Also known as Charles Mulks Cemetery
Route 79, Slaterville Springs, NY

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Originally transcribed by Mrs. Dora Pope Worden

Belknap, 	Marilla, wife of David W. Belknap 		d. Mar. 23, 1849 ae 38y 8m 20d

Bilichi, 	(?), dau. Of James Schutt 			d. Nov. 8, 1827 ae 3yrs

Boice, 		Charles, son of Eli and Sarah Boice 		1837-1841
Boice, 		Amy, wife of Abraham Boice 			d. in Jan. 1839 in her 72nd yr
Boice, 		Abraham, 					d. Aug. 1826 in his 73rd yr

Deniston, 	Nancy  						no dates 		

Everill, 	Jededah, dau. Of Abner and Hannah Everill 	d. Aug. 16, 1834 ae 3yr 4mo 14da

Freer, 		Daniel T., son of James and Dinah D. Freer	d. Mar. 10, 1843 ae 22y 7m 21d
Freer, 		Dinah, wife of James Freer 			d. June 17, 1822 ae 36 yr
		( Also an infant dau. by her side.)

Green, 		Deborah, wife of Bartholomew Green		d. Apr. 8, 1829 ae 43yr 1mo 27d

Harding, 	Woodford					d. Feb. 24, 1849 ae 9 yr

Heath, 		David G., son of James and Sally D. Heath	d. Apr. 26, 1838 ae 3 wks

Jaynes, 	Nancy, w. of B.F. Jaynes & dau. Charles Mulks	d. Apr. 8, 1835 ae 28 yr

Krum, 		Mary Ann, dau. of Abram P. & Catherine Krum	d. Nov. 14, 1848 ae 6y 11m 26d
Krum, 		Leroy W., infant son of Abraham P. Krum		d. Jan. 29, 1840 ae 6m 15d
Krum, 		Margaret, wife of Matthew Krum			d. Dec. 27, 1837 ae 59y 10m 20d
Krum, 		Caroline, dau. Henry & Harriet Rounsville Krum  d. May 1, 1833 ae 2y 7m 11d

McLees, 	Thomas 						d. Mar. 9, 1843 ae 58 yrs

Mulks, 		Moses						d. Nov. 22, 1848
Mulks, 		Deliah, wife of David Mulks			d. Dec. 12, 1837 ae 37yr 10mo
Mulks, 		Warren, son of David & Deliah Mulks		d. Feb. 25, 1830
Mulks, 		Olive, wife of James Mulks			d. May 26, 1833 ae 32 yr
Mulks, 		Nancy Deniston, wife of Bennoni Mulks		d. Apr. 24, 1817 ae 80y 3m 29d
Mulks, 		Benoni						d. Oct. 14, 183_ ae 85 y

Musier, 	Nelly, wife of Benoni Mulks			d. Feb. 19, 1843 ae 40y 10m 28d

Palen, 		Archer, son of Helen Palen			d. Feb. 13, 1843 ae 66 yr
Palen, 		Hellen, wife of Peter Palen  			d. Oct. 14, 1842 ae 89 yr
		(mother-in-law of Charles Mulks)

Schutt, 	James						d. Nov. 30, 1842 ae 54 yr

Slater, 	Lydia Ann, dau. of Levi & Allada Slater		d. Feb. 19, 1815 ae 5yr 9mo 15d
Slater, 	Henry, son of Jacob & Emeline Slater		d. June 1, 1841 ae 10mo
Slater, 	Helena, dau. of J. and E. Slater		d. Mar. 21, 1840 ae 2yr 7mo
Slater, 	John G., son of Jacob & Emeline Slater 		d. Aug. 16, 1834 ae 1y 3m 15da

Thomas, 	Benjamin					d. Sept. 9, 1837 ae 89 yrs

Vanderstine, 	William						d. Mar. 1, 1845 ae 60yr 8m

Willey, 	Naomi 						b. June 1, 1827; d. Apr 1, 1828
Willey, 	Harriet J.					b. Nov. 1835; d. Apr. 1841
		Children of Richard and Theodotia Willey

Thank you Bonnie Lamkin for transcribing these records into digital format.

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