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1850 Deaths in the Town of Danby

As recorded in the 1850 Federal Census,
for the Period ending June 1, 1850.

Name of Deceased Age Date of Death Native State or County Disease/Cause of Death Trade
Abbott, John 93 March 1850 New Jersey Old Age  
Allen, George F. 1y 6m March 1850 New York Inflammation of Brain  
Beers, Lewis 81 May 1850 Connecticut Consumption Farmer
Boardman, Dorcas 46 August 1849 New York Inflammation of Bowel  
Boardman, William 27 November 1849 New York Consumption Farmer
Briggs, Julia E. 5 July 1849 New York Blood ----  
Briggs, Franklin 1y 6m July 1849 New York Blood ----  
Curtis, Richard 15 February 1850 New York Unknown  
Dowe, Christopher 7 May 1850 New York Scarlet Fever  
Foster, Julia 31 February 1850 Massachusetts Cancer Farmer
Grey, William H. 21 March 1850 New York Small Pox Farmer
Kortwright, David 68 May 1850 New Jersey of Kidney Blacksmith
Manning, Diantha 15 February 1850 New York Brain Fever  
Masterson, John 87 September 1849 New Jersey Dropsey  
Smith, Mercy 79 August 1849 Connecticut Palsey  
Tyler, Amasa 21 February 1850 New York Fever Farmer
Van Dusen, Jane 5/12 September 1849 New York Diarrhea  
Van Inwagen, George E. 2 April 1850 New York Inflammation of Lungs  

Material provided and transcribed by Cheryl Hall.

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