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Teeter Cemetery

Located on Gray Road in Ithaca, Tompkins County, NY
Cemetery is on the Old Teeter Farm Property
Still owned by the Teeter Family.

Town of Ithaca, Tompkins County, NY
(Cemetery is almost in Enfield, near the town line)

Directions: Travel east on Woodard Road, turn left on to Upper Park Road, go until you come to Enfield Falls Road, turn right onto Enfield Falls Rd., go approximately 1 mile. 
The cemetery is on the left side of the road.

Cemetery is inactive, located on private property.
Need permission to access Cemetery.
Inscriptions were read on May 17, 2003 
See below for credits.


photograph of cemetery
(Photo by Janet Nash- May 17, 2003)
(larger photo)
Another View of Teeter Cemetery
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Please use Notes as a guide only!

Surname Name/Relationship Birth/Death/Age Notes
Anderson Alta Ketura
dau. of Norman & Experience
died Nov. 28, 1838 aged 12 yrs., 16 dys. Headstone lying on ground
Anderson Experience
wife of Norman Anderson 
died July 23, 1879 age 82 yrs., 15 dys. Headstone lying on ground
Anderson Lydia, 
wife of John Anderson 
died Mar. 26,  1847 aged 86yrs, 4 mo., 8 dys. Headstone lying on gound
Unknown Unknown No dates Headstone next to Lydia Anderson, too rotted to read inscription
Anderson "MY HUSBAND"
Norman B.
died June 25, 1864 aged 43 years Headstone lying on ground
Anderson Norman  born Oct. 27, 1790  died Oct. 27, 1871 Headstone lying on ground
A E. A. Aged ______10dys Footmarker has E. A.  Headstone is broken and rotted away- most likely an Anderson burial
Anderson Sarah, 
dau. of Norman & Experience Anderson 
died Sept. 17, 1841 aged 8 mo., 1 day Headstone lying on ground
Atwater Sarah,
wife of Dwight Atwater
d. May 22, 1849 aged 23 years Headstone broken & lying on ground
Budd Catherine, 
wife of Charles Budd
died April 9, 1853 aged 38yrs., 2 mo., 27 days dau. of Conrad & Christina (Keller) Teeter - she is buried next to her parents.
Cook Abram died May 11, 1872 aged 71 years  8 mo's 10 days Headstone cracked in half & lying on ground
Cook Martha, 
wife of Abram Cook
died Sept. 25, 1855 ag'd 44 yrs., 5 mo., 28 dys Headstone broken & lying on ground
Cook Mary, 
wife of Abram Cook
d. Apr. ___, 1844 age ? no other reading could be done
headstone is in very poor condition , broken & rotting away. (from the records of Allen Chaffee he wrote - ______ wife of Abram Cook, died Apr. 1844 age ?)
Cook Almira L., 
dau. of Abram & Martha Cook
died Aug. 27, 1861 aged 14 yrs., 9 mo., 11 days Headstone lying on ground
Cook John  died May 17, 1836 aged 74 yrs., 4 dys  
Cook Sarah, 
wife of John Cook 
died July 8, 1829 aged 72 yrs., 8 months 16 days  
Nelson Ida born June 13, 1850 died Dec. 7, 1854  dau of Theodore & Sarah Nelson 
On front of the Nelson Monument - Ida and Sarah E. listed as daughters of T. & S. Nelson
Nelson Sarah E.  born Apr. 4, 1852 died Mar. 22, 1877 dau. of Theodore & Sarah Nelson
On front of the Nelson Monument - Ida and Sarah E. listed as daughters of T. & S. Nelson
Nelson Theodore  b. June 2, 1819  d. Feb. 23,  1862 Was living in Ludlowville 1860 born PA.
Nelson Sara  Mar. 12 1830 - Dec. 1, 1903 (see Teeter, Sara) Sara (also known as spelled Sarah) married 1st Theodore Nelson 2nd Isaac Teeter Name on Theodore Nelson monument (Sara Teeter)
Rumsey Catherine, 
dau of Isaac N. & Joanna Rumsey 
died Dec. 13, 1846 aged 17 yrs., 6 mo., 25 dys Headstone broken & lying on ground
Rumsey Joanna, 
wife of Isaac N. Rumsey 
(first reading -  d. 1846 age 45
by Robert Kellogg) 
([2003] looks like d. Jan or Jun 24, 1846, aged 44 yrs., 7 mo., 17 dys) 
Headstone really rotting away, very hard to get inscription. See below
Teeter Christina,
wife Conrad Teeter 
died April 17, 1852  aged 80 y'rs, 1 mo. (Christina Keller per Lansing church records, dau. of Christopher & Christina (Bossard) Keller) Double headstone - side by side with husband Conrad Teeter.  Headstone lying on ground.
Teeter Conrad  died July 18, 1840 In the  71st year of his age. Headstone is a double headstone side by side for both Conrad and wife Crhistina. 
Dearest parents thou has't left us.  Here thy loss we deeply feel.  But tis God that hath ___us.  He can all our sorrows heal. 
(Per Lansing Church records he was the son of Henry & Elizabeth (Beidelman) Teeter)
Teeter Jerome, 
son of Isaac & Phebe Teeter
d. April 12,  1846 age 26 days.  
Teeter Andrew J. 1830-1908 Andrew Jackson Teeter, son of Isaac & Phebe (Carle) Teeter.  He has a large monument with names of himself all his three wives.
Teeter Mary Nixon, 
wife of Andrew J. Teeter
1836-1917 Name on Andrew J. Teeter monument.
(3rd wife Andrew Jackson & mother of all the children of Andrew Jackson Teeter.  She was the dau. of George & Sarah Marie (Hamilton) Nixon 
Teeter Phebe J. VanVleet, 
wife of Andrew J. Teeter
1833-1853  (on Andrew Jackson Teeter monument, 
2nd w/o Andrew Jackson had no children)
Teeter Phebe J., 
wife of Andrew J. Teeter 
died Oct. 26, 1853 in the 20th year of her age
Her gentle spirit soars away to dwell with God in endless day.
Her name is on Andrew J. Teeter Monument, 
plus this headstone next to the monument
Teeter Sabrina C. Hamilton
wife of Andrew J. Teeter
1830-1852 on Andrew Jackson Teeter monument, 
plus another headstone. 
(1st w/o Andrew Jackson had no children) 
She was the dau. of Andrew & Elizabeth (Cheesman) Hamilton
Teeter In Memory of Sabrina C., 
wife of Andrew J. Teeter
died Jan. 30th, 1852 aged 22 yrs., 8 mos., 3 dys. Her name is on the Andrew Jackson monument, 
plus another headstone.
Teeter Sara born March 12, 1830 died Dec. 1, 1903 On Theodore Nelson monument - 
wife of Theodore Nelson & 2nd wife of Isaac Teeter - her death date had been recorded as 1863 age 73 years at an earlier reading.  Inscription is very clear and no mistake is made in thisinscription.  Name has been also spelled Sarah in records, Headstone clearly has Sara.
Teeter Isaac  born abt. 1805 died after 1880. Could be buried here - no headstone found
s/o Conrad & Christina (Keller) Teeter.  Married twice, 1st Phebe Carle; 2nd Sara (___) widow of Theodore Nelson.  Sara is buried here next to her first husband Theodore Nelson.  Phebe died in Calf., and was buried there.  Her children erected a tombstone in her honor in Inlet Cemetery, Ithaca, NY.  Phebe Teeter "Mother" of Martha, Henry and Eugene) d. May 2, 1876 age 66 years.  Members of the Teeter family state Isaac and Phebe have small children buried in Gibbs Cemetery, Ithaca (near the Enfield Line) 
Van Houten Sarah Cook
wife of John Van Houten
died Oct. 15, 1870 age 74 yrs., 4 mo.
Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth, Yea saith the ___ that they may rest from their labors, and their ___ do follow them.
She is buried next to the Cook Family.
W_______ H.  No dates  grave marker with W. H. no other inscriptions -
headmarker made of slate, with foot marker made of same. 
W. T. no headstone note dates  Foot marker only, no headstone found
W. C. T. no headstone note dates Foot marker only, no headstone found

From Landmarks of Tompkins Co., NY - RUMSEY, Myron K., of Newfield, was born in this town July 1, 1855.  Isaac N. RUMSEY, his father, was born in Scipio, Cayuga county, in 1803; was a farmer and hotel keeper, and came to Tompkins county in 1816, and settled in Enfield Falls. He married in 1828 Joanna N. PILGRAM , of this county, and they had three children. His second wife, whom he married in 1845, was Susan J. DUNNING, of Orange County, and by her he had seven children, of whom our subject was the fourth. The latter married, August 11, 1880, Sarah J. LABAR, of Tompkins County. He has always been engaged in agriculture, and in politics is Democratic.

Cemetery is in very poor condition (2003) with most all headstones broken, and or fallen over.
Inscriptions read by - Bonnie Kellogg Brown, Tom Brown, Robert Kellogg, Glora Houseworth Kellogg,
Janet M. Nash, Stephen, L. Nash Sr., Alice Teeter Linton
Thank you Catherine Teeter Kellogg (granddaughter of Andrew J. Teeter) for helping with some of the Teeter family information.
Thank you to all of the above for helping preserve the history of those buried in this cemetery.
A special thank to Robert M. Kellogg who many years ago recorded the death year and age of the people buried in this cemetery.
Robert M. Kellogg 1915-2002 was the late husband of Catherine Teeter.

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