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Tompkins County Surnames (Q-R-S)

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QUICK Jeff Burke Caroline 1750-1850
QUICK Victoria Quick (Case) Enfield ny, 1800s
QUICK pat quick hector 1880
QUIGLEY Marlana Quigley Tompkins County 1800s
QUINN Mary L. White died County Home, 1920s by 1870s in Ithaca
QUINN Jim Nolan Tompkins County --
RANSON BJ Prince Danby, Tompkins County, NY 1800s
RAPPLEYE Jane E. Ashby Enfield 1850
REASONER Jerri Linke Tompkins County 1800s
REDENIUS Judy Stevens Newfield ca 1900 to present
REDMAN Andrea Vanderhorst Tompkins County 1920-1934
REED Georgia Cox Tomkins 1800 on
REEVES Jamie Sutch Tompkins co. 1930-1993 & Before
REGAN/RAGAN Jim McNally McLean/Locke --
REIDY Sally A. Breen Ithaca c. 1830s to present
REILLY Gerald Kirwan Ithaca, Tompkins 1890-1900
REYNOLDS Carrie Reynolds Tompkins Co. before 1812
RHODES William G. Rhodes III Ithaca 1824-1922
RICH Wendy Hayward Caroline early 1800s
RICHARDSON Dave Richardson Ulysses, Trumansburg 1800-1880
RICHARDSON Chris Swinney Trumansburg 1854
RICHEY Ken Grantham Ulysses 1800s
RIGGS Nancy Tweedie    
RIGHTMIRE Cynthia M. Coleman Caroline, Tompkins County 1897
RIGHTMIRE Leigh Boen Tompkins County 1830+
RIKER John Rennert Ithaca 1860-1900
RITTENHOUSE Carolyn Rittenhouse Newfield, S. Danby, Danby, Ithaca, Ulysses, Jacksonville 1830-1920
ROAT Neal Jordan Ithaca, Enfield, Newfield 1840 to 1860
ROBBINS Joe Robbins McLean NY ???? - 1920's
ROBERTS Paul Roberts Groton 1800-1830
ROBERTSON Joan Sickles Dryden 1800-1860
ROBERTSON-PEASE Earl B.Robertson Jr. Ulysses 1800's early 1900's
ROBINSON darlene reed enfield 1829
ROBINSON Jeff Robinson Ithaca 1900-1952
ROBINSON Peter E. Waldron Mclean 1848 to present
ROBINSON Arny Robinson Tompkins County 1800-1940
RODEE Phyllis Clearwater Dryden, Ithaca, Groton, ????? ?????-1940's
ROE Patricia Bettis   1700s
ROGERS Lisa Spero Hector, Trumansburg, Tompkins 1800
ROGERS Bill Detmers Tompkins County --
ROLFE Georgia Cox Tomkins 1800 on
ROLFE Nancy Ellen Robinson Enfield Twp 1825
ROLFE Jane E. Ashby Enfield 1810
ROLOSON George Rogers Enfield 1825-1850
ROMAINE Melissa Vandermark Groton 1900-present
ROMER Steve Burt Ithaca Late 1800s
ROSE Dawn M. Rice Slaterville 1808?
ROSE Phil Hirl Hector in Tompkins Co until 1855
ROSS Jeff Robinson unk unk
ROSS Edwin Havens Danby 1800-1880
Cheryl Bruno Tompkins County --
ROWLAND Sharon Zacharias(Luce) Unknown Unknown
RUANE Dennis Ruane Lansing 1895
RUMGAY Jan Garside Groton  
RUMMER No Name Tompkins County early 1850's
RUMSEY Mary Rumsey Enfield 1800 to present
RUNDLE Doris Blackstock Danby 1830
RUNDELL/RUNDLE Anita Schultz-Peters Tompkins County 1824 - 1834
RUSSELL Mary-Elizabeth Nemecek West Dryden, Ithaca 1915-1979
RUSSELL Jane E. Ashby Enfield 1820
RYANT Linda Crawford Danby area 1820-1890
RYDER linda hendrickson groton after 1880
SALESMAN Ed Stout Tompkins co. 1890's-
SALINO Leon Bingham Tompkins County --
SANFORD Nancy Tweedie    
SAN SOUCIE Blanch San Soucie Stout Bostwick Corners 1925-present
SATTERLY Bill Drew Groton, Dryden, Ithaca Since early 1900s
SAUNDERS Derek Camish Ithaca Early 1900s
Melinda Cornwell Groton 1800's
SAWYER Ron Schmitt Ulysses 1800's
SAXTON Peter Scarborough Enfield and Newfield 1820-1900
SAXTON William G. Rhodes III Ithaca 1837-1883?
SCHENCK Carlene Schanck Tompkins County, NY March 1813 (birth)
SCHOBEY Jane Odson Married in Ithaca 1875
SCHOOLEY Theresa Rae Donlick Tompkins County -
SCHOONMAKER Terry Bruno Caroline 1800
SCHUTT Craig Schutt Caroline, Dryden 1800 to present
SCHUTT Edward Blanchard Dryden 1799
SCOTT Barbara Scott Prince Caroline, Tompkins & Danby, Tompkins Co.,NY 1800-1889
SCOVILLE Janice Falvey Tompkins County --
SCRAMBLING val nagel johnny brook and cannonsville 1950-1955
SEAGER/SAGER Ted Seager Caroline 1850-1882
SEAMAN John Stewart Tompkins Co., NY 1800-1900
SEARLES Tina Marie Searles Hector/Ulysses 1830s to Current
SEARLES Frances A. Lunsford    
SEARS Tom and Mel Reininger Tompkins Co. 1800 - present
SEARS Ray Sears Ulysses 1840 Census
SEARS Elaine Burton Danby and Ithaca 1800- ?
SEARS Elizabeth Dimon Trumansburgh 1800-1950
SEIBERT Carolyn Seibert New York  
SEELEY Tammee Jo Seeley Ithaca 1900 to present
SENECAL Noel Senecal Ithaca 1870-1920
SENSEBAUGH / SENSABAUGH / SINCEBAUGH Steve Sinsabaugh Tompkins County 1800s
SEPOS / SHIPOS / SHIPPOS Jen Fitzgarrald Ithacda 1900-present
SEPOVICH Kathy Buffan Tompkins County, Newfield Died 1966
SEVERNS Roseann Maul Ulysses Circa 1750-1850
SHAFFER/SCHAFER Leon Young Tompkins Co circa 1820 - 1830
SHANNON Catherine Kasperek Ithaca early 1900s
SHAVER Mark Daly Lansing ca 1820s
SHAW Susan McKean Hall Tompkins co. 1811
SHAW Walt Jones Tompkins County 1870 to present
SHEFFIELD David Sheffield Enfield 1814 to present
SHEHEEN dennis sheheen sheheen sheheen
SHELDON Wendy Sheldon Black Dryden, Groton 1820-present
SHEPHARD Brenda Whelply Danby, Ithaca 1850s to 1970
SHERMAN Kem K. Hart Dryden mid 1850 to present
SHERWOOD Glenda Sherwood Dryden, Newfield --
SHERWOOD Brett Burrowes Dryden, Groton, McLean 1800-present
SHERWOOD Gen [Sherwood] Bullock Hector, Ulysses 1840-1940
SHOEMAKER Patrick McCleary Lansing 1800-1920
SHOOP Elizabeth Clay Lansing early 1800s-1860
SHULTZ David Cudlin Newfield 1900? to present
SHURGER/SHURGOUR Denise Frederick Tompkins County 1806
SICKMAN Barbara Jean Baay Ludlowville 1800s to present
SIKES/SYKES Art Sikes Groton 1810-?
SIMMONS-KEW Stephanie A. Bales ithaca ? adopted in 1920s
SIMMONS Paula L. Schaefer Tompkins County 1820-40s
SIMMONS Rebie Walley Tompkins County --
SIMMONS Mary Deming Ulysses c. 1850
SIMONS Rex Clement Dryden 1808-1900
SIMPSON Terri Crockford Dryden 1850-1900
Melinda Cornwell Tompkins County 1800s
SINSABAUGH Deborah Martin-Plugh Newfield, Ithaca c. 1787-present
SIXBEE/SIXBY Cheryl Sigsbee Ulysses, Dryden, others 1820 plus or minus
SLATER Sandra Obie Dryden and Ithaca ca. 1870- ca. 1920
SLOAN David Fouts Dryden 1830
SLOUGHTER Caroline 1870-1960
SMALL Cathy Kozlarek Watkins Glen 1874
SMITH Deborah Martin-Plugh Newfield/Ulysses  
SMITH Jerri Linke Tompkins County 1800s
SMITH Elmer & Deb Hector, Tompkins County 1827
SMITH Emily Cole Ulysses/Trumansburg 1800 and 1900
SMITH David G. Smith Caroline- or - Brooktondale 1801 -to- 1875
SMITH Gloria Hall Lansing 1829
SMITH Vicki Kessel Tompkins County Dryden
SMITH Diane Pitts Lansing about 1841
SMITH Paula Talbot Tompkins Co. 1833
SMITH Douglas Smith Pony Hollow, Newfield 1850-1890
SMITH Wendy Sheldon Black Tompkins Co. Caroline 1700-present
SMITH Wanda Glover Ulysses 1750 to 1850
SMITH Michelle Caskey Danby, Tompkins Co, NY Late 1700s-mid 1800s
SMITH Deborah Martin-Plugh Newfield, Ulysses c. 1800-present
SMITH Laini Giles Newfield ?-mid-1850s
SMITH Mary Wilson Dryden, Ithaca 1810-1830
SNELL Jan Garside Groton  
SNIDER/SNYDER Janet Nash Dryden, Caroline 1800-1850
SNOW Veronica Wyre Tompkins County 1940-present
SNOW Dorothy Lordi Tompkins County --
SNYDER J. Mullen 1809-1830 Probably Lansing
SNYDER Gerald S. Gardner Dryden 1817
SNYDER Joan Sickles Dryden 1800-1860
SNYDER Sarah Nicole Third Tompkins County 1800-present
SOLOMON Raymond Samuel Solomon Ithaca 1923
SOVOCOOL Ann Sovocool Tompkins County 1800's
SPACE Walt Jones Dryden, Groton 1860 to present
SPAULDING Michael Spaulding Tompkins County early 1800s
SPAULDING Melinda Cornwell Groton 1800s
SPEED Michael Langdon Speed Caroline 1818
SPENCER Jennifer Stansfield Newfield, Ithaca, Tompkins County late 1800's-present
SPERLING Joanne White Tompkins Co. 1897-1900
SPICER Gary A. Spicer Ulysses 1840-2000
SPICER Barbara Rolfe Ulysses 1884-1892
STAIRS Michael T. Meggison Dryden 1890s-present
STAMP Christine Danby - Newfield - Tompkins Tioga 1800 to present
STAMP Douglas Smith Pony Hollow, Newfield 1850 - 1890
STANION/STANYON Burke Stanion Ithaca bef. 1860 - 1914
STANLEY Mary Maki Trumansburg 1880-1920
STANTON Terri Crockford Newfield 1860-present
STARK/STARKS Herb Sheffield Newfield, Ithaca, Tompkins County 1800 to present
STARK Bruce Stark Groton, Peruville --
STARKS Patrick McCleary Newfield 1800-1880
STARKS Loretta Beeuwsaert Newfield Twp. 1870-1900
STARR Renee Arnold Newfield 1800s through mid-1900s
STEARNS Terri Crockford Dryden 1850-1900
STEELE Muriel Frincke Trumansburg, Ulysses 1830's
STEEPLES Muriel Frincke Trumansburg, Ulysses 1830s
STETSON Thomas Stetson Ulysses, Tompkins County 1820-1860
STEVENS/STEPHENS Jerry Stevens Caroline 1830/50
STEVENS Louise P. Treat Tompkins County 1800 and after
STEVENS Sarah Nicole Third Tompkins County 1800-present
STEVENSON James Stevenson tompkins co 1804-2002
STEWART RON HANLEY Ithaca 1900-1924
STEWART Jeffrey F. Stewart South Section 1847
STEWART Frank Malone Tompkins County -
STICKNEY Terri Tyler O'Connor Ithaca 1880S
STILLWELL Patricia Stillwell Mims Ithaca 1880 to present
STILWELL Bob Lefler Hector bef 1830
STILLWELL Jeffrey S. Anderson Trumansburg 1800s
STONE Joleen Krogman Tompkins County 1800-present
STORY Debbie (Story) Ward Tompkins County 1810-1817
STOUT Jim Gibbs Groton 1813 to present
STOUT Ed Stout Ithaca 1800-present
STRAIT Edward Strait Lansing c. 1875-1920
STRANGIS Leon Bingham Tompkins County --
STRATTON Bill Griffing Newfield 1820-1880
STRINGER Debbie Bozkurt Ithaca, Enfield circa: from 1860s
STRONG D. Michael Strong Tompkins County 1800s
STROUD Georgia Cox Tomkins 1800 on
STROWBRIDGE Nancy Allen Tompkins County 1800's
STRANGIS Leon Bingham Tompkins County --
STURGES Rose Marie Sturgis Mazeres Seneca February 17, 1844
SUTFIN Ina Sutfin Tompkins County 1797 to present
SUTHERLAND Tompkins County 1920s-present
SWAN Veronica Wyre Tompkins County 1897-1922
SWARTOUT Barbara R Himes Tompkins Co 1800s
Mila Swartout-Powell Tompkins County --
Kathy Hoeldke Tompkins County 1790- till present
SWARTOUT Gwen Mecum Hunt South Danby 1800s
SWARTS/SCHWARTZ Leon Young Tompkins Co circa 1840-1850
SWICK carol swick Ithaca 1917


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