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Elizabeth Gertrude Hull Henderson


1852 - 1927
These pages are dedicated to my great grandmother
Theresa Rae Donlick

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Elizabeth was born in a time when young women were seldom allowed to develop their potential; however, Libby was an exception to that rule. Born in Tioga County, New York in the year 1849, to parents who could trace their heritage in this country to its beginnings, Elizabeth Hull, benefited from the love of family, and the pursuit of education that her family nurtured.

Well read, creative, musical and outgoing, she often visited neighbors and friends, staying a few days, or even over the night before returning home. This was the custom in those days when distances and weather made travel difficult. She kept a journal of her life as a young women and continued this practice into the early years of her marriage. Perhaps time and circumstances did not permit the continuance of this discipline. Her diaries are beautifully written and give the reader a glimpse into the life of young educated women of the middle 1800's. Being spiritually minded, Elizabeth often expressed her love of God, and His part in the decisions that she made for her life. It is my hope that the reader will enjoy getting to know the "Libby" that I have come to know through her diaries.

Genealogical Notes

Elizabeth Gertrude Hull was born in Tioga County, New York on July 28, 1852. The eldest of seven children born to Nathan Teall Hull and Adah Marie Oakley Hull. Elizabeth's father, Nathan Teall Hull was the son of Samuel Hull JR. and Sabrina
Teall and grandson of Samuel Hull SR. and Freelove Kelsey. The Senior Hull having arrived in the Candor area in 1809. Adah Marie Oakley was the daughter of Daniel Oakley and Sally Carpenter Oakley of Oakleyville, Suquehanna County,

Elizabeth was a teacher in the Candor/Fairfield area until her marriage in 1875, to Hiram Henderson. Hiram and Elizabeth had two daughters, Ada Rae Henderson, who married Elbert Schooley, and Maude Evelyn Henderson, the wife of Ross
Galpin. They also had an adopted son Walter Perry. The Henderson homestead was in Fairfield, and though the house no longer stands, (a newer home has been built there) the barns and property look much as it did when Hiram and Elizabeth set up housekeeping, so many years ago.

Elizabeth's lineage can be traced back to William Oakley b. 1500 of Shopshire, England, and Richard Hull b. 1515, Crewkerne, England. The immigrator Hull ancestor's being Josias Hull 1 b. 1624, Crewkerne, England and Elizabeth Loomis
b. 1618 in England. The immigrator Oakley ancestor's being, Miles Oakley b. 1640 Oakley Grove, Oakley Parish, England and Mary Wilmont.

Obituary: Mrs.. Elizabeth G. Henderson

Mrs. Elizabeth G. Henderson died at her home, Sunday afternoon, December 25, 1927, After a lingering illness, aged 75 years. She is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Elbert Schooley of Brooktondale, Mrs.. R. W. Galpin at home, and a foster son, Walter Perry of Elmira, NY; also one sister Mrs. Charles Perkins; one brother, D. O. Hull of Candor; a foster brother Charles Hull of Willimansett, Mass.; and four grandchildren, besides a number of nieces and nephews.

The funeral was held Wednesday afternoon at two o'clock, and burial was made in Maple Grove Cemetery, Rev. Mrs.. Carson officiating.

Obituary: Mr.. Hiram Henderson

Those from out of town who attended the funeral were Mrs. Charles Hulslander and son, Paul, of Owego, Mrs.. Charles Barber of Ithaca; Archie and Harold Henderson of Jenksville; James Hover, Gilbert Hover and Arthur Henderson of Newark Valley, Mrs. Gertie Stinnard, Neva, Lydia and Harold Stinnard, Ada Galpin of Owego; Mr. and Mrs.. Will Go--ton and Mrs.. Leroy Roundsville of Brooktondale.

(The following obituary notices were handed down through the family)

Obituary Number One - Hiram Henderson

--Hiram Henderson, one of the last known farmers of Candor, died at the Peoples Hospital, Sayre, Sunday, aged 63 years. The cause of the death was intestinal strangulation, He had been sick for several days, but Friday night his condition became so alarming that he was taken to the hospital where an operation was performed in the hopes that relief might be had but his condition was such that there was little hopes and he died on Sunday. He is survived by his wife and two daughters, Mrs. Albert Schooley and Miss Maude Henderson and a foster son, Walter Perry, who has lived in Elmira for some years. Funeral Services were held at the home on Wednesday afternoon, Rev. Joseph Phillips officiating. Burial was made in Maple Grove.

Obituary Number Two - Hiram Henderson

Hiram Henderson, of Candor, died Sunday afternoon, June 15, at the Peoples hospital at Sayre, Pa. Aged 64 years. He had undergone an operation Friday night for intestinal strangulation and fifteen feet of his intestines were removed. His
condition was such that he could not recover. His funeral was held at Candor yesterday afternoon, Rev. Jos. Phillips officiating. He leaves a wife and two daughters, Mrs.. Albert Schooley and Miss Maude Henderson.

Notes: It should read Elbert Schooley not Albert Schooley.

Obituary - Adah Marie Oakley Hull

Mrs. A. M. Hull, widow of the late Deacon Nathan I. Hull died February. 20 in Candor, aged 81 years, She is survived by one sister, Mrs.. R. L. Gere of Brooklyn, Pa, who attended her funeral, also from our town came her adopted son, Charles T. Hull of Worcester, Mass.; Loring Hull and daughter of Spencer; Samuel Loring and wife of Newark Valley; Louis Hull and wife, and Walter Perry and wife from Elmira, and Charles Hulslander and wife from Owego. "Precious in the sigat (sp) of the Lord is the death of His saints."

Note: Walter Perry was the foster son of Hiram Henderson and Elizabeth Gertrude Hull Henderson. I confused by the description "one sister, Mrs.. R.L. Gere of Brooklyn, Pa." Adah had one sister named Mary

Obituary Number One - Nathan Teall Hull:

Nathan Teall Hull died at his home in Candor, NY, Dec. 18, 1891. He was born in 1823 and has with but a brief intermission of fifteen years lived on the old homestead farm all his days, he joined the Cong. church He seventeen years of age, and was a consistent member 56 years; this loyalty and attachment to the church of his choice was very marked and such was his Christian character, that he has filled with singular ability the several office of Sunday School Superintendent, teacher, trustee and Deacon. His commanding presence in the old family pew will be greatly missed. He had been in poor health for some time and when attending the World's fair in October complained of short breath and trouble to get around, and when two week before his death, pneumonia set in, the struggle was severe and his sufferings great, but he bore his affliction with Christian fortitude and felt that "to live is Christ, to die is gain." He was married to Maria Oakley, second daughter of Daniel Oakley, in November, 1849 and his widow, one son, and two daughters survive him.

Obituary Number Two - Mr.. Nathan Teall Hull

Another of our greatly respected and prominent townsmen has passed away. Two weeks since he took cold, which developed pneumonia. He was born in 1823 and has, with but a brief intermission lived on the old homestead all his days. When seventeen years old he dedicated himself to the Lord and joined the Congregational church of which he has been a consistent member for fifty-six years. Such has been his uniform Christian character that he has severally sustained the office of Sabbath School superintendent and teacher, trustee and deacon in the church; which latter position he had filled with singular ability and fidelity for several years. His loyalty and attachment to the church of his choice was very marked, and his attendance at various services most regular. He was "apt to teach" in his class, while his prayers and counsels to the young and the older members will continue to be an inspiration and a joy for many years to come. "He being dead yet speaketh" His commanding presence in his accustomed seat in the church on the Sabbath will be missed, and the members of his class, to whom he so faithfully explained the word, "sorrow most of all that they shall see his face no more," He had not been in good health for some time; when attending the World's Fair in October in company with his beloved wife, he complained of shortness of breath and difficulty in getting around. When attack be the fell disease which laid him low it was evident the struggle would be severe but he bore his patience and Christian fortitude. With failing strength his hope of heaven brightened and he realized with joy his approach to the heavenly city. When scarcely able to articulate a sentence he told his pastor of his "good hope through grace," and with evident triumph, exclaimed, though in broken utterance: To live is Christ, to die is gain. As the end drew near he was heard to cry; "Waiting and, longing for home." On Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock he fell on sleep and passed from earth's dim twilight to endless day.

The funeral service was held in the Congregational church on Wednesday afternoon. At the close of an appropriate address by the pastor, Rev. H. Margetts his remains were borne to their resting place in the cemetery, in sure and certain hope of a blissful resurrection to eternal life. "Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright for the end of that man is peace"

Samuel Hull JR and Sabrina Teall

NY Samuel Hull JR. married Sabrina Teall on February 19, 1808 in Killingsworth, CT. Coming with his parents to Candor in 1809, Samuel built a homestead in the valley a short distance from his father. After Samuel first home was destroyed by fire, He built another nearby. The Samuel Hull residence still stands today on the corner of Route 96 and Tuttle Hill Road

Samuel Hull JR. was born on July 9, 1785 in Killingsworth, CT., He died on Dec. 11, 1868 in Candor, NY. . Sabrina Teall was born on August 31, 1786. She died on June 22, 1842 in Candor, NY. Samuel and Sabrina are buried in Maple Grove Cemetery, Candor, Tioga County, NY.

The Genealogical Record of Elizabeth G. Hull

Samuel Hull SR. and Freelove Kelsey

Samuel Hull SR was born in Killingsworth, Connecticut on June 15, 1755. The son of George Hull II and Phoebe Pratt. At the age of 26, on June 20, 1781, Samuel SR. Married Freelove Kelsey. In 1809 Samuel SR removed to Candor, Tioga County, New York. Although, he farmed in the Candor valley, he built his home high in the hills about two miles west of town. Their children are as follows: Samuel Hull JR., (he traveled to Tioga County with his father), Jonas Hull, James Hull, Lebblus Hull, Russell Hull, Electa Hull, Curtis Hull, Hubbard Hull, Phoebe Hull, Catherine Hull, Alanson Hull, and Hannah Hull. Samuel Hull SR died in Candor, Tioga County, New York on June 22, 1841 and his wife Freelove died on February 19, 1841. Both are buried in Maple Grove Cemetery, Candor, Tioga County, New York.

Notes on Samuel Hull SR.

Samuel Hull SR served in the Connecticut Militia during the Revolutionary War, his regiment was commanded by Colonel Graves and he served under Captain William Morgan. He became sick and returned home. Later he returned, in all Samuel SR served in the war three different times. In Killingsworth he was a minuteman sentinel, this duty he shared with his brother Josiah Hull.

George Hull II and Phoebe Pratt

George Hull II was born July 9, 1724 in Killingsworth, Connecticut, the son of George Hull I and Phoebe Rutty, He married on June 21, 1781, Phoebe Pratt. Phoebe Pratt was born April 25, 1761 also in Killingsworth, Connecticut. Their children: Samuel Hull SR, Phoebe Hull, Anna Hull, Mary Hull, Sarah Hull, George Hull III, Hannah Hull, and another Anna Hull.

George Hull I and Phoebe Rutty

George Hull I was born on October 16, 1678 in Killingsworth, Connecticut, the son of Joseph Hull and Mary Mervin. He married in 1696 Phoebe Rutty. Their children: George Hull II, Elizabeth Hull, Phoebe Hull, Joseph Hull and Hannah Hull. George Hull I died December 5, 1755 and his wife Mary Mervin died on April 25, 1731.

Joseph Hull and Mary Mervin

Joseph Hull was born August 10, 1652 in Windsor, Connecticut, the son of Josias Hull I, and Elizabeth Loomis. Joseph Hull died in 1709 in Killingsworth, Connecticut. He married in 1696 Mary Mervin. Mary Mervin was born in 1666 and died in 1705 in Killingsworth, Connecticut. Their children: George Hull I, Josias Hull, Joseph Hull, Cornelius Hull, Peter Hull and Elizabeth Hull.

Josias Hull and Elizabeth Loomis

Josias Hull was born in Crewkerne, Somerset, England in 1624. And died November 16, 1675 in Killingsworth, Connecticut. He was the son of George Hull and Elizabeth Russell. Josias married Elizabeth Loomis May 20, 1641. Elizabeth Loomis June 10, 1619 in Essex, England and died November 16, 1675 in Killingsworth, Connecticut. She was the daughter of Joseph Loomis and Mary White.

Josias Hull and Elizabeth Loomis had the following children: Joseph, Josiah II, John,

Elizabeth, Mary, Martha, Thomas, Sarah, Naomi, Rebecca and George.

George Hull and Elizabeth Russell

George Hull was born in England in 1587 and died in 1659 in Fairfield, Connecticut. He was the son of Thomas Hull and Joan Peson. He married Elizabeth Russell in Somerset, England in 1660. Elizabeth Russell died in Windsor, Connecticut in 1646. Children: Josias Hull I, Cornelius Hull, Elizabeth Hull, Naomi, Joshua, Martha.

Thomas Hull and Joan Peson

Thomas Hull was born in Crewkerne, England in 1547. He was the son of Richard Hull and Alice (Unknown). He married Joan Peson born 1551 in Crewkerne, England. She died in Crewkerne, England on November 30, 1629.

Children: George Hull, John Hull, William Hull, Joseph Hull, Robert, Richard, Agnes, Mary, Thomas, Francis

Richard Hull and Alice

Richard Hull was born in Crewkerne, Somerset, England in 1515. He married Alice (unknown) in 1560. Children: Thomas, John, Elinor, William, Mary, Raynold, James

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