Journals of
Tompkins and Tioga Counties, NY 1887-1899

Written by Frances Bertha (Haight) Noxon
Mary Haight Noxon, her daughter
Copied, typed and indexed by
Sheila Spencer Stover
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James Noxon

Elijah Farrington

Rev. James NOXON, b. c1806, md. Anna FARRINGTON, b. c1811
Their children:

1. Harriet A. b. 1834 md. O. P. LEGG
2. Isaac B. b. 1837 md. Estelle HALL
3. LAWREN b. 1841 d. 1917
4. Gardner b. 1844
5. Phebe b. 1846 md. Ike ABRAMS
6. Alice b. 1849

Samuel Fowler HAIGHT, b c1800, md. Mary CARPENTER, b. 1810
Their children:
1. Charles S. b. 1831 d. 1842
2. Ruth b. 1833
3. Daniel C. b. 1834 md. Susan THORN d. Civil War
4. Francis b. 1836 d. 1842
5. Mary Ann b. 1839 d. 1842
6. Mary C. b. 1843
7. FRANCES BERTHA b. 1845 d. 1936
8. Edith Jane b. 1847

Henry Adkins BRECKENRIDGE, b 1832, md. Lucy Ann GATES, b. 1831
Their children:
1. ARTHUR GATES b. 1864 d. 1940
2. Mary Grace b. 1867 never married
3. Lucy Eva b. 1869 md. Christopher C. GRAHAM
4. Lottie Sarah Belle b. 1872 never married d. 1950s

Lawren Farrington NOXON, b. 1841, md. Frances Bertha HAIGHT, b. 1845
Their children:
1. Gardner James b. 1864
2. EFFIE EDITH b. 1866 d. 1945
3. Mary Haight b. 1877



Head of Locally Renowned Ki Yi Club Had Hundreds of Friends In This Section-Had Occupied Seed Store On North Aurora Street For 39 Years

Lawren F. NOXON, veteran seed and grain merchant, died at 1 o'clock this morning at his residence, 109 Elston place, after a week's illness of heart disease. Mr. NOXON who was 75 years of age had conducted a store at 121 North Aurora street for 39 years and was widely known throughout Tompkins and surrounding counties as the "High Potentate" of the Ki-Yi Club.

Until a week ago Mr. NOXON had been able to be at his place of business as usual. Then he was stricken with heart attack and since he has been confined to his home when he gradually grew weaker. Mr. NOXON had been accustomed to opening his store early each morning and putting in a hard day's work and it was with difficulty that his physical, relatives difficulty that his physician, relatives and friends could restrain him from going to the store during his illness.

Mr. NOXON had suffered previous attacks but he was confident that his rugged constitution would be able to with stand the illness for some time to come. It was only until a few days ago that hopes for his recovery were abandoned.

Perhaps no man was more better known throughout Tompkins County than L. F. NOXON. For nearly a half century his little store on North Aurora street had been a popular mecca for farmers who came to the city to purchase supplies. For many years the store has been the gathering place of a group of men who engaged in animated discussions on current topics and finally the NOXON store became the home of "The Ki-Yi Club."

Mr. NOXON was known as the "High Potentate" of that organization and because of his kindly genial nature he was the center of interest for all who visited his store. "Nox" as many of his intimate friends called him was noted for his wit and humor, which proved an irresistible magnet for his wide circle of friends. Beneath this coat of wholesome fun, Mr. NOXON possessed a kindheartedness and human sympathy and understanding that was most appealing.

Store Favorite Meeting Place.
The Ki-Yi Club attained a un____ reputation with its daily "meeting(s") around the old wood stove in Noxon store. While Mr. Noxon e___ shelled ears of corn or whittled on a board, the group bomb___ him with conversation and h__ never eclipsed in any of the rep___ it was in the Ki-Yi Club that ____er Assemblyman William R. G____man-Bill GUNDERMAN-a_ NOXON knew him, furnished m__ the fun. Mr. GUNDERMAN's "___ to succeed Mr. NOXON as the ____ potentate" of the club furn___ many an interesting session. O_____ who were occasional frequenter___ late years of the Ki-Yi coterie ___ former Congressman John W. Dwi___ and former postmaster Leroy H. V__ Kirk. The most regular members __ the daily gathering, however, were Dave RANDOLPH, Mr. NOXON's lifelong friend; Mr. GUNDERMAN, W. J. BATE_, John REESE, Henry SHAW, E. J. MOOR_ and several others. The late Timothy HOLLISTER who died several years ago was a close friend of Mr. NOXON and they enjoyed many pleasant automobile rides together in the HOLLISTER car. Mr. NOXON's death may ma___ the passing of the Ki-Yi Club, as ___ all probability the store will be sold.

Mr. NOXON was born near Poughkeepsie and removed to Tompkins County when a youth, locating in Jacksonville. He engaged in farming and later moved to Ithaca where he entered the seed and grain business. Mr. NOXON took an active interest in public affairs and was a member of the Board of Supervisors for several terms.

Mr. NOXON is survived by his widow-Mrs. Bertha HAIGHT NOXON; two daughters-Miss May H. NOXON, Ithaca and Mrs. A. G. BRECKINRIDGE, Binghamton; one sister-Mrs. Phoebe ABRAMS, Syracuse. The funeral will be held from the late residence at 3 o'clock Wednesday afternoon. Rev. John A. MACINTOSH officiating. Interment will be at Lake View Cemetery.


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