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Enfield Center School
Enfield, Tompkins Co., New York

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Starting from back row forward Where there is a line, it's a name my mom cannot remember.

Back row: Dick Oliver - George Whitaker - Thelma Dodd - Barbra Laughlin - Theresa Smith - Helen Cerenza - Betty Chapman - Betty Wright - Eleanor Stanton - Alice Whitaker - Helen Bohach - Chuck Van Gorder - Elwood Newman.

Mrs. Patterson - Roger Brown - Ralph Whitaker - Herbie Sheffield - Kyrle Burlew - George Manheim - Marian Newman - Helen Brablc - Miriam Stanton - Ruth Bowers - Pauline LaPoint - Ardis LaPoint - Osco Peterson - Roger Thall - Gordon Stark - Mrs. Sheffield

Gordon Whitaker - Walter Manheim - Helen Whitaker - Phyllis Burlew - Ruth Whitaker - Marian Oliver - Lillian Bagley - ___________ - Clara May Bagley - Jaunita Bagley - Carlton thall - Earnest Bagley

____________ -Harold Wright - Ray Stark - Lillian Whitaker - Wilmer Stark - Jimmie Spencer - Jimmie Manheim - Dutton Peterson

Thanks to Terri Crockford for sending in this photo!

A special thank you to Judy Cuyle for letting us know which children in the photo were,
Walter Manheim and Gordon Whitaker.

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