie, d/o Elias & Eliza (Brooks) Wager 1873-1886  
View Stone   WAGER Eliza Brooks, w/o Elias Wager and d/o Jefferson Brooks and his first wife, Sally Jane Taylor Nov 8, 1847 - May 21, 1922  
View Stone   WAGER Elias veteran's flag 1838 - Oct 8, 1912, aged 74y Co. E, 64 Regt., N.Y. Vol., Civil War
Son of Admiral and Margaret Wager
Row 11
View Stone 76 NORTH Thomas veteran's flag died May 30, 1815, aged 57y, 9m

In Memory of
According to some Rootsweb gedcoms, Thomas North served in the American Revolution and he was listed as a Lieutenant on the militia rolls of1785 for New Providence Twp., Montgomery Co., PA. Born 28 August 1757 in Upper Providence, Philadelphia, Montgomery Co., PA to Roger North & Anna Rambo. He married Naomi DAVIS, d/o Llewellyn Davis & Magdelena Howell Davis. Naomi died Aug 25, 1844, ae 82y, 7m, 28d and is buried in the Ludlowville Pine Grove Cemetery, Lansing, NY

Read about the restoration of the Thomas North Cabin, built in 1791 in Lansing

View Stone   DAVIS William died Nov 21, 1848, aged 26y, 26d  
    DAVIS Samuel, s/o Samuel & Margaret Davis died Aug 25, 1805, aged 13y, 10m  
    DAVIS Margaret Bauer, w/o Samuel Davis died Aug 21, 1850, aged 78y, 4m, 11d  
    DAVIS Samuel died Feb 7, 1825, aged 57y, 10m, 12d Lansing church records have that Samuel married Margaret Bauer on 23 August 1791 in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania
  110 GARD Margaret, d/o Thomas & Catherine Gard died Dec 1856, aged 3y  
    GARD Thomas   Impossible to read anything other than the name on this headstone
  116       no markers; no records for this lot
  150N INMAN George, s/o Henry E. Inman & Elenor A. Collins Aug 17, 1867 - Jan 18, 1942 North portion of lot purchased by George Inman in 1889
  150S INMAN Stephen R., s/o George Inman & Ella Ross Feb 2, 1893 - Mar 22, 1990 Wife, Rosetta Inman, interred Pine Grove Cemetery, Lansing, NY
    INMAN Ella R. Ross, w/o George L. Inman 1871-1952  
Row 12
View Stone 78 HEDDEN Mary died Sep 19, 1815, aged 87y Rootsweb gedcom has Mary as born 1725 in Essex County, New Jersey; married to Daniel Hedden, born 1723 in Essex County, New Jersey. Her maiden name is unknown.
    DAVIS Jacob died May 9, 1859, aged 22y  
View Stone   DAVIS Arminta, d/o Lewelin & Mary Davis died Jun 27, 1844, aged 1y, 10m, 27d  
    DAVIS Mary A., w/o Lewelin Davis died Dec 4, 1849, aged 26y, 2m, 9d  
    DAVIS Maria, w/o Lewelin Davis died Feb 8, 1841, aged 28y, 3m, 12d  
View Stone   DAVIS Lewelin died Mar 6, 1861, aged 44y, 3m, 14d  
  108 TILLOTSON Bishop C. died Mar 1839, aged 53y  
    STANTON Miles died Sep 29, 1861, aged 33y  
          small shale stone, face missing
  118 BURNS Michael, s/o Wm. & Mary Burns died Oct 10, 1865, aged 23y, 3m, 13d  
  148       no markers, no records
Row 13
  80       no markers; no records
View Stone 106 PATCHEN Asel died Sep 18, 1816, aged 86y Engraved Aset on headstone. Believe this is Asel Patchen and that the l in Asel was misstruck as a t when engraved as the vertical cut of the letter is much finer than that of the t in Patchen. Possible that this is Asahel Patchen who, according to a Rootsweb Gedcom, died before Dec 1816 and was of Genoa, Cayuga Co., NY.
    EDDY Hester, w/o Asa Eddy died Oct 13, 1829, aged 60y date and age from old record; impossible to read in 2009
  120       no markers, no records
  146 LOBDELL Douglas 1899-1948  
    LOBDELL Frances 1894-19__  
Row 14
View Stone 82 BAKER Edwin S. 1820-1889  
View Stone   BAKER Adelia Shurger, w/o Edwin Baker 1827-1901  
    SMITH Lula B. 1863-1950 On headstone with Edwin & Adelia
View Stone 104 ALLEN Weston died Apr 22, 1839, aged 34y, 7m, 22d  
    ALLEN Matilda, w/o Weston Allen and also w/o Charles Davis died Mar 16, 1852, aged 42y, 5m, 4d  
    ALLEN Edwin B., s/o Weston & Matilda Allen died Feb 13, 1834, aged 3y, 7m, 10d  
    ALLEN Charles W., s/o Weston & Matilda Allen died Mar 5, 1834, aged 1y, 7m, 14d  
    ALLEN Harriet A., d/o Weston & Matilda Allen died Dec 15, 1854, aged 26y, 9m, 26d  
  122       no markers, no records
  144 LOBDELL Thomas M. 1838-1888 old record had died Sep 7, 1888, aged 50y
    LOBDELL Frances, w/o Thomas Lobdell 1843-1917  
    LOBDELL Freddie W. 1874-1878 old record had died Jul 20, 1876, aged 3y, 10m
    LOBDELL Frank E. 1861-1933  
    LOBDELL Ella 1861 - May 26, 1951, aged 89y  
Row 15
          Lots 84, 102 and 124 have no markers or records
  142N LANE William L., s/o Calvin & Mary E. (Collins) Lane died Mar 6, 1882, aged 10y, 9m, 16d Birth calculated as May 19, 1871
    LANE Calvin C., s/o Calvin & Mary E. (Collins) Lane died Dec 21, 1882, aged 1y, 9m, 2d Birth calculated as Mar 19, 1881
View Stone   LANE Calvin veteran's flag 1842 - Nov 5,1914 Co. G, 10 NY Calv., Civil War. Enlisted Aug 29, 1864 at Truxton, NY; mustered out Jun 3, 1865 at Alexandria, VA. Son of Freeman & Margaret (Learn) Lane
View Stone   LANE Mary Elizabeth Collins, w/o Calvin Lane Dec 6, 1849 - Feb 4, 1917 Daughter of Thomas & Betsey (Moulter) Collins; Granddaughter of Thomas & Leah (Mullen) Collins
  142S SEARLES Warren O. 1888-1948 Buried Aug 29, 1948 on Lane Lot
    KOZEL Edward J. veteran's flag Feb 5, 1902 - Feb 1, 1964 New York HAI US Navy, World War I
Husband of Lula M. Gallow. From obit: Born in Mosinee, WI, son of August & Annie Kozel
Row 16
          Lots 86, 100 and 126 have no markers, no records
  140 LOBDELL Hiram 1847-1882  
    LOBDELL Mary L., w/o Hiram Lobdell 1844-1879  
    LOBDELL Fredireca 1866-1882 Given name as engraved on headstone
View Stone   LOBDELL Annis died Dec 20, 1901, aged 62y  
Row 17
          Lots 88, 98, and 128 have no markers, no records
View Stone 138 PATCHEN Lewis A. Apr 22, 1823 - Feb 26, 1875 Dates from old record; stone is cracked and impossible to read dates in 2009. Patchen genealogy gives same dates as in the records; lists his wife as Fanny Jenks, born April 8, 1834, died Oct 11, 1889; parents of Lillian M. Patchen who married Richard Alexander.
Row 18
          Lots 90 and 96 have no markers, no records
  130 LEONARD Edward E. died Oct 29, 1932  
  136       no markers, no records
Row 19
          Lots 92, 94, 132, 134, no markers, no records

Thank you Harold Hooper for transcribing these records into digital format, Dora Pope Worden's records.
Updated by Janet M. Nash, from the records of Dora Pope Worden, Isabelle Parish, and obits.
Thank you Darlene Jackson for sending information about the Lanes and Wagers.
Thank you Jennifer Mac Manes for sending information about the Mac Manes.
Thank you Harris B. Dates for sending in updates for the Mastins.
Thank you Jean Rumsey for sending in updates for the Swayzes.
Thank you Carolyn Murphy for updates to the Lyons.
Thank you Dawn Roe for donating photos of headstones for the Lyon and Bower families.
Thank you Andrew Halladay for donating photos of headstones for the Bower family.
Thank you Sheryl Monroe for your updates to the records (2008).
Thank you, Lansingville Cemetery Association, for donating your records. This updated record is a combination of Association burial records, inscriptions recorded from headstones by walking this cemetery, obituaries, the old records of either Isabelle Parish or Dora Pope Worden for those headstones that can no longer be found or the ones that are now impossible to read and for which there are no Association records, along with family records provided by Darlene Jackson and Cheryl Salsman (2009).

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