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Evangelical United Congregations of Milton and Scipio Lansing Township
Tompkins Co. New York

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1800 - 1826 - Alexander through Houtz

1800 - 1826 - Jacobs through Worsler
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This Church was formed by a group of pioneers from Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. Among these were many that had served in the Revolutionary War.

First settlers came before 1790, and most were in the neighborhood by 1800,when the first baptismals were recorded. First meeting was held at the home of Henry Teeter and the first church was built in 1803.

Services were conducted by ministers who visited periodically and administered baptismals throughout the circuit. Records were kept in German script and translated by Mr. and Mrs. George [Grace Stubbs] Rice; Mrs. Grace Stubbs Rice, a member of the Irondoquoit Chapter Rochester, New York


December 25, 1803 |

Tillman Bauer and wife 		John Bauer

Adam Bauer 			John Adam Bauer 

Honteeter Bauer 		Catharine Conrad 

Andrew Keller and wife 		Susanna Bacher 

Magdalene Jonson 		Christina Teeter and Catharine Sausman 

List of Early Pastors 

Henry Geisenheimer 	18 June 1800 

Peter Orel 		4 May 1803 

Rev. Hauzn(John Houtz) 	1805 

Rev. (Jonathan) Merkel 	1810 

Last Pastor John Izenlord (Landmarks of Tompkins County, Selkreg p346)

Names of women may have been added from Hamilton Union Ref. Ch., DAR records, wills in Northampton, now Monroe, Cayuga and Tompkins County,New York. When birth & death date is given for men, and the sign for RW is shown, that record is in DAR Patroit Index. dates indicate births. Bapt: will be indicated. Births not accounted for here are accounted for with their own families. This is DAR record Vol 33 pg 88 and copied as written with a different format.

1800 -1826+

	Alexander, John and Maria Friese 

Emanuel Alexander 			23 Nov 1800 

  	sponsors: Andrew Keller and wife 

Simon Alexander 			11 Mar 1802 

	sponsors: George Bauer and Elizabeth Teeter 

Anna Alexander 				5 Sep 1821(sic) 

	sponsors: Simon and 

  Anna Maria Fries (sic) 

	Algar(t), John and Hannah 

Almira Algar(?t) 			16 Nov 1821 

	sponsors: George and Elizabeth Bossard 

	Arnold, John 

Anthony Arnold 				27 Feb 1814 

	sponsors: J. Keens of Pa.

	Aspine, John and Engel Sophia (Engel?) 

Anna Maria Aspine 			1 Jul 1802 

	sponsors: Anna Maria Strahle (?should mother be Sophia Engel) 

	baptized at home of Henry Teeter 

	Baker, Palmer and Susanna Bauer (? Bacher) 

George Baker (? Bacher) 		23 Oct 1804 

	sponsors: Tillman and wife Maria Eva Bauer 

	Matilda Baker 			19 Oct 1809 

	Elizabeth Baker 		23 May 1812 

  	Susanna Baker 			21 Feb 1813 

	Bayer/Boyer, Jacob and Margaret Gerhard 

John Bayer (? Boyer) 			28 Sep 1788 

	sponsors: George Spengler 

Elizabeth Bayer 			12 Mar 1791 

	sponsors: Barbara Bushman 

Anna Martha Bayer 			22 Apr 1793 

	sponsors: Anna Martha Gerhard 

	Maria Bayer 			10 Sep 1797 

	sponsors: Barbara Bushman 

Margaret Bayer  			16 Jul 1800 

	sponsors: Barbara Bushman 

all baptized at home of Jacob Bayer, Owasco Lake, New York 

 	Bingle/Bickle, Christian and Sarah 

Charles Bingle  			11 Feb 1832 

	sponsors: Elias and Eva Teeter 

	Darius Bingle 			17 Dec 1833 

David Bingle 				6 May 1840 

	John Adam Bingle 		27 Apr 1845 

	sponsors: Abel and Lavina Snyder 

	Bingle/Bickle, John and Sarah 

Daniel Bingle 				24 Jun 1846 

	sponsors: Christian and Sarah Bingle 

	Bingle/Bickle, Joseph and Lavina 

	James Nelson Bingle 		6 Feb 1844 

 	Bohan, Robert and Maria 

Catharine Bohan 			20 Apr 1794 

	sponsors: Barbara Jonson 

John Bohan 				3 Oct 1796 

	sponsors: John Smith 

Elizabeth Bohan 			19 Feb 1797 

	sponsors: Catherine Kotzin 

Dewitt Bohan 				1 Jun 1801 

	sponsors: Stossel Johnnson (sic) and wife Magdalena 

	Conrad Bohan 			17 Jul 1803 

		all baptized at Roth's 


	Boyer, Samuel and Rachel Peck 

John Boyer 				1 Jul 1826 

	sponsors: Philip and Rosina Kubler 

Anna Maria Boyer 			17 Feb 1828 

Jacob Boyer 				30 Aug 1829 

	sponsors: Rudolph and Maria Snyder 

Margaret Boyer 				23 Dec 1830 

	sponsors: Daniel and Margaret Fenner 

	Brack, Christian and Polly 

Charistian (sic) Brack 			1 Dec 1839 


 	Broak, William and Elizabeth 

Catharine Broak 			27 Jan 1811 

	sponsors: Jacob Schuhman 

Nathaniel s/o widow Elizabeth Broak 	27 Feb 1813 

	sponsors: Jacob Schuhman of Middlesex, NY (sic) 

 	Bushman, John and Barbara Fischel 

David Bushman 				31 Jul 1803 bapt. 

Maria Bushman 				31 Jul 1803 bapt. 

	both baptized at Jacob Boyer on Owasco Lake, 

	Butz, Peter and Elizabeth 

Henry Butz 				18 May 1808 


	Clark, Robert and Nellie 

Robert Clark 1791 

	sponsors: Henry and Elizabeth Teeter bapt. home of Henry Teeter 

	Collins, John and Christina Teeter 

Margaret Collins 			11 Sep 1801 

	sponsors: Peter and Margaret Teeters bapt. at home of Henry Teeter 


	Deshong, Henry Geo. and Rachel Dilts 

Susanna Deshong 			23 Feb 1797 

	sponsors: Walbert Deshong and Anna Maria Dilts 

Maria Elizabeth Deshong 		24 Mar 1802 

	sponsors: Margaret Bellows baptized at John 

  			Smith's near Lavanna 

	Dnulleger (sic), Isaac and Anna 

	William Dnulleger 		6 Apr 1802 

	Maria Dnulleger 		18 Aug 1803 

		baptized at home of Tillman Bauer 


 	Doria, Carrot (sic) and Margaret 

Elizabeth Doria 			25 Feb 1838 

 	Dorland, George and Anna 

Eliza Ann Dorland 			6 Mar 1837 

	Eberhart, George 

Miriam Eberhart 			30 Oct 1815 

	sponsors: George Pratz and wife 

	Eberhart, Jacob 

Jacob Eberhart 				9 Dec 1815 

	sponsors: Joseph Smith and wife 

 	Eberhard, Joseph and Catharine Pratz 

Frederick Eberhard 			21 Jan 1825 

	sponsors: Henry and Catharine Miller 

 Erve, John and Christina 

	Anna Erve 			12 Dec 1802 

	sponsors: Elizabeth Erve baptized at Henry Teeter's 

	Filkin, Dr. David (Philkin?) 

Allman Filkin 				24 Apr 1812 


	Foot, Philip and Barbara 	(Fuhs/Fuss) 

Christ. Jonson Foot 			4 Apr 1810 

	sponsors: Christ. Jonson and Magdelena 

Sally Ann Foot (Fuhs/Fuss) 		16 Jul 1812 

	sponsors: Christofel Jonson 


	Foot, John and Catharine Miller 

Susannah Foot 				1 Nov 1801 

Elizabeth Foot 				3 Jan 1804 

	baptized in schoolhouse near Abraham Bloom 


	Foot, John Jr. and wife 

	child not named Foot 19 	Apr 1804 

	baptized at Tillman Bauer's 

 	Foot/Fuhs, John and Magdalena 

child not named Foot/Fuhs 		19 Oct 1805 


	Foot/Fuhs, John 

 Joseph Foot/Fuhs 			14 Dec 1810 

	Foster, Conrad and Margaret Bruker 

Sarah Foster 				2 Feb 1796 

William Foster 				5 Dec 1797 

Anna Foster 				14 Oct 1800 

all baptized home of Frederick Gerhard below Lavanna,Cayuga Co. NY 

 	Gerhard, John George and Joanna Dubber 

Anna Martha Gerhard 			15 Oct 1798 

	sponsors: Anna Martha Gerhard 

Elizabeth Gerhard 			15 Nov 1799 

Frederick Gerhard 			4 Jan 1801 

	sponsors: Frederick Gerhard 

Dianna Gerhard 				25 Jun 1802 

	sponsors: Diana Dupot 

Joanna Gerhard 				3 Jan 1804 

	sponsors: Jacob Boyer 

Margaret Gerhard 			1 Aug 1805 

Mary Gerhard 				19 Jul 1807 

Sarah Gerhard 				26 Apr 1809 

Harrietta Gerhard 			18 Nov 1810 

Henrietta Gerhard 			11 Aug 1812 

	sponsors for last 5: grandparents George and Hannah Gerhard 

	all bapt at home of Frederick Gerhard below Lavanna, 

	Cayuga County, N.Y. 


  	Gibbs, William and Elizabeth Breit/Bright 

Eleanora Gibbs 				30 Dec 1802 

baptized at home of Henry Teeter 


	Gilmore, Gabriel and Diate Gottriet 

Henry Gilmore 				5 Jan 1802 

Elizabeth Gilmore 			15 Nov 1803 

	both baptized at home of Tillman Bauer 

 	Groa/Gress, Michael and Sarah 

Sarah Groa sic (Gress?) 		6 Apr 1822 

Nelson Gress 				12 Dec 1823 

	sponsors: Melchior and Catharine Conrad 

Margaret Gress 				5 Aug 1825 

	sponsors: Peter and Mary (Conrad) Snyder 

Daniel Gress 				30 Apr 1827 

Marianna Gress 				28 Jul 1831 


	Haas, John (Maria written in with ink and a ?) 

Julia Ann Haas 				13 Aug 1812 

	sponsors: George Bossard and wife 

---- Haas (same note) 			29 Dec 1816 


	Haas, Henry Frena Haas 		2 Sep 1814 

	sponsors: Christofel Jonson 


	Haffner, George and Maria 

Caroline Haffner 			14 Mar 1823 

	sponsors: Christian and Catharine Kern (? Karn) 

John Haffner 				29 May 1824 

Catharine Haffner 			15 Sep 1828 

	sponsors: Henry and Catharine Miller 


	Hamel, Daniel and Catharine 

Sarah Hamel 				25 Jun 1803 

	sponsors: Wm. Savacool and wife. 

			bpt. school house near Abraham Bloom 

 	Haupt, Ludwig and Maria Fortner 

Louis Haupt 				28 Jul 1803 

	baptized at home of Henry Teeter 

	Heil, Nicholas and Flora 

Anna Heil 				9 Sep 1803 

	baptized at home of George Roth 


	Hendershot, Isaac and Maria Maria 

Philipin Hendershot 			8 May 1803 

	sponsors: Maria P. Sava(r)cool baptized at home of Henry Teeter's 


	Heller, Jesse and Eva 

Calvin Heller 				23 May 1832 

sponsors: Melchior and Catharine Conrad 

 	Hess, Abraham and Maria Magdalena 

Anna Maria Hess 			2 Apr 1827 

Catharine Hess 				28 Apr 1832 

Jonathan Hess 				20 May 1834 

Sylvester Hess 				28 Aug 1839 


	Hilgert, Jacob and Catharine 

Isaac Hilgert 				11 Jan 1825 

Margaret Elizabeth Hilgert 		9 Jan 1826 


	Hoffman, George and Maria 

Peter Hoffman 				15 Nov 1825 

	sponsors: Peter and Lydia Schafer 


 	Houtz, Arthur and Catharine (Is this Anthony instead of Arthur?) 

Sarah Houtz 				9 Oct 1806 

Catharine Houtz 			10 Sep 1808 

Index for Lansing Church Records
1800 - 1826 - Alexander through Houtz

1800 - 1826 - Jacobs through Worsler
Marriages Records -Women - Men

To Lansing Church Records 1804 - 1813
To Lansing Church Records 1814 - 1846

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