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List of bodies removed from Main Street Grave Yard as per Page 329, Village of Groton, N.Y. minute book containing minutes from June 11, 1860.

Allis, Charlotte d. June 25, 1851 ae 76yr Allis, Silas d. Sept. 19, 1852 ae 77yr Andrews, Dwight son of Obed & S.A. Andrews d. Feb. 23, 1855 ae 8yr Andrews, Earl son of Obed and S.A. Andrews d. June 4, 1855 ae 5yr Atwood, Alonzo D. Son of Abner Atwood d. Sept. 9, 1828 ae 3mos Baldwin, Lucetta wife of Marchall J. Baldwin d. June 14, 1831 ae 36yr Bishop, Fanny M., d/o Morris & Mary Bishop d. Apr. 14, 1843 ae 18yr Blodget, Electa, d/o Xwuy & Polly Blodget d. Nov. 13, 1826 ae 1yr Blodget, Melinda (Niver), wife of Hugh Blodget d. Dec. 7, 1820 ae 17yr Bouton, Sophia wife of John Bouton d. May 21, 1837 ae 27yr Bowditch, Mrs. Asa wife of Rev. H. Gos___? d. Aug. 16, 1848 ae 87yr Bowker, Deborah *** d. Mar. 26, 1838 ae 37yr Brownell, Benj. d. Dec. 29,1847 ae 54yr Carpenter, Alma Maria wife of Rufas Carpenter d. April 10, 1843 ae 29yr Carpenter, Caroline wife of N.R. Carpenter d. Apr. 21, 1853 no age listed Carpenter, Charles W. son of N.R. & C. Carpenter d. __________ ae 6mo Carpenter, DeWitt C. d. Jan. 22, 1858 ae 28yr Carpenter, Esther wife of Essa Carpenter* d. May 15, 1832 ae 88yr Carpenter, Hiram H son of Sylverus & Rheda Carpenter d. April 15, 1843 ae 18y 9m 15da Carpenter, Isa Son of Jacob & Mary Carpenter d. May 19, 1832 ae 22yr Carpenter, Mary wife of Jacob Carpenter d. April 17, 1843 ae 62yr Carpenter, Sylverus Z. d.Aug. 21, 1852 ae 82yr Clark, Austin M. son of Oliphalet & Leggy d. 1822 ae 8yr Clark, Four Sons of Salathil Clark (no names given) no dates given or ages Cobb, George G. d. Aug. 23, 1833 ae 23yr Collins, Sally wife of Jas. Collins d. Oct. 23, 1830 ae 27yr Corey, Anna Marcia, d/o O. & M. Corey d. _____________ ae 23yr Corey, Marsha, d/o O. & M. Corey d. Oct. 14, 1847 ae 16yr Crocn [?], Elizabeth wife of Levi Crocn? d. March 3, 1844 ae 71yr Dennison, Hanniah, d/o John Dennison d. Sept. 6, 1832 ae 3yr Dexter, Lydia wife of Stephen Dexter d. March 12, 1825 ae 52yr Dexter, Mary wife of Benjamin Dexter d. July 12, 1846 ae 49yr Dimon, Daniel d. May 28, 1851 ae 46yr Dimon, Lanla J. d.Oct. 15, 1849 ae 18yr Dow___?, Mayland d. Jan. 30, 1848 ae 2yr Dye, Benj. Son of S.D. & Mary Carr d. Feb. 14, 1848 ae ___ Eldridge, John* d. Dec. 19, 1822 ae 60yr Eldridge, Wife of John Eldridge [notation below] d. Jan. 9, 1843 ae 37yr Gale, Polly d. April 15, 1822 ae 39yr Gale, Wm d. April 11, 1850 ae 70yr Godley, Fredene C. Son of C.C. & Martha W. Godley d. Jan. 20, 1848 ae 3yr Gray, Georgie d. Sept. 11, 1851 ae 8yr Ha______, Alvina wife of Asaph E____H_____? d. July 12, 1853 ae 43yr Halsey, Mary wife of Hampton Halsey d. March 21, 1852 ae 42yr Hatch, C. Harriet wife of E.D. Hatch d. Aug. 31, 1853 ae 22yr Hathaway, Harriet wife of Pelg Hathaway d. Nov. 16, 1828 ae ___ Hathaway, Mercy wife of Peleg d. Feb. 18, 1838 ae 81yr Hathaway, Peleg d. Oct. 1, 1835 ae 81yr Heller, Adelia dt. Of Joseph & Dorcus Parker d. Mar. 22, 1839 ae ___ Hicks, Ann wife of Benjamin Hicks d. March 9, 1832 ae ___ Hurbut, Mary No date or age given Hurlbut, Rufus No date or age given Hutchinson, Ann Elisa, d/o O.C. & Jane Hutchinson d. Sept. 7, 1848 ae 1yr Hutchinson, Permelia, d/o O.C. & Jane Hutchinson d. Oct. 5, 1850 ae 11mo Hyde, David d. June 19, 1856 ae 83yr Hyde, Hannah wife of David Hyde d. May 18, 1849 ae 23yr Hyde, Margaret wife of David Hyde d. Nov. 12, 1847 ae 67yr Hyde, Phebe wife of David Hyde d. Jan 11, 1857 ae 29yr Jewell, Rowland H. d. April 1, 1842 ae 5yr Jones, Polly wife of Thomas d. April 20, 1828 ae 49yr Jones, Thomas d. Aug. 5, 1848 ae 72yr Knapp, Elizabeth, d/o Arba & Civille Knapp d. Nov. 2, 1831 ae 1yr Louw, Jonathan d. July 6, 1840 ae 44yr Matson, James L., son of Agnes Matson d. Dec. 11, 1832 ae 9yr Miller, Enoch d. March 30, 1856 ae 36yr Morton, Sarah wife of Robert Morton d. Sept. 20, 1820 ae 38yr Ngo, Polly wife of Daniel Ngo d. Apr. 24, 1849 ae 35yr Noe, Charles, son of R.P. & Lois Noe d. Nov. 29, 1834 ae 4yr Owen, Martha, d/o C.P. Owen d. Sept. 22, 1843 ae 1yr Parker, Dorcus wife of Joseph Parker d. May 3, 1843 ae ___ Parker, George son of Joseph Parker d. Feb. 1, 1835 ae 2 mos Pierce, Daniel d. March 25, 1843 ae 70yr Pierce, Rebecca wife of Daniel Pierce d. July 9, 1858 ae 72yr Roe, Tryphena d. Aug 2, 1843 ae 54yr Rose, Sarah wife of Jacob Rose d. Sept. 5, 1833 ae 58yr Smith, Lucy wife of Wm. S. Smith d. May 10, 1843 ae___ Stewart, Mary wife of David Stewart d. July 10, 1843 ae 59yr Stone, Dea Squire d. Oct. 12, 1856 ae 89yr Stone, Jeurvina wife of Squire Stone d. Mar 13, 1809 ae___ Stone, Melinda wife of Squire Stone d. July 14, 1842 ae 77yr Stone, Palunia d. May 16, 1843 ae 30yr Stone, Phebe the 1st wife of Wm. Stone d. April 27, 1827 ae 24yr Stone, Rebeckah wife of Squire Stone d. Aug. 7, 1806 ae 36yr Sykes, Keziah wife of Nathan Sykes d. July 12, 1829 ae 76yr Sykes, Nathan d. July 12, 1836 ae 77yr Sykes, Polly wife of Asara Sykes d. April 25, 1840 ae 53yr Thomas, Manson d. June 28, 1843 ae ___ Weaver, Lodwick * d. July 31, 1848 ae 84yr Weaver, Polly wife of Lodwick d. Feb. 23, 1852 ae 82yr Webb, Abigal wife of Neheminah Webb d. Feb. 5, 1825 ae 54yr Williams, Electa wife of Sampson Williams d. April 11, 1834 ae 21yr Williams, Marcia No dates or age given Williams, Otis d. Mar. 23, 1856 ae 24yr Wood, Amanda, d/o Sam’l & Reb. Wood d. Aug.22, 1831 ae 1yr * Denotes Rev. War marker ***handwritten note states Bur Miller Cemetery E. of family ** note on Wife of John Eldridge—handwritten beside in parenthesis{ Huldah Austin ?}

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