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Roe Cemetery

Located on left side of road about 1 mile from Rt 79 on Brooktondale Road, just east of Banks Road intersection.

Town of Caroline, Tompkins County, New York

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Was an incorporated Cemetery.
Cemetery was a community Cemetery at one time.

Inactive - burials are from 1811-1914
(per headstone inscriptions)
Please understand many of the inscriptions on grave markers are in poor condition. We have tried to transcribe the inscriptions to the best of our ability, but in some cases they still may be in error.

photograph of cemetery
(Photo by Janet M. Nash)
(larger photo)

Please use Notes as a guide only!

Name Relationship/Birth/Death Date Notes
Aldrich, Charles D. Adopted son of J. & M. Aldrich, died December 7, 1858, age 10 years, ? mo’s ? days Headstone is weathered, inscription is hard to read. Months and days of his age can no longer be read.
Aldrich, George A. 1844 – 19__ Note: No death year on headstone, only 19__
Town of Caroline death and burial records lists: George Aldrich died April 24, 1918, burial in Roe Cemetery, Brooktondale.
Aldrich, Ophelia R. Piatt his wife, 1853-1912 (wife of George A. Aldrich)
Aldrich, James M. died February 11, 1860 age 43 yrs, 2 mo, 7 days Grave marker is broken, lying on ground, poor condition.
Aldrich, Jane C. wife of James M. Aldrich, d. December 28, 1878 age 56 yrs Grave marker is broken, lying on ground, poor condition. Her age had been recorded in an earlier record as 86 yrs.
Aldrich, Joannah C. wife of Ira Aldrich, d. February 14, 1845  age 58 yrs, 21 days Behold now as you pass by,
As you are now so once was
I, As I am now you must be,
Prepare for death and follow me.

[Note: an Ira Aldrich is found living in Ithaca in 1850.]
Aldrich, John A. died August 16, 1871 age 63 yrs No other information found on him.
Allen, David H. died July 22, 1850, aged 72 yrs Double grave marker for David and his wife Buly. Their marker is broken and lying on ground. [note: in an earlier record he was listed as David R. Allen, that inscription was in error.]
Allen, Buly his wife, died Jan. 11, 1859, aged 70 yrs (Buly Price, wife of David H. Allen)
Allen, Maud daughter of John & Julia Allen, d. March 13, 1858 age 1 yr, 9 mo’s, 22 days This inscription had been recorded in an earlier record as Maria, d. March 13, 183_, the inscription is clearly Maud, and not 183_, but 1858.
Allen, Martin S. son of John & Julia Allen, d. March 21, 1845, age 1 yr 9 mo’s, 21 days His age may be 4 years. His marker is very faded, broken, lying on ground. This inscription is either in error or John and Julia had a second son Martin, born in 1850. He was 2 months old in the Town of Caroline 1850 census.
Carle, Henry d. June 25, 1835 aged 35 years, 5 months His headstone is still standing and clear to read. Old record listed his surname as Carl.
Case, Franklin P. only son of Phillip and Lydia P. Case,
d. May 26, 1844, aged 7 months
When marble shall moulder,
And worlds the flaming fire Decay,
thou shall light thy,
Toreh with the last blazing,
Fragments of expiring nature,
And live eternally in the skies.
Note: his death month had been recorded in an earlier record as March 26, 1811 or 1844.
Egleston In memory of Hiram Egleston,
departed this life February 22, 1831, aged 25 yrs, 5 mo’s, 8 dys
Tis Heaven that bids my spirit flee,
Then mourn not o'er my grave,
The sighs and tears you weep for me,
Can never, never save,
But if some to this spot repair,
To mourn when I am gone,
Let no unfelt grief mingle there,
Weep tears of love or none.
Finch, Elizabeth wife of Seely Finch, died August 26, 1843, aged 70 yrs, 4 mo, 28 days Her death year had been recorded in an earlier record as 1842. Note: born MAR. 29, 1773, daughter of William & Mary/Mariah (VanDeusen) Roe
Hallett, Bulah daughter of Elijah and Sarah Hallett
born November 20, 1825 died July 28, 1850
Her inscription is on the Hallett monument with her parents. She died giving birth to her daughter Julia. She was married to Cornelius B. Personius. They had two daughters, Frances and Julia.
Hallett, David, flag born December 29, 1832 died Oct. 29, 1870 Co. K 137th Reg. NY Vol Inf. - Civil War
son of Elijah & Sarah Hallett, his inscription is on the Hallett monument with his parents.
Hallett, Elenor daughter of David & Sarah A. Hallett died December 1, 1886, age 18 years Sweetly sleeps, blessed one.
Note: on an earlier record her inscription was listed as as d. 1866 age 13, See photo of Elenor Hallet's headstone, taken by Cheryl Hall.
Hallett, Elijah born April 5, 1801 died December 16, 1875 Hallett monument has fallen over. His obit states he died in 1874, the inscription is clearly 1875.
Hallett, Sarah his wife, born December 8, 1808 died February 7, 1882 Note: wife of Elijah Hallett & daughter of David & Buly Allen
Heller, Charles H. son of N. H. & Melinda Heller, died May 27, 1864 aged 5 yrs, 13 days His age had been recorded in an earlier record as 3 yrs.
Heller, Melinda wife of N. H. Heller, died April 17, 1864, aged 21 yrs, 10 mo, 20 da She may be Melinda German. Nelson H. Heller is buried in South Hill Cemetery with his 2nd wife. In 1860 Nelson H. Heller and his wife Melinda are living in Danby, Tompkins Co., NY. Nelson age 27, Melinda age 19, with twins William and Charles age 1.
Jewell, Churchel born March 22, 1832 died July 13, 1864 The only Churchel found was in 1850 Ithaca: George Jewell age 73, Elizabeth age 49, John age 19, Churchill age 17: In 1860 Ithaca: Church Jewell age 28, Angeline age 25, Warren age 2.
Joiner, Hannah b. March 29, 1811 d. October 15, 1881 (un-marked grave) dau. of Rachel Lockey Genung & William Pew and wife of Robert V. Joiner
Joiner, Robert V. b. May 28, 1805 d. May 1888 (unmarked grave)
Joyner, William died March 15, 1875 age 38 yrs., 3 mo’s 19 dys Surname spelled Joyner on grave marker, family spelling is found also Joiner. Son of Robert V. Joiner and Hannah Pew., born November 29, 1836 Note: * His wife, Mary Wyman was born May 4, 1839. She remarried Simon Sawyer, and moved to Hornellsville, NY.
Keyzer, Jacob, died January 18, 1838 in the 50th year of his age. Erected by his son, Hami ____.
[His headstone is made of slate, the part of his headstone where his son’s name is has started to flake off]
McKean, Hannah wife of William McKean, d. April 26, 1859, aged 76 yrs, 3 mo  
McKean, James died December 26, 1862, AE 54 yrs. My home is above
McKean, Mary daughter of William and Hannah McKean.  Died November 1, 1857, aged 37 yrs, 10 mo. Rest, gentle spirit, rest.,
Thy conflicts o'er thy labors done,
They friends the angels, thy home,
The presence of the Holy One.
McKean, William died March 18, 1848, aged 69 yrs, 10 mo His inscriptions had been recorded in an earlier record as: aged 60 yrs., 11 mos. That was in error, the inscription is clear. He was 69 yrs., 10 mo’s old at the time of his death.
Minton, Charles H. son of Henry E. and Amelia Minton, d. July 3, 1840, age 4 mo, 16 days  
Oliver, Caroline wife of Phillip Oliver, d. August 11, 1861, aged 46 yrs, 4 mo, 7 days Let me weep, the tears are swelling,
Eyes which smiles so often gave,
For each hour the tale is telling,
One we loved is in the grave.
Phelps, Lydia wife of John W. Phelps, d. September 25, 1838.  aged 20 yrs, 4 mo, 7 days Ye mourning friends, now cast an eye
To that bright world above the sky,
See her you mourn in bright array,
Freed from this load of heavy day.
Phelps, Mary A. daughter of Thomas J. & Eliza Phelps, died January 21, 1840, aged 1 yr, 4 mo’s, 3 days.  
Piatt, C.A. 1836-1914 Note: Believe this is Charlotte Piatt who died April 2, 1914,
buried in Brooktondale cemetery - per Town of Caroline death and burial records. has Charlotte A. Piatt, born Dec. 14, 1837 daughter of Christopher P. Piatt and Rebecca Morris. In 1880 Christopher P. Piatt, and Rebecca his wife, with Charlotte Piatt are living in Danby, Tompkins Co., NY.
Piatt, Ophelia R. wife of George A. Aldrich, 1853-1912 See above, Aldrich, Ophelia
Pool, Frank Died June 23, 1888, aged 20 yrs, 28 days At home and at rest.
Randall, Hannah wife of Job Randall, d. May 19, 1869 aged 80 yrs, 7 mo’ s, 14 days An earlier record gave her death date as: March 19, 1869, age 80 yrs., 9 mo., 14 days. That inscription was not correct. Her inscription is clear to read, She died May 19, 1869 aged 80 yrs., 7 mo’ s, 14 days.
Randall, Job died April 26, 1861 aged 70 yrs, 5 mo’ s 11 days  
Randall, Marilla Daughter of Job & Hannah Randall, died April 5, 1833, age 8 yrs, 7 mo, 18 days Blessed are the pure in heart,
For they shall see God.
Randall, Obed W. d. April 4, 1833, age 21 yrs, 3 mo’s  
Roe, Cornelia daughter of John M. and Catharine Roe, d. February 3, 1837, age 20 yrs  
Roe, David d. Nov. 15, 1860, age 54 yrs, 1 mo, 8 days Note: son of Gamaliel & Sarah Bates Roe. 
David was born Oct. 7, 1806
Roe, Gamaliel Died Oct. 23, 1857, age 79 yrs, 11 mo. Note: born Nov 23, 1777, New Windsor, Orange Co., NY, son of William & Mary/Mariah (VanDeusen) Roe.  He married Sarah Bates
Roe, Melinda wife of Gamaliel Roe, d. October 22, 1855, aged 80 yrs, 7 mo, 10 days Behold now as you pass by,
As you are now, so once was I,
As I am now, so you must be,
Prepare for death and follow me
Roe, George W. flag died June 27, 1864. age 28 yrs, 11 mo, 1 days Comp A 109 Reg. N.Y. 5. V.
Far from affliction, toil and care, The happy soul is fled.
The breathless day shall slumber there, Among the silent dead.
For the Union he fought, for the Union he died, With the foe of his country before him.
Let the Nation remember his valor with pride And the star spangled banner wave o'er him.

Note: He was the son of Phillips & Mary Jones Roe,
he was born in the town of Candor, Tioga Co., NY Aug. 4, 1835. He married Sarah Adaline McPherson, dau. of Hugh & Sarah VanEtten McPherson., born May 12, 1838, she married William Hazen for her second husband, Sarah died June 12, 1915 and was buried in Maple Grove Cemetery, Candor, Tioga Co., NY.  George and Sarah had two children: Evaline and George F.
Roe, Infant son of John M. & Catharine Roe died July 8, 1823  
Roe, John M. died March 27, 1867, aged 82 yrs His headstone has fallen over, is broken lying on ground. Note: son of William Roe; he and his wife had 11 children: Infant son; Cornelia; Jane, wife of Mr. Bates; David C.; John H.; Dorcas C., who married Mr. VanEchten; Nathaniel J.; James W.; Lucinda; Mary Ann; Triphena.
Roe, Catharine wife of John M. Roe, died March 16, 1859, aged 68 yrs Her headstone has fallen over, broken and lying on ground.
Roe, Lucinda daughter of John M. & Catharine Roe, died October 10, 1830 age 2 yrs  
Roe, Mary Ann daughter of John M. & Catharine Roe, died April 19, 1855, age 34 yrs  
Roe, Mr. William flag died August 31, 1830, aged 87 years Afflection sore Long time I bore Physicians were in vain Till God was pleased To give me ease And free me from my pain.
Note: Captain in the Quartmaster Corp., Orange Co. Militia, 2nd Reg. Serving with General Putnam in the Highlanders through out the war. William ROE was born April 1, 1743 in Long Island, New York, died in Brooktondale, NY. Son of Nathaniel ROE & Elizabeth PHILLIPS. He married Mariah VANDUSEN, daughter of Issac VANDUSEN & Elizabeth ROSENBOOM. She was born 1745 in New Jersey, she died July 25, 1830 in Tompkins County, New York.
[2004/His headstone still stands tall in the middle of this cemetery and is good condition.]
Roe, Mary his wife, died July 25  1830, aged 85 years (wife of William Roe)
My children dear, Assemble here,
A mother's grave to see, I dealt with you,
And soon you'll dwell with me.

Note: Mariah VanDusen
Roe, Nettie daughter of Gamaliel & Amanda Roe, died August 6, 1865 (or 1868) age 2 yr, 9 mo Nettie’s name and death are also on her parent’s monument in Smith Valley Cemetery, Tioga Co., NY. Listed on her parents monument is: Nettie died Aug. 1865 age 2 yrs. Her parents, Gamaliel & Amanda Roe. Her headstone in this cemetery (Roe) is in very poor condition and a true inscription can not be taken. Her inscription listed on this record is from a record of Elmer Lockwood. I believe she was born Dec. 18, 1862 and died Aug. 6, 1865.
Roe, Phillips died Jan. 8, 1885,  aged 83 yrs, 9 mo’s, 29 days In Heaven
Note: Phillips Roe was born April 10, 1801 in Orange Co., NY. He was the son of Gamaliel Roe & Sarah Bates.
Roe, Mary wife of Phillips Roe,  died June 20, 1873, aged 69 yrs 1 mo Gone Home
Note: Mary Jones, born May 20th 1804 in New Jersey
Roe, Triphena daughter of John M. and Catharine Roe, died June 27, 1834, age 20 yrs Stone broken
Roe, William died June 1, 1866 aged 53 yrs, 10 mo Note: William Roe born Aug. 1, 1810, son of Gamaliel & Sarah Bates Roe.
Shurter, Jane Jane, wife of Josiah Shurter, born November 21, 1825 died June 23, 1897 William Schutt age 66 & Sarah Schutt age 62 are living in the household of Josiah & Jane Shurter, this may be her parents.
Shurter, Josiah died August 5, 1877, aged 62 or 52 years Headstone in poor condition. 1860 Caroline Census: Shurter, Willis, age 29; Jane age 25; Harrison age 24; Josiah age 55; Jane age 49.
Shurter, Philmore son of Josiah & Jane Shurter, died Jan 25, 1851 age 5 mo's 12 days. Name spelled Fillmore on the 1850 census.
Shurter, Mary L. daughter of Josiah & Jane Shurter, died Sept. 20, 1862 age ? mo's 15 days. This headstone had been missed in earlier records.
Shurter, Willis flag died January 17, 1914, aged 73 yrs Co. A 109th Reg't N. Y. Vol. Inf. A flag had been put on his grave every year, until one year it could not be found.  His headstone was recorded by Elmer Lockwood in the 1950’s also, buried next to his wife Jennie. What happened to his headstone is a mystery (not found in 2004), his death is found in the Town of Caroline death and burial records, also stating his burial was in Roe Cemetery. (Believe he is the son of Josiah & Jane Shurter.
Shurter, Jennie wife of Willis Shurter, died March 12, 1872, aged 27 yrs Jennie Girman/German, she may be the daughter of James & Sarah Roe German.
Tence, Mr. Selden died June 1, 1832, age 29 yrs  
Whelden, Mr. David died March 3, 1834, aged 96 yrs My glass is out. My race is done.n>
My work in Christ Completely done
Woodward, Alonzo son of Park and Priscilla Woodward, d. August 24, 1843, ae 11 mo, 15 da. No prayers,
no tears its flight could stay,
When Jesus called his soul away.

Transcribed by Janet M. Nash.
Inscriptions taken from the headstones in Roe Cemetery in the summer of 2003 and re-checked in August of 2004.
by Janet M. Nash and Cheryl Hall.

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