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1892 Census for Newfield -- 1st District
Tompkins County, New York
1st District     2nd District     3rd District
First Election District - Newfield
February 16, 1892 - Enumerator - Samuel W. Bellis
*C=Citizen or A=Alien
Name Gender Age Country Born C/A* Occupation
STEWART, Horace S. M 88 US C Farmer
STEWART, Ruth A. F 62 US C Housewife
CRANE, Mary E. F 65 US C  
BROWN, Guy M 42 US C Farmer
BROWN, Euphemia F 38 Canada C Housewife
BROWN, Mary A. F 7 US C  
BROWN, Marchall M 5 US C  
SNYDER, William M 60 US C Farmer
SNYDER, Harriet F 52 US C Housewife
SNYDER, Minnie F 20 US C  
WESCOT, Grant M 22 US C Laborer
VAN OSTRAND, Michael M 78 US C  
CRANMER, John W. M 31 US C Laborer
CRANMER, Codelia F 26 US C Housewife
CRANMER, Mary F 8 US C  
CRANMER, Carrie F 5 US C  
CRANMER, Almira F 3 US C  
CRANMER, William H. M 27 US C Laborer
CRANMER,Lydia F 20 US C Housewife
HOWELL, Jerome B. M 30 US C Depot Agent
HOWELL, Mary J. F 28 US C Housewife
HOWELL, Alee A. M 7 US C  
HOWELL, Max D. M 5 US C  
DAVIS, William H. M 47 US C Farmer
DAVIS, Louisa F 35 US C Housewife
SMITH, Leroy M 43 US C Farmer
SMITH, Amanda F 35 US C houseWife
SMITH, Mable F 14 US C  
SMITH, Edward M 13 US C  
SMITH, Mirtie F 11 US C  
SMITH, George F. M 9 US C  
SMITH, Harry B. M 7 US C  
SMITH, Leroy K. M 4 US C  
SMITH, Joseph M 2 US C  
DAVIS, Etta C. F 41 US C  
DAVIS, Frankie M 6 US C  
CRANCE, William M 69 US C Blacksmith
CRANCE, Almira F 67 US C Housewife
CRANCE, Legrand M 32 US C Blacksmith
PUFF, Susan F 68 US C  
PUFF, Alice F 32 US C  
LINDERMAN, Amos M 26 US C Laborer
CRANCE, William M 38 US C Laborer
CRANCE, Minerva F 42 US C Housewife
SNYDER, Adelia F 55 US C  
CRANCE, Myron M 42 US C Blacksmith
CRANCE, Fanny F 34 US C Housewife
CRANCE, Demont M 18 US C  
CRANCE, Minnie F 11 US C  
CRANCE, Fred M 5 US C  
DUDLEY, Samuel F. M 69 US C Farmer
DUDLEY, Mary A. F 70 US C Housewife
TODD, Charles J. M 53 US C Farmer
TODD, Elizabeth F 49 US C Housewife
TODD, George F. M 26 US C Laborer
TODD, Hannah A. F 50 US C  
MCNAMARA, Michael M 30 Ireland C Laborer
MCNAMARA, Ellen F 26 Ireland C Housewife
MCNAMARA, Lizzie F 7 US C  
MCNAMARA, Florence F 4 US C  
MCNAMARA, Michael M 2 US C  
KLINKO, Edward M 37 Austria A Laborer
KLINKO, Annie F 44 Austria C Housewife
KLINKO, Edward M 12 Austria C  
KLINKO, Stephen M 6 US C  
KLINKO, Paul M 2 US C  
KLINKO, Andrew M 45 Austria A Laborer
KLINKO, Andrew, Jr. M 10 Austria A  
SPAULDING, Phineas M 68 US C Farmer
SPAULDING, Fanny F 63 US C Housewife
WALLEY, David M 58 US C Farmer
WALLEY, Melissa F 50 US C Housewife
WALLEY, Celly F 11 US C  
SNYDER, Dewitt M 32 US C Farmer
SNYDER, Leulla F 24 US C Housewife
SNYDER, Estella F 24 US C  
SNYDER, Jerome M 30 US C Laborer
SNYDER, Hattie F 25 US C  
PALMER, Herman M 70 US C Farmer
PALMER, Lucy F 37 US C Housewife
PALMER, Hellen F 32 US C Artist
CATRELL, Sally F 72 US C  
SNYDER, George M 52 US C Farmer
SNYDER, Eliza F 51 US C Housewife
SINCEPAUGH, Isah M 67 US C Farmer
SINCEPAUGH, Lydia A. F 64 US C Housewife
SINCEPAUGH, Clarr M 38 US C Farmer
BELLIS, Charles M 79 US C Farmer
BELLIS, Sarah F 66 US C Housewife
BELLIS, Edgar M 30 US C Farmer
LINSEY, James H. M 56 US C Farmer
LINSEY, Mary J. F 46 US C  
LINSEY, Willis M 26 US C  
SWARTWOOD, Andrew M 54 US C Laborer
SINCEPAUGH, Claraca? F 68 US C  
POOL, John M 74 US C Farmer
POOL, Almira M 44 US C Housewife
MARTIN, Ida May F 22 US C  
MARTIN, William T. M 21 US C Farmer
MARTIN, John N. M 18 US C  
MARTIN, Francis E. F 17 US C  
MARTIN, Mary E. F 14 US C  
ALBRIGHT, James B. M 78 US C Farmer
ALBRIGHT, Mary A. F 66 US C Housewife
SHUGER?, Ralph C. M 22 US C School Teacher
ALBRIGHT, Bertha F 17 US C  
ALBRIGHT, Leroy M 14 US C  
ALBRIGHT, Demont J. M 9 US C  
GIBBS, Anderson D. M 69 US C Laborer
WARD, George M 28 US C Laborer
WARD, Estella F 21 US C Housewife
WARD, Mable F 2 US C  
CARPENTER, Jay M 38 US C Farmer
CARPENTER, Mattie F 30 US C  
CARPENTER, Rebecky F 68 US C  
COVERT, Mirtie F 15 US C  
RICHEY, George M 39 US C Laborer
BAILEY, George M 37 US C Farmer
BAILEY, Alice F 36 US C Housewife
BAILEY, James M 3 US C  
BABCOCK, Levi M. M 75 US C Laborer
HAZEN, John P. M 72 US C Farmer
HAZEN, Mary F 85 US C Housewife
PROTTS, Curtis M 64 US C Farmer
PROTTS, Margaret F 61 US C Housewife
PROTTS, Onatus? M 37 US C Farmer
SKINNER, Louisa F 17 US C  
BARDWELL, Joseph D. M 50 US C Farmer
BARDWELL, Alice F 50 US C Housewife
ROCKWELL, Delbert B. M 28 Nova Scotia C Laborer
BLAKESLEE, Pape? M 56 US C Farmer
BLAKESLEE, Eliza F 54 US C Housewife
BLAKESLEE, Ednar M 15 US C  
BLAKESLEE, H.D. M 25 US C Farmer
BLAKESLEE, Frank M 19 US C Pumber?
HICKEY, Anna F 54 US C  
SCHUDER, Semples? M 32 Germany C Laborer
SCHUDER, Anna F 30 Germany C Housewife
SCHUDER, Burr M 14 Germany C  
SCHUDER, Cathy F 3 US C  
SCHUDER, Johny M 2 US C  
BARRON, Glago? M 30 Germany C Laborer
BARRON, Matilda F 25 Germany C Housewife
BARRON, Charles M 3 US C  
BARRON, Joseph M 1 US C  
BARRON, Florence M 34 Germany C Laborer
BARRON, Lizzie F 26 Germany C Housewife
BARRON, Mary F 1 US C  
CREEDEN, Florence M 48 Ireland C Laborer
CREEDEN, Mary F 48 Ireland C Housewife
CREEDEN, Patsy M 20 US C Laborer
CREEDEN, Mary F 18 US C  
CREEDEN, Hannah F 15 US C  
CREEDEN, John M 21 US C  
CREEDEN, Katie F 14 US C  
VANMARTIN, Aice? H. F 7 US C  
VANMARTIN, Howard M 5 US C  
PATTERSON, Magie J. F 51 US C Nurse
KETCHUM, Kelly M 58 US C Blacksmith
KETCHUM, Catherine F 57 US C Housewife
KETCHUM, Mary F 21 US C  
KETCHUM, Leulla F 15 US C  
BARNUM, Lewis M 13 US C  
WEATHERELL, William H. M 58 England C Builder
WEATHERELL, Sarah A. F 58 England C Housewife
MCCARN, Bessie F 10 US C  
LAROW, William M 70 US C Farmer
LAROW, Sarah A. F 68 US C Housewife
SATERLY, Ami M 49 US C Sawyer
PRATT, William M 74 US C Farmer
PRATT, Susan A. F 71 US C Housewife
HAWLEY, John M 81 England C  
SUNDERLIN, Hannah F 57 England C  
FARMER, William E. M 53 US C Tinner
FARMER, Thurza F 41 US C Housewife
FARMER, Mirtie F 19 US C  
FARMER, Maud F 8 US C  
BUSH, Richard M 24 US C Clerk
ALEXANDER, George N. M 45 US C Farmer
ALEXANDER, Hellen A. F 47 US C Housewife
ALEXANDER, Charles M 20 US C  
ALEXANDER, Kittie F 18 US C  
ALEXANDER, Norman T.? M 16 US C  
BARNES, David H. M 80 US C  
BARNES, Francis E. F 43 US C  
HATMAKER, William M 33 US C Laborer
HATMAKER, Nellie F 25 US C Housewife
HATMAKER, Bertha F 6 US C  
CRANE, Abaellino M 49 US C Carpenter
CRANE, Anna F 41 US C Housewife
CRANE, Mary F 21 US C  
CRANE, Fred M 20 US C  
CRANE, York M 16 US C  
DEAN, Jefferson M 79 US C  
DEAN, Kate F 54 US C Music Teacher
DEAN, Fred N. M 44 US C Attorney at Law
DEAN, DeEtte F 35 US C Housewife
DEAN, Willis J. M 5 US C  
WEATHERELL, Nellie F 23 US C  
PUFF, William M 24 US C US Sailor
SNYDER, Hattie F 40 US C  
SNYDER, Dell F 38 US C  
SNYDER, George M 28 US C  
SNYDER, Frank M 24 US C  
SNYDER, Maggie F 21 US C  
BELLIS, Samuel W. M 46 US C Mason
CHAPMAN, Richard M 46 US C Butcher
CHAPMAN, Lena F 21 US C  
SMITH, Henry M 63 US C Farmer
SMITH, Nancy Ann F 49 US C Housewife
SMITH, Matila F 24 US C  
RINKER, Laura F 9 US C  
BEARDSLEE, Charels M. M 51 US C Farmer
BEARDSLEE, Lydia R. F 47 US C Housewife
BEARDSLEE, Fred A. M 23 US C  
BEARDSLEE, Mary A. F 12 US C  
BEARDSLEE, John M 79 US C Farmer
BEARDSLEE, Martha A. F 77 US C Housewife
BEARDSLEE, Hattie B. F 17 US C  
DRAKE, Phebe F 70 US C  
DRAKE, Alonzo M 39 US C Farmer
DRAKE, Luella F 27 US C Housewife
DRAKE, Howard M 4 US C  
RINKER, George M 30 US C Dealer
RINKER, Hattie F 27 US C Housewife
RINKER, Corra F 7 US C  
RINKER, Eva F 5 US C  
RINKER, Charles M 3 US C  
RINKER, Lena F 2 US C  
RUMSEY, Phebe F 84 US C  
RUMSEY, Jefferson M 29 US C Laborer
RUMSEY, Sarah F 20 US C Housewife
GENUNG, Charles M 39 US C Laborer
GENUNG, Eula F 32 US C Housewife
GENUNG, Maurice M 13 US C  
GENUNG, Grace F 8 US C  
SMITH, Jacob M 65 US C Farmer
SMITH, Hannah F 49 US C Housewife
SMITH, William B. M 18 US C  
SMITH, Katie F 15 US C  
TAYLOR, David M 63 US C Laborer
HILL, George P. M 36 US C Laborer
HILL, Julia F 36 US C Housewife
HILL, Clarence M 15 US C  
HILL, Arthur M 12 US C  
HILL, Harley M 3 US C  
EVERHART, James M 45 US C Farmer
EVERHART, Ona F 35 US C Housewife
EVERHART, William M 22 US C  
EVERHART, Maud F 16 US C  
EVERHART, Charles M 14 US C  
CARPENTER, Rubin M 75 US C Farmer
CARPENTER, Rebecca F 72 US C Housewife
CASHUN, Charles M 34 US C Butcher
CASHUN, Ella F. F 29 US C Housewife
CASHUN, Edith M. F 13 US C  
CARPENTER, Floyd M 15 US C  
CARPENTER, Elbert J. M 13 US C  
CARPENTER, Libbie M. F 11 US C  
CARPENTER, Gracie B. F 9 US C  
CARPENTER, Delmar M 2 US C  
RUMSEY, James M 56 US C Laborer
RUMSEY, Mary F 48 US C Housewife
RUMSEY, William M 17 US C  
RUMSEY, Hattie F 15 US C  
RUMSEY, Albert M 10 US C  
RUMSEY, Burr M 7 US C  
RUMSEY, Larana F 72 US C  
RUMSEY, Marinda F 35 US C  
AUSTIN, L. G. M 35 US C Butcher
AUSTIN, ?Grettie F 30 US C Housewife
KRESGE, Philly Jr. M 63 US C Carpenter
KRESGE, Anna M. F 48 US C Housewife
KRESGE, Ada F 13 US C  
CLARK, John W. M 72 US C Farmer
CLARK, Abigail F 69 US C  
ROE, Clara F 44 US C  
ROE, Frank M 13 US C  
ROE, Howard M 12 US C  
BAKER, David M 65 US C Farmer
BAKER, Jemima F 59 US C Housewife
FISH, Charles M 33 US C Laborer
FISH, Carrie F 28 US C  
FISH, Myrtle F 8 US C  
FISH, Joseph F 6 US C  
FISH, William M 3 US C  
DOOLITTLE, Alvah M 44 US C Farmer
DOOLITTLE, Mary F 38 US C Housewife
DOOLITTLE, Lizzie F 16 US C  
RUMSEY, Elizabeth F 56 US C  
RUMSEY, Harry M 31 US C Laborer
RUMSEY, Clarence M 23 US C School Teacher
CARPENTER, Lorenzo T. M 60 US C Carpenter
CARPENTER, Caroline M. F 57 US C Housewife
TEETER, Fannie J. F 34 US C  
DOUGLASS, Joseph S. M 39 US C Farmer
DOUGLASS, Eliza E. F 36 US C Housewife
DOUGLASS, Hurd B. M 16 US C  
DOUGLASS, Willie G. M 13 US C  
FISH, Joseph M 59 US C Farmer
FISH, Sally F 54 US C Housewife
FISH, Edward M 25 US C  
FISH, George M 21 US C  
FISH, Henry M 19 US C  
FISH, Mort M 15 US C  
FISH, Girtie F 13 US C  
DRAKE, Cathern A. F 50 US C  
DRAKE, Myron M 31 US C Laborer
DRAKE, Fred M 25 US C Laborer
DRAKE, Jacob M 17 US C  
PAYER, Aaron M 46 US C Farmer
PAYER, Emma J. F 42 US C Housewife
PAYER, Carrie B. F 22 US C  
PAYER, Jennie M. M 19 US C  
PAYER, Jospeh A. M 14 US C  
DRAKE, Andrew O. M 46 US C Farmer
DRAKE, Alice F 43 US C Housewife
DRAKE, Maud F. F 19 US C  
RUMSEY, Edwin M 79 US C Wagonmaker

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