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1875 Deaths in the Town of Danby

Deaths that occurred in the Town of Danby
during the year ending June 1, 1875,
as recorded in the 1875 NYS Census
Levi Beers, Enumerator

Name of Deceased Age Sex Civil Condition Date of Death Native State or County Occupation Disease or Cause of Death
Frederick Wadhams 16 M S 11-Aug Tompkins Co.   Congestion of the heart
Edwin Richards 21 M S 11-Feb Tompkins Carpenter Dyptheria
Sybil Beers 48 F M 16-Nov Tompkins Tailoress Dropsey
Eli Morris 52 M M 23-Oct Tompkins Farmer Typhoid Fever
Stanley Morris 27 M S 9-Dec Tompkins Farmer Typhoid Fever
Susan A. Morris 16 F S 11-Dec Tompkins   Typhoid Fever
Hellen M. Aldrich or Aldrick 40 F M 13-Mar Schoharie Co.   Convulsions
Emeline M. Howland 59 F M 11-Jul Tompkins   Dropsey
Lyman E. Howland 24 M S 29-Dec Tompkins Physician Typhoid Fever
Mary E. Howland 19 F S 7-May Tompkins   Hemorrhage of the bowels
Alonzo Cronce 6 M   12-Apr Tompkins   Measles
Ellis Sweetlove 7 M   28-Feb Tioga Co.   Typhpoid Pneumonia
Polly M. Sweetlove 69 F M 3-Mar Dutchess Co.   Typhoid Pneumonia
Nattie Cornell 3 mos. F   27-Dec Tompkins   Spinal Disease
Aubra Felzinger 6 mos. M   23-Mar Tompkins   Scarlet Fever
Elenor Sanderson 60 F W 14-Jul Ireland   Cancer in the stomach
Alvin Lewis 74 M W 1-Jan Rensselaer Co.   Killed by accident
Betsey M. Dutton 43 F M 18-Mar Tioga   Typhoid Fever
Rosanna Bell 80 F W 13-May New Jersey   Consumption
Sophrona Parshall 35 F M 1-Aug Tompkins   Disease of the heart
Adaline M. Benjamin 34 F M 20-Jan Tompkins   Disease of the heart
Edmond Ryan 85 M M 20-Sep Ireland Farmer Old Age
Emeline Ostrander 64 F W 22-Mar Delaware Co.    
George J. Seigle 1 y 7 m M   28-Dec Tompkins   Croup
Mary A. Manning 60 F S 23-Dec Dutchess   Inflamation of the lungs
Maria Manning 85 F W 15-Jan Dutchess   Consumption & old age
Polly Smiley 81 F W 4-Apr Jefferson Co.   Old age & disease of bowels
Polly Brock 72 F S 4-Jun Delaware   Consumption
Katie or Hattie M Shepherd 9 F   23-Apr Tompkins   Measles
Harilda or Marilda Taylor 88 F W 28-Dec Connecticut   Palsey and old age
David Jones 75 M W 27-Jan Connecticut   Pneumonia
Caroline Dumond 74 F M 16-Feb      
Brazilla Dorn 34 M M 1-Mar Tompkins   Typhoid Fever

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