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The Ithaca Daily Journal




January Ithaca's new city charter went into effect, providing for a Board of Public Works, and many other radical changes in city government.

Mayer Randolph Horton announced his appointees as follows:  Board of Public Works - One year, Robert H. Tremen;  two years, E. G. Stewart; three years, Holmes Hollister; four years, Euguen E. Haskell; five years, James Lynch; six years, Louis P. Smith;  City Attorney, Peter F. McAllister; City Chamberlain, Eugene N. Corbin; Acting City Judge, E. N. Jackson; Commissioner of Buildings, C. L. Vivian;  Commissioner of Charities, John P. Kelly;  Commissioner of Health, Arthur D. White,  Henry L. Stewart;  Constables, Henry Shaw and Perry D. Robertson.

Regular schedule of trains instituted on the first interurban trolley road of Ithaca,  The New York, Auburn and Lansing Line.

Marriage of Faynetta Alice Markell to Serano Glassel Miller on New Years's eve.
The Death of Mrs. Harriet Estes aged 86 years, probably the last surviving Daughter of the American Revolution in this part of the state.
Death of Daniel Coon
Law and Order League gives its first show in Star Theater
Board of Public Works appoints W. O. Kerr city clerk, and elects E. C. Stewart vice chairman, at its first meeting.
Marriage of Mary A. Sutton and Henry Perry (colored)
Henry L. Mackley son of Linus S. Mackey of this city killed in Olean by accidental discarge of revolver.
Death of Mrs. H. M. Evans and Miss Johanna Quick
Marriage of Frank Wingert to Miss Eveline Johnson in Waverly
Mike Yaddish convicted of robbing fellow Hungarian of $400, and later sent to Elmira Reformatory
Death of Mrs. William E. Snow the noted William Hoard heir in Caroline.
Death of Thomas J. Barnes
Univertity and College Presidents met in annual session here
Glen Wilson alias Chicago Sandow convicted of grand larceny and sent to Auburn prison for four years and seven months
Death of Fannie Foley
Death of Mrs. Clara Allison Rodgers at Clifton Springs Sanitarium
Cornell Basket Ball, Cornett 25 St. Lawrence University 21
Geo. A. Parkhurst died.
Memorial tablet erected in memory of Ezra Cornell on Ithaca Savings Bank
Otis Eddy Wood, the first man to take a telegraph message by sound died at Etna
Fire destroys house at 512 W. Buffalo street, and families of Chas. E. Wallace and Solon P. Bishop escaped in their night clothes,
Ithaca Elks gave minstrel show, the gross receipts of which amounted to over $1300
Five inches of snow fell this morning
Ithaca Retail Grocers give banquet to clerks
Basketball Pennsylvania 17, Cornell 16
E. N. Corbin, Ithaca's first city chamberlain, qualified by furnishing bond
Cornell defeats Union at basketball 45-14
First Methodist Church congregation raises $30,000 to apply on new church
William Howes died suddenly
Marriage of Anne Elelyn Wood to Chester Allen Smith
Fire partially destroys rectory of the Church of the Immaculate Conception
Attorney Arthur G. Adams married in Rochester to Miss Minerva A. Skip of Hume
Ithaca merchant tailors hold banquet
Death of Mrs. Amanda C. Wooward
Death of Eraetus Gay
Cornell wins from Niagara basketball team 28-26
Death of Mrs. Fred D. Johnson
Parkman Leavitt of East Orange freshman electroated by grabbing a charged guy wire on Oak avenue
Forty Priests attend funeral of Michael Nolan in Catholic Church
The Mexican Coffee Co., organised in this city to develop coffee interests in Mexico.  F. F. Pino, president, Dr. W. C. Douglas, vice president, M. M. Gudstadt, secretary and treasurer.
Deaths of Laura Taber and Leon LeBarr
Robert J. Dunlavey married to Miss Mary E. Haffat (sp) of Elmira
Deaths of Mrs. E. J. Carpenter and Earl Sands
Dr. W. Lockerby married in Waverly to Mrs. Helen Phillips Cole
Death of Rev. Geor W. Lodine and Mrs. M. A. Baren (sp)
Notice received of decision in favor of the city in $16,600 damage action brought by Ithaca Wall Paper Mills.
Death of Decature Simpson a Civil War veteran
Dearth of Mrs. William J. Derrick
Columbia defeated Cornell at basketball  ----------
Death of Mrs. George Lincoln --rr (sp....could be Burr, Horr, Herr)



New York, Auburn & Lansing Trolley Company  begins carrying freight and express
Henry  A.  St.  John was appointed ________  and  Superintendent of Public Works.
Wm. Barn__died at Laonia, N.J>
Dr. C. M. H____died
Business Mens Association elect  the following officers President ____________, vice president, James
McKinney; secretary, Charles E. Westerveit; treasurer, Daniel Marsh; directors, F. C. Barr, Geor. Davis, P. S. Millspaugh.

Miss Mary Josephone Head married to Sanfor G. Lyon of Aurora
Marriage of Frederick J. Hayes to Miss Emma E. Hill
Central and Southern New York Harware Dealer meet in this city
Rabie quarantine established in Newfield
James H. Reese, proprieter of Glenwood Hotel leases Tompkins House
Death of Michael Driscoll
Death of Frances C. Townsend in Trumansbury
Third and fourth class postmasters met here and formed district league, electing D. W. Msith of Genoa president.
Two Italians arrested at Myers for illegal traffic in liquor int he town of Lansing
Death of James H. McGrade
Marrriage of Thomas W. Irek to Margaret H. Mulcahey
Henry L. Stewart and Thomas McCarthy appointed assistant superintendents of Public Works.
death of Mrs. Lucinda Hodson
State and City decide to continue Inlet improvement work during winter months
Lincoln centenary celebrated in the public schools and by G. A. R. Posts, Former Governor Frank S. Black speaks at Cornell.
Death of Mrs. Lena Williamson
Cornell defeats Princeton wresling team 5-2
Eath of Mrs. Geo. F. Murphy
Notre Dame defeats Cornell at basketball 32-13
Geo. Smith, Ludlowville barber blows up his shop with dynamite
Two hundred person confessed Christ at the First Methodist Episcopal Church revival meetings
Deaths of Mahlon S. Markell and Lewis Bowlsby.
Death of Mrs. Harriet Peterson
Ithaca Business Men's Association holds annual banquet over 250 present.
Joseph Fowles waylaid on his way home and robbed of valuable diamond ring.  Harry Tabor later confessed to the crime, implicating John Mansell.
Death of George R. Spaulding
Donald F. McLeod appointed first city engineer for Ithaca
Death of Catherine L. Leary
Death of Benjamin F. Tabor one of Ithaca's old boat builders
Smith heirs give Trumansbury 35 acre tract for new park
one hundred and forty-two persons joined First Methodist Church
Scott Perky married to Miss Mary West
Death of Mrs. Lanah A. Taylor
Cornell's Famers' Week Began
Cornell crews had first row on the inlet
Death of Mrs. Juliet Eleanor Bouck
Marriage of Edwin N. Close to Mabel Scott
Death of J. Clayton Willsey and Mrs. S. G. Slaughter
Geor M. Howland of Lansing dies of injuries received in a saw mill
Ithaca Gun Company making gun for President Diaz of Mexico
Jerry Henry Williams, eight years old drowned in creek near Trumansburg
Death of Miss Edith Flickinger, a Trumansburg woman who was afflicted with sleeping malady
Four Ithaca students of Cornell elected to Phi Kappa fraternity
State Street Methodist Church organizes Brotherhood with 47 charter members
Cornell defeated Georgetown at basketball 22-21
Cornell wrestlers defeated Pennsylvania 6-1
Death of Edmund Zinck.

MARCH - The Ithaca Daily Journal - 1909

New Cornell Seismograph records earthquake in Central America
Death of Joseph Akins
E. Kirk Johnson made Secretary-Treasurer of the Ithaca Board of Education
Children's Home Committee reports enough subscriptions to build new home
Three $1000 actions brought against city for flood damages near Fall Creek
Cornell defeated St. Lawrence University at basketball, 20-19
University of Rochester defeated Cornell at basketball 24-12
United States District Court adjudicates McGreevy Construction Company bankrup
Death of Mrs. Professor Martin W. Sampson
Death of Benjamin F. Jervis
Little Warren Wilson terribly mangled by a bull dog
William Sullivan appointed first Polic Commissioner of Ithaca and Edward H. Buck appointed Chielf of Police by Mayor Horton
President J. G. Schurman elected to represent Cornell at anniversary celebrations at University of Geneva and University of Leipzig
George (Tendy or Tandy) Cook, Cornell 1907 (this date must be incorrect as it says 1907 and this is an 1896 newpaper article) football captain, married to Miss E. Grace Erway in Trumansburg
Marriage of Miss Catharine Harris to Charles Ganoung
Marriage of Miss Catherine Rundel to Atchison Kirby
Death of John H. Tyler
Professor Mark Vernon Slingerland passed away
Board of Supervisors meets and award contract for jail additon to Pulford and Dempsey of Elmira, also cancelled all Mutual Insurance policies.
Rothschild Brothers buy Wilgus Block
Death of Mrs. David Rumsey or Rumgay
Cornell University faculty votes to establish a Graduate School
Death of Anna A. Kran----
Fire guts house corner of West State and B_______streets, rendering two poor families homeless
Chielf of Police Buck raids two disorderly houses, arresting seven women and detaining five men
Deaths of Ella M. Personius and William Marian
Frederick Le Barr married to Miss Edith M. White
Contract let for $20,000 additin to Kappa Alpha House
Conley Construction Company sublets Dryden Road contract to Huff and Shannon of Buffalo
Death of Andrew B. Bogardus
Father Burks, well known Paulist priest, orator at St. Patrick's Day services at Catholic Church
Tompkins County W. C. T. U. convention held in this city
Speaker James W. Wadsworth Jr., the finance committee of the Senate, and the ways and means committee of the Assembly visits Cornell University
Death of Teresa G. Mullhy
Barney Seamon purchasa building at No. 148 East State Street occupied by him.
John Mansell signs confession to the robbery of Joseph Fowles
Death of Mrs. Peter Kline
Tompkins County Sheriff's and County Clerk's salary bills pass senate
Ithaca Gun Company sells gun to Roosevelt party
F. H. Atwater signs lease for Lester's shoe store
lester Shoe Co., secures lease of old Post Office Building
Death of Miss Alice Armitage
Merle H. Putney succees C. C. Shean as Physical Director of the WMCA
Fred Edwards and Joseph Dejoy fined $400 and thirty days in jail each for violation of liquor tax law in the town of Lansing.  Antonio Ladrone fined $200 and thirty days in jail for same offense
Harry Taber sentenced to Elmira Reformatory and John Mansell to Auburn Prison for two years on pleading guilty to charge of highway robbery in taking diamond ring from Joseph Fowles
Death of Mary Elizabeth Lozier
Supreme Court Justice Gladding suspends sentence on Stella Miller and Carrie Bush, indicted for keeping disorderly houses.
Republican make large gains in annual town elections.  The following superviors were elected from the different town:  Caroline, Dr. W. C. Galagher, R;  Dryden, R. F. Chappuis, D.; Danby, Frank A. Todd, R,;  Enfield, Wheeler Smith, R,;  Groton, J. W. Jones, R,; Ithaca, J. W. Preswick, R,; Lansing, Orlando White, D;  Ulysses, F. B. Aiken, R,;  Board now stands, Republicans 10, Democrats 4.
Death of Hiram Gordon
Death of Mrs. William Andrus and Mrs. Betsey M. Vincent
Thomas Shannon appointed Sergeant of the police force
Representatives of State Highway Commission meet supervisors and town highway commissioners at Court House.
Body of Thomas Armstrong of Newfield found in snow bank near his home.  Death was from burning and was decided self-inflicted.
Marriage of Grace Ida Rumsey to Albert D. Williams in the First Methodist Church.

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