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1850 Deaths in the Town of Ithaca

As recorded in the 1850 Federal Census,
for the year ending June 1, 1850.
Enumerated by T. C. Thompson

Name of Deceased Age Date of Death Native State or County Disease or Cause of Death Profession or Trade Notes
Andrews, Eunice 79 October 1849 Canada Consumption   surname unclear; maybe Anderson?
Barnaby, William E. 1 December 1849 New York Dysentery    
Beeler, Clarence 16 January 1850 New York Clerk    
Beers, Mary P. 21 August 1849 New York Dysentery    
Berry, Abraham 69 June 1849 New Jersey Cholera Drover  
Blood, Indiana (f) 57 November 1849 Massachusetts Congestion    
Blue, Ella L. 1 May 1850 New York Dropsy    
Bond, Elizabeth 45 April 1850 New York      
Brennan, Georjianna 1 October 1849 New York Diarrhea   surname unclear
Burdett, Joseph 26 September 1849 England Cholera Laborer  
Case, Eleanor 64 May 1850 Delaware Unknown    
Casterline, James Albert 2/12 November 1849 New York Croup    
Clark, Sarah E. 72 May 1850 New York      
Collins, Jenetta 8 June 1849 New York      
Cornell, Elizabeth P. 14 November 1849 New York      
Coswell, Elizabeth 14 November 1849 New York Fever   surname unclear; Caswell, Cosell
Cratsler, Calvin 21 November 1849 New York Consumption Blacksmith  
DeGroff, Michael 6 May 1850 New York     surmane unclear; Dacroff, Dacroft
Deyo, Milford 30 July 1849 New York Manslaughter    
Dowe, Lorenzo 23 August 1849 New York Cholera Teacher surname unclear
Dowe, Paul 63 August 1849 New York Congestion Farmer surname unclear
Fourtellet, Jeremiah 32 February 1850 New York Consumption Merchant surname unclear
Gardner, Charles 3/12 August 1849 New York Diarrhea    
Goodrich, Clarence 2 January 1850 New York Scarlet Fever    
Gray, Sarah E. 2 May 1850 New York Congestion of B    
Gray, Mary J. 6 April 1850 New York Lung Fever    
Hallett, Roderick 26 August 1849 New York Cholera Boatman  
Hammond, Peleg D. 23 February 1850 New York Consumption Cigar Maker  
Harrison, Aaron 3 November 1849 New York Fever    
Hildebrant, Oren W. 1 November 1849 New York Unknown    
Horton, Thomas H. 1 September 1849 New York Congestion    
Hugg, George 1 September 1849 New York Dysentery    
Humphrey, Charles 56 April 1850 New York Neuralgia (?) Lawyer  
Huntington, William 1/12 July 1849 New York Unknown    
King, Ellen J. 3 September 1849 New York Diarrhea    
King, Frank J. 1 September 1849 New York Diarrhea    
Landon, Duncan 13 July 1849 New York Brain Fever    
Mack, Ebenezer 58 July 1849 New York Consumption Boat Merchant  
Manning, Harriet C. 2/12 March 1850 New York Congestion    
Maurice, Frances 11/12 June 1849 New York Dropsy on Brain    
McDonald, James 5 September 1849 Ireland      
Middaugh, Elysian 48 August 1849 New York Consumption    
Mix, Sarah L. 12 February 1850 New York ----fula    
Reed, Ann Eliza 4 June 1849 New York Unknown    
Ritchey, Orville W. 17 May 1850 Pennsylvania Congestion of B Saddler  
Rodenbrow, Mortimer 2 September 1849 New York Diarrhea   surname unclear
Schuyler, Eleanor 1 January 1850 New York Congestion    
Scott, Deborah 87 August 1849 New York Old Age    
Simpson, Joshua 17 June 1849 New York Consumption    
Smith, James 38 April 1850 Ireland Drowned Laborer  
Smith, Susan 2 June 1849 New York Congestion    
Steenburgh, Moses 1 August 1849 New York Congestion    
Storey, Abby 1 February 1850 New York Fever   surname unclear
Taber, Reuben 6 June 1849 New York Drowned    
Tillotson, Hiram 26 December 1849 New York Congestion Clerk surname unclear
Tucker, Ephraim 3 August 1849 New York Futrid Fever    
Vanderhoof, William 77 April 1850 New Jersey Consumption   surname unclear
Van Order, Cornelius 3 March 1850 New York Croup    
Van Order, Marcus 22 April 1850 New York Congestion of B    
VanValkenburgh, Uriah 3/12 May 1850 New York Inflammation    
Vickery, Benjamin W. 2 September 1849 New York Dysentery    
Ward, Harriet 24 February 1850 New York Congestion    
Wilgus, Henry 44 April 1850 New York Nervous Affliction Merchant  
Wilson, Ursula 45 April 1850 New York      

Material provided and transcribed by Cheryl Hall.

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