Journals of
Tompkins and Tioga Counties, NY 1887-1899

Written by Frances Bertha (Haight) Noxon
Mary Haight Noxon, her daughter
Copied, typed and indexed by
Sheila Spencer Stover
copyright logol981, All rights reserved

Pages Eleven thru Twenty-Two


19th..cont..Am going to send the name of Edward H. BRECKINRIDGE for membership in King's Household ___ Readers. I am not reading much now. Thought perhaps I read too much....20..Ironed some....21..Mrs. OWEN helped us clean ___ room. took two breadths out of parlor carpet and put in two from N.R. Nov. 20, 1888....Mr. FISK called....21..Wrote to Gardie....23..Phebe and Cora FARRINGTON came to Mother's....24..They came up to spend the day. Cora ___. Grace B. over to William's....25..Stayed all night, Cora did not attend Mission. Took her to church, then drove up on hill. Went to Y.P.S.C.E., then Cora went to take train for Jacksonville, trains had gone, but went back and waited until evening. Had a note from Aggie WILLIAMS....27th..Went down to Watkins, and Mrs. LORD's. Phebe went down to Mrs. EARL's. Lawren came down to dinner also....28th..Went down to Aggie WILLIAMS'. Had a beautiful call....29..I was unable to go to meet with Lawren's people. Ike was there, Gardie too. Olive and Hat came up, and stayed all night....They went over to cook at S. HUGHS (?) place. Aunt Anna came, was feeling very badly....31..Effie brought up Mrs. PHILIS and took her back. Did not go to church. Effie and May went, May stayed with Mrs. PHILIS and attended Missionary meeting.

11th December..Received a letter from Edward BRECKINRIDGE, containing his photo, and Belle's. (Martha Isabella BRECKINRIDGE, sister to Edward and Arthur)....12th..Went down to Mother NOXON's, took treatment of Philis. Went uptown, called on Moore....13..Went uptown, bought cloth and pattern for May's cloak. Effie came for me. I was taken ill before I started. I ought to have stayed there a few days, but I did not....I felt pretty badly all day, but stayed alone. Was pretty glad when Effie came home from school. She had gone to bed when I called her up again and she sat up in the big chair all night....15..Was very bad all night. Sent for Dr. White in morning. Mrs. WILLIAMS stayed with me while Effie went to school for 2 hours. Had a pretty sick day (16th). Grace B. came over....17th.. Effie got Louisa to take her place in school...18th..L(ouisa) W(ILLIAMS) taught for Effie again....19th.. Ditto .... 20..Mother sayed with me, and Effie went in school again, for two days....22..Her school closed today. I am dressed and sit up some....23..Gaining a little all the week.... 29..Gardie opens the piano. Jay comes, I sit up a good deal, walk out in dining room and kitchen. Effie goes to church. I get the pillows and omfortables for my bed....31..I am taken worse again. Effie and Louisa both sit up with me all night.


1 Jan. 1889..The New Year begins with sickness and discouragement for me. Effie gives up her school and makes calculations to care for me. She goes to Prentiss to resign her position. Talks up my care with her. We conclude to give my care into her hands....7th..Write to her to that effect....10..I am taken worse again, Just before P(hebe) comes. I am afraid to trust her, as I do not feel she understands my case. So I use vinegar and Dr. White's medicine. Aunt Anna comes over. She wants to help Effie, put up a bed for me in the parlor, but I feel so badly about it, they give it up....12..Arthur is coming and Effie gets Dougal to care for me that day. Mrs. WILLIAMS comes in and tells me about Mrs. BAKER's illness, and the talk and all makes me much worse. S. goes back that evening,...1S..M. SAN (?) comes up, Effie drives her home again....15..Phebe comes, is quite put out because I failed to execute her orders: but cools down, finds plenty of trouble. Thinks she can help me. Before me, another week in bed.

22..P. comes again, lets me begin very carefully to sit up....25..Think I have another attack, and resort to the usual remedies....26..P. comes over, and tells us that probably a mistake has been made. We are very glad to find this true. Grace B. comes over, she spends Sunday with us....27th..Effie goes down to Young People's meeting with her. Mrs. SQUIRES came one day while I was ill and talked Christian Science to me. She did me good. FISK called twice since my illness. Enjoyed his calls very much. Mother has been piecing Effie's quilt. She went down to Hat's the 3rd, and returned the 22nd.

Feb. 3..My terrible struggle with the angel of death began. Seven days, and all my attendants think that I must yield. Arthur came the 8th, and read to me most all of the 9th. Mrs. WILLIAMS helped Effie day and night. On the 10th..I told Arthur that I hoped that in case of my death I hoped that they would be married at once. He did not like the idea at all and hoped I would not force my request, but he said he was ready to be married at once. I did not object. He asked if Effie could walk with him over to Iage to see Grace. When they returned, Effie came to me and said very quietly "In just one hour, we are to be married." I remained as quiet as possible, and at 5 p.m., they were made one flesh....11th..Arthur went back to Binghamton....14th..Edith came....16..Arthur comes again...17..Ann and Ed were over here. Simon SMITH called. I begin to gain, but do not feel there is anything permanent about my progress. Another crash may come at any time....18..Edith went home today, how I wish that she could have stayed longer.


7 March 1889..Effie started to visit her husband. She has been very busy the last few days making herself a new black silk dress. It is very pretty indeed. Miss WILSON cut it. Received C.E.W....8th..Received a letter from Effie today....9..I had another letter today. She is so happy. It storms, but time passes swiftly. W. and MCDOUGAL call most every day. None of us attend church....10..I sit up without being dressed twice every day. I read in the Bible and Mary (May) writes in "slip'book"....11..May goes to school. I receive no letter....12..I get one this p.m....13..Effie returned from Binghamton, brought May an apron. Mother went home....14..Effie swept parlor thoroughly, brought May a game....15..Mr. FISK called, stayed a long time. He signed certificate....16..Mrs. BRADFORD called and Mrs. PRENTISS. Grace B. came at Effie's invitation. Seemed good to see her.....17..No one went to church. Effie and May took Grace home....18..Mrs. SQUIRES made a long visit or call. We talked up Christian Science.

19..Received a letter from C.E.W. Effie went downtown. Laura SAVAGE was married, had quite a wedding...20..I went out on piazza for first time. Grace B. went home for Easter vacation....21..May is doing well in school. The work is very easy for her. May and I are reading the Bible course, called King's Handy Bible Reader....24..Sunday, Louisa is home feeling pretty sick. Gardie came home from a trip around to Binghamton and Speedsville and C. Ed and Anna came over. I guess Gardie went to church, came home about 1....25th..Effie feels pretty miserable....26..Effie quite ill all night. Mother NOXON and Mrs. EARL come to spend the day. Effie very tired, could hardly sit up all day....28..Arthur came this morning, wanted to take her home. I opposed it because I did not think her able to go. Aunt Ann came over....Effie is feeling better....29..Gardie is at home now. He is having some rough places in his love affairs, mary goes to church alone. It rains. Her Father drives down for her.... 30..Miss Aggie WILLIAMS called on us. We were so glad to see her. She left a very substantial proof of her regard for Effie....31..I..together with Effie, wrote her our thanks.

April 1st..I am taken sick again, but get along very nicely, but Effie overdoes....3..Effie has gone visiting in Binghamton, I plan for a girl from the Children's Home in Bath. Anna WENTWORTH worked for me awhile Effie was gone. Fanny is working for us at $1.50 a week.


July 1889....Mr. GREY is working by the day, getting in our crops, etc. Sometime in July, Effie and Arthur commence housekeeping in Binghamton. Effie was such a right part of my life. It did seem that I could not endure life without her presence. After twenty-two years of life together (and such happy years) to see her packing her belongings to take them to a new home, is pain to me beyond expression.

July...After being gone a week, she is taken very ill. They kept it from me for nearly a week. After a few days, I go there. It is a sad visit in many ways. I receive a terrible blow, which I bury in my own heart. I went Thursday and came back Sat. night. May and Maud meet me at the depot. Tommy got a boy here with him, and they had pretty high times. I have a pretty sick night vomiting all night. Mother NOXON and Julia PIERSON come up to spend the day. I cannot sit up, or hardly open my eyes all day. Mr. GREY is here, there are raspberries to pick, and so much to do.

August 11..I receive a telegram that my Mother (Mary (CARPENTER) HAIGHT, of Berkshire, in Tioga Co., NY) lies unconscious from a stroke of paralysis....2 Aug...I go to Berkshire on the morning train, find a carriage awaiting me and find that Mother entered her rest about _:30 the day before. Carrie and her two boys are there visiting. The Sat. night before her death, they made some lemonade and then regret not having done this before Mother retired. Carrie takes a cup of it up to her, she seemed pleased, but only drank a little. Carrie says "You do not like it, do you?" "0h, yes", she says, "it is most excellent, but I'll save the rest to drink if I get thirsty." They found it there when they found her unconscious, so we judge that she had not been lying awake and feeling badly. Carrie heard her slow steps on the stairs when she was going up them the last time, and going after her, found she had a number of things in her hands. Carrie reproved her for not asking help, and taking the things out of the dear old hands, carried them up for her. What a pleasant thought for Carrie that she did so many kindly acts for Mother during those last days. She went to a dozen or more different persons trying to get a horse to take her up to her niece's Ruth CONGDON's. She finally found one and Mother enjoyed the ride only she was very tired. She always dreaded death and never wanted to die suddenly, as she wanted to know when she was going.


August 13..Mother was buried today. Louis came from Seneca Lake where he was visiting. Effie and Arthur came from Binghamton-I was so disappointed because Lawren did not come and bring Mary (May). I did not have Gardie's address, so I could not telegraph to him....14..I came home. Sage's man, Evans, came and brought me home. C.P. (?) came with me. The next day (15th) Effie and her Mother BRECKINRIDGE (***Henry Adkins BRECKINRIDGE's 2nd wife) came here for a visit....17..Sat., we take the Kellog down to the pier. Effie gets off at Steamboat landing and gets Mrs. WILLIAMS's boat and we row across to the cottage. The lake is rough and we depended on Mr. BRECKINRIDGE. He was a "grim" hand, and I think we all came very near getting swamped, but we built a fire, got a ___ dinner. The lake calmed down and we came home all right--found Ned out eating grain. Mrs. N. drove him down to Lawren's. Ed and Anna came out to-day (18th). Effie and Father BRECKINRIDGE, Mary and ___ went to church....19..Effie and Mother BRECKINRIDGE started to go to Cayuga on the boat but Effie got a letter from Arthur that Alice JAYNE was coming thru that day. So, she took the noon train for home. In the afternoon I went with him and May and J.P. up to the University (Cornell). I very foolishly walked down the hill....20..I am taken sick today. H.B. (Henry BRECKINRIDGE) goes up to see Prof. Jones and stops to see Lawren....The next day (21st) he goes home on the 9:15 train. 23..Carrie and Edie come from Berkshire. Edie brings her pens and a good many fancy things...24..We all go down to the lake to Glenwood on the Kellog....25 August..They all attend church but one. In afternoon Lawren takes them for a ride and shows them some fast driving on the avenue. Carrie asks if Mary may go home with her....26..We commence getting Mary ready....27..We ride out everyday....28..Today is Effie's birthday. Carrie and Mary and J.S. start for Brooklyn, they are to give Effie a present which I made her and Louis there. Ah, how am I going to live without my little girl.

September..Mary writes to me every day and sends it once a week. I overdo while having so much company and have to stay up stairs in bed for a week....6th..Edith and Maud drive down to Mr. SMITH's, Edith goes in the house and leaves Maude in the carriage. She pulls on one line and turns Ned around and he runs and


smashes the carriage all to pieces. They walk home in a sorry plight. We do con-siderable sewing for Mary and Maud and myself. I keep pretty miserable....25th..The last of the month, Effie and Arthur come and stay a week. Arthur is quite miserable. Effie cans grapes and tomatoes and makes pickles. She has a large barrel full of cans in all. She overdoes, after she has been home for sometime she has a real sick time. She is something as I was.

October..I spend the most of my time in moping around and in lying on the couch, for I feel pretty miserable. During Sept. I think Edith takes quite a good many things to the Fair. She gets $5.00 in premiums. She goes L--B-- and is there the first of November. She sells the cows and such and sees to things there, finds everything all right. Everybody is so glad to see her. She comes back longing to live in B(rooklyn? Binghamton?). She decides to spend the winter in New York, but I am so miserable that she almost gives it up, but she goes the 9th (of December). She sees Effie a moment and gives her a Christmas present from me. A dressing sack, four cards, Mother's picture, a banner for Arthur. How am I going to live now?? Tommy has been with us for some time, We have bought a wagon and he has been drawing out manure and stones and c. Trimming the grape vines and berry bushes etc.

25th..Mary and Edith send me some presents and Maud also. I get so homesick that I ride down to see Mother NOXON, who is at Mrs. EARL's. Lawren comes up to dinner at 1:30. He and I and Maud play dominoes in the evening. Tommy has a weeks vacation. He draws shale and works like a trouper.

January 1, 1890..We had invited Mother up here, but she goes up and tells Lawren she can't come, but I send her a chicken and a note, and she comes back with Lawren. We are so disappointed because Lawren does not come to dinner, but--we have chicken pie and other good things and all passes off well. Lawren takes her back early.

Jan. 4..Lawren and I went downtown. I bought wine, paper, etc., Moore's "Practical Works", Homer's Illiad and two books by George Sand. I got my hat trimmed over again, but do not know as I shall ever wear it. I have only been in our church once in over a year....5th..Maud went to church....6th..Lawren and I went down to meet Effie but she did not come. I was so disappointed. Got a letter telling me that Arthur is ill. She hopes to come in a week.


10th..When I went down for a load of shale, I rode down to Mrs. HOOKER's. I had a very pleasant call....Jan. 11..Tommy drawed some shale and painted the study red....12..Maud went to church and lost an umbrella....13..Maud and I finished our letters to Mrs. McD.

The journal then jumps to September of 1890..and, as it is the same page that contained the January notations, she obviously didn't write, for some reason.

I met May in Binghamton. Only S. came home the 6th. In August J.P. came ther(e) and E(dith) went to Binghamton for a few days. Louis and Bob PATCH came and stayed all night. Carrie and Cousin Jennie came later. Carrie stayed over a week. We all went down below Glenwood. Carrie, Torn and J.P. rented a skiff and rowed down. They were caught in a storm going back. Mrs. WILLIAMS came down to ___ after me. Carrie wanted Maud, but Mrs. MCPHERSON would not let her go there....Sept. 5..I took her back to Owego and went on to Binghamton.

19 September, 1890..Marguerite is born. (1st child of Effie and Arthur, and my own grandmother. SSS)

September 20..I am sick. Mrs. BIRDSALL is Effie's nurse. Eva BRECKINRIDGE does the work. I go home to can grapes....23..Lawren met me at depot, seemed very glad to see me. Edie came to Binghamton the day before. I went back the 27th, and they discharged the nurse.... 28th..Baby had colic some. Got very tired every day, could not get sleep enough. An artist came to the house and took baby's picture before she was a day old. Effie gets along nicely.

0ct.2..Edie goes to Brooklyn. May had gone with Carrie. Marguerite smiled when she was five weeks old.

November 4th..Marguerite made her first visit to "grandfather's". He met us at the depot and just glanced at her and said "cover him up, he'll take cold." He came with the low-backed seat in the democrat, and I carried the baby and strained myself. Effie stayed until the 28th. She went down to visit Grandmother NOXON, and the baby took cold. We found she had a briach (?). We do not know how it was caused. I think it was started at her birth. We had Dr. WHITE see it and he sent up a plaster and fixed a cork and told us how to fix her. After sh caught cold she had dreadful spells and I thought it might be a strangulation of hernia and sent for the Dr. in great haste. But, in the meantime, I put her body in warm water which relived her and when the Dr. came, she was sleeping quietly.


They went back to Binghamton the 28th. It was a bitter cold day and Marguerite cried all the way to the depot. Harriet and Olive went on the same train to Owego, and Oliver helped Effie make the change. Then Arthur came in the car for her at Binghamton. Laura BROWN had visited us, and Mary KNICKERBOCKER helped me for four weeks....Dec. 5th..Just a week from the day Effie went home, Arthur telegraphed me that Effie had diptheria and wanted me, so I went although I was very miserable. Effie got along nicely, and the baby did not have it. She improves so rapidly, Dr. FARRINGTON said she acted more like a child that was 5 or 6 months old than one that was only 12 weeks. (***Dr. John FARRINGTON, youngest brother of Anna FARRINGTON NOXON, and Gt. Gt. Uncle to Marguerite. His name is on her birth certificate. For her first birthday, he brought her a 14" china bisque doll from Paris, where he had attended a medical conference. "Lillian", as she was named, is still in the family, wardrobe and all)

Dec. 15..Tom met me at the depot with a cutter. I was taken with diptheria the 17th. Lawren stayed out of the store two days to care for me. I gained rapidly, but I had May come back again for a week...26..A heavy snow storm. We made over an ore coat of Arthur's for Tommie. It is real nice. Mother NOXON came up Christmas an we had a good old ladies visit. I got me a new Siberian goat-skin laprobe. I have wanted one every winter so much. I made Effie a present of a footstool, May a muff, Lawren a necktie and a good pair of warm gloves, ____ a necklace and a bottle of perfume. We have been double boarding the livery on the north side with building paper in between. We get from 23 to 28 eggs a day now. There is a foot of snow on the ground now.

January 1, 1891..An express package came from Brooklyn with a writing folio from Edie, a handkerchief from Carrie, six table mats made by Mary's dear little fingers and a card for Lawren from Mary. (***it should be noted that Mary HAIGHT NOXON, youngest child of Lawren and Frances Bertha, was called both May and Mary)

Nov. 2, 1891..I am coming to believe and realize that we have no need to sigh for what might have been. I really am what I want to be. Our house burned with over half its contents. Stayed at Mr. BRADFORD's that night. We had put our goods in the Hovy house. We went there in the morning had only been there a little while when Aunt Ann came over. She was such a comfort to me. She stayed about a week, and Effie came, then and Arthur also. Miss REED came up in a day or two. She


and Mrs. LORD were so good and kind, they sent me a box of new underclothing. Miss Lottie WILLIAMS called. Mrs. MOORE, C. SMITH, Lottie FARRINGTON, Mrs. LAMONT, Louisa BROWN, Grace BRECKINRIDGE and all of my neighbors were all so good. Had a letter from Gardie, but none since the fire.

We had quite a time deciding whether to build or not. Built a nice henhouse with on room for an incubator, cost over $135. Had nice brooders and everything good and handy. In June it took fire from a brooder (I think) and burned all up and if it had not been for Mr. JUFFY, our barn would have burned also. We were living in our new house at this time. Effie and baby were making us a visit. Effie saw the fire first. Tom left us in a miff in March. Got Willie LONG to work for us at, $2.00 a week and his breakfast. He was not good for much. He left in June, tried some small boys. Had a hard time about help.

May came to Binghamton first and stayed there a week and then came home. Edie came the week after. She rented Mrs. WILLIAM's cottage with Lou STAGE and Mr. PETIT and Grace and Eva BRECKINRIDGE. They were there two weeks. Carrie was there a few days. She came here in August, stayed about a week, then went over to Newark Valley to visit Mrs. ROYAL. J.P. met her there, then went back to N.Y. The night that they broke up camp, Grace, Eva, Lou and Edie were here. The girls went to Binghamton the next day. After a few days, Lou went to Burdette to visit. Lou B. returned tc keep an engagement to BerlNOXON and come up here. The next morning was her birthday. We all enjoyed the visit. Carrie and Edie were here also. Effie came in the P.M.. The Last of July we had DUNLAVY's boy work for us at $2.50 a week and board. We found him dear help after 5 weeks, we discharged him and had HEDDING's boy. Finally we have given up trying to keep a boy. Lawren milks, except Saturday evening.

November 25..Effie and baby and Arthur came and Harriet and Oliver to meet at Mother's Thanksgiving....26th..We all went down to Mother NOXON's, who is living in the Drake house, on Mill Street. Ike and Phebe were there also. Mother was so glad to have the four generations represented. Mother went home with Phebe. Dec.1st..Arthur went back to Binghamton. Effie stayed, is painting some cards for cousin Jennie and Belle.


December 6..Grace BRECKINRIDGE and her chum, Miss DODDS came over to call. Mrs. WILLIAMS wished me to write on some cards which the friends of Miss Hattie WILLIAMS are getting up for her. There is to be a leaf for every day in the year. It was real cold the 26 and a few days after, but it is much warmer now. We have had a very warm and pleasant fall. Edie went back to Carrie's after a visit to Binghamton and is helping Carrie and giving painting lessons. Lottie BRECKINRIDGE is there, also. May is at home in school here, and is doing well in her studies. Cousin Jennie visited me in September, stayed over a week. I think she had a good visit. She is so good to Effie.

August 7, 1896..Edith and I started for Lee, Mass., where Carrie had gone the 4th to board with Mr. WARREN for $7 per week. One fare there was $5.85. We went by way of Syracuse where Arthur met us and took a bundle from us to Effie and her children. (At this time, Arthur and Effie BRECKINRIDGE were living in Syracuse, N.Y., where he was working at the old Syracuse Herald, now the Syracuse Herald-Journal. He was a graduate of Syracuse University Journalism School) The day was extremely warm and when we reached Albany, the heat seemed almost un-endurable. Although, before we reached there we had enjoyed the ride along the Mohawk River very much indeed. As we were leaving Albany, we were much refreshed by the sight of the noble Hudson. We soon came in sight of the beautiful Berkshire Hills. After crossing the state line, the road followed the streams winding along at the foot of the hills. Range after range of the beautiful hills and mountains came into view, while at our feet was a constantly changing panorama...the winding, streams, little falls of water, farm houses, little villages, mills, etc. The county offenrs but scanty facilities for agricultural pursuits. We reached Lee at 8:15 p.m. and we were met by Mr. WARREN and Carrie. We soon retired to our room, which was a great disappointment to Edie as the room was low and hot and rather small. She could not sleep at all, but I slept like a log. The next day a party of us start out for a walk, but it is so hot Edie and I turn back and halt by a dam built to run a mill which is in disuse. In the evening, we ride to Lee. Mrs. FOX, Mrs. MILLER, her two children and myself with Mr. WARREN. The Village is beautiful. The Nasatonic river runs through it. White marble is as cheap there as stones are here. Use of it enters largely into all the buildings. The schoolhouse was remarkably fine. Sunday, Carrie, Mrs. MILLER, Mrs. BROWN attend the Congregational Church. Monday, Mrs. MILLER, Mrs. FOX, children and myself ride to Stockbridge with Mr. WARREN. Carrie, Edith, Clara IVES ride their wheels. We stop at


the "Red Lion Inn", est. 1873, where there are many curios preserved, specimans of all the old dishes, chairs, tables, wheels, trunks, etc. We saw the burial place of Cyrus FIELD, and his brothers and fathers. We saw the beautiful palatial residence of Dudly FIELD, also the little old house where all the young FIELDs were reared. There are a great many acres enclosed in their grounds. We drove through a private drive where there were trees set out on either side of pine and elm alternating the whole distance. The grounds overlooked the village, we could see the oxbow formed by the river. Then, the next day we rode to Lenox, saw the beautiful WESTINGHOUSE place where there are 25 miles of roadway made of crushed marble. This place overlooks Laurel Lake, we could also see the STOKES place which is said to be the longest home in the U.S. We drove into LANIER's grounds, their stables were like parlors. Harnesses there costing from $400 to $3,000. We also drove into the SLOAN grounds. SLOAN married Miss VANDERBILT. The place was formerly owned by BUCHER. The home and grounds were perfectly magnificent. The home was red brick and covered almost, by flowers and vines. During this ride, we saw a little lake called Stockbridge Bowl.

Friday a.m...We started on our homeward trip in a pouring rain. Lou rode Edie's wheel to the depot. We had to visit in Pittsfield 2 hours, so we took the street car to Poontonic Lake, which was very beautiful. The Poontonic and Hosatonic river run through the city. The streets are very wide and lined with large trees, mostly Elm and Maple. We tried to hire a carriage to drive to the place where Oliver Wendell Holmes lived, but failed because of time. We walked around some, and then took our train back to Albany. We had a little time there and took a walk up to the Capitol. Then we came on to Syracuse, where we stumbled on Effie in a street car. We stayed with her a week, then started for home on the 12:20 train, which gave us a few hours in Auburn. We rode the length of all the lines of cars, one of which took us down to the Owasco Lake. We took supper at a rest-aurant and reached home at 8 p.m., where May had a small, supper already for us.

September 20, 1896..Edie and I went to hear Mr. RIGGS preach in our church, as Mr. FISK's resignation took effect August 1st. Mr. RIGGS text was "Not by might, not by power, but by my spirit, saith the Lord God."

1897....Mrs. MILLER and two children came on with Carrie, stayed here all night. May was up to Lottie's, Mrs. LAXU helped me with the work. The next day we all visited the University, and after dinner, Carrie, Edie and Mrs. MILLER started


for Sheldrake. Two days after, Lou and Mamie came and stayed over one day enroute for the same place. I was to follow in one week. Isaac (NOXON) came, but I went and left--the two men to keep old batchalors hall. Isaac stayed 5 weeks. After I left-Sheldrake-John came on for a few days. Then the whole family were here for over Sunday.

In October of '97, Edie began to be troubled very seriously with insomnia. She went up to Lottie's, and stayed a week, but received no benefit. She went on to Brooklyn and there was no break in her trouble, until March. Then, Dr. HUNT of New York tried Oxodunbe (?). She began to steadily improve slowly.

In November '97..Effie was very ill and they sent for me, after Edie went to Brooklyn, I went to Syracuse, but did not stay very long because May was so miser-able. She had quite a serious time while I was away.

Date is '97, overwritten, may be '98..I went to Berkley and stayed a week. I would have had a good time only Edie was suffering so. We were invited to Mrs. MILLER's, where we met Mrs. FOX, Mrs. MILLER's mother. The dinner was just grand. We were also invited to Mrs. BROWN's and to JONES. When I came home, I found a letter telling me that Effie was to go to the hospital for an operation, and they wanted me to come there, but May was to be sick in a short time, so I did not go. She was there four weeks. (Effie in hospital, evidently)

In Feb. of 1897, Bertha was reading the "Ascent of Man" by Drummond. Several favorite passages were, copied ver batem. In March, she writes she is reading the 5 Vols. of "Les Miserables" by Victor Hugo, and, again, copies out various passages.

January 16, 1898..May and I have been reading quite a number of books. "A Daughter of Heath" by Black, "Shirley" by Charlotte Bronte. While Edie was here in the fall, we read several of Mrs. Phelps books. I had to prepare a paper of the causes of the Revolution for our Woman's Club so I studied history quite a bit. I liked Bryant's History so much. Isaac, who here with us for 5 weeks, studied with us also. Edie is having a great deal of trouble with insomnia. May has been ill for two years, but is better now. I have read Lowell's letters, and Thoreau's letters, and like them both. I have been up to Sage's Chappel to hear Rev. Benjamin ANDREWS, Pres. Of Brown University preach. From the text "What shall a man profit a man if he gain the whole world and loose his own soul." I liked his sermon very much indeed.

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