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Presbyterian Cemetery

Enfield Center, Tompkins County, NY
Continue 1 mile South on Enfield Main Road, on the left side of road.

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Burials: The Bostwick family Andrew and Orson of Bostwick's Comers, settled in Enfield in 1820. John G. Wortman, settled in Enfield in 1816 their family owned "Wortman Hall" in Enfield Center. This Hall was the original Presbyterian Church, which was located in front of this cemetery.

_______, 	Permelia

Auble, 		Anthony 					1816 - 1861

Auble, 		George 						1973 - 1870

Auble, 		Jacob 						1828 - 1863

Auble, 		Jonathan 					1821 - 1900

Auble, 		Rachel 						1793 - 1849

Auble, 		Sophia 						1823 - 1881

Beach, 		Isaac 						d. July 1846, ae 73 yr 3m 19 d

Beach, 		Elizabeth, w/o Isaac 				d. July 8, 1852 ae 70y 4m

Bostwick, 	Andrew 						d. July 5, 1845 ae 73y 4m 29d

Bostwick, 	Irena Stone, w/o Andrew 			Apr. 22, 1780 - Mar. 8, 1864

Bostwick, 	Orson 						Feb. 3, 1805 - Nov. 17, 1868

Bostwick, 	Sarah Ann, w/o Orson 				d. June 15, 1847 ae 33y 7m 8d

Bostwick, 	Lawrence, son of Orson and Ann 			d. Jan. 3, 1841 ae 2y 10d

Bostwick, 	Henry, son of Orsen and Sarah 			d. Sept. 20, 1842 ae 9m 20d

Bradley,	Anna Irena, dau. of Edwin and Julia Ann 	d. Jan. 12, 1841, ae 2y 1m

Bradley, 	Orin, son of Searl and Rachel 			d. Apr. _, 1839 ae 1y

Ingersoll, 	Elizabeth, w/o Samuel 				d. June 16, 1865 ae 76y 11m 21d


Kirkendall, 	Austin 						d. July 14, 1873

Kirkendall, 	George, son of R. A. and Mary 			d. Mar. 18, 1846

Kitchen, 	William 					d. July 23, 1878, ae 81 yr

Kitchen, 	Martha, w/o William 				d. July 1, 1875, ae 77 yr 

Leonard, 	Ebenezer W. 					d. July 19, 1863 ae 59yr 5m 23d

Leonard, 	Christina, w/o Ebenezer W. 			d. Feb. 7, 1859 ae 51y 10m 8d

Loomis, 	Jane Ann, dau. of Samuel and Elizabeth 		d. July 8, 1863 ae 48y 4m 1d

Merchant, 	Ann R., dau. of William and Bethiah 		d. July 18, 1859 ae 7y 8m 21d

Miller, 	Amos

Miller, 	Delia, dau. of Amos and Emily 			d. 1841

Newman,		Bethiah w/o James Newman 			d. Mar. 30, 1828

Purdy, 		Samuel D. 					b. Dec. 24, 1818

Purdy, 		Samantha, w/o Samuel D. 			Aug. 18, 1818 - Feb. 5, 1884

Purdy, 		Helen E., dau. of Samuel D. 			d. Sept. 17, 1849 ae 6y 17d

Rockwell, 	Eben 						June 13, 1804 - May 25, 1857

Rockwell, 	Humphery, son of Eben and Hannah 		d. Feb. 10, 1852, ae 20 yr

Rumsey,		Clarence                        		1882-1961

Rumsey,		Mary  (wife of Clarence)        		1892-1930

Rumsey,		Carlton, priest during WWII, son? of C. and M.	1920-1955

Rumsey,		William                         		1862-1913

Rumsey,		Ella S.   (wife of William)     		1869-1950

Rumsey,		Robert (s/o William & Ella S.)  		1906-1906

Rumsey,		Irene B. (d/o of William & Ella S.)		1901-1981

Starr, 		Gurnsey, son of Daniel and Rathsheba 		d. Jan. 13, 1841

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	Updates were donated by Pete Nester for the Tompkins Co., NYGenWeb Project.

                   	Thank you Pete for donating these records.

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