Journals of
Tompkins and Tioga Counties, NY 1887-1899

Written by Frances Bertha (Haight) Noxon
Mary Haight Noxon, her daughter
Copied, typed and indexed by
Sheila Spencer Stover
copyright logol981, All rights reserved

1892 Certificate, First Baptist Church of Ithaca
Baby Book of Marguerite BRECKINRIDGE
Gardner James NOXON's Autograph Book




(she was 12) 1889

Jan. 1..Tuesday..Mama was sick. Gardie is teaching school and was here today Mrs. BEEBE was up to see Mama today. Mrs. WILLIAMS invited her sunday-school scholars up to her house. I went over to see them, there were 81 in all, little and big. They came at 10 and had a big dinner and went home at 4. I went home sung a piece to Ma and then had supper and went to bed.

Jan. 2, Wednesday. Mam was better. Art BRADFORD wanted Gardners ax, I had to go over to Mrs. WILLIAMS and get it. Mrs. WILLIAMS has got two lovely girls. Effie knows them. I think they are real nice. At night the youngest girl was over and wanted her to go down to the YMCA meeting with her. Effie could not go because Ma was sick. We had supper. I knit on my lace awhile and went to bed.

Jan.3..Thursday..I helped Effie with the work and knit on my lace. Mrs. MACDOUGAL came up to see Ma. When Ma was sick before she nersed her. She is a real trained nerse. Mrs. VORUS came in the afternoon and at night Mrs. BRADFORD came, so Ma had a pretty hard time of it. Gardie ate supper with us and went to bed soon after supper.

Jan.4..Friday..I knit on my lace till it was time to study a little while on my puzelle Arthur B. gave me St. Nicholas for a Christmas present and there is a puzel in it and if I get it I will get $5.00. Louise WILLIAMS and her Mother came over and she helped me with my puzell. Effie and I ate supper and after awhile I went to bed.

Jan.5..Saturday..I worked on my puzel till half past 8. Then I went over to Aunt Ann's house and got home about 2. Effie went downtown and after she went Aunt Ann came. She did not stay long because she wanted to ride home with her son. Effie came home and I went to bed early because I was so tired.

January 6..Sunday..It rained all night and was raining when I got up, so I could no go to church. I did not get the work done up all till half past 8. Papa poped some popcorn and I wrote a letter. At night I made up more poetry about Belle STARNER (one of my school chums). I am going to give it to her tomorrow. I went to bed about 7.


Jan. 7..Monday..I got up early, did up the work, put up my luncheon, went to school. Miss COLGROVE is my teacher. Came home real tired. Florence WRIGHT came up to my house and taught me how to make some ruching for my neck. I went to bed early.

Jan. 8..Tuesday..I got up early and just put up my lunch and at 8 I went to school. At night I had to stay for arithmetic and spelling. I was coming home, I met Florence WRIGHT. She showed me about the ruching for my neck. I had to go to bed real early because I was so tired. I got a hundred in grammar.

Jan.9..Wednesday..I got up and did up the work and then I went to school. I did all my lessons and at noon I ate my dinner with Edna GROSS and then at night I went home. Effie and I ate my supper. I went to bed at 7 o'clock.

Jan.10..Thursday..Mama was real sick when I went to school and at night I saw Florence WRIGHT and when I got to our house I stood out doors and talked to Flor-ence. When I went in the house I found out that Mama was sicker than she was in the morning. Effie and I tried to get her to sleep by taking turns in singing her to sleep. I went to bed before seven.

Jan.11..Friday..Ma was not much better and I could not go to school. Effie said she would give me 2cents if I would stay, and I did. At night I went to bed early.

Jan.12..Saturday..In the morning, Arthur BRECKINRIDGE (Effie's bow) came and Mrs. MACDOUGAL came up to take care of Ma. In the afternoon, I went up to Florence WRIGHT, but she was not there. So I came home. Had some oranges that A.G.B. brought. Went to bed early.

Jan.13..Sunday..I got up, but I did not go to church. Ma was a little better in the afternoon Mamie SANFORD (one of Effie's friends) came and Effie went and took and her down to her house. When they were gone, Pa staid with Ma and I took my Effie came home and I strung some popcorn and I went to bed early.

Jan.14..Monday..I got the work done at half past 7 and then I put up my lunch and I went to school. I lost my excuse for not being there Friday and at night when I went home I got Effie to write me another. Mrs. BRADFORD was over to our house this afternoon and went after I came home. Ma was a little better and Mrs. PRENTISS is coming to see her tomorrow. I went to bed at seven.

Jan.15..Tuesday..I got up at 4 o'clock and Ma was mad because I got up so early. While I was gone to school, Mr. FISKE came and Mrs. WILGUS and Mrs. PRENTISS. I did not miss only one example. Myrtie KNIGHT wrote me a letter and Mable found it and read it. Went to bed early.

Jan.16..Wednesday..Got up went to school got all my lessons and got home at 4 o'clock. Effie and I had supper alone, Ma was about so so, went to bed early.

Jan.17..Thursday..Went to school got a letter from Myrtie KNIGHT. I went home and wrote her one. Mrs. MCDUGLE and Miss DEAN were up to see Ma, went home before dark.

Jan. 18..Friday..I went to school and the girl that I eat my dinner with (Edna GROSS) had a friend with her, so I did not want to follow them around and I went home at night pretty tired. I do not like Edna GROSS and I don't believe I ever will again. I did not go to bed early as I did not want to get up too early.

Jan. 19,.1889..I did not get up early and did not have to go to school. Effie got my new dress done and I am going to ware it Monday to school. I went down to the meat market after some meat for Mama. I crocheyed some lace and then at night I went to bed late.

Jan. 20..Sunday..I went to the work as soon as I had eaten my breakfast. Mama was not any worse, but has not sat up yet. I did not go to Sunday School, but I helped Mamma write in her slip book. We had popcorn and I ate a great deal of it at night. I went to bed quite late.

Jan. 21..Monday..I went to school and was a hundred in every study. Mable ___ and myself were going to eat our dinner and some one noched my dinner on the floor and broke my cup and spilt my dinner on the floor. Mable devided her dinner with me and was real good. I got home at night and Grandmother was at our house. I went to bed early.

Jan. 22..Tuesday..I got up and went to school and was perfect in everything. I came home and it was quite late but Ma let me slide downhill for a long time, she was real good to me.

Jan. 23..Papa called me in the morning and I was a little late to breakfast. Went to school and got home at five o'clock. I plague Effie after supper and we


...went to bed together.

Jan. 24, 1889..I was sound asleep when Pa called me and I got the work done before seven o'clock and then I went to school after a while. I got home later than uselly I do, because I slide down.

Jan. 25, 1889..I went to school our lessons were not very hard and I did not to stay after school. Mama was not feeling so very bad, and is going to get up tomorrow.

Jan. 26, 1889..I found out that Aunt Carrie had sent me some Christmas presents this time of year. Effie finnish a night dress for me which was real nice. Mrs. PRENTISS came in the morning and we did not have dinner till 2 o'clock. I was sliding down hill and one of our old friends (Grace B.) came up to our house. I went to bed late.

Jan. 27, Sunday..Grace BRECKINRIDGE was not up very early and we had breckfast late. It rained so that we could not go to school. Sunday Papa took her down to netling and brought Grandma back. I did not go to bed early.

Jan, 28..Monday..I went to school early and did a example before school commenced. I came home early and Ma and I tried to get some puzzels. Went to bed late.

Jan. 29..Tuesday..I went to school and did the best I could for I wanted to study for examinations and be promoted. I got home early at night.

Jan. 30..I went to school and at night after I got home I went out doors to slide and there were lots of girls I knew. I went to bed rather late and I sleept so sound I did not hear the fire bell.

Thursday..Jan. 31, 1889..I went to school and we had examinations in geography. I past 88 in the afternoon we had langue witch, was real easy. I was tired and went to bed early.

Friday..Feb. 1..I went to school and we had examinations in the morning in the afternoon we had examinations in spelling. I got home at 3, knit on my lace a whole lot and I am going to finish it tomorrow. I bet I will for I want my apron to ware

Monday. February 2, 1889..I went to the P.B. to mail a letter for Mamma and I back and went at the work and it took me a very long time to do it up. Mama would not let me go out to slide down hill and so I knit lace and I had anouth to go around the neck and sleves of a apron that Effie was making for me and she finish it. I went to bed earlier than usely.

Sunday..February 3, 1889..I had a real bad cold and Mamma was taken down sick and we could not go to church. Gardie went (he came back home last Friday ) and Effie had him get some medicine for Mamma which was real good for him to do. I read a story about Little Dorrit by Charles Dickens. I did not have time to finish it. I went to bed real early as I wanted to get up early. Monday..

Febrauary 4, 1889..I went to school and in the morning we did not have any school, and I had to stay down in Miss DODD's room as I had my dinner. Mamma was awful sick and I had to do a good deal of work. I went to bed late.

Tuesday..Febrauary 5, 1889..I went to school and had quite a hard lesson in Arithmetic. Mama was real sick and I got home as soon as I could. I went to bed.

Wednesday..Feb.6, 1889. I went to school and got along alright with my lessons. I got home and Mamma was a little better than she had been. I went to bed and Effie slept with me.

Thursday..Feb.7, 1889..I went down to the letter box with a letter. I felt quite bad and Mama would not let me go to school because I coughed, so in the night I went to bed late. Friday..Feb.8, 1889..I went to school and we began fractions and they were real hard. I got home and at night Arthur B. came. I went to bed 7:30.

Saturday..Feb.9, 1889..I went down to the market and in the afternoon Florence WRIGHT came to see if I could slide down hill awhile and after we had been sliding awhile, Effie and Arthur came out to slide. I went in the house and Mrs. PRENTISS came and after she went away Mrs. WILLIAMS came. I went to bed and in the night Mamma was real sick. I did not know anything about it till morning.

Sunday..February 10,1889..I got up in the morning and went down to my breckfast and Papa helped me do up the dishes and Arthur B. and Effie went over to Sage College to see Grace B. (his sister) and when they came back, Arthur told me that he was


...Going to marry Effie and at 4 o'clock Mr. A. S. Fiske our minester came and married them. Louise WILLIAMS and Grace B. and Papa and Mama and me were all there were. Effie did not know that she was going to be married till twelve o'clock. They did not go away but stayed right at our house. We had lunch at our house in the parlor and Mama stood it all right. I went to bed late. This is the last of Effie.

Monday..February 11, 1889..I went to school and it was quite cold. We studied fractions and at night I went to bed after Arthur went home. Effie is not going live with him till Mamma gets well.

Feb. 12, Tuesday..I went to school and I missed one example and had to stay after school to do it. I got home and Aunt Ann had been to my house. I went to bed early.

Feb.13..Wednesday..I got up and went to school and when I came home Aunt Edie was at our house. I went to bed late. Feb.14..Wednesday..I went to school and I was all right at my lessons. I came home and Aunt Edith helped Effie with her dress and I went to bed early.

Feb.15. .Friday..I went to school and got mad at Belle ABARNER, came home.

Feb.20..Monday..I went to school and I did not know my lesson in arithmetic and to stay after school and I got home late and went to bed early.

Feb. 21..Thursday..I went to school and studied well. I helped Miss CLAROVE correct the spelling blanks. At night I did not have to stay at and got home early and went to bed early and got a letter.

Feb.22..Friday..The dishes were few and I got the work done and went to school. I was alright in my lessons and came home, had my supper, and soon after, went to bed.

Feb.23..Saturday. It took me a long while to do the work. In the morning I sewed all the time and in the afternoon I played with my doll and wrote a letter, I went to bed late.

Feb. 24..Sunday..Effie and I layed abed till seven and when we got up Papa had the breckfast most ready. It was real cold and in the afternoon Papa took Ned (our horse) out doors to give him exercise. He cut up all sorts. At night Mamma sat I took a bath and after I got through, I went to bed and I stayed there.


Friday..March 1..I went to school and I was 100 in all my lessons. I got home early and I did not go to bed very early.

Saturday..March 2..I had to patch my stockings and to sew some. In the afternoon I went out to play and had lots of fun. Sunday..March 3..Effie and I got up early and took my bath and we went to church and Sunday school and in the afternoon, Pa poped some popcorn for us. I went to bed late.

Monday..March 4..I went to school. Was 100 in all but spelling. Went down to Grandmas to dinner. Got some yearn. Went to bed late.

Tues..March 5..I had such a bad cough that I could not go to school. Effie made a mustard poltus and put it on my lungs. She is making a silk dress and doesn't want Grandma to see it. Effie is going away and Grace is going to take care of Ma while she is gone. My cough was worse in the night.

Mar.6,1889..I could not go to school, my cough was so bad. Effie worked hard to get her dress done and finely suceeded. When she got it done she put it on and it looked J.S.J.K. I had a hard time of it all day long. Mrs. B. came over. She had edopded a daughter from Bath. She is 10 years old. I am going to play with her.

Thursday..March ??..I went to school and found out what the lessons were about. I came home and Effie had gone to Binghamton. I studyed on my lessons before I went to bed. Friday..I got up and washed Ma and combed her hair for her and helped her up. I went to school and was 100 in arithmetic. I was home early and knit on my lace.

Saturday, March 9..I got up, took care of Mamma. Went over to Mrs. BRADFORD to see her little girl. We craked some nuts and I brought some home. I went to kniting and went to bed at half past seven.

Mar. 10, 1889..Mama did not make me go to church and I helped Granny and Pa a lot so it did not make much difference if I did not go to church. At night went to bed.


March 11..I went to school and had lots of fun. At night I came home and to bed real late, but first I had to write a letter to Effie.

March 12..Went to school and came home real tired. Grandma had supper all ready for me when I got home. I went to bed quite early.

March 13..In the morning I swept and dusted all the things because Effie was home. Then I went to school and had lots of fun. At night I went to meet her and she had a game for me.

March 14..I was up quite late in the morning and I played with my new game the name of it is "high in the clover". I like to play it. I went to bed.

March 23, 1889..I did not go to school because it was Saturday and in the afternoon Effie went over to Mrs. WILLIAMS. At night I went to bed early.

Mar. 24, 1889..Effie and I did the work and then took my bath and then I went over to the WILLIAMS and got the lesson leaf. Effie and I went to church.

Mar. 25..I went to school and had a very nice time. At night papa told us that Mrs. EARL and Grandma were comming to spend the day tomorrow.

Tuesday..March 26, 1889..I went to school and at night when I came home G. and Mrs. EARL were going home. Effie was sick and I did all the work I had to do and went home.

Wednesday..Mar 27..I went at the work for Effie was sick and would not get up. I went to school.

Thursday..March 28,1880..I could not go to school. Effie was sick and Arthur B. came. He brought some oranges for Effie and went down town and got some bananas. When he came home, Aunt Anna was here. Ma scolded me all the while I was getting supper. I went to bed tired and sleepy. Arthur went home at night.

Friday..March 29..I went to school and caught up my lessons. I came home and had to et something to eat. Miss Aggie WILLIAMS was here.

Saturday..March 30..I went to the library and got some books for Mama and myself. I got a pare of shoes and would have got rubbers if they had had any that would fit me. Went to bed early.


Sunday..March 31..I went to church and Sunday school and it rained. Papa came after me. We had a big dinner. I went to bed late.

Monday..April lst..Mama was sick. I got the work done and went to school. Got April fooled twice.

Tuesday..2nd..Effie flew around like a flykite. Went to school as usuely.

Wednesday..April 3..Gardie was here. Effie was sick and I was all they had.

Thursday..4..Miss DEAN came and we were very glad we could get her. She worked nice and I did not have to go to school. We have vacation 2 days.

Friday..April 5..I got up helped Miss DEAN and in the afternoon I went to the library. Got two lovely books for myself by Mrs. COOLIDGE.

Saturday..April 6..I did some of the work and Miss DEAN did the rest. I read in my book and in the afternoon I went over to see Cleona. Effie was a little better and dressed.

Sunday..April 7..I went to Sunday school. There was not any church or I would have gone to that, had dinner, read some, went to bed.

Monday..April 8..I got up early and papa and I had breckfast. I could not go to school because Mamma could not stay alone or nethur could Effie. In the afternoon I went out to see if I could get some one to work for us, couldn't find anyone. Mrs. WILLIAMS said she would try and get someone, and did, Julia BERCH.

Wednesday..April 10..Went to school and Julia met me. Went to bed early.

Thursday..I went down town and Julia went to get the milk and in the morning Arthur and Mr. and Mrs. AYLESWORTH came with their little girl. Did not go to school.

Friday..I went to school came home at night and helped Julia get supper.

Wednesday..April 17..I came home sick with the ague.

Thursday..April 18..In the morning I did not get up but stayed abed till Effie came down. I laid abed all the while. In the afternoon Effie went back to Binghamton. Mrs. BEEBE came with a girl to work for us. She was real nice her name is Anna WENTWORTH. PAGE FORTY

Friday..April 19..Iwent after Mayflowers and had lots of fun. Florence brought home my things.

Saturday..April 20..I got up and felt real well. Anna went downtown and got some colnia yarns. Did not get home till late.

Sunday..April 21..Did not go to church. I had not anything to do all day. Went to bed late. Anna went away.

Monday..April 22..I could not go to school Mamma did not think I ought. We cleaned the parlor which took pretty near all day. I went down to Glenzers (?) to get some things. Went to bed late.

Tuesday..April 23..I went to school for the first time and took my excuse. Went to Grandma's for dinner. Went to bed early.

Wednesday. April 24th..I went to school and had lots of fun. Went to Grandma's she was sick came home early and had a pain in my leg.

Thursday..April 25..I went to school and at noon went down to Grandma's to eat my dinner. She is real sick. I got home late. Tommy, Anna and I played dominos.

Friday..April 26..I Went to school and it rained. At night went home and Mrs. WOOD my sunday-school teacher came up and asked me to go down to meeting. I got home with Papa at 9 o'clock. Saturday..April 27,89..I went to help Anna do the work. We wanted to go to the Glen but it rained all day.

Sunday..April 28..I was awful lonesome after Anna went away in the morning. Once she could not come home at night it rained so.

Monday..April 29,89..I did not go to school. Mamma was awful sick. Tommy went after ice Anna washed. Went to bed late.

Tuesday..April 30..I started to go to school and one of the girls told me that there was not any. I played dominos with Anna.

Wednesday..May 2..I went to school and Prof. FOSTER kept us awful late. Tommy and Mrs. GREY and I went down to the depot and met Effie and Maud DYKES a girl from


...bath. Mamma is going to bring her up. She was real nice. Mamma and I went to le leonsi (?) house and then went to bed.

Friday..May 3..We had big times at school as it was Arbor Day. Maud and I had fun. Went to bed late.

Saturday..I had lots of fun cleaning house and in the afternoon we went up in the fields to get some flowers.

Sunday..May 5..I went at the work and the Maud and I took our baths. We rode down to church and then rode home again. Grace B. came with another girl. My eyes hurt me and I undressed and went to bed but got up at seven at night.

Monday..May 6..I went to school and had lots of fun. At noon I went to Grandma's for my dinner. Maud was awful sick and vomadited all over the clean stairs.

Saturday..May 18..In the morning I was about dressed when Arthur, Eva, and Nellie LEOW a little girl to play with me. We waded in the water and did everything that girls could do.

Sunday...May 19..In the morning Eva BRECKINRIDGE came and Nellie LEOW did not go to church but stayed home with Grace. At night they all went home it was awful lonesome.

Monday..May 21..I went to school and met Jess SEAMAN. We had lots of fun.

Tuesday..Effie went to Berkshire Tommy took me up to the depot with her, I went to school.

Wednesday..23..I went to school andhad lots of fun. We had a short examination in Arithmetic.

Thursday..May 23..We went in Miss WOODS room and had examinations in Geography and Grammer.

Friday. May 24 .I went to school and Mamma was awful sick and Miss COLGROVE excused me after examinations were over.

Friday..June 7, 1889..I went to school and Miss NORWOOD said I was the worst girl in school. The girls thought it was awful and I cried all day. She said she was


... sorry she said so.

Saturday..June 8..I was going to have company but it rained all day. We had short cake for supper.

Wednesday..June l0, 1889..I went to school and Jessie and I took our dinner. We had lots of fun.

Thursday..June 12..I went to school and at night after school I went down to Jo SISSON's. We had lots of fun with some penny dolls.

Friday..June 14..I went to school and we were going to have a examination in Geo-graphy and I was on the honor role and so was Jessie. We both came home at noon because we were on the honor role. I helped Maude iron. Saturday. .

June 15..I had lots of fun. In the afternoon Jessie SEAMAN came up to my house and we made dolls, dresses. Jo SISSON did not come. Sunday..

June 16..Effie, Maud and I went to church and Sunday-School and there was a thunderstorm and we just got home in time. In the afternoon I did not do much of anything. Monday.

.June 17..I Went to school and was very glad to find out I was on the Honor Role.

Tuesday..June 18..I went to school and in the afternoon I was on the honor role and so was Jessie SEAMAN we went home together and had lots of fun.

Wednesday..June 19..I went to school and Jessie and I were on the Honor Role in Language so we came home and I picked strawberries. Effie packed up all her things and we helped her.

Thursday..June 20..I went to school and took my dinner, so did Jessie. In the morning we had Spelling and Writing and in the afternoon Music. Wasn't I tried, though.

Friday..June 21..I went to school and got a certificate to go in the 6th next year. Jessie and I came home together and we planned to come down to her house Tuesday. That is, Maud and I.

Saturday..June 22..I worked hard all the morning and in the afternoon Tommy took Maud, Mamma and I over to Aunt Ann's. We were in the woods and got some winter greens and took them home.


Sunday..June 23, 1889..Maud and I went to church and while we were gone Ma and Pa went over to Aunt Ann's and when we came home the house was locked up but we got in through the cellar.

Monday..June 24..We picked strawberries and I picked 5 quarts. Mamma gives me 2 a basket.

Tuesday..June 25..I picked strawberries and in the afternoon I got Jessie and we went down in the lake. Tom rowed and we had a lovely time. At night after we came home Jessie S. father's horse ran away and hurt him. I got home before Mamma did.

Wednesday..June 26..I picked strawberries and we ironed and my head aches. Mamma and Maud both worked.

Thursday..27..Mamma worked with all her might to get Mauds dress done so she could wear it to the picture. I guess she will get it done.

Friday..June 28..In the morning we got Maud's dress done and went to the Anornic,(?) had lots of fun.

Saturday..June 28..I wanted to go to Jessie's but Ma would not let me. Helped to pick strawberries.

Sunday..June 30..Went to church. Maud could not go was a bad girl. Pa was cross stayed upstairs.

Monday..July 1..We canned fruit in the morning, in the afternoon Jessie came and Maud and I went down to her house at 4 pm, and it rained and I stayed to supper. Tom came after me.

Tuesday..July 2..We worked hard in the morning and in the afternoon we went over to Aunt Ann's and M, and I went over in the Woods and J. went with us. (probably Maud and Jessie). I saw a snake in the woods, and would not go in there anymore. Came home after supper at Aunt Ann's. Went to bed 8.

Wednesday..July 3..We worked real hard and in the afternoon Aunt Ann came over to our house.

Thursday..4th July..Papa brought 5 packs of fire crackers. Tommy and I fired them off. Had lots of fireworks on Aurora Street. Had lots of fun.


Friday..Did not do much of anything was all tired out. Mamma almost got a pretty dress done for me.

Saturday..July 6..We went down to the lake wore my new dress. At night after we had come home found out Effie was real sick.

Sunday..July 7..Mamma planned to go to Binghamton where Effie was at night but was taken sick herself.

Monday..July 8..Helped Ma and she felt real bad because we did not hear from Effie She thought she was worse, probably.

Tuesday..July 9..I went to helping Ma all I could and still we did not hear from Effie. Ma said she would go Thursday.

Wednesday..July 11..Ma got ready to go on the 9:15. Got a letter saying Effie was better. She went to the depot got left and went at noon. Maud and I was left all alone, went over to Mrs. WILLIAMS.

Friday..July 12..We were all alone and did all the work. In the afternoon Jessie SEAMAN came and we had lots of fun.

Saturday..July 13..We had lots of fun in the afternoon. I get so lonesome. Mrs. WILLIAMS took us out riding and we came back in time to meet the train that Mamma was on.

Sunday..Maud and I went to church. Mrs. RAINY (?) and daughter came up. Went home at night.

Tuesday..July 16..I got up and after 9 o'clock went downtown and two the library and then to Grandmother's. She was not at home.

Wednesday..July 17..Got up and in the afternoon went down to Jessie's house and we hitched up the nag and went to the Aunts. Jessie came up to ask if I could stay all night. and Ma wouldn't let me go.

Thursday..Ma was sick to her stomach and could not get up. PAGE FORTY-FIVE Grandma came up with Julia Peirson and about 2 went home. I read Ma to seleep.

Friday..July 19..Ma got up taught me how to crochet some lace for Effie's dress.

Saturday..July 20..Mamma felt quite well and in the afternoon Mrs. MACDOUGAL and Mrs. BRADFORD and Mrs. WILLIAMS were here and while they were here Maud and I played.

Sunday..July 21..I and M(aud) went to church and Sunday-School. Came home Pa and Ma went out riding and we looked at the flowers.

Monday..July 22.. No entry. Aug.4,1889..I had the neuralgia so bad I could not go to church. Mamma and I had lots of fun together. Maud went alone.

Aug.5, 1889..Monday..Ma and I picked flowers and we worked around and crochet.

Aug.6, 1889..Tuesday..I went up to Mrs. BRADFORD's to get some corn and when I got back we had dinner we swept and dusted.

Aug.7, 1889..Wednesday..I went over to Mrs. BRADFORD's and when I came back Tommie STAGG my cousin came. In the afternoon we went for a ride down by the fall, Creek Falls.

August 8, 1889..Thursday..In the morning I went to work and Bert COAL who was visiting Mrs. WILLIAMS went with Tommie on their bycycles for a ride. In the afternoon they all went down in the lake and I went with them. I had a boat all to myself.

F riday..Aug,9.. I went up early in the morning after the milk and then came back and rowed around on the lake. I went home that night.

Saturday. .Aug.l0. .I got up in the morning and Tom came back from Camp about dinner time. Mrs. WILLIAMS only going to stay a week camping this time. At noon Tom went home.

Aug. 11..I Got up in the morning and Mamma and Pa went for a ride all day. Had lots of fun playing balsum ladies with Maud. Did not go to bed early.



There were no more entries in the little book. Whether or not there are any other books someplace, I have no idea. It is unlikely, as Gt. Gt. Aunt May never married and lived out her life in Ithaca, at the house on Elston Place. My Mother and my Aunt Edith (Nanny to me) visited her there, I can remember hearing about it. Also, my Gt. Aunt Helen (BARRET) BRECKINRIDGE, wife of my Uncle Bob..gave me a set of lovely pillowcases done many years ago by Aunt May. May's diary gives a slightly different view into the household. I had often wondered, while reading Bertha's journal, just where Lawren was most of the time. May's little diary shows he was right there, and doing the kinds of things Fathers do. May also seems to have taken her Mother's constant sickness in stride, and appears to have been quite a normal 11 and 12 year old. Older brother, Gardie, doesn't seem to be much of an influence..but it is evident that Effie took great care of her little sister, and they were close, even tho the age difference was pretty wide. It was interesting to finally learn who "Maud" was, and what she was doing in the household. It was also a surprise, as she was never mentioned before by anyone in the family. Nanny and speculated that she was brought into the home so that May would not be quite so lonesome growing up. May reminds me very much of my youngest daughter, Desiree, and you DO get than hair and eyes from your get personality traits, too!


Gardner James NOXON's Autograph Book

Gardner James NOXON's autograph book, presented by his S.S. Teacher..Tho. MILLER Christmas-1876 Lee CARPENTER Jessie B. HORTON N. C. KERR Charles Stan LUDS Mary C. BRYAN Aunt Edie Charles S. FARRINGTON (cousin) Anna E. WYNKOOP Laura CARPENTER (friend and cousin) Charlie C. HARD Maggie M. RAY (of Albany N.Y.) D. H. PAYNE (of Tioga Co.) Mrs. D. A. PAYNE E. H. GREEN H. A. MCDERMID C.H. WILLIAMS Maggie CROZIER Flora GIFFORD M. Lennette TITUS (VanEtten, N.Y.) Carrie E. RICHARDSON Louie WILLIAMS Anna C. HUNGERFORD Gracie WILLIAMS _ssian G. CLOSE Nellie BANFIELD Frank E. TAYLOR Cora E. FARRINGTON (Poughkeepsie, N.Y.) Henry H. WING (Willow Brook, Dutchess Co., N.Y.) Emily Y. WILSON (Elmira, N.Y.) Susie C. BREWER (teacher) Carrie DAVIDGE (Berkshire) Cora B. HORTON (Berkshire) I. N. COOK (Yonkers, N.Y.) Phebe E. NUTTALL (cousin, Poughkeepsie, N.Y.) J. W. ABRAMS (Syracuse, N.Y.) J. F. MONTIGNANI Ecy J. VANVLECK Libbie BILK Agnes MITCHELL Louisa BROWN Louise MAPES D. O. BARTO Mrs. D. O. BARTO Jessie B. HORTON

****The dates cover 1877-1883. I have indicated when the person signing was not from Ithaca, as evidenced by what they wrote.


A letter from A. B. MOTT to Samuel Fowler HAIGHT Montezuma
April 24th, 1849

Friend Haight
Dear Sir,
It is mearly nine months since I have heard from you or anything definite in relation to you. I concluded I would drop you a line to inform you that I am still in existenceIand for the last 7 months have been residing in Baldwinsville--Onondaga County, 12 miles North of Syracuse, at which place I have been persueing my Trade working for the Rice. I have been East for the past 2 weeks.....and came in this county on Monday. I shall probably return to Syracuse tomorrow. My health has not been good for the past year, nor do I follow the farming business althogether. I would be pleased to hear fromn you, and should you feel disposed to write, please address me at Baldwinsville.
How do the good people in Berkshire get along. Are you and Mrs. BARN (?) as much disposed to q__ell as ever. Verily, Fowler, you were sorely persecuted in those days. Haight, ___ and strong drink have made sad inroads on your constitution. The lame eye, and ase saffulus (??) I am aware were a great source of affliction. When I knewyou. But, I am inclined to think the blow you had when you were on a tramp to Owego and got cocked had a serious effect physically, not to mention the moral injury you sustained. But your strict regard for truth tells greatly in your favor, and I consider you a model to be gazed at and sought after.
I wish you would give me some information in regard to the Berkshire Boys. GOULD, PAYNE, John BALL, Jim CROSS and old Hank, the imitable old Hank. I would like to hear if he is as partial to pumpkin pies and stewed skunks as ever. Not to mention his other carnel propensities. I would sacrifice a good deal to see Hank. But But tell him, Haight, it was mean in him to peddle skunks and palm them off for 1A quality Merino Mutton.. I might devote a whole chapter of this edifying Epistle to news, but unfortunately there is none.
The weather has been decidedly disagreeable for the past week. The canal opened on the 1st. Business of all kinds and dull, extremely so. I have been afflicted with the inflamation in my eyes for the past 3 months and I exper-


...ience considerable difficulty in writing.
You will please give my respects to Mr. LEONARDs family, and your wife. and Caroline. You will say to Miss PAYNE and GOULD I should be pleased to hear from them, also John Ball. I wrote him, but received no answer.
My regards also to CROSS, C.P. JOHNSON and CHAPMAN and Mr. Chas. LULL and Lady. You will please write when convenient.
Yours truly,


Baby Book of Marguerite BRECKINRIDGE

Names listed in the baby book of Marguerite BRECKINRIDGE, b. 19 Sept.1890 the names being on letters written at her birth, or listed with the gifts they sent at her birth, and later for her first birthday and first Christmas. The family lived in Binghamton, on 84 Chapin Street, known as "The ALLEN Homestead". Charles R. MAXWELL -Photographer Miss Alice JAYNE - of Pueblo, CO, later Mrs. GATES - residence - Wilkesbarre, PA Mr. and Mrs. Albert A. AYNESWORTH Augusta H. WILLIAMS Aunt Hat - (Mrs. O.P. LEGGE - she mentions a "Leon" in her letter) A.S. FISKE - the minister from Ithaca who md. Effie and Arthur Mrs. Thomas G. STAGG Miss Edith HAIGHT Cora FARRINGTON Ida FARRINGTON Miss Maude BABCOCK Mrs. Otis HOPKINS Mrs. Edward MOORE Mrs. Richard STONE Olive PATCH (of Speedsville) Mrs. Ellen Coit ELLIOT (mentions Mr. ELLIOT in her letter) Charles C. HARD - of Fort Worth, TX - son of Rev. M.S. HARD - mentions their living in the same house as children..also states he is still a batchelor. Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. MAXWELL Mame SANFORD Sadie STONE Miss Mary ALLEN Emma ROWLAND Tom PERRY - of Ithaca, N.Y. Dr. John FARRINGTON

Journal--Continued Noxon and Family

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