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German Cemetery

Also known as: Old Dutch Cemetery

Located about a mile North of Lansingville, between Fenner and Townline Roads, at 804 Lansingville Road. This cemetery is on private property. Please always obtain permission before entering a cemetery on private property.
Town of Lansing, Tompkins County, NY.
Cemetery is inactive.

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Tilman Bower and his family moved to the Lansingville area from Pennsylvania in 1794. At that time it was called Milton and was a part of Cayuga County. Tilman and his sons built log houses about a mile north of Lansingville and the area soon became known as The Bower Settlement. A German Lutheran Church was established in this area in 1803 with the land for the church and the cemetery located behind it being purchased from John Bower. The first pastor was John Houtz and he also taught school in the building. About 1837, the German District school house was built in place of the church and it was also used for church services. In 1877 the building was moved and a new school house was built. That building was sold in 1950 and remodeled into a private residence.

Current update includes headstone inscriptions not previously recorded for BAKER, BLAKLEY, BOWER, DIMMICK, DRAKE, HAWS, HUBERT, LEBAR, MILLER, SMITH, and STRONG. Additionally, some corrections were made.
Last known burial was in 1988.

This record is as complete as possible at this time.

photograph of cemetery
(Photo by Cheryl Hall - May 8, 2010)
(larger photo)

Please use any Notes as a guide only!

  Surname Given Name/Relationship Dates/Age Notes
  ALGART Lewis H., s/o Phillip & Christina ALGART d. June 3, 1850, ae 6m 8d Headstone found in 2010 and date of death and age corrected. Old record had d. June 8, 1850 age 6m 18d.
Philip ALGART, born 1810 in PA, s/o Henry & Mary ALGART, m. in 1836 Christina PECK, d/o Philip & Mary (LaBar) PECK, natives of PA.
  ALGART Carrie, d/o Phillip & Christina ALGART d. Sept. 1859, ae 1y 1m 23d  
  BAKER Annette R. died January 14, 1878, aged 39y 7m 26d Headstone found in 2010 and inscription added to the record.
On headstone with William and Calista HAMILTON. This is a large headstone that is broke in half. Believe date was read correctly.
  BAKER Palmer d. June 3, 1842, ae 65y 11m 8d Son of Samuel & Mary Ann (Palmer) Baker, b. June 25, 1776; brother to Samuel Baker interred in Lansingville Cemetery. From the Union Springs Advertiser, Thursday, May 8, 1884 ( in an article about Albert Baker, ..."Albert Baker, then a resident of the town of Genoa, Cayuga County, in the fall of 1814, in the month of October, at the age of 12 years, went with his father, Samuel Baker and uncle Palmer Baker, to Buffalo...."
  BAKER Susanna BOWER, w/o Palmer BAKER & dau. of Tilman (Dielman) & Maria Eva (TEETER) BAUER d. April 2, 1852, ae 65y 3m 19d She was b. in Northampton Co., PA. Another source has age at death as 68y 3m 19d. Using both ages, she would have been born either Dec. 14, 1783 or Dec. 14, 1786. One Rootsweb WorldConnect shows her as being b. on Dec. 14, 1782 while another shows her as being b. on Aug. 11, 1786.
View Stone BAKER George, s/o Palmer & Susanna BAKER d. July 31, 1806, ae 1y 9m 9d  
  BARBER Hannah d. Feb. 22, 1888, ae 85y Headstone found in 2010 and age at death corrected. Old record had 86y.
View Stone BENHAM Mary Isabel HAMILTON, w/o Rev. J.V. BENHAM & dau. of John Wesley HAMILTON & Susanna BOWER d. Sept. 5, 1869, ae 28y 5m 23d  
View Stone BENHAM Leslie, s/o Rev. J.V. BENHAM & Mary Isabel HAMILTON d. Sept. 13, 1869, 1y 8m 12d  
View Stone BICKAL Adam d. Nov. 16, 1864, ae 42y 5m Alternate spelling BICKEL, BICKLE
Adam BICKLE found in 1850 census, Lansing, Tompkins, NY: Adam, 27, born PA, Philinda, 22, born Tompkins Co., James, 1, born Tompkins Co.; 1860 census, Barton, Tioga, NY: Adam BICKLE, 38, born PA, Philinda, 33, born NY, James, 11, born NY, Charles, 9, born NY, and Lester A., 4, born NY.
  BICKAL Mary, d/o Adam & Philinda BICKAL d. Aug. 11, 1863, ae 6m 2d Alternate spelling BICKEL, BICKLE
  BICKAL Charles F., s/o Adam & Philinda BICKAL d. Dec. 2, 1872, ae 21y 3m Alternate spelling BICKEL, BICKLE
  BICKEL Christian d. June 11, 1859, ae 68y Alternate spelling BICKAL, BICKLE
1850 census Lansing, Tompkins, NY: Christian BICKLE, 59, born PA, Sarah, 54, born PA, Philinda P., 22, born Tompkins Co., Theodore, 18, born Tompkins Co., Darius, 16, born Tompkins Co., Sarah J., 14, born Tompkins Co., David, 11, born Tompkins Co.
View Stone BLAKELY Henry Born June 7, 1823, Died April 22, 1894 Alternate spelling BLAKLEY.BLAKELEY
View Stone BLAKLEY John C. d. April 4, 1875, ae 85y 5m Headstone found in 2010 and inscription added to the record.
Father's Grave
1850 census, Lansing, Tompkins Co., has: John Blakeley, 61, born Westchester Co., Elizabeth, 64, born PA, Henry, 25, born Tompkins Co., Mark, 23, born Tompkins Co., Horace, 18, born Tompkins Co.
Alternate spelling BLAKELY, BLAKELEY.
View Stone BLAKLEY Elizabeth, w/o John Blakley d. July 25, 1862, aged 78y Headstone found in 2010 and inscription added to the record.
Mother's Grave
View Stone BLAKLEY Mark A. Born Aug. 31, 1825, Died Dec. 18, 1884 Headstone found in 2010.
Old record had age at death as 59y 3m 18d
1860 census, Groton, Tompkins, NY has: Mark Blakeley, 33, born NY, Justine, 33, born NY, Charles, 3, born NY, Willie, 3/12, born NY.
View Stone BLAKLEY Orville G. 1860 - 1910 Headstone found in 2010 and inscription added to the record
View Stone BLAKLEY Charles S. 1856 - 1895 Headstone found in 2010 and inscription added to the record.
View Stone BOWER Tilman (Dielman) veteran's flag d. Aug. 29, 1810, ae 66y American Revolutionary War
Son of Diel BAUER & Elizabeth SMITH, b. 1744 in Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany
View Stone BOWER Eva, w/o Tillman BOWER d. Dec. 22, 1815, ae 72y Maria Eva TEETER (DIETER). Inscribed Eve on headstone
  BOWER Samuel, s/o Tillman & Eva BOWER d. Jan. 2, 1850, ae 82y b. March 20 or 30, 1767 in PA
  BOWER John, s/o Tillman & Eva BOWER d. Oct. 23, 1844, ae 79y b. Aug. 15, 1765. Married Anna Rosina YOUNG Feb. 20, 1787
  BOWER Anna Rosina, w/o John BOWER d. Feb. 10, 1861, ae 97y 11m 15d  
View Stone BOWER John Jr., s/o John & Anna Rosina BOWER d. Jan. 21, 1887, ae 88y Headstone found in 2010. Date now illegible. b. Jan. 25, 1799, Monroe Co., PA. Married Lucretia BUNNELL.
  BOWER Lucretia BUNNELL, w/o John BOWER, Jr. d. June 20, 1878, ae 78y Headstone found in 2010. Date now illegible.
  BOWER Amos, s/o John BOWER & Anna Rosina YOUNG d. Oct. 1, 1855, ae 49y b. Aug. 20, 1806
  BOWER Eliza MINTURN, w/o Amos BOWER d. June 5, 1901, ae 93y Another source has dod as Jan. 5, 1901
View Stone BOWER Honteeter, s/o John & Rosina BOWER d. April 21, 1863, ae 72y 2m 24d Inscribed Honteter on headstone
  BOWER Elizabeth, w/o Honteeter BOWER d. 1865, ae 74y  
View Stone BOWER Honteeter (Hans Diederick), s/o Tillman BOWER d. Dec. 21, 1843, ae 74y 5m 2d Inscribed Honteter
b. July 29, 1769 in Northampton Co., PA.
  BOWER Susan TEETER, w/o Honteter BOWER d. Sept. 27, 1812, ae 38y b. Aug. 19, 1774
View Stone BOWER Jesse, s/o Honteter BOWER & Susan TEETER d. Mar. 24, 1870, ae 68y b. Nov. 16, 1801
View Stone BOWER Catherine MILLER, w/o Jesse BOWER d. Jan. 22, 1885, ae 78y 2m 5d Inscribed Catharine.
View Stone BOWER Isaac, s/o Honteter BOWER d. April 1808, ae 1y 8m  
  BOWER Tilman, s/o Honteter BOWER d. Nov 1813, aged 1y 2m Headstone found in 2010 and inscription added to record
  BOWER Sally, d/o Honteter BOWER d. July 1820, ae 1y 3m  
  BOWER Sarah, d/o Honteter BOWER d. Sept. 13, 1839, aged 8y 7m 18d Headstone found in 2010 and inscription added to record.
  BOWER Susan, d/o Honteeter BOWER d. 1839, ae 8y Possible Susan is in error and this is instead Sarah, above
View Stone BOWER Sydney, s/o Joseph BOWER & Mary PECK d. September 18, 1836, aged 1y 2m 21d Headstone found in 2010 and inscription added to record.
Inscribed BOWERS on headstone. Joseph BOWER, s/o Honteeter & Susan (TEETER) BOWER, and Mary PECK, d/o Philip & Anna Maria (LABAR) PECK are buried in the Ludlowville Pine Grove Cemetery.
      d. Jan. 14, 1820, aged 34y Headstone found in 2010 in Bower Lot. Top half of face off, only date and age can be read.
  BOWER Fannie d. December 9, 1927 Headstone not found, taken from obit: Miss Fannie Bower died at the home of her nephew, Ray Smith. Survived by her sister, Mrs. Helen Smith, nieces Mrs. Frank Minturn and Mrs. Purley Minturn, and nephews Ray and Theodore Smith.
View Stone BUZZARD Philip d. April 6, 1810, ae 39y Alternates for surname: Bossard and Bossart
View Stone CAMPBELL David, h/o Jerusha BOWER d. Dec. 25, 1867, ae 44y 6m 10d Jerusha BOWER was the dau. of John BOWER Jr. & Lucretia BUNNELL
View Stone CONRAD Melchiah, s/o Peter CONRAD & Veronica HELLER d. July 12, 1846, ae 69y 10m 12d  
  CONRAD Catherine, w/o M. CONRAD & dau. of Tillman & Maria Eva BOWER d. Sept. 13, 1841, ae 64y 24d b. Aug. 20, 1777 in PA
  CONRAD Aaron d. Dec. 9, 1854, ae 44y 10m 12d  
  CONRAD Permelia A., w/o Aaron CONRAD d. June 4, 1851, ae 41y 10m 23d  
View Stone CONRAD Rheuma, w/o John CONRAD d. Feb. 11, 1844, ae 32y 7m 13d  
  CONRAD Frances C., d/o Wyness & Lucinda CONRAD d. Nov. 9, 1846, ae 1y Another source has yod as 1859
  CONRAD Sarah E. d. 1848, ae 1m  
  COOK Derias E., s/o Daniel & Jane COOK d. Sept. 21, 1864, ae 7y 4m  
  DAVIS Samuel d. Feb. 7, 1825, ae 57y 10m 12d Samuel Davis & his wife are also listed as being buried in the Lansingville Cemetery; headstones found in Lansingville cemetery.
  DAVIS Marg., w/o Samuel DAVIS d. Aug. 21, 1850, ae 78y 4m 11d  
View Stone DE REMER Isaac b. 1800, d. 1855 See also Dermer; another source has d. Aug. 10, 1855, age 55y
View Stone DE REMER Polly, w/o Isaac De Remer b. 1807, d. 1886 See also Dermer
  DE REMER Mary E., d/o Isaac & Polly DE REMER d. July 16, 1842 See also Dermer
  DERMER Mary, d/o Julius & Sally DERMER d. July 16, 1812, ae 8y See also De Remer
  DERMER David 1840-1890 See also De Remer
  DERMER Elizabeth 1834-1842 See also De Remer
  DIETRICH John, s/o Samuel & Elizabeth DIETRICH d. June 15, 1844, ae 4y 5m  
  DIETRICH Lewis, s/o Samuel & Elizabeth DIETRICH d. December 20, 1840, ae 3y 1m  
  DIETRICH Warren, s/o Samuel & Elizabeth DIETRICH d. July 25, 1862, ae 15y 6m  
  DIMMICK Hiram died July 1, 1843, aged 44y 8m 23d Headstone found in 2010 and inscription added to record.
Worn stone, date/age extremely hard to read.
  DIMMICK Betsey, w/o Hiram Dimmick d. December 31, 1836, aged 42y Headstone found in 2010 and inscription added to record.
Worn stone, date/age extremely hard to read.
View Stone DRAKE Charles 1841 - 1931 Headstone found in 2010 and inscription added to record
View Stone DRAKE Catherine, w/o Charles DRAKE & dau. of J. & C. BOWER b. April 7, 1841, d. March 22, 1879, ae 37y 11m 15d  
View Stone DRAKE Gladys R. 1898 - 1988 Headstone found in 2010 and inscription added to record
View Stone ELLISON Elvira, d/o Amasa & Olive ELLISON d. July 20, 1861, ae 1y 10m 17d  
View Stone FRITS Sarah, d/o Henry & Elizabeth FRITS d. Dec. 27, 1830, ae 25y 10m 28d alternate spelling FRITTS, FRITZ
View Stone HAMILTON Susan BOWER, w/o John W. HAMILTON and dau. of Honteeter BOWER & Susan TEETER d. June 4, 1844, ae 29y 2m 9d Headstone found in 2010 and age corrected from 28y on old record
  HAMILTON William veteran's flag d. May 26, 1866, ae 73y 7m 16d War of 1812
Son of Thomas HAMILTON, American Revolutionary War soldier, interred in the White Settlement Cemetery.
View Stone HAMILTON Elizabeth BOWER, w/o William HAMILTON, d/o John & Rosina BOWER d. July 24, 1839, ae 51y 11m 2d 1st wife of William Hamilton
  HAMILTON Calista, w/o William HAMILTON b. Oct. 25, 1805 no date of death as headstone is broken where date would be
View Stone HAMILTON Rosanna, d/o William & Elizabeth HAMILTON d. July 7, 1842, ae 23y 29d  
View Stone HAWS Betsey, w/o John HAWS d. August 6, 1810, aged 23y Headstone found in 2010 and inscription added to record. This headstone was incorrectly recorded in the old record as Betsey w/o John HORSE.
  HAWS Mary, d/o John & Elizabeth HAWS d. Mar. 12, 1841, ae 13y 4m 9d Old record has daughter of John & Elizabeth Haws; Headstone inscribed "Daughter of Elizabeth Haws"
  HAWS Barnabas d. June 28, 1857, ae 49y 6m Barnabas, Elizabeth, Philip and Sarah inscribed on one headstone.
  HAWS Elizabeth PECK, w/o Barnabas HAWS & d/o Philip PECK & Anna Maria LaBAR d. Oct. 6, 1878, ae 70y  
  HAWS Philip d. Mar. 17, 1872, ae 38y 10d  
  HAWS Sarah M. d. Apr. 2, 1871, ae 39y 2m  
View Stone HAWS Reuben d. Aug. 15, 1864, ae 27y  
  HELLER Eve, w/o Jesse HELLER d. Sept. 11, 1845, ae 38y  
  HESS Matilda, d/o Abram & Mary M. HESS d. Sept. 26, 1888, ae 1y 9m 22d Another source has yod as 1858
View Stone HOLDEN John H., s/o John HOLDEN & Patience MILLER 1822-1900 Married Maria C. BOWER, d/o Jesse BOWER & Catherine MILLER.
View Stone HOLDEN Maria C., w/o John H. HOLDEN, dau. of Jesse BOWER & Catherine MILLER b. 1826 Inscribed Mary on headstone
View Stone HOLDEN Ida, d/o John & Mary HOLDEN d. Sept. 27, 1858, ae 4m 10d  
  HOLDEN Stella, d/o W.B. & E.M. HOLDEN 1893-1900 Daughter of Warren Bower & Ettie M. HOLDEN. Warren Bower HOLDEN was the son of John HOLDEN Jr. & Maria Christina BOWER. They are buried in the Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Ithaca, NY.
  HORSE John d. Jan. 14, 1820, ae 34y  
  HORSE Mary, w/o John HORSE d. May 8, 1820, ae 37y 9m 29d  
  HORSE Mary, d/o John & Mary HORSE d. Mar. 22, 1820, ae 4y  
View Stone HUBERT Susan A., w/o Stephen HUBERT d. June 10, 1858, aged 40y Headstone found in 2010 and inscription added to record. Susan is buried in the Blakley plot; perhaps she was a dau. of John & Elizabeth Blakley.
  HUBERT Warren, s/o Stephen & Susan A. HUBERT d. July 8, 1841, ae 1y  
  HUBERT Emmet, s/o Stephen & Susan HUBERT Oct. 1, 1858, ae 4m 2d Emmet and Corinna on one headstone
  HUBERT Corinna, d/o Stephen & Susan HUBERT d. Jan. 5, 1867, ae 11y 7m 5d Corinna and Emmet on one headstone
  JACOBS A.S. b. Sept. 10, 1821, d. Dec. 2, 1890, ae 69y 2m 22d Note: same dates as wife (see below)
  JACOBS Sally A., w/o A.S. JACOBS b. Sept. 10, 1821, d. Dec. 2, 1890, ae 69y 2m 22d  
View Stone JACOBS Richard d. April 22, 1844, ae 74y 5m 29d  
  JACOBS Elizabeth, w/o Richard JACOBS d. May 4, 1864, ae 88y  
  JACOBS Richard Jr. b. Sept. 1, 1806, d. June 6, 1882, ae 75y 9m 5d  
  JACOBS Green M., s/o Benj. F. & Mary S. JACOBS d. Sept. 6, 1845, ae 6m 14d  
  JACOBS Wilson, s/o Benj. F. & Mary S. JACOBS d. Apr. 24, 1849, ae 1y 1m 18d  
View Stone KINTZ Christopher d. Oct. 3, 1815, ae 36y  
View Stone KINTZ Daniel T. 1809-1898  
  LABAR Jacob 1843-1920  
  LABAR Augusta W. 1847-1902  
View Stone LEBAR Reuben, s/o Alexander & Susan LEBAR d. March 1, 1854, aged 4y 7m Headstone found in 2010 and inscription added to record.
Rheuben on headstone. 1850 census, Genoa, Cayuga, NY has Alexander Labar, 38, b. PA, Susan Labar, 34, b. PA, Jacob Labar, 14, b. NY, Enos A. Labar, 12, b. NY, Rosannah Labar, 9, b. NY, Louisa Labar, 7, b. NY, Mary Labar, 5, b. NY, Jesse Labar, 3, b. NY, Reuben Labar, 1, b. NY
View Stone LOBDELL Catherine, w/o Anson LOBDELL d. July 12, 1862, ae 17y 7m 3d  
View Stone MILLER Peter d. April 5, 1855, ae 83y 19d  
View Stone MILLER Maria C., w/o Peter MILLER d. Dec. 29, 1845, 72y 8m 20d Headstone found in 2010 and age corrected. Old record had 5m. Mary C. on headstone.
View Stone MILLER Elizabeth, w/o Henry MILLER d. Aug. 22, 1823, ae 74y  
View Stone MILLER Eve BOWER, w/o John R. MILLER d. Aug. 2, 1865, ae 52y 10m 17d  
View Stone MILLER Alice E., d/o John R. MILLER & Eve BOWER d. Jan. 11, 1867, ae 21y 1m 10d  
View Stone MILLER Mary A. Born February 19, 1843, Died November 8, 1884 Headstone found in 2010 and inscription added to record. On headstone with William.
View Stone MILLER William E. Born September 20, 1852, Died September 28, 1880 Headstone found in 2010 and inscription added to record. On Headstone with Mary A.
View Stone MINTURN Frank P. d. March 25, 1949 Middle initial corrected. Old record had Frank R. Death month and day taken from obit.
View Stone MINTURN Anna M. SMITH b. 1871 no date of death
  MYERS Lewis J. 1831-1897 Possibly this is John Lewis MYERS, b. abt. 1830 in PA
  MYERS Sarah M., w/o Lewis J. MYERS 1833-1892 Possibly this is Sarah LIVINGSTON, b. abt. 1831 in Genoa, Cayuga Co., NY
  PECK Philip d. Oct. 11, 1841, ae 64y 11m 7d  
  PECK Mary, w/o Philip PECK d. Sept. 27, 1874, ae 96y 7m 15d  
  PECK Daniel, s/o Philip PECK & Anna Maria LaBar d. Feb. 9, 1880, ae 58y 6m 23d  
  PECK Susan SICKLE, w/o Daniel PECK d. July 4, 1877, ae 62y 9m 20d  
View Stone RHODES George veteran's flag d. Oct. 27, 1823, ae 67y American Revolutionary War
View Stone RHODES Catherine, w/o George RHODES d. July 6, 1824, ae 68y  
View Stone RHODES Susanna BOWER, w/o S.O. RHODES, d/o Jesse & Catherine (MILLER) BOWER d. May 30, 1863, ae 28y 5m 19d  
View Stone SAXTON Wm. S. d. March 31, 1865, ae 27y 9m 19d  
View Stone SICKLE James Nelson d. Dec. 27, 1848, ae 27y old record had age as 27y 2m 28d
  SICKLES Daniel d. June 15, 1856, ae 77y 10m 6d  
  SICKLES Susan, w/o Daniel SICKLES d. June 27, 1859, ae 81y 2m 28d Another source has age at death as 77y 10m 6d
  SMITH Jane Ann, w/o Samuel SMITH d. Sept. 26, 1858  
  SMITH Almira, w/o Samuel S. SMITH d. July 25, 1878, ae 51y 3m 17d  
  SMITH Theodore d. 1969 Headstone not found. From newspaper article, November 20, 1969: The burial of Theodore Smith took place in the family plot in the German Cemetery on Saturday, November 3, 1969.
View Stone SMITH Ray E. 1882 - 1963 Headstone found in 2010 and inscription added to record.
Brother to Anna Minturn.
View Stone SMITH Addie O., w/o Ray E. SMITH 1885 - 19__ Headstone found in 2010 and inscription added to record.
View Stone SNOVER John D. d. Sept. 12, 1829, ae 36y 11m 29d old record has surname as SNOW and yod as 1824
View Stone SNOVER Elizabeth, w/o John SNOVER d. Jan. 21, 1849, ae 58y 7m 9d  
  SNOVER Isaac d. May 11, 1852, ae 30y 2m 14d b. abt. 1822 possibly in New Jersey
  SNOVER Sidney, s/o Isaac SNOVER & Lucinda BOWER d. Sept. 25, 1871, ae 22y 6m old record had father's name as Israel
  SNOVER Catherine, d/o John D. & Elizabeth SNOVER d. July 13, 1847, ae 27y 4m old record had surname as SNOW
View Stone SNOVER Mary Ann, d/o John D. & Elizabeth SNOVER d. Oct. 3, 1850, ae 21y 8M 21D old record had surname as SNOW
  SNYDER Mary Louise, d/o Daniel & Sarah SNYDER d. Aug. 20, 1831, ae 20m 20d  
View Stone SNYDER Caroline A., w/o Christopher C. SNYDER d. Aug. 7, 1856, ae 27y 1m 24d Buried in the Strong lot. Believe she was the daughter of Abram & Mary STRONG
  SNYDER Emma E. OWENS, w/o William K. SNYDER, d/o Philemon & Harriet OWENS d. May 15, 1863, ae 20y 1m Headstone found in 2010. Day of death corrected. Old record had May 5.
View Stone SNYDER Jesse d. Sept. 12, 1879, ae 40y  
View Stone SNYDER John d. April 30, 1883, ae 74y 8m  
  SNYDER Sarah M., w/o Samuel SNYDER d. Feb. 26, 1873, ae 65y Another source has w/o Daniel SNYDER
View Stone SPENCER John W., s/o Joseph & Rebecca SPENCER d. July 8, 1848, ae 6y 2m  
View Stone STARNER Catherine, w/o Peter STARNER d. Oct. 20, 1851, ae 52y 11m 6d Headstone found in 2010 and inscription corrected. Old record had year of death as 1881. Catharine on headstone.
  STORM Elizabeth, w/o John STORM d. Jan. 21, 1844, ae 58y 2m 9d  
View Stone STRONG G.W. d. Oct. 13, 1859, ae 32y 3m 9d Headstone found in 2010 and initials corrected. Old record had C.W.
View Stone STRONG Charles M. d. April 30, 1867, ae 26y Headstone found in 2010 and age at death corrected. Old record had age as 25y.
View Stone STRONG Jacob, s/o Abram & Mary STRONG d. Dec. 30, 1858, ae 26y 1m 14d Age at death cannot be read in 2010; bottom of stone broken.
  STRONG Sarah, d/o Abram & Mary STRONG d. July 30, 1853, aged 16y Headstone found in 2010 and inscription added to record.
View Stone WARNER George C., s/o Horton WARNER & Mehitable COX d. Dec. 10, 1862, ae 51y 25d  
View Stone WARNER Alvira HOLDEN, w/o George C. WARNER, d/o John S. HOLDEN & Patience MILLER d. Sept. 8, 1849, ae 39y 5m 12d  
  WARNER William C., s/o George & Alvira WARNER d. June 25, 1851, ae 2y 7m  

Thank you Harold Hooper for transcribing the origial record into digital format.
Thank you Nina McAndrews for updates to the record.
Additional updates from Collection #3777, Helen Finch Smith Papers, Cornell University Libraries
Updates by walking cemetery and reading headstone inscriptions by Darlene Jackson and Cheryl Hall (2010).
History of the site and some additional information on the BOWER, HAMILTON and HOLDEN families taken from More Bits and Pieces of Lansingville History" by Nellie Tucker Minturn.

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