Journals of
Tompkins and Tioga Counties, NY 1887-1899

Written by Frances Bertha (Haight) Noxon
Mary Haight Noxon, her daughter
Copied, typed and indexed by
Sheila Spencer Stover
© l981, All rights reserved

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These handwritten journals are not in my possession, handed down to me by my Great Aunt, Edith Hazel (Breckinridge) Osborne. "Aunt Billie" as she has been known to 2 generations, had kept many letters, photos, and family items over the years, dating back to the 1840's. She gave them to my Mother, Rosanne Virginia (Kellam) Spencer. After my Mother's unexpected death in 1979, these valued family belongings came to me, with my "Aunt Billie's" consent and bless-ing.

I have transcribed the journals as they were written. Where something is left could not be deciphered. In some instances, where the initials stand for a known person, I have inserted the name.

It is with love and much gratitude that I dedicate this book to "Aunt Billie".
Sheila Mary Anne (Spencer) Stover 1981


"Journal by Frances Bertha (Haight) Noxon
Page 1 - 10: 1887 - 1888
Page 11 - 22: 1888 - 1891, 1896 - 1898
Page 23 - 25: 1898 - 1899
Page 30 - 50: 1889

Obituary, Lawren Farrington Noxon
Family generation charts - Noxon and Farrington
1892 Certificate, First Baptist Church of Ithaca
Diary of Miss May Noxon, 1889
Names contained in Gardner James Noxon's Autograph book
Letter from A.R. Mott to Samuel Fowler Haight of Berkshire
Names contained in Baby Book of Marguerite Breckinridge 1890-1891
Noxon Family Photograph, taken late 1800s
Descendants of Elijah Farrington


During the period that this journal was written, Frances Bertha (HAIGHT) NOXON lived in Ithaca, New York, where her husband, Lawren Farrington NOXON, owned a store.

Menu. Lenten Pie, B(rown) Bread, boiled custard, Toad in the hole, indian pudding.

1887..12..26..A(rthur) B(RECKINRIDGE) came, worked. 27..E(ffie) and A(rthur) went over town ___ ending. E(dward) H. (BRECKINRIDGE),Treasury Department. 12.29...awful stormy. 30..A(rthur) B(RECKINRIDGE) went home early in the a.m.

12.30.1887...Mary went to chapel with Effie and recited the catachism which she had been learning for a year. Mr. FISK told her to choose any book she liked and he would get it for her.

1.1.88..Went to church, was communion. Stayed to Bible class, Mr. FISK taught. Said he would pay $2.00 a day to hire a man to think if thereby he could be led to Christ.

1.2.Hattie washed. G(race) B(RECKINRIDGE) came from B(inghamton). We had not re-ceived her card, did not meet her.

1.3..We ironed. Girls commenced school.

1.4..Finished letters to A(rthur) B(RECKINRIDGE), and G(race) B(RECKINRIDGE). G(ardiner) went away again and stayed all day as he had done the day before, G.B. (?) and G.N. went to prayer meeting in eve.

1.5..Knit some on machine. H. (Hattie?) had a tantrum, mailed letter to J. T. N(OXON). Gave G(ardiner) NOXON a going over.

1.6..Received letter from A(rthur) B(RECKINRIDGE) and wrote answer immediately, ___ to Anna C.

1.7..Hattie's birthday. G(ardie) N(OXON) came home from S. Fall. Gardie fooled the whole day away down town.

1.2..G(race) B(RECKINRIDGE) brought us the news that Aunt Caroline died that day at 10 a.m. Ed and H. went to funeral, took Rightmire's horse. ___ cut up awfully.

1.8..Wrote to Lee. All gone to church but Pa and ___. Went with G(race) and E(ffie) to young peoples meeting and at ___.


1.9..Worked. 1.10..Effie came home sick. 1.11..Effie did not go to school. I went down town took dinner with M.N.. (Mother NOXON) R.N. is there. Saw Mr. BROOKS and Millie. Had a strong session with Gardie who had just worse than wasted another day.

1.12..Gardie spent the day downtown as usual and went over to Williams in even-ing with other company. 1.13..Effie had some company. Eldridge, 0riatt, Brown, Williams. Stayed til 1 a.m. G. (Grace??) stayed home in forenoon and drew off pattern. Had to go down town in P.M. 1.14..Had Gardie's coat and vest, which I bought, to prevent his going down town. He was awful mad. He sat down on me and held my hands until I promised to give him the letters in his pocket, and when I did so he found where I had hid them. Then he stayed down town all day and pranced home to supper. I couldn't eat with him, but lay on the couch and told him what I thought of him. I suffered untold agonies over his conduct what I feel obliged to do. I can not sit up today. Rec. a letter from ___ JA(Y)NE yesterday. Rec. one from Edith (HAIGHT) and one from E. BROWN.

1.15..Girls went to church. Wrote Edith. (Edith Jane HAIGHT, Bertha's younger sister, was an art teacher, never married, and resided in Berkshire, N.Y.)

1.16..Wrote to Jane. Worked. Gardie spent the day downtown. Stayed over to William's til 3 a.m. 1.17..tried to prevent Gardie from eating until he had earned it. Packed up, and left. I wanted to fix his pants. He wouldn't let me. I tried to make him give me my cuff-buttons, he refused. He stayed in town and attended the G.A.R. dance. 1.18..I wrote to A(rthur) BRECKINRIDGE.

1.19..A dreary day. How can I live with such a load. Wrote to Edith. Mrs. WALREY (MALREY) came. Girls went to a basket sociable. G. didn't have a good time. 1.20..Received a letter from E(dward) H. B(RECKINRIDGE) answered part of it same evening. 1.21..Awful cold. Hattie went to sociable, promised to come back that night, but did not. 1.22..Girls went to church in day time but not in the evening. They went for a ride in the afternoon.

1.23..My 43rd birthday. Letter from E(dith) H(AIGHT). 1.24..Letter from C. STAGG. Hattie sent me a note and wanted her things. I said she must come and get. Them. Went down on homestead with Grace and went to see Mrs. BUBE (Rube). Addie SHOEMAKER brought me back.


1.26..Letter from L.J.B. and J.L.N. Wrote to L.J.B. and Elida BROWN and Alice Jayne. 27..Awful stormy weather and has been for nearly 2 weeks. Snowed all day. 28..Eclipse of the moon. We all went over to Mrs. WILLIAMS but Gardie came home. 29..Effie went to Mission School. Grace and May (NOXON) went to Church in eve. E.G. and I went to hear Mr. TYLER. I heard Mr. FISKE. Subject: Love and pity of our Heavenly Father. Didn't agree with him in all he said about God--sending difficulties to us. Have taken a concordance and looked through the New Testament. Can't find where it says God sends afflictions. The nearest thing to it is what he says about chastening us, and chasten means lead, I will look farther for light.

1.30..Received letter from L.J.B., Hattie came back. Mrs. OWEN came with her told a dozen lies. Told her to stay until I decided.

1.31..Hattie's Mother came to wash, Mrs. OWEN came too, I did not let the latter come in, for fear the women would fight for Monday. Mrs. OWEN had taken Hattie up to Justice SPENCE and tried to have her married to her son, a half idiot, I was so taken back, I did not know what to do. Mrs. BUBE came up and stayed to tea. Had a grand good visit with her. Received a letter from A(rthur) G(ates] B(RECKINRIDGE).

Feb. 1, 1888..Hattie has fell-pretty Alice today, she ironed nearly all day. 2..Finished ironing. S. went to Spencer. 3..Went down with Grace in the afternoon. Bought some mirsten and c (?) at Bach and Dean's. Wrote to Edith. 4..Wrote to V.H.L. Sent mittens and a card to Gardie at S___. 5..Effie felt pretty badly but went down to Miss Grace and May stopped for her to ride. Grace and I went to Y.P.S.C.E. and then to church. text-was for the people had a mind to work. 6..Worked. Recd letters from C.W.E.H.J.I. a card from L.J.B. 7..Hattie ironed, her mother came up, learned she had passed notes with the Owens. 8..cut out my union suits and Mary's waists. Hattie and May helped me sew. H. sewed on machine. Wrote to G(race)?). 9..Received card from Gardie he has gone to West Danby to work for Orland DAWSON. sick but have basted work while lying down. H. stitches. Feel pretty bad.. 11...Keep pretty still. Effie bakes and Grace and May drive downtown. G(race) goes to see Eunice DAVIS. Wil.s over in evening to study church school lesson. 12..E.,G.,I go to church and Sunday school and Young People's School and as usual I am not able to go out. Write to E(dith) H(AIGHT) and G(ardie) N(OXON). 12..Worked. My plants are dying from a dose of (?) Kirnsui. May wanted to go out and when told it was too cold for the clothes freeze on the line. She replied "clothes are cold frozen because they are cold heartless." Mary NOXON thinks I have got a warm loving heart to keep me from getting cold."


14 Feb.1888..Ironed. Made pillowcases, rest awhile. 15..Commenced Hattie's skirt. 16..Effie went to see about teaching in the kindergarten. Expects to go. 17..Coaxed Effie not to commence teaching today. 18..Grace took me down to Mr. Lord's. Had a long visit with Mrs. LORD. Went to see Mother NOXON and call. Took lunch with them. Went to library. Effie came after me. Mailed note and $1.50 to G(ardie) N(OXON). 19..Effie went to church alone.

20..Worked, Effie commenced teaching in kindergarten. 21..Ironed, commenced work for M(ay) and me. Hattie finished her skirt and recd letter from E(dward) H. B(RECKINRIDGE). 23..Hattie's mother came up to cut her sack. Louella (?) came with her and they stayed until after tea. I was so tired.

24..Cut a pattern of Grace's equipone (?) waist and cut one for Effie. Effie and Grace went to ___. 25..Stormed. Effie and Grace went up and brought Eunice DAVIS home with them. Letter from Edith HAIGHT. 26..Eunice and Grace and Effie went to church. Eunice came back and they took her home and went to church. 27..Washed..Wrote to Edith HAIGHT and Miss MANNING. 28..Hattie ironed. Sewed some. Card from G. LORD. 29..Went down town with Effie. She and Hattie worked the carraige. We only had time to go to Mrs. LORD's. Recd. letter from C.W.

1 March..Finished sweater for Miss MANNING. 2..Effie and Grace took tea with Mrs. WILLIAMS (Wison?) Swept dining room. Arthur came at 5:45. 3..Mailed letter to C.W. LORD, Miss MANNING and Edith, Grace and Effie went downtown. Arthur came down while I was cleaning the parlor. I gave him an egg on toast. He and Grace and Effie went on hill to attend Athletic meeting. 4..Communion today, we all went to church. No one went in evening. 5..Arthur and I took Effie down to Kindergarten. Then we went on up town. Had a long and earnest conversation. Resumed it when we returned. He went down and stayed with Effie until time for him to start on the 12:20 train. 6..Am sick. Have to lie in bed all day. May wrote to Edie. Gardie came home Sunday. Thought he had gone back to work, but he came back about midnight. 7..Have been able to sit up a little, had a card from Edie. Mr. KRUISE came. Effie took up my dress to Miss HUNT. Hattie very saucy. 8..Gardie came home again about 12. 9..Went after my dress. Wrote letter to Arthur Gates BRECKINRIDGE. 10..Went to B(inghamton) mailed letter to Edward H. B(RECKINRIDGE) found Edie down town. Miss MANNING came up. Went to bed sick. Mr. HUFF called. 11..Woke up with an awful headache. May and ma (?) bathed me all over and put my feet in wil-rago. Kept cologne water on my head. Afternoon I got up. 12..Feel pretty miserable. Worked on switch. 13..Stomed awfully all day.


14 March 1888..Storm let up a little. They shoveled out, the road out front. Sent May to the depot to see about our getting home. Said they would come for me next day. The 14th is the anniversary of Father NOXON's death. 15..Came home (from Binghamton) brought a switch to make for Hrs. CLARK. She paid me the two dollars for making it. Found Grace down with the horse, and rode home with her. Went to see about selling some cards for Edie. Left some on at NOXON's to sell on commission. Found everything all in apple-pie order. It seemed good to be back again. 16..rested all day. 17..Went to Mother NOXON's, had a real good visit with her and Cal. Gardie came home.

18..Grace drove alone to church. She and Effie came home together. I went with them to Young People's and to Church. Mr. FISK is preaching on the formation. 19th..Worked. Rec letter from Arthur Gates and one for Gardie from Mr. GRUIB. Effie received a letter from A.G.B. May seems very miserable. 20..Hattie ironed. May went down town. Mailed a letter to A.G.B., Recd a letter from Edith HAIGHT, Grace took tea with us. 21..May is quite ill with fever. Got calico and cloth for Hattie. 22..May quite ill. 23..Rec. letter from A.G.B.

24..Effie and Grace started for Binghamton. 25..Hattie worked. Disappointed because I received no word from the girls. 27..Rec. letter from Effie. They are having fine time. 28..Mailed letter to A.G.B.. Hattie's mother came up. 29..Hattie sewing on her drawers. She went down after mail but got nothing. I wrote her and E.H.B. 30..wrote to Effie. Hattie went down, blundered a-round all sorts, got two letters for May. 31..Expected girls home, but they haven't come. Poor me. Poor May. we had counted the hours all day.

1 April, 1888..Couldn't attend church. Lauren took me to Jay's house. Rec. letter from E.H.B. no.2. 2..Looked for girls, but they did not come. Grace came but Effie didn't. I was perfectly astonished. Was sick in the night. Called up Lawren to care for me. 3..I got Grace to telegraph to Effie to come home. 4th..Feel better than I expected. Wrote to Jackson to not come til next Thursday. Wrote to A.G.B. and Edith and Gardie. Not sociable. 6..Effie took tea with Miss Aggie WILLIAMS. Hattie marketed. 7..Effie and Grace went to church and young people's meeting. 9..Would not let Effie wash. Rec. letter from A.G.B., wrote to Edith HAIGHT. 10..Mr. JACKSON came in evening stayed until 1 a.m. 11..Hattie getting quite smart. Commenced her dress. Effie and I went downtown and bought cloth for May's cloak, and Effie's dress. Wrote to A.G.B.


12 April 1888..Gracie WILLIAMS helped me cut cloak. Stayed to tea and spent even-ing. 13..Effie took tacks out of carpet. Rained. Girls had expected to go down on track after arbutus. 14..Went to William's in evening.

15..Effie and Hattie went to church in morning, Grace, Effie and I went in evening. Heard the sage preacher Charles S. POMEROY of Cleveland, Ohio. He has sandy hair and sideburns. Fine voice. Preached a splendid sermon, Spoke of "our overlooking the love and tenderness in Paul's nature. Dumb affection soon becomes paralized. Rebuke was only as expectation unless love searched out as its counterpart. Remember this, parents, children. We must not prize the clothes of truth more than the truth itself. Clean hearts make clean hands."

16..Hattie and I did a two weeks wash. 17..Effie stayed out of school, took up her carpet and she and Hattie cleaned Effie's room. Rec. letter from Mrs. H.B. LORD. 18..Ironed. I trimmed grapevines and raspberries. Letter to Ada, L.J.B., P. Abrams (Phoebe (NOXON) ABRAMS who lived in Syracuse in later years, anyway).

19..Gardie started for Pa. where he expects to seek work this summer. A friend wishes him to apply for a school next winter. Letter to Edward H. BRECKINRIDGE. 20..Hattie cleaned her room. I called on Aunt Anna. She has moved into Jay's house which is not yet finished. Found her in a great mess. 21..Cleaned the pantry thoroughly. 22..Girls went to church and Sunday School as usual. We all went to S.C.E. in evening. Mr. OBRION from Yale Theological seminary spoke urging "you men and women to pledge themselves to the Missionary work. After Mr. FISK had spoken for some time he saved a place for this young man to speak. 23..Man came to set out plants. Hattie and I helped take them up. Rec letter from A.G.B. 24..ditto 25..ditto. Went over to Jay's to see about SHARPLES infants. 26.. went and got them. Man didn't come so Hattie and Grace set them out and covered them with leaves. 27..Hattie's Mother worked. I am sick. 28..Hattie ironing. Sewing some on Effie's dress, which she cut herself. 29..Could not attend church. Am pretty miserable. wrote to Edith HAIGHT. Took up carpets up stair in dark room and my room. 4..Effie finished hall. Hattie and I worked in black raspberry bushes, set out some. Went down to preparitory lecture. Did some shopping. 1 May..Rec. letter from Gardie. Hattie and I worked in strawberry bed. 2..Put down carpets in rooms. 3..Murry came to hoe strawberries, took up hall carpet. Wrote to G.J.N. Mr. ELDRIDGE came to spend the evening and played on the violin and Effie accompanied him on the piano. Louis W. came from N.Y.


5 May 1888...Effie white washed kitchen....6..Took a ride with May and Grace to Coys Glen. Effie and Grace went to church in evening.....7..Willie REAVES commenced working here, worked and C. had hard work to keep things running.....8..Ironed and cleaned some....9..Effie stayed off school and papered the kitchen....H(attie) W(ILLIAMS) and I hoed in strawberry bed. Rained, so we raked under pine trees, oiled floor....11..commenced working in strawberry bed with Hattie and Willie. Hattie was very saucy, told her to go to the house. She went down to her Aunt's, so I discharged her. She came with her mother and Llewellen after her things. Took them two or three hours to get them together. They got started out and it rained, so I sent Willie down with an umbrella after them. They came back and stayed to dinner....13..Willie came ___ with my shoes which his father had fixed. He said he wanted $2.25 a week ($2 if he boarded himself). L(awren) and I went to ___ville, rained coming home....14..He came up and said he was going to (Willie) work for the Titus for $3.O0 a week and his board, but I guess the whole story was a lie. He is the laziest mortal I ever saw work, or try to. Tommy KNICKERBACKER came and wanted to work and go to school. Like him very much. We went after shale for walk....15..Effie finished working, and after school ironed some....16..Finished ironing. Went down after Grace. Effie stayed out of school, took Grace down, got telegram from Arthur saying he would be here Friday morning, early train....17..Went over to Ann's .... 18..Effie went down to meet Arthur, a cold rainy day. Arthur took Grace down to school and Effie and Arthur went after her. They expected to have gone to Enfield, but could not because it was so cold and rainy.

19..Arthur did not get up until 5 of 1. Aunt Anna came over in the afternoon. A(rthur) and G(race) went down to INGERSOLLS to tea. Effie was invited but did not go....20..E.E. HOLE preached on hill. Expected to hear him in the afternoon but got so tired, I gave it up....21..Beautiful morning, had a talk with Arthur before he went. E(ffie) took him down to train, they took a little drive before leaving. Wrote to E.H., P.,A....22..E(ffie) started the washing....23..E(ffie) finished washing, I bobbed around so furiously I am sick abed....24..Wrote to A.G.B. Mrs. BROWN came to tea....25th..Heard Lu B. (C.?) has heart disease. Was very down. 26....Drove over to Anna's, did not find her in....27..I stayed all day with Lu, tried to comfort her, but it is hard work....28..Worked ___ A.G.B. wrote E(dith) H(aight)....29..Ironed, so did not go out....31..Grace went on hike, Effie went after her. Stopped at Chiiters (?) house and Grace fell some way so as to sprain her foot. I stayed at Anna's a while E(ffie) was after Grace. Ws (Williams ?) came over in ahile and had a game of whist.


1 June 1888....Grace went home, we are so lonesome....2..Effie went up on hill and took ___ a ___ with E. DAVIS. Mrs. LAMONT called....E(ffie) and I went up on hill hear Collier. I had a little speaking with B. BROWN, went to Chapel with Mr. and Mrs. Elliot and Gertie.....3..Effie is sick today with w___.... 4..Effie still in bed. Mrs. RUBE took dinner here, G. BROWN came....5..Effie tried to sit up a little, I wrote to A.G.B....6..Effie wrote to E(dith) H(AIGHT) and A.G.B. Sent down for mail, found letter from G(race BRECKINRIDGE and A.G.B....7..Wrote to G.N., drove down and mailed letter and found one from G.N. and A.G.B.

1 October 1888....What a long time has elapsed since I have written anything here. Will try to recall some dates and events. Received letter from E.H.B. (Edward BRECKINRIDGE), Louisa B. came the last day of July and stayed nearly 3 weeks. Aug.4..Grace and Arthur BRECKINRIDGE came....5..Louisa and Effie went to Mission and in the evening Grace, Louisa and Effie went to church....5th..Arthur's birthday, Effie gave him Bible concordance, Arthur and Effie took Grace to Lakeside and Fanny (?) went down with her....7..We all took a ride down to the corner of the lake. Rode under the bridge to the falls. It was grand in there....8th..Took a ride up L(ake) Coscadilla (?) when part way down the hill the tug broke and let the wheel under the wagon, and broke that. Came down to Randolph's and got his wagon. I got part way up our last hill and fainted away....9..L(ouisa), A(rthur) and E(ffie) ___d the Lake....10..Arthur came up after L(ouisa's) parents and Larry and I went down after them at night. Mrs. HALE came with them and so E(ffie) had to walk with Tammy....11..Awful out, we all kept pretty still...12..Sunday again, Effie went to Mission. Effie, Arthur and Louisa went to Young People's, only Arthur went to take INGERSOLLS's girl out riding....14..May and I took Arthur, Effie and Louisa to landing that they might go with Grace to Aurora. Louis STAGG came about noon. Rode here on bicycle, went to landing with us to meet folks. Grace came back, too.

15th..Arthur went to look up boarding place for Grace and move her over. Louis rode down lake with Grace....16..Louis came back at night....17..Young folks had good time. In p.m., Louis and Effie went downtown. Louisa sketched our house....18..Louis started early on bicycle for Berkshire. Louisa and Effie went downtown. 19th..Louisa took dinner with Roots. Effie went to bed early....20th..Arthur took noon train for Binghamton, then Effie took Louisa and I over to Meclinburg and we hired a woman to take us to Birchette (?). Lida BROWN gave us a hearty red wine.


21st..Mrs. BROWN wanted me to lead in their family devotions, which I did. In afternoon we hired a man to take us to Watkins, paid him a dollar. Then we took train for Corning. Went to the Dickenson house to wait for Dr.'s carriage. It rained some Ari_ came same evening....22..The Dr. is not very well..tells me he wonders I can sit up in my present condition....23rd..Felt pretty well, climb a long steep hill and then walk some distance to a fire....24..Louisa and I start for R...I got worn out and sat down to rest while she goes on, and does the shopping. In evening we walk some distance again....25th..___ goes to town to get chessmen. I play two games, get dizzy headed. Louisa takes a pack, Dr. treats me for sick headache. I wanted fresh air, A (Arthur?) helps me out on back steps, I get very ill and faint away after I am in my room. They call another Dr. who is taking treatment there. Am very sick all night. Two matrons and two Drs. stay by me almost all night.

26th..Am better, but suffer a great deal all day. A and L. are so good and attentive to me....27..I thought I must go home the 28th but both Drs. opposed me and all the others. Dr. A. wants __ to go with me....28..Took treatment today.

29..Came home, did not find anyone at depot. The winter sky was glorious. Surpassed anything I have ever seen. Took the bus home (horse or trolley type?) found Effie there..30..Feel pretty tired, expect to back to C(orning)....31..Effie went home and ___.

Sept. 1, 1888..A. goes home. Receive a letter from Dr. W....2..Did not go to church, instead, went to Aunt Anne's....3..Went down to see Mrs. LORD, did not find her home....6..Went to see Mr. LORD, sent letter to C.W....8..Went to Binghamton, surprised Effie very much. Went to party with Mrs. BALLO in evening....9th..Went to church but did not feel well enough to stay....Mrs. BALLO called, Carrie BROWN called....12..Went to Newark (NY) Took dinner with Mrs. BRADLEY. Saw Mrs. LUELL and Sarah SYKES....14..Went up to Call BURGIERS to dinner, saw Sarah BART, and Allen. Had a good time. June (?) BALL called....15..Came home, pretty near got left.

16..17th..Am sick. 20th..May and I go down town, call on Minnie, did not find Charity at home. Take Minnie out riding, go to see Aunt Anna. Had been home only a few moments when Grace comes....23..Girls go to church. We all go to Young People's to hear Harry speak. Go after Mother NOXON, she goes back with Effie that night....28..Go after her again, she stays all night.


29th...Arthur comes quite unexpectedly. Goes over to Aunt Anna's. Arthur and Effie go down town, Arthur goes to see Grace. Arthur and Effie pick grapes. Arthur goes to sleep, he had been up all night. Gardie comes, we play whist. Gardie stays to supper. Arthur goes back to Binghamton....30th September, 1888. 25th Anniversary of our marriage. I go to (church) and then hear Mr. ___ preach from text. "Thou art not far from the kingdom."....1 Oct...Canned grapes and tomatoes....2..Went to see driveraker. Tried to call on Mrs. PHILIS. Called on Mrs. HIGGINS, took drive with Earl, thence to meeting of Cayuga Prison Mission Society. Heard Mrs. ANDREWS speak....3..Canned grapes. Effie gone to p.m.s.

1888..Nov. 10..Received letter from E.H.B asking if he could come to visit us. I sent him a most cordial invitation to do so....11..Mr. CRUMB called in the afternoon and stayed a number of hours. While coming here he met Gardiner with Mrs. A. who was taking him a "piece" on his way to his new field of labor, teaching school in E. LEGG's district. I was taken sick....12..Effie worked hard, and I worked beyond my strength, but did not accomplish all that we wished to....E.H.B. came on even train. Inquired at the door for May NOXON. We had begun supper, but began over again with him. We had a sing in the evening....14..Edward BRECKINRIDGE had breakfast at 8 a.m. He led in prayer. He commenced work at the piano, but I talked so much that he could not progress very rapidly. He went over to see Grace in the p.m. and brought her back with him. He finished tuning the piano in the evening. Gardi called on Mrs. W.(WILLIAMS?), and brought her back with him. I retired first, E.H.. next, E.N. next, left Grace alone studying.

15th..G. had expected to get up to an 8 a.m. recitation, but E(ffie) did not get breakfast early enough. So, Edward BRECKINRIDGE went down to street car with her and then came back and stayed until 12. He then took the 12:30, he said he had had a better time than he expected to have, so I was satisfied. I asked E.B. to lead us in family prayer, but he said he much preferred to hear me. He is reading the data of Ethics, by Herbert SPENCER. I have noticed a book. Robert ELSMIRE. S.S.T. speaks unfavorably of it.16..Gardi came to Mrs. WILLIAMS. Girls came home....17th..Gardie came over here, gave us glowing descriptions of his school. Took back books with him and materials for drawing....18th..Gardi took breakfast with us and started back soon after. I finished him a mitten....19..Mrs. OWEN worked.

Journal Continued -- Pages 11 - 22

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