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Index to Deeds
Tompkins County, NY
1817-1860 Inclusive


M-Ma Martin Ma-My
Year of Deed Year of Record Grantors Grantees Book Page Description
18551856Martin, AmeliaAlbert Newton65321Gro 58 44A 16r
18491850Martin, Archer & AlmiraJames M. Erway54453Hec 78 Burdett Vil 20A
18511856Martin, Cecelia E.Albert Newton65321Gro 58 44A
 1847Martin, Ezra & LucySherman M. JoppXX214Dan 10A
18351836Martin, Henry & RebeccaHuron LewisDD52Enf 53 50A
 1835Martin, Humphrey & Jane et alJacob PuffAA387Newf(?) NW-7-W&F 23 No.2 88.40A
 1844Martin, Humphrey & JaneAlbert StarrTT177Newf NW-7-W&F 63.45
18441845Martin, Humphrey & JaneJulius GoldsmithUU230Newf NW-7-W&F 63.44 52r
18481849Martin, Humphrey & JaneHiram Ludlow53362Ith Vil 139
18171835Martin, Isaac N. & Mary et alNathaniel SniffinCC79Dry 71 90A 54p
18161817Martin, JohnArcher GreenAA293Uly 41 4A
18101833Martin, John & NancyHenry DevenportV376Uly 83 9A
 1835Martin, Lemuel & Emeline A.Amy MerriamBB372Ith Vil Pleasant St 98' x 74'
18481853Martin, Lemuel & EmilineLoyd F. Osborn59553Ith Vil 16(Ayers) 41' x 125'
18171835Martin, Mary & Isaac N. et alNathaniel SniffinCC79Dry 71 90A 54p
 1846Martin, Oliver N. & Phebe AnnJohn HawkinsVV150Dry 93 61A
 1851Martin, Samuel & Clarasa C.Daniel Havens57322Newf 63 2R 22r+ & Ano par
 1857Martin, Samuel, by SheriffJosiah B. Williams6631Dan SE-7-W & F 17,35 97A
18431844Martin, Saul & SusanSherman MillerSS378Dan SW-10-W&F 33 50A
 1823Martin, Thomas, by heirAmos HixsonF176Ith(Uly) 48 110A
 1854Martin, Ward & Catherine(Ann)Jacob Bates61413Dan 1A 29r
 1854Martin, Ward & Catherine(Ann)Daniel Brown62531Dan NE-7-W&F 9 1/3A & Ano par
 1856Martin, Ward, by SheriffOcean Bank of N.Y. City65558Dan NE-7-W&F 9 1/3A
 1817Martin, William & ElizabethAmos DunbarAA42Hec 79 50A
18151817Martin, William & ElizabethHorace BaconAA65Hec 79 5A
18241825Martin, WilliamEvert GreenH426Hec 71 85A
18231828Martin, William & ElizabethDavid LaycockN251Hec 88,79 50A
 1829Martin, WilliamDavid ReeveO255Hec 88 100A
 1831Martin, WilliamTrus Sch Dist No.6, HectorS502Hec 88 54r
18321834Martin, William & ElizabethJacob MorrisZ422Hec 87 Survey 50 50A
18271838Martin, WilliamCyrus DolphKK327Hec 88 1ŻA 6r
 1838Martin, WilliamIra MartinKK402Dan NE-7-W&F 2 No.5 93A
 1839Martin, William & ElizabethArcher MartinNN191Hec 79,88 82.90A
 1839Martin, WilliamArcher MartinNN193Hec 79 4.06A
 1840Martin, William & ElizabethJohn T. MartinOO55Hec 88 44.13A 13A
18351841Martin, WilliamJames ReevePP48Hec 88 2.40A
18391841Martin, William & ElizabethRobert BurgePP62Hec 88 33A
18411842Martin, William & ElizabethJohn C. MeadQQ203Hec 88 8A
 1842Martin, William & ElizabethJames BrinkQQ507Hec 79 7.9A 1A
 1852Martin, William, GdnGeorge Cregar57488Enf 47 Survey 50 12ŻA
18441852Martin, William & ElizabethJames H. Break5960Hec 88 4.92A
 1854Martin, William & ElizabethDaniel Slauson, Jr61279Hec 79 177.81A
 1854Martin, William & ElizabethTrus Sch Dist No.6, Hector62561Hec ŻA
 1850Martin, W(illiam) W. & AsenathSusan P. Newell54478Ith Vil 32 99' x 66'

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