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Brown Cemetery

Also known as: Abram Brown Cemetery

Location: On Sebring Road, very close
to the intersection of Test Rd.

Directions: There are two rows of sugar maple
trees that make a path to the top of the hill.

Town of Newfield, Tompkins County, NY.
Cemetery is inactive.

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This record is as complete as possible at this time.

photograph of cemetery
Photo by Cathy Knauff
(larger photo)

Please use Notes as a guide only!

  Surname Given Name(s)/Relationship Date(s)/Age Relationship/Notes
View Stone Alexander Nancie A. Brown 1844-1880 wife of Robert Alexander & dau. of Alvah & Lydia Brown
View Stone Alexander Robert b. June 26, 1838; d. Jan 26, 1921  
  Brown "Monument" Stephen T. d. Sept 3, 1886 ae 79y 5m 12d  
  Brown "Monument" Sally, his wife, d. June 8, 1884 ae 73y 4m 4d Note: (Sally White)
  Brown "Monument" Urvilla J. d. Dec 11, 1852 ae 16y 9 m their dau.
  Brown "Monument" William D. d. Feb 8, 1875 ae 23y their son
  Brown Howell J. d. Oct 9, 1884 ae 6m son of L. M. & Jennie Brown
  Brown Little Walter d. Sept 20, 1877 or 1887 Infant son of L. M. & Jennie Brown
View Stone Brown Alvah 1804 - 1895  
View Stone Brown Lydia A. (Clark) 1811 - 1885 wife of Alvah Brown,"Suffer little children to come unto me and forbid then not for such is the Kingdom of Heaven"
  Brown Arthur I. d. Mar 11, 1841 ae 2 yrs son of Alvah & Lydia A. Brown
  Brown Isaac d. Sept 20, 1838 ae 4yr 6mo 9da son of Alvah & Lydia A. Brown
  Brown Ann Elizabeth d. Mar 22, 1841 ae 4yr 2mo 8da daughter of Alvah & Lydia A. Brown
View Stone Brown Elizabeth S. 1851 - 1882 Elizabeth (Smith), wife of A D Brown
View Stone Brown Alvah D. 1849 - 1917 Odd Fellow Marker 771, Note: (son of Alvah & Lydia Brown) Monument picture
  Brown Arthur I. 1841- 1885 or 1895 son of Alvah & Lydia Brown
  Brown Ermina L. 1845 - 1906 wife of Arthur Brown
View Stone Brown "Monument" Abraham d. Aug 21, 1851 ae 72 or 79 yr (also known as Abram)
View Stone Brown "Monument" Susannah, his wife d. Dec 22, 1848 ae 76 yr Note: (Susannah Tripp)
  Drake Nancy Drake d. Aug 15, 1884 ae 84yr 6mo 28da (Note Nancy Drake, on Brown Monument)
  Brown "Monument" Abigail R. d. May 14, 1864 ae 61 yr 5mo 8d wife of John Brown
  Brown "Monument" John d. Jan 11, 1846 ae 77yr 3m 11d  
  Brown "Monument" Susie d. Nov 15, 1832 ae 2yr 5mo 24d dau of John & Abigail R. Brown
  Carpenter Elizabeth Z. d. Oct 26, 1872 age ? wife of W. O. Carpenter
  Hendrix, Monument John d. Mar. 4, 1875 ae 20y 6m 19d son of J & E Hendrix
  Hendrix, Monument Jacob d. June 3, 1888 ae 64y 9m 24d  
  Hendrix, Monument Elsa, his wife d. Nov 23, 1889 ae 65y 10m 23d  
  Palmer Abraham d. May 24, 1883 ae 64ys 7mo 22d (On Hendrix Monument)
  Palmer Abigail d. June 29, 1865 ae 47yr 1mo 23d wife of Abraham Palmer (On Hendrix Monument)
  Parks Davidveteran's flag d. Apr. 3, 1910 age 82 yr's Co. H 145th Regt Priv NY Vol.

Notes: Abraham Brown married Susannah Tripp, dau. of Isaac & Martha (Wall) Tripp.
Abraham & Susannah Brown had the following children: 1. William Brown, died young
2. John Brown m. Abigail Hughes
3. Alvah Brown m. Lydia A. Clark - see above for dates
4. Stephen T. Brown m. Sarah "Sally" White - see above for dates
5. Holden T. Brown m. Margaret Crawford
6. Nancy Brown m. William Drake (she may have also married Cornelius Drake)
7. Adoniram Brown m. Seana Labar, Anna Searls, and Carrie Smith

Thank you Cathy Knauff for locating this cemetery and sharing these records with us.

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