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Marriages from the 1875 Danby Census
Marriages that occurred in the Town of Danby during the year ending June 1, 1875

* PCC=Previous Civil Condition

Name of

Name of


City or Town
Where Married

Married By
Clarance Sage 21 S Clorance Little 20 S 24-Feb Danby, Tomp Co. M. E. Clergy
Samuel Van Wirt 40 W Mary A. Spear 40 S 25-Nov Danby, Tomp Co. M. E. Clergy
George G. Gardner 21 S Dell Genung 19 S 31-Dec Danby, Tomp Co. M. E. Clergy
William C. Hawes 26 S Ida Curtis 21 S 19-Aug Danby, Tomp Co. Unitarian Clergy
James Lamkin 23 S Olive A. Thomas 19 S 11-Feb Danby, Tomp Co. Cong. Clergy
Stephen Bekhorn 21 S Lucy J. Dutton 14 S 23-Mar Owego, Tioga Co.  
Charles H. Nichols 25 S Esther M. Dutton 15 S 16-Jan Velun or Veleen, Chenango Co.  
Joseph Cook 40 S Amanda Becorn 26 S 26-Oct Baldwin, Chemung Co. Justice P.
Marvin E. Reed 24 S Emma D. Howard 27 S 18-Feb Danby, Tomp Co. M. E. Clergy
George M. Hollister 19 S Libbie H. Bogart 16 S 18-Nov Danby, Tomp Co. M. E. Clergy
Marcus Dumond 25 S Augusta Thayer 25 S 20-Dec Ithaca, Tomp. Co. Presb. Clergy
Luther Hill 56 D Bethany (Briggs) Losto 48 W 9-May Spencer, Tioga Co. Bapt. Clergy
Julius Manning 32 S Sarah J. Keeler 30 S Sept Danby, Tomp Co. Cong. Clergy
Philip King 22 S Carrie B. Johnson 20 S Jan Danby, Tomp Co. M. E. Clergy

Material transcribed by Cheryl Hall, Town of Danby Coordinator
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