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Ithaca High School Class of 1925

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Julia Jane Abbott
Helen Abel
Florence Francis Andrews
Lillian Asai
Johanna B. Amus
Claude Baldwin
Sara Barnard
Charles Beattie
Frank Berryman
Alice Blostein
Elizabeth Boyle
Mildred Cornelia Boyle
Emily Wilam Briggs
Marian Brockway
Joseph R. Burritt
Amy C. R. Butler
Lennie Butler
M. Katherine Cass
Kenneth E. Caster
Elsie Lois Clark
Esther Eloise Clark
Edmund Allen Cobb
Esther Mary Cornish
John Couch
Mary Margret Curran
Willard DeCamp
Behulah Dennis
Helem Viane Dennis
Minnie Ediminster
Estella E. Emmons
Agnes Teresa Gainey
Christine George
Kenneth Georgia
James Gibbons
Elizabeth Halsey Gregg
Lois Gregorie
Isabel Hall

James F. Hall
Edith L. Harris
Clinton Hays
Marjory Lillian Head
John Heidberg
Ernest H. Kingsbury
Kenneth R. Hollister
Edward Horn
Gladys Kenfield
Margaret Knapp
Isabel Mary Agatha Korherr
Katherine La Barr
Clifford Lane
David Lewis
Helen Christine Lewis
LaRose Beatrice Linderman
Sara Louise Lounsberry
Adeline C. Lull
Harild Lull Jr.
Corthell S Mack
Jesse C. Nichols
Agnes Nolan
Nicholas Northrup
Cecil W. Odell
William E. O’Neil Jr.
Patterson Ralph
Frank E Phillips
Elfrieda E. Pope
Robert Price
Francis Henry Pugsley
Mabel Pulleyn
Clayton Quick
Mary K. Quigley
Mary Cecilia Reese
Donald C. Rice
Majory Alice Rice
Jane Elizabeth Ross

Clarie Ryerson
Clair E. Stafford
Esther M. Sawdon
Eunice Minette Schuster
Flora Elizabeth Shangle
Raymond Sianny
Ester F. Skilling
Joesph Slights
Paul V. Smiley
Priscilla Smith
Lenard Arthur Spolansky
Marian Stanton
Arthur Stevens
Charles Kent Stover Jr.
Elizabeth E. Sturrock
Joseph J. Sullivan
Inez Mary Tatasciore
William S. Thomas
Martha A. Tichenor
Francis B. Troy
Lida Evelyn Updike
Thelma Van Alstyne
Nancy Van Kirk
Jean Warren
Ruth Washburn
Emerson White
Edgar Whiting
Lester Brokaw Whiting
Gladys E. Williams
Lawrence Williams
Anna Margret Wilson
Beatrice E. Wood
Francis Young

Information and photograph of Ithaca High School donated by Terri Crockford.
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