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Family of Jonah Tooker

  Jonah Tooker was born April 12th, 1760 died May 12, 1824 ae 64 yr. He settled a mile west of Ludlowville where he kept the first store in Lansing. He opened this store in 1795. The first Methodist Episcopal Society was formed at the house of Jonah Tooker. The following is a short history of Jonah Tooker - The old Jonah TOOKER place, in early 1800's had a burial ground. You look across a cornfield to hedge row and there is one stone left. We are told a foundation for a church is there and some of the tombstones are in the hedgerow however a lot of them have been stolen. Cemetery has not been used since 1820 and is now on the Benson property (1950's), Located in Lansingville Road, Tompkins Co., NY. Where the bruial ground was it is covered with wild apple trees. Older members of the BECKWITH family remembered at least 20 gravestones. This could be some of the Tooker family and neighbors. In the early days there was a settlement of perhaps 25 houses and a schoolhouse and store. There was always a room ready for the circuit rider and a stable ready for his horse at the Jonah Tooker's home. It has been said the Tooker family may be buried here, but it is not Jonah Tooker, unless he has his name on a monument in City Cemetery only, and he is buried on the family homestead. He and his wife have headstones in Ithaca City Cemetery. As follows: Jonah Tooker died May 12, 1824 ae 64 yr; Rachel, wife of Jonah Tooker died Nov. 1, 1857 ae 81 yr. [Rachel Alexander] In the will of Jonah Tooker the following is listed: TOOKER, Jonah of Lansing, dated: 6 December 1823 - proved: 9 June 1824
wife: Rachel: sons: Manly, Lazarua and Henry: daus: Fanny, Sally and Dorothy Maria: wit: Samuel BAKER, Jonah MOORE and Silas NEWTON: ex: wife Rachel, Samuel BAKER and Jonah MOORE
His wife Rachel Alexander was born Aug 29th, 1774, dau. of Robert Alexander who came to Lansing in 1794, she died Nov. 1, 1857 ae 81 yr. Will of her mother is found as follows: ALEXANDER, Hannah of Lansing, dated: 19 July 1821 - proved: 9 January 1827, hus: none mentioned: sons: James, Robert and Manley: daus: Fanny MARSH, Hannah ALEXANDER, Eleanor SKELLINGER, Rachel TOOKER, and Hannah TOWNLEY: wit: Ezra WILDMAN, Ephrain BALDWIN and Polly TOWNLEY: ex: Richard TOWNLEY and Lewis TOWNLEY and James ALEXANDER. From Landmarks of Tompkins Co., NY: In 1794 Robert ALEXANDER settled with his family on what has been known as the Allen farm. His title was proved worthless, several years later, and he removed to Newfield. Record of Alexander family burials are found in Cutter Cemetery, Newfield (also known as Alexander Cemetery at one time)
  Jonah and Rachel Tooker and their offspring
1st child Manley Tooker was born May 28th, 1799
2nd child Lansing Tooker was born Oct. 24th, 1800 (must be the son listed as Lazarua in will of his father.
3rd child Polly Tooker was born Aug 20th, 1802 (not listed in her father's will in 1824)
4th child Frances Tooker was born April 19th, 1804 (believe she is the one listed as Fanny in her father's will)
5th child Sarah Tooker was born Feb. 28th, 1806. She married 1850 as 2nd wf of Samuel Love b. July 28, 1797 (his first wf. Annar Burnett d. 1849) (believe she is the one listed as Sally in father's will) (See Note sent in by Cynthia Dickinson at bottom of page)
6th child Henry Tooker was born Nov 8th, 1807
7th child John W. Tooker was born May 22nd, 1809 (not listed in his father's will as a living child, dated 1824)
8th child Maria D. Tooker was born June 13th 1814 [will of her father is listed as Dorothy Maria] (Maria Tooker did the sampler in the year 1822)

Information on Jonah Tooker, wife and children's birth dates were donated by Keith Tower,
of Berkeley, California, he has a sampler in his possession of the Jonah Tooker Family.
Update sent in by - Cynthia Dickinson []  [Sarah Tooker was Samuel Love's second wife.  His first wife was not Annar Burnett.  Annar was married to John Love and the two of them resided in Cayuga County with their family.  Samuel Love was their first son.  Second was Isaac Love and a daughter Esther who married John Fuller].  Thank you Cynthia Dickinson for the update on Sarah Tooker.

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