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Old Log Meeting House Cemetery

Also known as: Updike Settlement Cemetery

Podunk Road, near Perry City Rd.
Town of Ulysses, Tompkins County, NY.

Map (Off-site from MapQuest)

This record is as complete as possible at this time.
This cemetery was walked in the summer of 2002 and compared with earlier recordings.

Another photo of the Cemetery
by Cathy Knauff

View Log Meeting House
Donated by Dale Updike

photograph of cemetery
(larger photo)
Photo by Cathy Knauff

Please use Notes as a guide only!

Surname Given Name(s) Dates Notes
ALDRIDGEChester A., son of Watson & Polly Aldridged. Jan. 26, 1841 ae 1yr 2mo 23da 
ALDRIDGEClarissa S., dau. of Watson & Polly Aldridged. July 5, 1840, ae 9da 
BECKWITHRev. Albad. Sept. 8, 1821 ae 28yr 2mo 5da 
BENNETTCharles, son of Simon & Susan Bennettd. Sept. 23, 1847, ae 2 yr(Not found)
BURLEWCharles M., s/o Frederick & Harriet BURLEWd. Sept. 27, 1827 ae 1 yr 10 mo 
BURLEWLydia, wife of Wm. BURLEWd. July 25, 1853 ae 54yr 6mo 24da 
BURLEWMinerva, dau of WM. & Lydia BURLEWd. Jan. 24, 1852 ae 30 yr 12 da 
BURLEWWilliamd. Aug. 23, 1830 ae 39yr 10mo 19da 
CLEVELANDFanny, wife of Josiah (?) CLEVELANDd. Feb. 18, 1838 ae 59yr 4mo 3da 
CLEVELANDGurdon L., s/o Josiah & Fanny CLEVELANDd. Jan. 10, 1825 ae 23 or 25yr 7mo 3 or 5da 
CLEVELANDJohn P.d. Apr. 14, 1825 ae 21yr 2mo 9 or 29da 
CLEVELANDJulian, dau of Josiah & Fanny CLEVELANDd. Feb. 7, 1825 ae 22yr 4mo 26da 
COOKHannah, wife of Abraham Cook (Not found)d. Apr. 8, 1834 ae 83yr 3mo 21da 
CREQUEElizabeth A., wife of James M. CREQUEd. Apr. 24, 1847 ae 22yr 7mo 24da(Not found)
DaveyElias M.Sept. 3, 1819 - May 26, 1887 
DaveyElizabeth wife of Elias DaveyMar. 6, 1826 or 1836 - Sept. 21, 1897 
DUNNINGMichaeld. Sept. 28, 1837 ae 87 yr 
DUSTINMerrit, s/o James & Sarah DUSTINd. Apr. 24, 1817 ae 16 yr(killed by discharge of gun)(Not found)
FAIRCHILDJan Oletha, d/o late Rev. Ebenezer FAIRCHILDd. Apr. 7, 1842(Not found)
FAIRCHILDSally, w/o Rev. Ebenezer FAIRCHILDd. ___________?, ae 84yr 4mo 11da(Not found)
GEEJane, wife of Joshua GEEd. May 7, 1842, ae 62 yr 11da 
GRAYCharles, s/o Nathaniel GRAYd. May 5, 1821, ae 19 yr 25da(Not found)
HANMERAlvinb. Nov. 3, 1810;d. Jan. 3, 1838 
HANMEREgbert B.d. July 27, 1845, ae 61 yr 
HANMERElizabeth, wife of Egert B. HANMERd. Nov. 19, 1826, ae 45 yr 
HANMERMrs. Elizabeth, wife of Jabez HANMERd. Aug. 13, 1829, ae 61 yr 
HANMERSusan, dau of Lewis and Fanny HANMERd. July 5, 1832 ae 8yr 10mo 10da 
HanmerRobert dates 
HATFIELDWilliamd. Dec. 28, 1861 ae 61yr 2mo 16da(Not found)
HatfieldCorpl. Harrison - Co. C. 14th N. Y. H. This grave had a wooden marker on it. with no dates (per Harriet Swick) (Not found)
HEADDeborah, wife of Stephen HEADd. Dec. 2, 1824 ae 38yr 7mo 16da 
HevenerWillson B., s/o Richard & Jane HEVENERd. Feb. 20, 1849 ae 7 yr 21 da 
HoverncampJohn1830 - 1909 
HoverncampHarriet wife of John Hoverncamp1837 - 1901 
LEONARDMary, wife of Luther LEONARDd. Aug. 21, 1848 ae 24 yr 1 mo(Not found)
MOOREAnn, wife of John MOOREd. Sept. 21 or 25th, 1823 ae 25 yr 4 mo 
MOOREHermon, son of John and Ann MOOREd. Feb. 12, 1840 ae 20yr 10mo 28da 
PHELPSErvin O. Philps, s/o Warren & E. PHELPSd. Dec. 9, 1840 ae 8yr 5mo 25da(Not found)
PHELPSSalmon C., s/o Warren PHELPSd. Nov. 30, 1840 ae 4yr 1mo 15da(Not found)
PHILIPSEmma M., dau. of Warren & Eliza Philipsd. Jan. 14, 1845 age 3yr 6mo 29da 
POSTSee Mary Ann Updike, wife of William Post  
PRICHARDEleanor, d/o Gilbert & Sarah A. PRICHARDd. Sept. 24, 1835 ae 1yr 3mo 8da 
RICHEYCaty, wife of Robert RICHEYd. Dec. 5, 1842 ae 68yr 5mo 28da 
RICHEYEleanor, wife of Jon RICHEYd. Jan. 11, 1840 
RicheyEleanor, wife of John Richeyd. May 11, 1840 age 58 yrs., 8 mo., 9 dys.(Mary Eleen Updike)
RICHEYElizabeth, wife of Lawrance RICHEYd. Apr. 2, 1827 ae 50yr 11mo 13da(Not found)
RICHEYJohn R., son of Robert and Caty RICHEYd. Jan. 7, 1846, ae 34 yr 17da 
RICHEYJohnd. Nov. 29, 1855 ae 84yr 11mo 4da 
RICHEYJohn, s/o Isaac & Asenah RICHEYd. Aug. 30, 1834 ae 6yr 2mo 3da 
Unknown Grave  next to John Richey, son of Isaac & Asenah
RICHEYRobertd. July 31, 1860 ae 93yr 9mo 20da 
RicheyCaty wife of Robertd. Dec. 5, 1842 age 68 yrs., 5 mo., 28 dys. 
ROCKAFELLOW____, wife of Abraham ROCKAFELLOWd. July 1 or 4th, 1821 
ROCKAFELLOWAbrahamd. Sept. 16, 1844 ae 56yr 1mo 24da 
SAWYEREliza E. dau. of Sam'l & Ruth SAWYERd. Oct. 26, 1838 ae 27yr 2mo 9da 
SAWYERNelson A.d. Oct. 31, 1843 ae 35yr 29da 
SAWYERRuth, wife of Samuel SAWYERd. Mar. 9, 1850 ae 75yr 2mo 19da 
SELOVERHarriet, wife of P. V. SLOVERd. Feb. 8, 1834 ae 31yr 4mo 28da 
SLOVERIsaacd. Dec. 25, 1829, ae 69 yr, 2 mo., 25 dys 
SMITHDeborah, wife of John SMITHd. Dec. 5, 1821, ae 43 yr 
SMITHJohnd. Oct. 18, 1846 ae 77yr 1mo 16da 
SMITHTheodored. Oct. 11, 1847 ae 44 yr 6 mo 
SMITHTruman B., son of Theo. & Fanny SMITHd. Mar. 17, 1840(?1846)ae 6yr 11mo 29da 
SOLESCatharine, wife of Lambert SOLESd. Jan 17, 1848 ae 43yr 10mo 23da 
SOULESClarissa Ann, dau of Lambert & Caty SOULESd. Feb. 2, 1855 ae 14yr 10mo 9da 
SOULESLambert (Not found)d. Mar. 17, 1880 ae 77 yr 
UPDIKEAbrahamd. Mar. 12, 1827 ae 75 yr(lying flat on ground)
UPDIKEJane, wife of Abram UPDIKEd. Feb. 11, 1832 in her 81st yr 
UPDIKECharity, wife of Jacob UPDIKE, Jr.d. Jan. 23, 1834 ae 46yr 1mo 2da(& dau. of Abraham Updike - they were cousins)
UPDIKEClarissa J., wife of Minor UPDIKEd. Feb. 7, 1885 ae 67yr 6mo 2da 
UPDIKEClarke, son of A. J. UPDIKEd. May 19, 1816 ae 5yr 4mo 
UPDIKEEnos, son of A. J. UPDIKEd. Oct. 12, 1822 ae 15yr 10mo 15da 
UPDIKEHenery (sp of Henry is correct from reading)d. May 28, 1843, ae 55 yr 4 mo 
UPDIKEPolly, wife of Henery UPDIKEd. Sept. 3, 1834 ae 33yr 10mo 26da(Note: she is Mary Ann Curry)
UPDIKEJacob (faded, but readable with rubbing)d. Sept. 26, 1827, ae 75 yr 
UPDIKEAnna, wife of Jacob UPDIKE (Sr.)d. Jan. 19, 1822 ae 70yr 9mo 8da 
UPDIKEJohnd. Oct. 19, 1819 in his 78th yr 
UPDIKEMary Ann, wife of William POSTd. Nov. 27, 1831 ae 15yr 10mo 6da 
UPDIKEMary, dau of A. J. UPDIKEd. Aug. 26, 1818 ae 1yr 10mo 15da 
UPDIKEMinord. Aug. 20, 1880 ae 59yr 2mo 9da 
UPDIKEPerlina Ann, d/o Ralph & Margaret UPDIKEd. Jan. 20, 1827 ae 3yr 7mo 16da 
UPDIKEPeterd. Aug. 27, 1827 ae 33yr 1mo 3da 
UPDIKEReubend. July 15, 1845 ae 62yr 4mo 26da 
UPDIKEAlche (Rappleye), wife of Reuben UPDIKEd. Aug. 9, 1863, ae 75 yr 
UPDIKEAlmeron G., son of Ira UPDIKEb. Apr 12, 1843, d. Oct. 23, 1846 
UPDIKEGrover M., son of Ira UPDIKEb. Aug 21, 1841, d. Sep. 21, 1841 
UPDIKEIrab. Feb 15, 1807;d. Oct 15, 1873 
UPDIKECatharine (Grover)b. Nov. 15, 1807; d. Jan. 3, 1844 
VANKIRKPeterd. Dec. 10, 1821 ae 65yr 2mo 2da(Dora Pope Worden had Mar. 10, 1824, Headstone are in very poor condition)
Unknown Grave  (no reading could be done, next to Peter VanKirk)
VANWAGNERAdelia, wife of Lewis VANWAGNERd. (no dates) in her 22nd yr 
VANWAGNERJohn N., s/o Lewis & Emily VANWAGNERd. May 23, 1847 ae 6mo 13da 
VANWAGNERLewisd. Mar. 29, 1847 ae 32yr 11mo 
WEEKSFrancis E., s/o Peter & Harriet WEEKSd. Sept. 29, 1848, ae 9yr 20da 
WEEKSWm. E., s/o Benj. & Ellen Weeksd. Aug. 13, 1846, ae 26yr 3mo (Not found, only W.E.W. footmarker) 
WINTERSAletea, wife of Philip WINTERSd. July 16, 1841 age 60yr ?mo 16da 
WINTERSAletea, wife of Philip WINTERSb. Sept. 1, 1780, d. Jun or Jul 16, 1841(2 headstones)
WINTERSPhilipd. May 16, 1854 age 76yr 5mo 15da 
WINTERSHarriet, dau. of Philip & Aletea WINTERSd. Oct. 17, 1844 age 19yr 8mo 4yr 
WINTERSHarriet, dau. of Philip & Aletea WINTERSb. Feb. 13, 1825, d. Oct. 17, 1844(2 headstones)
WINTERSHiram, son of Philip & Aletiab. Jun 4, 1808, d. Jul 27, 1838 
WORTMANJohn G.d. Apr. 4, 1825 ae 36yr 7mo 
WORTMAN Azariah L., son of John G. WORTMAN d. Aug. 7, 1825 ae 8yr 11mo 21da (son of John G. & Ida Wortman)

Virginia Peterson transcribed the first cemetery records that had been recorded by Dora Pope Worden in the early 1920s.
Those records have been compared to those of Harriet Swick done in 1962 with little difference, and again by reading headstone incscriptions again in May of 2002 by Cathy Knauff and Janet M. Nash.
Thank you Karen Dickson for updates to the Wortman burials.
This cemetery is now as complete as possible.

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